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I set my initial prices based on my needs and so should you. How much do you need to earn to make this extra work worthwhile? Pricing also depends on the factors below and how selective you choose to be.

Business Overview

As I become busier, my time became worth more and my rate went up. I had also developed a following and could mention previous clients in order to justify higher rates. If a referred client asked for the same rate as the referrer, I politely mentioned that I had other people ready to pay more and how limited my time was. You might be wondering how I got my first clients. Here were the most effective marketing tactics I used. I have found this the best way to gain clients.

Mention that you have started this business and wanted to let them know, even if they may not have the need. They may know someone who does!

Getting Started

Matt made it easy for people to refer potential clients to him by letting them know exactly what he was doing. Just wanted to drop a line that I recently started tutoring for the ACT, should you know someone feel free to send my number. In the hundreds of texts and emails I have sent out, I have NEVER had someone ask me to not talk to them or that they found my message spammy. Business cards make you look legitimate, and give you something to leave behind with clients and referral partners. I usually use VistaPrint for my business cards, but others swear by Moo.

Call your local library, schools and recreation centers. Plenty of prospective clients want free information, and these places are a great way to deliver it in a one-to-many environment. I have personally hosted events at coffee shops, libraries and local recreations centers.


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I specifically say the event will be FREE, however I ask for permission to hand out my business cards at the end of the event. I never really worry about getting crazy high numbers as EACH person attending is a possible client. To advertise, I would create my own flyer and ask the specific host to put in on their website and bulletin boards.

How My Tutoring Business Started

Follow these steps and work the plan. I guarantee people will start calling you and asking for tutoring services. In one day you can text and email all of your contacts.

How to Start a Home Tutoring Business

In one day you can call all libraries, schools, coffee houses and recreation centers and book at least 1 free seminar. I love the idea of it being both measurable and repeatable. Solid bonus for any business model.

There are several math tutors where I live, but little of anything else. I had not even considered being an ACT tutor, but its a great idea. Definitely something to think more about! I dig the idea of having a practice schedule set up. Whether side hustle or full time business online you need to practice certain skills diligently to command the proper rates, or to ask the product price.

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Did you do the info-graphic yourself? If you did, you have another side hustle in the waiting. Do ACT tutors earn that kind of money anywhere? If you need help organizing such a small business, you can click on my name and check out business management software I offer in my side hustle. Thanks again for the great article. Thanks for the guideline. Thanks for your awesome informative post. Your idea is superb. Nowadays this tutoring systems has become more popular among the students and their guardians.

I think it is more than a business, as this is the most useful helping site that all students want to take services from there. That sense this business has a brightest future in very recent days. Tutoring is an awesome side hustle that can pay off huge! Putting in a bit of leg-work to set up a limited liability company LLC can help establish some much-needed protections and make life easier come tax time.

I have been working for this service and tutoring on the side. You have given me a lot to think about as I work to build both. I have heard that these will help to find more students. Some decisions include how to handle no-shows, make up lessons and "emergency" questions. A written agreement with the parent regarding services will help alleviate misunderstandings. Check with other tutors to see if your pricing is competitive. Obtain learning tools as needed for clients.

The library and internet are good sources for free materials. Invest in a good set of reference books for the main subject areas. Set up an office with a phone and computer access. Administrative tasks, such as marketing and billing, are easily conducted from home. Meetings with clients can be conducted at the student's home or in your own home. A quiet place free from interruptions is needed. Check deed restrictions and with local authorities to ensure that ongoing meetings in your own home are allowed. Note that libraries often prohibit the use of their facilities by paid tutors.

Advertise the tutoring business in mediums and places your target market frequents. Place fliers on school bulletin boards, provide brochures to teachers and students and participate in parenting networks. Create a resume with references to provide to potential clients.

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  • Maintain an email list and consider sending a periodic newsletter with study tips and information related to areas of focus. Provide home-based tutoring services through on-line companies, such as Tutor. This avenue will supplement the income made through face-to-face clients and allow tutoring skills to be honed in the area of expertise. A computer with high-speed Internet access is needed.

    Generally, the tutor is considered an independent contractor. Marjory Pilley began writing business and lifestyle articles in Skip to main content. Tutor Your Way to Profits Entrepreneur: