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ISBN 1 4.

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La langue de l'Autre dans le roman contemporain Paris: L'Harmattan, , pp. ISBN 1 France at the Crossroads", in Kamal Salhi ed. Elm Bank, , pp. Actions, Dialogues and Discourses Bern: Peter Lang, , pp.

ISBN 3 66 8. ISBN 3 2.

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Interdisciplinary Studies New York: Palgrave, , pp. A Melting Pot in the Making? The New Melting Pot?

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Contributor to Michael Kelly ed. Guest editor, special issue on "Memory and War: The Meaning of Ricardou", in Cross-Currents , no. The End of the Line? A Framework for Analysis", in New Community , vol. The Beurs and the Banlieues", in Interface , no. The Beurs in Algeria: Radio interview broadcast by Agora FM, Nice, 15 January ; rebroadcast by national network of local radio stations.

Radio interview broadcast by Radio Girouille, Angers, 28 August ; rebroadcast by national network of local stations.