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Stories The list of stories in the Michael Glenny translation is as follows in order: A French biometric residence permit issued to non-EU citizens A French residence permit issued to non-EU citizens All EU residence permits show Zeus in the guise of a white bull; his appearance in the legend of Europa. According to the French national institute of statistics INSEE, the census counted nearly 6 million immigrants foreign-born people in France, representing 9.

Among them, about 5. In , he won the second Prix de Rome, and in the first prize, with a plaster bas-relief entitled Pyrrhus tuant Priam. Martel may refer to: A synovial joint, also known as diarthrosis, joins bones with a fibrous joint capsule that is continuous with the periosteum of the joined bones, constitutes the outer boundary of a synovial cavity, and surrounds the bones' articulating surfaces.

The joint capsule is made up of an outer layer, the articular capsule, which keeps the bones together structurally, and an inner layer, the synovial membrane, which seals in the synovial fluid. They are the most common and most movable type of joint in the body of a mammal. As with most other joints, synovial joints achieve movement at the point of contact of the articulating bones. Structure Synovial joints contain the following structures: A Faun is the Roman equivalent of a Greek Satyr. In Greek mythology, satyrs were human-like male woodland spirits with several animal features, often a goat-like tail, hooves, ears, or horns.

History The sculpture was either carved by an unknown Hellenistic sculptor of the Pergamene school, in the late third or early second century BC[2] or is a Roman copy of high quality, though its present form was given it by a series of restorers in Rome, ending with Vincenzo Pacetti. The sculpture made its first documented appearance in a receipt for its restoration, 6 June , when it already belonged It is fitted with mine rollers and operated by remote control.

A mine roller or mine trawl is a demining device mounted on a tank or armoured personnel carrier, designed to detonate anti-tank mines.

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It allows engineers to clear a lane through a minefield which is protected by enemy fire. The device is usually composed of a fork or two push arm assemblies fitted to the front of a tank hull, with two banks of rollers that can be lowered in front of the tank's tracks. Each roller bank has several heavy wheels studded with short projecting steel girders, which apply a higher ground pressure than the tank's tracks. This ensures the explosion of pressure-fused anti-tank mines, which would otherwise explode under the track itself.

Three special tank batt Pradier made his debut at the Salon in and quickly acquired a reputation as a competent artist. It was the first British cruiser tank to use the Christie suspension system, which gave higher speeds and better cross-country performance; previous cruiser tank models had used triple wheeled bogie suspension. Just as prototypes were arriving in , General Giffard LeQuesne Martel, a pioneer in tank design who had published works on armoured warfare and pioneered the lightly armoured "tankette" to enhance infantry mobility, became Assistant Director of Mechanization at the War Office.

Martel urged the adoption of the Christie suspension and Christie's practice of using a lightweight airc Events in the year in Art. Events April 22 — Portrait painter Thomas Lawrence is knighted. Rebuilding of Brighton Pavilion by John Nash begins. The unfinished Waterloo Vase is presented to the Prince Regent who commissions the sculptor Richard Westmacott to complete it. Beginning of Biedermeier period in the European arts.

James Pollard's first four mail coach paintings are engraved and published as aquatints in England. Familiarly known as "Q Martel" or just "Q", he was a pioneering British military engineer and tank strategist.

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Lhomond made contributions in the field of education, being the author of several works on grammar, Roman history and religious history. His textbook from , "De viris illustribus urbis Romae a Romulo ad Augustum", was still used in the 20th century by French students learning Roman history and Latin. Other works by Lhomond include: Epitome historiae sacrae CKKQ broadcasts online and at a frequency of It used to have an adult album alternative lean up until Pattison took over the station from OK Radio.

The church is a building of the Second Empire period, built between and at a cost of almost 5 million francs. The 93 meter-long church has a bell tower 63 metres high topped by a dome.

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The choir is ten steps higher than the nave and surrounded by an ambulatory. It was the locatio He died in the battle of Lutetia. Bouillet, Marie-Nicolas; Chassang, Alexis, eds. Dictionnaire Bouillet in French. It became a classic tankette design worldwide, was licence-built by several countries and became the basis of several designs produced in several different countries.

Development The Carden Loyd tankette came about from an idea started, as a private project, by the British military engineer and tank strategist Major Giffard LeQuesne Martel. He built a one-man tank in his garage from various parts and showed it to the War Office in the mids. With the publication of the idea, other companies produced their own interpretations of the idea. Besides one-man vehicles they also proposed two-man vehicles which turned out to be a more effective and popular idea.

Vickers-Armstrongs manufactured and marketed ve The OHS contains 12 questions covering aspects of hip pain and function, and is reproducible, valid and sensitive to clinically relevant changes. The —60 European Cup was the fifth season of the European Cup, Europe's premier club football tournament. It remains the record score for the European Cup final.

It was Real Madrid's fifth consecutive European Cup title. It was also the first time that a German team, Eintracht Frankfurt, reached the final. The tournament saw the first participation by a Greek club, having withdrawn from the previous season. Preliminary round The draw for the preliminary round took place in Cernobbio, Como, Italy, on 6 July The first two teams drawn in each pot also received byes, while the remaining clubs would play the preliminary round in September. The Coupe de France's results of the —60 season.

By the number of travellers, at around million per year, it is the busiest railway station in Europe,[1] the 24th busiest in the world and the busiest outside Japan. The IEEE Nikola Tesla Award is a Technical Field Award given annually to an individual or team that has made an outstanding contribution to the generation or utilization of electric power. The award is named in honor of Nikola Tesla. This award may be presented to an individual or a team. The award was established in , and its first recipient was Leon T. Rosenberg, who was given the award in "for his half-century of development and design of large steam turbine driven generators and his important contributions to literature.

