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Women are afraid men will kill them. Recognition of being loved — from the male and female perspectives. Interdependence of the sexes. Tax payers and spectators pacify themselves by calling it education. Violence against men is seen as entertainment. Violence against women is seen as a crime. Male gods were primary when protection was the primary need. They were not primary when protection was not the primary need.

Resocialising women to initiate sexually and risk rejection as well and to take responsibility for saying what they do want, not only what they don't want. Resocialising men to accept a woman's NO for a no. Check for the triple Gunas. A persistent mystery in respect to autism is the disproportionate rate at which it affects males. For every female sufferer, there are four male sufferers. Sex ambisexual insemination, cell fusion and gender differentiating between, masculinity and femininity are key terms in evolutionary biology.

Both terms have been distorted from their original meaning by. Sociological "gender studies" and GM can be traced back to the heresies of the American clinical psychologist, controversioal sexologist and paedophile child abuser John Money, Ph. Money's mastermind was the Rockefeller funded fraudulent "sexologist" Alfred Kinsey , one of the forefathers of early sexualization.

See a Problem?

John Money, the forefather of gender ideology, was a liberal feminist on the surface, in fact he was a conservative dogmatist. The main theses of John Money's genderism Moneyism are:. Investigating citation pedigrees starting from , Australian evolutionary biologist and geneticist at Harvard David Haig proved that Money defined the term gender as the "psychosocial gender" as opposed to biological sex categories. John Money represented the thesis of the "gender rainbow", a continuum of hetero-homo eroticism. In the s US American feminists scooped up Money's concept and spread it.

Money himself disproved his theory of the gender-neutral identity at the moment birth issued , yet he refused to admit his error. Feminism has long been manipulated by the Rockefellers as an instrument against women, men, children, and the family unit. Gender mainstreaming concepts were being embraced by the radical faction of the 2nd wave of feminism. State-sponsored gender studies are intolerant, pseudo-scientific state ideologies. Maternity is discriminated against. Gender mainstreaming is a superimposed and enforced political ideology — and above all child abuse. This concept was introduced in the official final resolution of the Beijing Platform for Action, which stated the "Mainstreaming Agenda Perspective" promotion the gender perspective into the mainstream.

Once the faux gender theories had been issued they have rarely been discussed or challenged in the public debate. They have "simply" been enforced and therefore accepted. Meanwhile, even the strongest advocates of genderism know that biological sex cannot simply be eliminated. Genderists strive to at least soften the categories of gender. In addition, there is a strategic ambiguity and a multiplication of gender, in order to finally abolish the so-called two-sex stereotypes. Everything is equally, hence being a man and a woman is equally valid.

According to the protagonists of genderism, this is the only way to achieve gender equality. In the final analysis, the concept of GM based equality means an absolute interchangeability of man and woman. The Frankfurt School propagating cultural Marxism started a huge movement in Western nations which dominates much of our cultures today. Bruce Jenner's gender confusion, clearly a genetic dead end, is being praised as "normal" and "courageous".

It is systematically taught as normal in Western public schools, universities, media, and corporations. Expanding the traditional view of yin and yang to a four-dimensional model. Haddon offers a yin feminine and a yang feminine and a yin masculine and a yang masculine, which each can be associated with the parts of sexual anatomy and their function. Yin feminine — gestating womb, receiving function of the vagina Yang feminine — exertive womb with its pushing and birthing function Yin masculine — testicles as a self-generating source and place of ripening Yang masculine — penis with expanding and penetrating function.

We all participate in the oppressive male dominated system we didn't create.


SpiritualWiki - Genderforschung

Each one can contribute towards its dissolution. The Tree as Metaphor. Based on compiled studies and 20 years of experience. Die Methoden der Genderforschung sind antiwissenschaftlich. John Money Genderismus vertritt folgende Hauptthesen: Aufgegriffen und verbreitet wurde sie in den er Jahren von US-amerikanischen Feministinnen der zweiten Welle. Buddha , Socrates , and Jesus delivered feminine right-brained oral teachings. The first two Commandments of the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament [first book issued BC] reject the influence of the Goddess right brain, Yin and ban any form of representative art.

