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Airplanes use almost the same air purification technology as operating rooms. That being said, you have no reason to worry about the fact that part of the air in the cabin comes straight from the engine. Airplane engine gases are much more dangerous than any other exhaust gases. It is estimated that 10, people die annually due to them. The plane is able to land by itself using Autoland. To do this, both the airport and the airplane must be equipped with the system.

Airplanes fly at altitude of 11, meters. The reason is the ideal air density to fly as efficiently and effectively as possible. At the airport during flight preparation and so-called taxiing on a runway, it is able to spend up to 2, liters. The only reason for insisting that plastic window curtains be lifted during take-off and landing is to provide crew with a complete insight into what is happening outside in the event of an accident.

The bird that was most often sucked into the engine and caused damage is goose. More precisely, the flock of geese. In the US, the pilot captain has almost unlimited rights. He can arrest you, write you a ticket, or be an official signatory on the will. So far, more than a million people have stolen the rescue belt from the airplane, the one under the seat, taking it as a souvenir.

Service life of the aircraft is measured in cycles of pressurization. Of course you will not lose 15 kilos if you fly for 30 hours. It is impossible to open the door of the aircraft during the flight. They are bigger than their frame. This design uses external pressure to make it impossible to open the doors during the flight.

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Maybe not a lot when you consider that its average power is equal to the sum of 28 engines in the cars of Formula 1. Currently the most powerful jet engine has an incredible , horsepower. If every passenger on the plane took a small hand luggage and a bag, as he is allowed, a quarter of the luggage would have no place to fit. How to travel only with carry-on baggage and save money. The reason why the windows do not align with the seats on the plane is that each airline chooses by itself how many rows of seats it will have, and therefore legroom.

Slides in the event of an accident are inflated to serve both as slides and vessels if the plane falls into the water.

Pilot reveals 10 things you didn't know about flying a plane

Every 5 years each aircraft goes to a technical inspection where it is completely disassembled, each part is reviewed and, if necessary, changed. In addition to it there is A check, B check and C check that are done in shorter intervals and require less time and money. The longest direct flight is between Doha and Auckland. Flight of 14, kilometers and 17 hours and 30 minutes.

Next to a big smile, a flight crew can provide you with first aid and probably some beating because everyone goes through some kind of combat training. Although they say they are pet friendly, not all the airlines care of your pet from the first to the last minute. The most stressful moment is loading and unloading due to unbearable noise, waiting on the runway and throwing around. Fully pet friendly airlines have special procedures for loading and unloading animals. Tea and coffee are made with water from the plane. Many controls have shown that this water is not really a drinking water.

From the ticket price you paid only 0. If the flaps after landing are fully raised, this means that the pilot sends a signal to the control tower that something unplanned is happening on the plane. On every 7th flight in the world there is a coffin with a deceased person in a luggage compartment.

The Chinese and Japanese are most often transported to their homeland.

31 Weird Things You Never Knew About Flying

Takeoff and landing require the disposal of all electronic devices for security reasons. Nobody wants that in case of an accident small missiles like phones and tablets fly around on all sides. In addition to that, several pilots complained that the use of electronic devices especially the iPads directly affected the connections and at some point they could not hear the control tower. Internet and online check-in were first introduced in by Alaska Airlines. Airlines are ranked in the 7-star system. These companies received a score of 2 out of 7 for safety.

The safest airline in the world is Qantas. In this accusation, the finger is most pointed on Ryanair. The rest are employees, passengers transferred from economy class and passengers from frequent flyer programs.

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The most weight goes on the fuel. That year one life was lost on every 11,, passengers transported. We have a plane to catch! It certainly helpful for passengers to understand why the crew tells them to do something and insist on it. Have you cried like a baby watching a movie you normally would find dull? Even superstars such as Ed Sheeran , are not immune. There is only anecdotal evidence, and many theories, but the tendency really is for people to cry more readily on planes, as research commissioned by Gatwick airport shows. Turbulence is not dangerous; it's unpleasant. Planes do not crash from turbulence.

