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Their daughters were named Merab and Michal. Saul died at the Battle of Mount Gilboa 1 Samuel Ish-bosheth became king of Israel , at the age of forty. At David's request Abner had Michal returned to David. Ish-bosheth reigned for two years, but after the death of Abner, was killed by two of his own captains 2 Samuel 4: Armoni and Mephibosheth Saul's sons with his concubine, Rizpah were given by David along with the five sons of Merab Saul's daughter [5] to the Gibeonites , who killed them. The only male descendant of Saul to survive was Mephibosheth , Jonathan's lame son 2 Samuel 4: In time, he came under the protection of David 2 Samuel 9: Mephibosheth had a young son, Micah 2 Samuel 9: The First Book of Samuel gives three accounts of Saul's rise to the throne in three successive chapters:.

Having been anointed by Samuel, Saul is told of signs indicating that he has been divinely appointed. The last of these is that Saul will be met by an ecstatic group of prophets leaving a high place and playing the lyre , tambourine , and flutes. Saul encounters the ecstatic prophets and joins them. Saul sends more men, but they too join the prophets.

Eventually Saul himself goes, and also joins the prophets. In his continuing battles with Philistines, Saul instructs his armies, by a rash oath, to fast. But the event showed it was a false policy; for the people were so faint and weak for want of food, that they were less able to follow and slay the Philistines than if they had stopped to take a moderate refreshment". Saul planned a military action against the Philistines. Samuel said that he would arrive in seven days to perform the requisite rites.

When a week passed with no word of Samuel, and with the Israelites growing restless, Saul prepares for battle by offering sacrifices. Samuel arrives just as Saul is finishing sacrificing and reprimands Saul for not obeying his instructions. Later Samuel instructs Saul to make war on the Amalekites and to "utterly destroy" them, [14] in fulfilment of a mandate set out Deuteronomy Having forewarned the Kenites who were living among the Amalekites to leave, Saul goes to war and defeats the Amalekites.

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Saul kills all the men, women, children and poor quality livestock, but leaves alive the king and best livestock. When Samuel learns that Saul has not obeyed his instructions in full, he informs Saul that God has rejected him as king due to his disobedience. As Samuel turns to go, Saul seizes hold of his garments and tears off a piece; Samuel prophecies that the kingdom will likewise be torn from Saul. Samuel then kills the Amalekite king himself. Samuel and Saul each return home and never meet again after these events 1 Samuel After Samuel tells Saul that God has rejected him as king, David , a son of Jesse , from the tribe of Judah , enters the story: Saul offered his elder daughter Merab as a wife to the now popular David, after his victory over Goliath, but David demurred.

David distinguishes himself in the Philistine wars. Upon David's return from battle, the women praise him in song:. Saul fears David's growing popularity and henceforth views him as a rival to the throne. Saul's son Jonathan and David become close friends. Jonathan recognizes David as the rightful king, and "made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul. On two occasions, Saul threw a spear at David as he played the harp for Saul. David becomes increasingly successful and Saul becomes increasingly resentful.

Now Saul actively plots against David. Saul offered his other daughter, Michal in marriage to David. David initially rejects this offer also, claiming he is too poor. Saul offers to accept a bride price of Philistine foreskins , intending that David die in the attempt. Instead, David obtains foreskins and is consequently married to Michal. Jonathan arranges a short-lived reconciliation between Saul and David and for a while David served Saul "as in times past" 1 Samuel Saul sends assassins in the night, but Michal helps him escape, tricking them by placing a household idol in his bed.

David flees to Jonathan, who arranges a meeting with his father.

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While dining with Saul, Jonathan explains David's absence, saying he has been called away to his brothers. But Saul sees through the ruse and reprimands Jonathan for protecting David, warning him that his love of David will cost him the kingdom, furiously throwing a spear at him. The next day, Jonathan meets with David and tells him Saul's intent. The two friends say their goodbyes, and David flees into the countryside.