Women were forbidden to be priestesses in the 3rd millennium when the New Testament was transcribed. Gender differences in communicating. Women talk — Men talk what's so in Northern Ireland. It fuels child abuse. Gender ideology contradicts basic biology. Biological sex cannot change. It warps manhood and womanhood. It may lead to trans-species. The transgender ideology may spark religious persecution.

Debunking the lies behind transgender ideology with sound science Denouncing the new wave of child abuse caused by the transgender movement. Van Meter describes the lies, bad medicine, and fraud behind the transgender movement. The female brain's effect on women's mood and hormones.

Gender differences in the brain and behavior of men and women; More women will enter the workforce and with their particular skills will alter the way business is done; Reformation of marriage into symmetrical peer marriages between equals; women come into marriages as more interesting beings than ever before. Difference between men and women exemplified on how they deal with a KISS. Prediger 12, 7; 2. The Secret Gospel of Thomas , S. May See also: The Gospel of Thomas , translated by Thomas O. Homoerotic disposition is congenital in men.

Biologische und Verhaltensunterschiede der Geschlechter 6. Englische Texte — English section on Gender research Gender differences research Januar Siehe auch: Frauen sind vorsichtig und umsichtig. Frauen sind sozial eingestellt. Frauen sind die besseren Chefs, weil sie den ganzen Menschen sehen. Die Entstehung und Ausbreitung des Patrismus vor etwa Jahren. January , revised paperback edition 1.

May About years ago a huge area that Demeo calls Saharasia, originally a fertile region stretching from the west coast of Africa to China, started to dry up. After a major climate-shift from wet grassland-forest conditions towards harsh desert conditions began around BCE, there was a slow but great change, so great that nothing we know of human cultural evolution is comparable. Before around BCE, humans were democratic, egalitarian , sex-positive, pleasure-oriented, non-violent Goddess-worshiping "matrists. The more sexually violent and misogynistic a society is, the more dysfunctional it is.

In einem alten von Marx und mir ausgearbeiteten ungedruckten Manuskript finde ich die erste Teilung der Arbeit ist die von Mann und Weib zur Kindererzeugung. Und wie gesagt, laut dem Marxismus ist ja alle Geschichte Klassenkampf. Und der erste Klassenkampf ereignet sich in der Ehe beziehungsweise in der Familie. Und zum Weibe sprach er: Dieweil du hast gehorcht der Stimme deines Weibes und hast gegessen von dem Baum, davon ich dir gebot und sprach: Dornen und Disteln soll er dir tragen, und sollst das Kraut auf dem Felde essen.

Denn du bist Erde und sollst zu Erde werden. Moses, Kapitel 3, Verse OT. Gender-Paradoxon Live — 2: Affenmann und Menschenfrau , veranstaltet von Kolleg 88, Mai , YouTube Film, Der Kugelmensch — das dritte Geschlecht Die menschliche Natur war ja einst ganz anders. Und gleich den Gestirnen, denen sie eingeboren sind, waren sie rund, und auch ihre Bahn, wenn ihr wollt, lief im Kreise. In seinem blinden Beharren darauf, mindert er sich selbst und die Frau , die er dazu braucht, herab, um sein Image, das — bewusst oder unbewusst — zum Sinn seines Seins geworden ist.

Genderismus Die Gender-Studies befinden sich in einer Legitimationskrise: Alle beanstanden Sinn und Zweck eines Studienfachs, das mit zwanzig Jahren noch relativ jung ist, gleichwohl aber eine Vielzahl an Kontroversen durchlaufen hat. Artikel Was ist eigentlich "Gender Mainstreaming" — und was bewirkt es? TV , Niki Vogt, Der Unterschied zwischen Mensch und Schimpanse liegt bei 1,5 Prozent. Mann und Frau sind somit fast so verschieden wie zwei verschiedene Tierarten. Ich frage einen Patienten: Weil Mary mit mir SEX haben will. Und als ich Mary fragte: Wenn man etwas unter den Teppich kehrt, verschwindet es nicht; es wird zur Stolperfalle.

