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USMLE Step 2 CK Review

I am an old woman- 66, just about hanging on by her fingernails! Thanks for using your time to help lost folks like me. Really save-worthy advise has been given out in your blogs.

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  • Study for the USMLE Step 2 CK.

It wd be great if you cd answer this: Step 2 requires less prep for most US students because it piggybacks on a frequently stronger clinical experience during third-year and the material is generally more useful and less esoteric. How much of a difference that makes would depend on what your background and schooling are like.

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I would recommend the same things. For most people, a dedicated month is sufficient, to be spent almost exclusively on a question bank preferably UW. Palliative medicine a really important field and good career. The pathway to a palliative fellowship is versatile. Thanks for taking the time to write all of this out. The design and information presented herein, is very well done! I will have to recommend this to my underclass abroad so that they have more readiness and not have to worry as much.

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Above all, your transparency throughout all of your thoughtful writing, is very much appreciated — much respect! Thank you for efforts to do this for all of us! Ben, what would you suggest for those individuals who have not had shelf exam experience?

100 Facts you MUST know before walking into the USMLE Step 2 (#1-25)

You made a wonderful guideline here of how most students in the States prepare for each subject and thus, makes Step 2CK somewhat easier to do since it is like a year long preparation on all the major topics. This obviously can be either an overshoot or otherwise. I was using Usmleworld as a guideline to learn from only and not entirely focused on my percentages.

USMLE Step 2 CK Review Course | Becker

I did those in a timed-tutor-random order and redid my incorrects, just like you suggested above to do. My main worries are running into too many conflicting answers and resources. I will redo usmleworld again in some suggested manner but wondering how else I can train my mind to think like the NBMEs. You also made a really amazing perspective piece here on NBME style writing here: CK is the last exam for me, and I can set aside 60 days of pure dedicated studying. If I pass, I have the chance to do more clinical training during residency application season but they require all step 1,2cs,2ck to be completed.

Your worry about multple resources and spreading yourself thin is valid. There are a percentage of UW questions that have an unreasonable level of difficulty or hinge on a small detail which is not generalizable. These questions are corner cases that can be memorized but otherwise generally are of lower yield for molding your overall approach. There certainly may be some deeper patterns in your performance, but I can say that at least part of your feelings is universal.

Really appreciate you taking the time out and sharing your knowledge. Are you not able to finish on time?

Ready to get started?

Do you know the facts but are getting the questions wrong due to test taking skills, critical reading and comprehension, or second guessing? Knowing what parts are holding you back tells you what you need to work on next.

I am an FMG…Glasgow…. So my question is whats the best bet to pass it…. Dont care about the score.. You can easily pass exclusively with UW. If you want a simplified plan with minimal BS and not shelling out for other products, you can just go with UW. It definitely contains the information you need to perform at the highest level. Much Thanks for the prompt response…and all the positive vibes!!!!!!!

UW CK it is!!!!!!!!!! One caveat is that the explanations are super important and full of important details that may not have been necessary to know the correct answer. But you still want to make sure you know the whole story. All courses also include. Full explanations and reKap summaries for all questions Streamlined user experience with progress reports Simple test creation and test-like interface 1 diagnostic exam 2 full-length simulated exams Mobile-friendly and available in the Kaplan app.

Realistic practice lets you learn more efficiently Our robust Qbank features 2, questions and detailed explanations so you can learn from any mistakes. Experience our Qbank Integrated Plan for Free. Interact with a teacher in an online classroom, or prep at your own pace. Attend scheduled live lectures or prep on your own time at our full-service centers.