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If you are committed to making a difference in the environmental field, there are dozens of different kinds of environmental programs you can pursue.

Environmental Studies

With a little careful research, you can ensure that your college experience, and the world beyond, will be just what you want it to be. I hope that my experiences along the path to an environmental education and career can help you to make the best decisions for your education. I chose to pursue an Environmental Studies major. I liked the idea of an interdisciplinary program which drew concepts from several different fields. Environmental issues are found in all kinds of fields, from geology and biology to public policy and law, so many colleges also offer Environmental Studies concentrations or minor programs to go with a more traditional scientific or policy-based major.

Environmental Studies | Career Centre

For instance, I could have majored in biology and minored in environmental studies while taking many of the same interesting and insightful classes. But what exactly is Environmental Studies? According to our website, "Environmental Studies connects key concepts from many disciplines in an environmental context, providing a framework for the study of ecosystems and human interaction with the Earth. Part of the idea of majoring in Environmental Studies is to be better prepared for a wide array of challenges.

The environmental profession often requires cooperation and negotiation between very different groups with very different, sometimes conflicting interests for example, between regulators, the regulated, and citizen watchdogs. It is important to be open-minded and willing to compromise.

One valuable tool is to learn to see the other party's perspective, to understand why they are so adamant about a certain point, and to use that understanding to your advantage while solving the issue. Environmental studies students learn that the various fields of science, technology, and human relations are interrelated on many levels. Decisions made in one field are invariably felt in another.

For example, when scientists and policymakers work to pass new environmental legislation, the new laws may raise costs for consumers or the higher cost of complying may mean a loss of jobs - these issues will be taken into consideration when laws are made, and lawmakers will work to "soften the blow" for their constituents.

ES students are always "learning about what the issues are, the many causes of each issue, where issues are and what kinds of careers are out there," says Dr. Gail Grabowsky of Chaminade University in Hawaii.

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Environmental problems can be found anywhere in the world. In many ways, the so-called developed nations are far ahead of the rest of the world in terms of remediation and prevention of environmental disasters. However, in poorer areas of the world, where the immediate needs of humans often supercede those of the environment, pollution and injustice can run unchecked for decades.

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Environmental Studies graduates are needed to come up with innovative and effective solutions to these kinds of difficult problems. For a full transcript of responses to our questions of the people interviewed, click on the individuals below: Tim Crews , Professor Fmr. Colleen Wilkins , Environmental Studies Graduate, California State University, Fullerton CA What to Expect as an Environmental Studies Major When you get to college, you can expect to study many disciplines from the natural sciences to the social sciences to humanities, with the focus on learning to make educated judgments about environmental issues through careful, objective analysis which incorporates knowledge from many fields.

Because of the wide range of disciplines studied, there is also often great latitude for students to create their own curriculum and emphasis within the major. Tom Hudspeth , of the University of Vermont, says that after students have completed basic ES courses, they work with advisors to develop their own curriculum of environmental courses from several different departments. Additionally, most Environmental Studies programs are found at liberal arts institutions, which can be a definite advantage to getting ahead in the job market. Tim Crews of Prescott College points out that, "Time and time again, the liberally educated students will stick out and shine in the work environment because they have invested in developing critical thinking skills and have learned how to learn.

What Jobs Can You Get With An Environmental Science Degree?

Try to take several classes that involve writing about environmental issues. I had writing classes on policy and politics, on environmental journalism and interviewing, on advocacy, and on learning to communicate professionally with a variety of media. Even though writing a ton of papers is kind of a pain, it really helps you to form your opinions, based on research and objective interviews, and learn how to disseminate them to the public.

Students need to push themselves to get this. This list shows some of the most-often reported careers for people who majored in Envrionmental Science.

Top Careers in Environmental Science

Please be aware that additional education, internships, or career-related experience may be a prerequisite to some of the careers on this list. To find a brief description of the following occupations, go to the Standard Occupational Classification system. Classification Specifications are generic descriptions of jobs in government agencies.

Generally, they provide an overview of the job and describe essential duties and responsibilities as well as requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities KSAs and educational requirements. Classification specifications can be useful in identifying organizations that hire people with an academic background in Environmental Science. Return to the top. Return to the top Vocational Biographies. Search by career title, keyword, topic, and career cluster. Return to the top Professional Associations. Utility Navigation Quick Menu I want to Search Portland State Enter the terms you wish to search for.

Quick Links for this page: Program Technician City of Hillsboro: In this time of economic and global uncertainty are you interested in learning about social justice issues or how the environmental landscape has changed? If you want to study a discipline that is truly interdisciplinary and encourages exploration of the social sciences, humanities, arts and natural sciences, consider an education in Environmental Studies. This list is not exhaustive but provides an idea of the options graduates have and what they have gone on to do. Some options are more directly associated with an Environmental Studies degree than others.