Symmetrie, heterarchisch] und Status [Merkmal: Wenn es mir schlecht geht, mach' ich das mit mir selbst ab und belaste sie nicht damit. Schweigen kann durchaus ein Machtinstrument sein. Wenn man seinen Willen mit einer Forderung durchsetzt , so [Deborah] Tannen in Du kannst mich einfach nicht verstehen , erringt man einen Statuserfolg.

Der Weg zur inneren Balance , S. Wie kannst du das in zwei Minuten beurteilen? Er sagt, er sieht gern, wie er aus der Kirche tritt — als freier Mann. There can be neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Paul, Galatians 3, 28 NT. The best men are those who treat their wives well.

Koran, Prophet Muhammad, setting the stage for gender equality. You enter the Kingdom when you tread upon the garment of shame , and when the two become one and the male with the female neither male nor female. Greek Gospel of the Egyptians , cited in: Jesus said to them, "When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make [ Appeal Let praise be given equally to women as well as men who have been distinguished in virtue.

Just as women have to overcome the patriarchal tyrant in their own souls, men have to liberate and differentiate their inner femininity. Only then will a better relationship of the sexes be possible. February , revised edition 1. Women are people to me, men cannot help their Y chromosome. Men and women are as genetically different as chimpanzees and men. Gender Paradoxon Live — 2: May , YouTube film, Carl Gustav Jung Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalytist, founder of a new school of depth psychology, author, R.

Interviews and Encounters , S. The true masculine is the spirit that goes into the eternal unknown in search of meaning. The great container, the Self , is paradoxically both male and female and contains both. If these are projected onto the outside world, transcendence ceases to exist.

The Self — the inner wholeness — is petrified. Without the true masculine spirit and the true feminine no love within, no inner life exists […]. To be free is to break the stone images and allow life and love to flow. Marion Woodman Canadian Jungian analyst, women's movement figure, mythopoetic author, Addiction to Perfection. Susan Sontag US American political activist for human rights, literary theorist, feminist, social critic, filmmaker, teacher, writer, source unknown. Summers referred to the "innate differences" between men and women, which would explain the lack of top-level female professionals in science, mathematics and engineering and why there were more men than women in high-end science and engineering positions.

For that remark Summers received a lot of public criticism. Men and women in every country, have different ways of understanding and judging things. Men have one angle of vision, women another; men argue from one standpoint, women from another. Men extenuate women and lay the blame on men; while women exonerate men and heap all the heap on women. There can be no resolution — only patient endurance — of the opposites which ultimately spring from your own nature.

You yourself are a conflict that rages in itself and against itself in order to melt its incompatible substances, the male and the female, in the fire of suffering and thus create that form which is the goal of life. Everyone goes through this mill — consciously or unconsciously, voluntarily or forcibly. We are crucified between the opposites and delivered up to the torture until this reconciling third takes shape. The apparently unendurable conflict of your life is proof of the rightness of your life.

A life without inner contradiction is either only half a life or a life in the beyond which is destined only for the angels. But God loves human beings more than the angels. Carl Gustav Jung Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalytist, founder of a new school of depth psychology, author, letter to Mrs. In the realm of the physical, therefore, the masculine principle is of second rank, subordinate, to the feminine. The first earthy manifestation of masculine power takes the form of the son. From the son, we infer the father, the existence and nature of masculine power are evidence only by the son.

Johann Jakob Bachofen Swiss professor for Roman law, University of Basel , jurist, anthropologist, antiquarian, cited in: Father Richard Rohr O. What do men want from women? What do women want from men? What kind of relationship does that make? We [men] lie a lot. Men are women turned inside out. Audio interview with Dr. Researchers have never proven beyond dispute that there were ever societies in which women had power and influence greater than or even equal to that of men.