Saul later marries Michal to another man. Saul is later informed by his head shepherd, Doeg the Edomite , that high priest Ahimelech assisted David, giving him the sword of Goliath, which had been kept at the temple at Nob. Doeg kills Ahimelech and eighty-five other priests and Saul orders the death of the entire population of Nob. David had left Nob by this point and had amassed some disaffected men including some outlaws.

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  • With these men David rescues the town of Keilah from a Philistine attack. Saul realises he could trap David and his men by laying the city to siege. David realizes that the citizens of Keilah will betray him to Saul. He flees to Ziph pursued by Saul. Saul hunts David in the vicinity of Ziph on two occasions:. The Philistines make war again, assembling at Shunem , and Saul leads his army to face them at Mount Gilboa.

    Before the battle he goes to consult a medium or witch at Endor. The medium, unaware of his identity, reminds him that the king has made witchcraft a capital offence , but he assures her that Saul will not harm her. She conjures the spirit of the prophet Samuel , who before his death had prophesied that he would lose the kingdom. Samuel tells him that God has fully rejected him, will no longer hear his prayers, has given the kingdom to David and that the next day he will lose both the battle and his life. Saul collapses in fear, and the medium restores him with food in anticipation of the next day's battle.

    In 1 Samuel, and in a parallel account in 1 Chronicles 10, as the defeated Israelites flee, Saul asks his armour bearer to kill him, but he refuses, and so Saul falls upon his own sword. David has the Amalekite put to death for accusing himself of killing the anointed king.

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    The victorious Philistines recover Saul's body as well as those of his three sons who also died in the battle, decapitated them and displayed them on the wall of Beth-shan. They display Saul's armour in the temple of Ashtaroth an Ascalonian temple of the Canaanites. But at night the inhabitants of Jabesh-Gilead retrieve the bodies for cremation and burial 1 Samuel Later on, David takes the bones of Saul and of his son Jonathan and buries them in Zela, in the tomb of his father 2 Samuel There are several textual or narrative issues in the text, including the aforementioned conflicting accounts of Saul's rise to kingship and his death, as well as plays on words, that biblical scholars have discussed.

    The birth-narrative of the prophet Samuel is found at 1 Samuel 1— It describes how Samuel's mother Hannah requests a son from Yahweh , and dedicates the child to God at the shrine of Shiloh. The passage makes extensive play with the root-elements of Saul's name, and ends with the phrase hu sa'ul le-Yahweh , "he is dedicated to Yahweh. The majority explanation for the discrepancy is that the narrative originally described the birth of Saul, and was given to Samuel in order to enhance the position of David and Samuel at the former king's expense. The Bible's tone with regard to Saul changes over the course of the narrative, especially around the passage where David appears, midway through 1 Samuel.

    Before, Saul is presented in positive terms, but afterward his mode of ecstatic prophecy is suddenly described as fits of madness, his errors and disobedience to Samuel's instructions are stressed and he becomes a paranoiac. This may indicate that the David story is inserted from a source loyal to the House of David; David's lament over Saul in 2 Samuel 1 then serves an apologetic purpose, clearing David of the blame for Saul's death. God's apparent change of mind in rejecting Saul as king has raised questions about God's "repentance", which could be considered as inconsistent with God's immutability.

    Samuel's words later clarify that God's repentance is not like human regret or reconsideration:. Methodist biblical commentator Joseph Benson writes that "Repentance, properly speaking, implies grief of heart, and a change of counsels. Understood in which sense, it can have no place in God. But it is often ascribed to him in the Scriptures when he alters his method of dealing with persons, and treats them as if he did indeed repent of the kindness he had shown them.

    In the Books of Samuel , Saul is not referred to as a king melech , but rather as a "leader" or "commander" nagid 1 Samuel 9: Various authors have attempted to harmonize the two narratives regarding Saul's death.

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    Josephus writes that Saul's attempted suicide was stalled because he was not able to run the sword through himself, and that he therefore asked the Amalekite to finish it. On this view, 1 Samuel records what actually happened, while 2 Samuel records what the Amalekite claims happened. Two opposing views of Saul are found in classical rabbinical literature. One is based on the reverse logic that punishment is a proof of guilt, and therefore seeks to rob Saul of any halo which might surround him; typically this view is similar to the republican source.

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