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Our writers and photographers took you into their worlds for a moment, to ponder their dilemmas and learn about what makes them tick. But their stories did not end once you had read about them.

Here, we catch up with several of 's most memorable people. With lightning speed, disgraced ex-White House advisor Dick Morris has turned in a draft of a book about the presidency that his publisher, Random House, is doing handstands over.

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The ,word draft of "Behind the Oval Office: Winning the Presidency in the '90s" was completed in just 25 days, a stunning monument to literary celebrity. Soon after completing the manuscript about his behind-the-scenes role in President Clinton's reelection, Morris told an interviewer from CNN that writing the book was "my therapy.

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As a damaged, flawed and in many ways weak individual, to have gone through this and to have let this happen, I needed that period of introspection--not just with a psychiatrist, but with my computer too. To name the book, Morris summoned his skills as a pollster, contracting with an interviewing firm to survey Americans on their preferences among 21 possible title choices. The final selection turned out to have been the suggestion of Random House's Midwestern regional sales manager, someone who presumably knows something about what plays in Peoria.

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The year-old Morris was chief strategist for Clinton until the last day of the Democratic convention in August, when the Star printed a report saying Morris had a yearlong relationship with a Washington prostitute, who had listened in on important telephone calls and to whom he had confided White House secrets.

The Star's account of Morris' relationship with Sherry Rowlands included photographs of Morris in a terry-cloth bathrobe from the Jefferson Hotel, where the two shared a room, and where Rowlands' Yorkshire terrier joined them on at least one occasion.

Morris never denied his association with Rowlands, and in the wake of the flap surrounding his resignation, his wife, Connecticut attorney Eileen McGann, leaped into the fray to defend her husband as well as their marriage. McGann took the unusual step of declaring her support for her husband on the pages of Time magazine. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Quora has great answers. Have a great solution?

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