Yet, a diverse variety of preliterate agrarian cultures — the Iroquois and the Hopi in North America, the inhabitants of Polynesia , the African! Kung , and numerous others around the world — had and continue to have considerable harmony between the sexes. Unfortunately, hiding among the neat rows of carefully incised script was an unwelcome demon — misogyny.

In trying to understand what went wrong between the sexes, these two cultures are at the pivot of history. Therefore it is the duty of every government on Earth to humanized them. Women and men are inclined to understand each other in terms of their own styles because we assume we all live in the same world. Women and Men in Conversation , S.

This is what I deserve. Only the husband, the man , would defend his honor in a duel-like manner. Both [genders] were basically handicapped. Man did not learn about emotions. They had to be fearless to go to war , to die early. This crippled their emotions by default [as a result of] 10, years of socialisation.

So today, if we want to do something different, women have to learn to lead and men have to learn to feel and to nurture. Video presentation by Evelin Gerda Lindner, Ph. January , minute Over millions of years of evolution what emerged was a two-pronged approach to keeping the species alive.

Either gender was capable of violence and aggression, as well as bonding and compassion, but men high in testosterone were hormonally predisposed to take the lead on the former, while women releasing high levels of oxytocin in response to stimuli were hormonally predisposed to take the lead on the latter. Article by Jed Diamond, Ph. Love, Life, and Betrayal , Hoverflies mating in midair , October However, it should be noted that Chinese thinkers, regardless of their classification as Confucian or Daoist, generally see the opposing qualities of yin and yang as integral parts of a whole that complement one another.

Accordingly, the closest word to "gender" in modern Chinese is xingbie , which can be quite literally understood as a difference bie of individual nature or tendencies xing. So this male friend of mine, who does by the way exist, conveniently entered into the following dialogue. February , Beacon Press, 1.

George Carlin US American stand-up comedian, social critic, actor, author, source unknown. I'll turn to him and say, John, how do you know Mary loves you? And he'll say, Because she wants to have sex with me. I'll turn to her — her jaw's on the ground by then — and say Mary, how do you know John loves you?

April , uploaded The gender-binary is that to be a man means not to be a woman. So whatever is gendered feminine is thought of as therefore qualities that are not associated with being a man. And the gender-hierarchy is that the qualities associated with masculinity are elevated. Mind , self , thought , is gendered masculine and elevated. Emotion , relationships and body are gendered feminine and like women idealized and devalued.

There's a convergence now of findings from developmental psychology and neuroscience that puts in place a very different story about us as humans and says that when these splits occur, they are signs of injury or trauma. Violence occurs when women's voices are silent or silenced. And when women's voices drop out of the conversation this awareness and this knowledge tends to drop out with it. Personal avowals Ultimately I am really not in favor of either a men's movement or a women's movement. I am in favor of a gender transition movement.

However, I oppose skipping past a men's movement until men have equally articulated our perspective. I think then and only then we'll be able for a synthesis. Audio interview with Warren Farrell Farrell. In the future survival, marriage, and the family will all require the communicative male. So women had to fall in love with people who were inherently incapable of loving. In the future women can afford to fall in love less and less with the killer-protector and more and more with the nurturer-connector.

In the future — with nuclear technology — choosing the killer -destroyer male leads to the potential destruction of everyone. So what was functional has become dysfunctional. And men competed to be their fathers in the form of either priests or ministers or rabbis. New Age women went from father to husband to guru. And men competed to be their guru. Interview with Warren Farrell Farrell.

Steven Svoboda, , reissued June Warren Farrell, Ph. Beyond Feminism and Masculism. Redefining the Relationships Between Men and Women , part 2 of 2, presented originally by an online men's magazine, reissued by the Integral Institute , Archaeopteryx lithographica Often considered the oldest known true bird. The appropriation by men of women's sexual and reproductive capacity occured PRIOR to the formation of private property and class society.

The archaic states were organized in the form of patriarchy; thus from its inception the state had an essential interest in the maintenance of the patriarchal family. Men learned to institute dominance and hierarchy over other people by their earlier practice of dominance over the women of their own group. Women's sexual subordination was institutionalized in the earliest law codes and enforced by the full power of the state. Class for men was and is based on their relationship to the means of production: The dethroning of the powerful goddesses and their replacement by a dominant male god.

