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Thomas lies on his side in feline repose. His magnificent black coat has its winter thickness and his white socks and jabot form the outposts of his deeply fluffy white tummy, bulging slightly between his neat paws.

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Thomas is not a thin cat. Thomas is also not a shy cat.

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In fact, Thomas has got the world well HIS world by the throat and is able to while away the obliging hours in easy relaxation. There is a particular brand of very expensive catfood only available at vets. I like it, and I wish to eat it, every day, without exception — several times a day, in fact.

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Every now and then Margaret gets the idea into her head that there may be something else less expensive and just as nice for me to eat. She tries it out, putting it in my bowl and telling me she has a special treat for me.

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I know that tone of voice. It is thick with guilt and wheedling, and I am immediately alerted to a possible scam. I ignore the food.

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I sit with my back to her and gaze at it, without moving. I look hungry and sad. I gaze some more. As soon as I hear her footsteps, I take up my position in front of the bowl with a rigid back and sad shoulders, and gaze and gaze. I can go on for days like this if necessary, because I know that she will give in.

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She will worry about my survival, and eventually weaken and put down the right stuff. Then I eat enough for ten cats. She knows now not even to try anything new. We cats know how to get what we want. The one who can wait longest always wins.

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