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Log in Sign Up. I was just looking to survive. Get up each day and live what complicated of a lif Plumped by WriterGuru Roxanne Plump Johnson was a seventeen year old in her senior year of high school only thing on her mind was what she was going to do when it was over.

Growing up in the Trappin princess book 1 by Jatahhhhh This is the sequel to Thug Mentality. Leilani and A'Lonte have been through some rough patches and still go them, with a handful of kids, and people trying to destroy th Trapping family book 2 by Jatahhhhh 8. Danielle Simmons is a little princess as called by her daddy who's one of the biggest Kingpin's in the country. However, everyone else thinks of her as his spoiled, rude daughter who just happens to be a lowkey hoe.

But then there comes her Dad's new worker who changes everything A woman running away from her past by creating a new future; changing her identity and marrying a man that protects people for living, hoping she can leave her old hood life behind her and live a life she always dreamed of. But like always the past comes back and secrets is revealed.

Ever felt like you would never be able to find your soulmate or even have a boyfriend. Well welcome to Ka'Mya life.

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Meet Ka'Mya King, the person who helps everyone with their problems but don't know how to deal with her own. Ka'Mya is the typical good girl with only her best friend Nova and family to depend on ,her m I wasn't always a villain but they made me one so when I start being the bad guy they all started complaining I don't get it ain't this what you want? Lyric Sanders and Harmony Jamenson Are best friends who recently found out they were sisters.

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Lyric got her name from her mother who called her "Song Bird" and petted her all her life while Harmony's mother died from cancer. Harmony has 1 big brother also.

The Princess & The Thug

These two do serious damage together, what happens when their This girl Named Ly Leilani was never normal, and it wasn't hard to tell. Sum Bout Dem Hood Niggas? Mellaysia has been through so much in her life. From getting beat by her abusive boyfriend her mom was way of on them drugs. The girlfriend of a crime boss, Casey lives a lavish life where she has everything she could ever want. Ethan owns her, body and soul. Until a chance encounter gives her a shot at real freedom.

Only Ethan's not about to let her go so easily. And so the chase begins. Deyla's life is a complete mess! Her older sister is messing with her stepdad behind her mother's back.

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On top of that he is one of the biggest Kingpins in Chicago not only is he after deyla,but after her boyfriend who is taking over the streets. Deyla believes she finds a hero in August but all men aren't meant to we Life of a young teen caught up in the streets of Harlem wasnt easy for little Justice. Especially when the biggest threat to her freedom was suppose to be her own blood. It doesn't matter how you got it Xavier and Jordin Amor are twins and they've been through hell and back since the age of 4.

Xavier has always been the protective brother over Jordin and wanted to keep it that way. When the two got kicked out of their Aunt's ho Log in Sign Up.

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