The emergence of Hebrew montheism takes the form of an attack on the widespread cults of the various fertility goddesses. In the establishment of the covenant community [ This symbolic devaluing of women in relation to the divine becomes one of the founding metaphors of Western civilization.

There has seldom been a greater divide between what intelligent, enlightened opinion presumes — that men and women have the same brain — and what science knows — that they do not. What happens at that critical stage in the darkness of the womb, will determine the structure and organisation of the brain: Three Sex in the brain What we are, how we behave, how we think and feel, is governed not by the heart , but by the brain.

The brain itself is influenced, in structure and operation, by the hormones. Given that brain structure and hormones are different in men and women men and women will behave in different ways. Understanding the exact relationship between brain structure, hormones and behavior would take us a long way to discovering the answer to some of humanity's most exasperating riddles. Four Childhood differences Each sex has a mind of its own at birth. Innate differences in brain structure mean that from infancy and through childhood, the male and female paths increasingly diverge.

Biology — accentuated by social attitudes which may themselves have a biological base — makes the destiny of men and women different, gives them different priorities, ambitions, and behavior. Five The brains come of age With the onset of puberty, the human mechanism is past the blueprint stage. Now the hormones take on their second role, fuelling, powering, and informing the brain and our subsequent behavior as human beings. Once the hormone levels increase, however, the changes are dramatic. In girls , at around the age of eight the level of female hormones begins to rise.

Six The ability gap Just as puberty dramatically sorts out the girls from the boys in their behavior and social attitudes, the hormones play their part in accentuating differences in mental abilities and aptitudes. The chemistry largely dictates the structure of our brains and the disposition of the functions in it.

It should not be surprising, then, to find that differences in the organ of thought affect the things we choose to think about, and how well we apply our minds to them. Seven Hearts and minds Physically, men and women are generally attracted to each other because of their differences. Ask any group of men from any culture to assess the attractiveness of a female, and they will tend to opt for the figure which curves where they are flat, is soft where they are strong and — though this may be a matter for aesthetic as much as scientific debate — swells where they are narrow.

The same, in reverse, is true of women, who will tend to express a preference for men with broad shoulders tapering to narrow hips. Any computer-dating questionnaire will try to match intellectual like with like. Eight Like minds The hormonal theory [of sexual deviancy] would explain why sexual deviancy is so much more common in men. Men have to go through a hormonal process to change their brains from the natural female pattern present in all of us , whatever our eventual sex, from the first weeks of our life in the womb; they have to be soaked in extra male hormone and restructured — so in the process of reconstruction the chance of mistakes is much greater than in the female , who doesn't need any reconstruction of her brain.

Nine The marriage of two minds Our new knowledge of what makes us tick, and tick to different rhythms, is not of itself going to revolutionise the complex design of marriage — we will present no new marital blueprint. We believe that much of the stress in this most vital of relationships stems from the misconception that men and women are essentially the same people. The contradiction between this assumption and the facts can lead to exasperation, bitterness and recrimination.

Ten Why mothers are not fathers Nothing is said to bring men and women closer to each other than the shared experience of parenthood. The truth more often is that, because of the different perspective each partner brings to it, few things more dramatically define the difference between men and women. However disappointing the fact may be to a devoted father, there is something unique in the relationship between a mother and a baby. No known society replaces the mother as a primary provider of care.

Eleven Minds at work We live in a world where we are no longer surprised to find a female prime minister, a female judge, a female rabbi or a female pilot. But there are still remarkably few women in top jobs, considering the large increase in the number of well-educated women.

That is likely to remain the case. Twelve Bias at work The Wall Street Journal once spoke of female careers being 'sabotaged by motherhood', demonstrating, in a few words, several misconceptions. First, many women do not see their retirement from the world of paid work as a disaster — home and family are a fulfilling and rewarding occupation.