Different factors can cause turbulence. The most common type of turbulence is the Clear Air Turbulence which is like a fast-flowing river the plane swirling against the riverbank the air flow. Flight Attendants have a secret way to get into the lavatory from the outside. If you are locked they are able to unlock it from the outside within seconds. Toxic pollutants kill at least ten thousand annually, a study says. In comparison, plane crashes have killed about a thousand people a year.

Aeroplane exhaust, like car exhaust, contains a variety of air pollutants, including sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The lights in the cabin should match what the lighting is outside of the aircraft. Bad temper is especially common when you are on a long flight.

99 facts you need to know about flying and airplanes

The longer you travel the more disruptions in your biological clock you can expect, which can lead to irritability. Also, some people tend to get angry when they have absolute no control over a situation. The heating of the ground later causes bumpier air, and it's much more likely to thunderstorm in the afternoon, according to one pilot from Los Angeles.

Flying in the morning, or very late, is also helpful if you are looking for lower rates, fewer delays, and less crowded airports. This is a legal issue. People can only be presumed dead. Only a doctor or an official local authority on the ground can declare someone dead. It keeps you safe at 36, feet.

The pressure has to be contained, of course, but the cabin, obviously, cannot have any hole in it.

Most Popular Destinations

Everybody knows that the bumpiest place to sit is usually in the back. A plane is like a seesaw, according to a pilot from Seattle. Passengers near the tail of a plane are about 40 percent more likely to survive a crash than those in the first few rows up front, research has shown. People sitting in the back of a plane are 69 percent more likely to survive in the event of a crash; people at the front — 49 percent.

The hour cycle, called the circadian rhythm , adjusts slowly when people travel to different time zones, resulting in feeling sleepy in the afternoon and staying awake in the middle of the night. Your tray table is the least hygienic part of a plane. During an experiment, microbiologists found more than 3, bacteria on a plane. Bring anti-bacterial wipes and wipe the tray down if you plan to use it along with your armrest. The next filthiest place is everything inside the seat pocket. The overhead air vents are among the worst offenders as well.

Pilots are required to undergo "retraining" every six months. The go through aptitude and attitude assessments, psychological and competency tests, check rides, and emergency situations in a simulator. You can be sure that the pilots know their craft— both the plane and skills. Mobile phones are actually not a safety risk. For those with young children, there's additional packing, extra passports to carry and restless minds to occupy.

For everybody else, there is a slow crawl along overloaded roads, and - with regional airports losing routes as airlines seek to cut costs - we are being forced to travel greater distances. Where do you start? With a few notable exceptions they are overcrowded and poorly-designed. The gates are often too far from security and the seats - with rigid immovable armrests - are impossible to sleep on. For a start, there are far too many.

Removing just one sprawling duty-free from your average airport terminal would create enough room for everyone in the airport to sit down. Especially when you're probably going to have it confiscated by security 20 minutes later. Head for the high street: Earlier this year Jet2's chief executive Phillip Meeson unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade at his own staff due to the length of time it was taking them to deal with customers. If all airlines adopted the same policy, things would be far less stressful. But rules on dimensions and weight vary considerably. Jetstar and Qantas allow one main piece of cabin baggage plus one smalller item and the dimensions must not exceed cm the total when width, length and depth are added together.

But while Jestar allows a maximum weight of 10kg, Qantas allows only 7kg. Even if your brand new trolley case meets these criteria, once you've stuffed it with a week's worth of clothes in a bid to avoid costly baggage charges it may have expanded beyond the limit, leaving you with little option but to pay to check-in your bag anyway at up to twice the normal cost. It was recently announced that the dreaded liquids ban is likely to remain in place for a further five years. Airports have even started to cash in on the policy: The latest figures show that Australia's airlines have shown some improvement this year compared with the same time in Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics figures for September show airlines averaged The equivalent figures for September were No matter how often you fly, it's still a shock to see how little leg room economy class passengers are permitted.

And in-flight comfort is unlikely to get any better: It's hardly preventable, but even the most confident fliers are left with an anguished look on their faces when the aircraft suddenly lurches 50 feet towards oblivion. As for the nervous fliers among us A survey last month by Nowfly revealed that Ryanair charges the most for in-flight snacks and drinks. Other low-cost airlines fare little better: