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Who brought about mob panic in Unug? Who …… sickness too? Along with the city, the foreign lands ……, who …… in the temple of Unug? Why was …… expanded? Who made the black-headed people become so numerous? That one crushed ……. He …… and puts an end to ……. The …… of the gods …… attention. He consoled himself with tears and laments -- the city trembled. A defiled hand smote him and flattened his skull -- the city collapsed.

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The fearsome radiance overwhelmed like ……. The proud city of all the lands became like one who spreads havoc. The faithful cowherds themselves overturned every single cattlepen. The chief shepherds themselves burned? They built them up like grain heaps, they spread them out like grain piles, they were convulsed. They did all that.

Like reeds in a wasteland, life could not be revived. A hush settled over the awed hearts of its people like a cloak. Its good udug deities went away, its lamma deities ran off. Its lamma deity said "Hide in the open country" and they took foreign paths. The city's patron god turned against it and its shepherd abandoned it. Its guardian spirit, though not an enemy, was exiled? Thus all its most important gods evacuated Unug , they kept away from it. They hid out in the hills and wandered? In the city built upon peace, food and drink were overturned like a saman vessel.

In the pasture lands a tumultuous noise arose, the asses and sheep were driven away. Elderly people and babies, taking their rest, …… in front ……. They saw …… and slaughtered? He …… and opened his clenched fist. He …… and reached out his hand.

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The …… of Sumer , the city whose king crossed over to an enemy land, to ……. He …… and turned the place into dust. He …… and piled the people up in heaps. The …… of heaven …… and the people …… to the limits of heaven. He ……, stretched forth his hand and induced terror in the land. Enlil struck out with great ferocity. At its front war shall be a …… axe, at its rear it shall be a ……. Its overgrown hair shall be a harrow, its back shall be flames. Its countenance shall be a malevolent storm that enshrouds heaven and earth.

The glint of its eyes shall be lightning that flashes far like the Anzud bird.

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Its mouth shall rage -- a blazing fire that extends as far as the nether world. Its tongue shall be an inferno, raining embers, that sunders the Land. Its arms shall be the majestic Anzud bird that nothing can escape when it spreads wide its talons. Knotted at both its hips shall be city-destroying slingstones. Its great haunches shall be dripping knives, covered with gore, that make blood flow. Its muscles shall be saws that slash, its feet those of an eagle. It shall make the Tigris and Euphrates quaver, it shall make the mountains rumble.

At its reverberation the hills shall be uprooted, the people shall be pitched about like sheaves, Sumer and Akkad shall shiver, they shall be flooded like a harvest crop. The foolish shall rejoice, they shall exclaim? At midnight they shall be afraid and tearful, and suffer insomnia. In bed, under the covers, they shall be unable to sleep soundly, they shall wander about the city.

They shall be immobilised, their courage shall run out: May the word of Enlil be sent back, may it turn tail. It just had a bunch of their singles on it and we would drive around and play it constantly. The Smiths also got us playing around on a string and acoustic guitar which can be heard on a couple songs. Casper Skulls Tour Dates: Facebook Twitter Tumblr Reddit. Cannibal Corpse guitarist appears in court wearing anti-suicide vest, was tased by cops. The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards says he's quit drinking: Michelle Obama recounts difficulty in convincing Prince to perform at White House.

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Pete Davidson blocked Ariana Grande post-split: Create your account Finish Sign Up. The famous Mantegna painting, clearly motivated by an interest in foreshortening , is essentially an Anointing, and many scenes, especially Italian Trecento ones and those after , share characteristics of the Lamentation and the Entombment. It was later resold several times. The last time was a Sotheby's auction in , where it was purchased by an anonymous buyer for 1. Lamentation of Christ found in the Church of St.

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Panteleimon Nerezi in Macedonia. The fresco dates back to the 12th century.

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Lamentation by Andrea Mantegna. An individual Lamentation from the Rohan Hours. The grieving Virgin cannot be consoled by the Apostle John , who looks up in consternation at a saddened God. Lamentation by Simon Marmion , with the three crosses high on the hill behind. Lamentation of Christ , c. Lamentation by Giovanni Bellini. Chiaroscuro woodcut by Andrea Andreani.

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