Secondly, motherhood is a career in itself , as any single-parent journalist will soon find out; and finally, even the most reluctant mothers, holding their new-born baby, find the notion that they have been somehow 'sabotaged' simply does not arise. If there is any question of sabotage, it is women who sabotage their own self-esteem.

Too often they have defined career success and achievement in male terms. High testosterone acting on the male brain increases the narrow focus and "single-minded" approach to the "object" of his desires. After orgasm, testosterone levels subside and the male brain starts to receive a wider input of information without the "narrowing" effect of larger amounts of testosterone present during arousal.

Truth , January In writing this book I have struggled with two voices in my head — one is the scientific truth, the other is political correctness. I have chosen to emphasize scientific truth over political correctness even though scientific truths may not always be welcome.

Trait One Keepers are self-accountable. Trait Two Keepers can hold on to their own personal rhythms under stress. They find a way to stay interested or they graciously bow out. Trait Four Keepers see humor as a sacred part of relationships. Trait Five Keepers know how to stay even.

Trait Six Keepers do not allow guilt to influence their decisions. Trait Seven Keepers store the "good times". Trait Eight Keepers are authentic. Trait Nine Keepers understand and accept their value in the marketplace. Trait Ten Keepers look for the value in others. Trait Eleven Keepers avoid useless energy drains. Trait Twelve Keepers know how to self-soothe. Trait Thirteen Keepers seek continuous transformation. Trait Fourteen Keepers take good care of themselves. Trait Fifteen Keepers treasure the present moment.

Threat of abandonment 3. Threat of exile 4. Preaching Sources featuring Randi Gunther, Ph. How Negative Words can Destroy Love , published Relationship Saboteurs , part I, YouTube film, 8: September See also: Given that acceptance and inclusion, the partners in a committed relationship can create a space of security and continued connection.

New lovers continually rediscover each other through self-revelation and mutual vulnerability. No request is beyond reach, no sacrifice too difficult. Men and women don't see in the same way. Female babies like faces, male babies like moving objects. Females hear better than males. Men want high pitched voices, women want deep voices. Males will automatically block out certain sounds. Music affects us differently. Boys and girls like to draw different things.

Females are slower at spatial task than males. Women navigate using landmarks, men navigate using cardinals and distance. Boys naturally use movement to think. Groups of boys play differently than groups of girls. Boys and girls play with different toys. Boys are more likely to take risks. Males are more likely to overestimate their ability.

Males are more likely to die from an accident than females. Females are easier to startle. Men and women are on different schedules day cycles. Body clock Emotions Females can verbally express their emotions better than males. Men are more likely to perceive a neutral face as unfriendly. Women read subtle emotion better than men. Males and females are not empathetic in the same way. Males are more likely to exhibit aggression physically while females are more likely to exhibit aggression verbally. The bed nucleus of the striate terminals where the amygdala begins its descent into the hypothalamus holds a neurotransmitter that's twice the size in males than females.

Women also exhibit a stronger emotional response to the anticipation of pain. Women use both sides of the brain to respond to emotional experiences while men use just one. A woman's brain is more 'flexible' than a man's. Men's and women's brains age differently. Men and women have different friendships.

Mothers and fathers don't interact with their kids in the same way. Men and women react to crying babies differently. Men thrive in conflict, women avoid it. Males are aroused under stress while females are turned off. Men are more consistent than women. Men are more comfortable lying to the opposite sex.

Men pursue, women are pursued. Pursuing the other sex Men are attracted to youth and beauty. Women are attracted to status. When a man is in love, dopamine mixes with testosterone and vasopressin. If a female falls in love gets dopamine mixes with estrogen and oxytocin. Contrary to popular belief, it's men that fall in love at first sight. Falling in love When engaging in "warm touch" both husbands and wives get a boost in oxytocin and a reduction in cortisol.

Yet only the husbands' blood pressure will get reduced beneficially. Men and women use different parts of the brain during sexual arousal. Men are also much more likely than women to conflate violence with sexuality. Men are easier to sexually arouse than women. Men are more motivated by sex than women. A man's fertility depends on who is around him. High self-esteem makes teen girls less promiscuous, but it makes teen boys more promiscuous. The orgasms of women and men affect each sex differently.

