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You are going to be rejected; soundly sometimes. But keep in mind that many of the same people who reject you at first will become some of your best leaders on down the road. Finally, expect to be criticized by the C Leaders in your church for not paying enough attention to them. They are always the last ones to see the benefit of what you are about to do. In his book The Next Christians , Gabe Lyons identified seven distinct streams of cultural influence:. Keep them in front of your face, and get used to the idea that you will be opening those lists, refining them, removing names and adding others, for the next three years.

Preaching killer sermons, leading this effort of Leadership Evangelism, and delegating other responsibilities to staff and volunteers will take up 90 percent of your time every week. Remember, Mondays are blocked off for sermon writing.

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Fridays and Saturdays are your days off. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be blocked off for breakfasts, lunches, meetings at Starbucks and drop-by appointments except for your staff meeting and service design.

Josh Hunt church growth articles.

Advanced sermon planning will take place early in the morning on those days. Here are the best CRM software choices out there right now. No need to strategize who to contact first. I want them to know that I was taking them seriously and want to genuinely help them in some way. I never meet a woman for lunch in a restaurant. With the opposite sex, I always go to their place of employment, or we brown-bag it at the church office.

I also alert certain staff that this is happening, as well as my wife. If you have an assistant, get that person all over this. Ride that train until it comes to an end. You will run out of A Leaders in the church well before you run out of ones in the community. The good news is you will work your church and community lists simultaneously. The approach for contacting them is the same as with the community leaders. Most will already feel a natural connection to you and want to meet. The only difference is I ensure people I meet through church that the reason I want to meet with them has nothing to do with money.

I thank them for their time and move on.

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How long have you lived here? What makes you tick? Whether they are a church-generated lead or someone I contacted out from the community, the first 75 percent of the conversation is always the same. Then I create a barrier between them. I talk about how human sin created that gulf, and because God is holy, our sins must be punished.

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The next six months, two years or maybe even six, will be spent identifying and knocking down one barrier after another until they accept Christ and grow into full devotion as a leader. Instead of drawing the bridge, the last 25 percent of the conversation will be spent asking for their opinion on how you can better serve the community. It is at this point that I always give them homework, regardless of whether or not they are a Christian.

I wold to help churches to double every five years by providing and immensely practical, well-tested book.

Double Your Church Size in Five Years or Less -

Your participation in this process is requested. As you start to work through the process, let me hear from you. I plan to change this book a thousand times before it hits the general public. What a Difference Great Preaching Makes! Seminary Core Values The goal of the Virtual. Seminary is to teach pastors to grow churches. Double the number of God worshipers at all churches by the year Continue to double the percentage of Christians vss overall population every 20 years.

It is hard to say good-bye. It is hard for missionaries going oversees to say good-bye to family and friends left behind. When my parents announced that they were taking the family halfway around the globe to serve as missionaries in the Philippines, my grandparents response was curt and clear: You are not taking my grandbabies 10, miles from home to be raised in the jungles of the Philippines.

We will not miss their next 4 birthdays. The price of saying good-bye is extremely high. I am not necessarily asking you to fly across an ocean and raise your family in the tropics. I am asking you to leave some of your best friends for one hour a week to help start a new class. This will be a higher price than some are willing to pay for the advancement of the kingdom.

This is why we must produce mature disciples with a kingdom mentality. Only the mature can reproduce.

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Only mature disciples are willing to say good-bye. We must reproduce in order to insure the life of the next generation.

There you have it. That is how you can double your class in two years or less.