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A Thousand Sisters

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Whether you're a beginner or an accomplished singer, everything you need is here. Superpowers of Visual Storytelling. An engaging introduction to the powers of charting, mapping and diagrams for students and professionals. A powerful holocaust memoir that will leave you breathless and heartbroken, yet, inspired and hopeful! How could a young child survive all this? Do you want to start winning at Magic? Factory has acquired the distribution rights for North America, with a U. The film is set in the s—s in Hiroshima and Kure in Japan, roughly 10 years before and after the atomic bomb, but mainly in — In the film, nature and traditional culture in Japan are clearly described and contrasted with the cruel and irredeemable scenes brought by the war.

Though it is a fictional account, the episodes and background of the story are based on facts and real incidents researched by the production staff. A young woman named Suzu, who is innocent and loves drawing, lives in a seaside town called Eba [a] in Hiroshima City. In , year-old Suzu, working for her grandmother's small family business of cultivating Nori edible sea weed , is told by her parents that an unknown young man has come to propose marriage to her.

The man, whose name is Shusaku, lives in Kure City , [b] a large naval port city 15 miles away from Hiroshima City, as a navy civilian. He remembers that he and Suzu had first met during one of Suzu's childhood visits to the city. Suzu decides to marry him and moves to join Shusaku's family in Kure. As Suzu adjusts to her new life in Kure, the threat of the Pacific War slowly begins to encroach on the daily lives of the townspeople. As food shortages become commonplace, the government implements food rationing.

Warning and evacuation preparations against U. Suzu, as a young housewife in a Tonarigumi , [c] takes turns overseeing food distribution and attends training against air raids. Like other Japanese housewives, she makes women's trousers fit for emergency evacuation by cutting traditionally designed clothing, such as kimonos, into parts. As officially allocated food becomes scarce, Suzu looks for any way to feed her family, picking edible plants and trying recommended recipes.

Suzu, maintaining her cheerful character, makes efforts to improve the living conditions and to prepare for the air bombing with her family and neighbors. The family build the air-raid shelter in the garden. Her daily lives are full of humorous and lovely episodes. Suzu enjoys touching nature and viewing boats moving on the sea with her niece, Harumi. One day, as Suzu draws pictures of floating warships, the military police accost her and come close to accusing her of espionage.

In December , a navy sailor named Tetsu comes to visit Suzu: Understanding it might be Suzu's last chance to see Tetsu alive, Shusaku leaves them alone to talk without a chaperone. The next spring, Shusaku is drafted by the Navy and temporarily quartered with troops in Otake City , 40 miles away from Kure. In , the U. In July, urban areas of Kure are firebombed, and most of the city burns. Suzu is nearly killed by a U. Keiko, Harumi's mother blames Suzu for her daughter's death. As she suffers from depression, Suzu debates returning to the relative safety of her hometown Eba in Hiroshima City in time for the local summer festival on August 6; when she is unable to see a doctor, however, she decides to stay an extra week in Kure.

On that particular morning, Suzu, still at her marriage home in Kure, notices a bizarre light and an abrupt quake from a distance. Soon, Suzu learns what has occurred in Hiroshima City; a new, devastating bomb has fallen on the town, destroying countless citizens and buildings in Hiroshima City. For a while, Suzu is unable to enter or get information about her hometown. A few days later, in a radio address , the Emperor of Japan announces the end of the War by declaring surrender to the Allied Powers.

Suzu, having faced countless setbacks and tragedies during the war, and had grown accustomed to the single-minded focus of keeping the family alive, is forced to accept the reality of her losses and temporarily falls into despair. Soon, the times begin to change rapidly: US occupation forces, no longer the enemy, come to Kure and provide food for its citizens.

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  • Suzu visits her grandmother Ito's family house in Kusatsu, [d] a rural town to the west of Hiroshima and out of the affected area, to see her sister Sumi, who took refuge from deserted Hiroshima and is the only survivor of Suzu's family. Shusaku, who returns from his naval service, meets with Suzu by chance in a deserted area of Hiroshima and tells her that he has found a new job.

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    They come across a little girl, a war atomic bomb orphan struggling to survive in the ruins after losing her mother, and adopt her into their home in Kure. Suzu regains her passion for life slowly, with the courage and affection of her friends and family. As the credits roll, their adopted daughter is shown growing up in the Hojo residence, sewing clothes with her own hands, aided by Suzu in peaceful post-war Japan. The project was announced in August and began crowdfunding in March to raise funds. Director Sunao Katabuchi tried to add accurate details to the backgrounds of the film, such as one shot which took over 20 revisions to get right, using aerial photographs to estimate the size of a shop and interviewing over 10 elderly residents.

    On July 25, , the official Twitter account for the film announced that the film would receive an extended version, containing an additional 30 minutes of footage. The website's critical consensus reads, " In This Corner of the World offers a unique ground-level perspective on an oft-dramatized period in history, further distinguished by beautiful hand-drawn animation. Sarah Ward of Screen International praised the film's visual aesthetic and screenplay as "involving and entrancing.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In This Corner of the World Theatrical release poster. Masao Maruyama Taro Maki. Sunao Katabuchi Chie Uratani. It was known for cultivation of Nori edible sea weed and oysters. But in , the fishing business almost ended because a military factory was founded on newly reclaimed land to the south of Eba. In , Eba was affected by the atomic bombing and many people were killed or injured. Not all areas were burnt down and there were survivors, as it was around 3km from the center of the bombing. After the war, the factory, a civil industry factory of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries , continues to manufacture machinery and transportation equipment.

    The town name, Eba, remains now in Naka-ku, Hiroshima. This system was mandated all over Japan by the Japanese government in in order to control society more under the war regime. As it was out of the delta of Hiroshima City, Kusatsu was not affected by the atomic bombing and the people were safe.

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