A man is more likely to sleep with a stranger than a woman. Sex with strangers When it comes to casual sex, women care about intelligence, men don't. Men have a stronger reaction to sexual infidelity, while women have a stronger reaction to emotional infidelity. August Referenced literature: June Referenced scientific papers: Series B, Biological Sciences , , 5. December Video presentations: Human Sexual Behavior I , minute Metaanalysis on studies on shame and pride based gender norms Shame is a major building block of traditional gender roles.

Allison, LC Morton, Gender differences in self-conscious emotional experience: Linear time Cycles of time 3.

Science Art , play 4. Rationality Magic , synchronicity , symbology 5. Waking reality Broadened states of consciousness 7. Right side of the body Left side of the body See also: Jan Garrett, Partnership v. History Patriarchal societies Scarcety model Efficiency Centralizing monopolizing currency, interest rates, concentration on the top, efficiency availing the Industrial Revolution , concentration of wealth, boom and bust cycles, short-term thinking, unsustainable behavior 1b.

Antidote Matrifocal societies Sufficiency model Sustainability Honoring feminine values, entertaining dual money systems, availing sustainability , local non-interest based currencies 2. Ideological polarization Patriarchal Cold war: Communism fighting capitalism Commonly untouched theme: Bank debt money system 3. Academic taboo Patriarchal Flawed status quo Securing the central banking money system 4.

Hidden Lobby system Patriarchal Bank for International Settlements Keeping the flawed debt money system in place Unwillingness to reform or improve the existing money system. The New Paradigm of Money , part 1 of 2, 9: The New Paradigm of Money , part 2 of 2, 8: Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary [Magdalene ] leave us, for females are not worthy of life. If the women of Asia wake up, they will dazzle the world.

Therefore, for international negotiations, women are needed very much and need to take a larger role. I sympathize with feminists. Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso Women should rule the world. We are not a special interest group. The trajectory for American women is from success to significance. We need the audacity to wield power. November 14 It becomes almost like the manifestation of the Divine Mother, as well as the Divine Father. That which is nurturing, at the same time that which is demanding of excellence.

The patriarchy is the masculine principle. And socialism is maternalistic. It is a security issue, it is a prosperity issue, and it is a peace issue.

  1. White Lies: Race and the Myths of Whiteness.
  2. Der Altertümler: Erster Band (German Edition).
  3. ;

This is why no political system works because the value system is 'money and power over'. Until women reclaim their power men won't have a chance to open up the emotional body and to process their reaction to the second class citizen. Now we are coming into equality. We've shifted from a text based society to an image based one. Men must be converted to the feminine, women to the masculine. If we are converted to this non-self, everything changes.

Einführung in die Gender Studies

Winter solstice Survival was the oppressor. And that's just a misunderstanding of the gender development over the millennia. A World ruled by women would be a better place. They need to learn to surrender. Physical and mental differences between men and women Area Men Women Genes Both men and women differ in every cell of their bodies chromosome combinations. She has menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation functions. Physical appearance His scull is thicker than hers.

Her scull is thinner than his. Physical appearance He is taller, with heavier bones, and bigger muscles. She is smaller, with lighter bones, and leaner muscles. Physical appearance He has a bigger head, a slimmer face, a more protruding chin. She has shorter head, broader face, chin less protruding. Physical appearance He has longer legs and shorter trunk. She has shorter legs and longer trunk. Physical appearance He has smaller stomach, kidneys, liver and appendix, and larger lungs. She has larger stomach, kidneys, liver and appendix, and smaller lungs.

The first finger of a woman's hand is usually longer than the third. Lefties Guys are more left-handed. Women are less left-handed. Teeth His teeth last longer. Her teeth last shorter. Thyroid His thyroid is smaller and less active. Her thyroid is larger and more active. Skin He has rougher skin and a relatively hairy body. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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