Radiographic systems to classify osteoarthritis vary by which joint is being investigated. In osteoarthritis, the choice of treatment is based on pain and decreased function, but radiography can be useful before surgery in order to prepare for the procedure. Vertebral column There are many grading systems for degeneration of intervertebral discs and facet joints in the cervical and lumbar vertebrae, of which the following radiographic systems can be recommended in terms of interobserver reliability: In vertebrate anatomy, hip or "coxa"[1] in medical terminology refers to either an anatomical region or a joint.

The hip region is located lateral and anterior to the gluteal region i. The hip joint, scientifically referred to as the acetabulofemoral joint art. The hip joints have very important roles in retaining balance, and for maintaining the pelvic inclination angle. Pain of the hip may be the result of numerous causes, including nervous, osteoarthritic, infectious, trauma-related, and genetic. Christian Lesquesne: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Anatomy Region The proximal femur is largely covered by muscl James Mortimer James Mortimer April 22, — February 24, was an American chess player, journalist, and playwright who spent the last 40 years of his life in Britain. Diplomatic Service he was stationed in Paris from to When American chess champion Paul Morphy traveled to Paris in , Mortimer met him and they became friends. Mortimer was one of the few who witnessed the famous Morphy match with Adolf Anderssen. Mortimer remained in Paris working as a journalist. Although Napoleon died in , Figaro continued as a magazine.

The inside of the main part of the church. Notre-Dame de la Garde literally: The site of a popular Assumption Day pilgrimage, it is the most visited site in Marseille. Construction of the basilica began in and lasted for 21 years. It was originally an enlargement of a medieval chapel, but was transformed into a new structure at the request of Father Bernard, the chaplain. It was consecrated while still unfinished on June 5, The basilica consists of a lower church or crypt in the Romanesque style, carved from the rock, and an upper church of Neo-Byzantine style decorated with mosaics.

The Court of Directors of the Bank of England originally consisted of 24 shareholders, of which 8 were replaced every year by new members, i. This is an incomplete list of Bank of England directors from the bank's foundation in The —57 European Cup was the second season of the European Cup, Europe's premier club football tournament. After the great success of the first tournament, six new nations entered representatives: The English Football Association "FA" had not allowed Chelsea to enter in , and continued its stance on the European Cup as it being a "distraction".

However, against the wishes of the FA, Manchester United entered the competition as English champions, becoming the first English team to play in Europe. An additional place was awarded to Real Madrid as the competition's reigning champions, occupying the free berth left by Saar after its reunification with West Germany. The competition was won by Benfica, who won 3—2 in the final against Barcelona, who had knocked out Spanish rivals Real Madrid, winners of the first five tournaments, in the first round.

Benfica was the first Portuguese team to reach the final and to win the tournament. For the first time a Norwegian club participated. The first team drawn in each pot also received a bye, while the remaining clubs would play the preliminary round in September. His activity led him to reside for about twenty years in the Nivernais, in Decize, where he found many sources of inspiration. His memory is kept by the owners of the castle o The cruiser tank also called cavalry tank or fast tank was a British tank concept of the interwar period for tanks designed to function as modernised armoured and mechanised cavalry.

Cruiser tanks were developed after the Royal Armoured Corps were not satisfied with many of the medium tank designs of the s. The cruiser tank concept was conceived by Giffard Le Quesne Martel, who preferred many small light tanks to swarm the enemy, instead of a few expensive medium tanks.

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There were two main types of cruiser tanks: Projectional radiography "X-ray" is one of the two main modalities of medical imaging to diagnose hip dysplasia, the other one being medical ultrasonography. When the infant is around 3 months old a clear roentgenographic image can be achieved.

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Unfortunately the time the joint gives a good x-ray image is also the point at which nonsurgical treatment methods cease to give good results. In children Image quality checking Image quality checking. Reliability of measurements increases if indicators of pelvic alignment are taken into account: In neutral rotation the ratio is 1 but is considered to be acceptable when it is between 0.

Lines are drawn fro The —58 European Cup was the third season of the European Cup, Europe's premier club football tournament. The competition was won by Real Madrid, who beat Milan 3—2 in the final, following a 2—2 draw after 90 minutes. This was Real Madrid's third European Cup title in a row. However, the —58 season was marred by the air disaster in Munich, when eight Manchester United players lost their lives on their way home from Belgrade, after a 3—3 draw in the quarter-final second leg with Red Star Belgrade.

The English champions were ultimately defeated in the semi-finals by the eventual runners-up, AC Milan of Italy. There is a history of clinical research done on glycosaminoglycans, especially glucosamine and chondroitin, for the treatment of arthritis. Since glucosamine is a precursor for glycosaminoglycans, and glycosaminoglycans are major components of cartilage, ingesting glucosamine might nourish joints, and thereby alleviate arthritis symptoms.

Some of the evidence for the effectiveness of glucosamine is disputed. It is one of the largest art museums in France. It was one of the first museums built in France, established under the instructions of Napoleon I at the beginning of the 19th century as part of the popularisation of art. Jean-Antoine Chaptal's decree of selected fifteen French cities among which Lille to receive the works seized from churches and from the European territories occupied by the armies of Revolutionary France.

More than artists and writers contributed to the project, including several Turner Prize winners.

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They were influenced by the DIY ethic of punk and fanzines being produced in the British independent music scene. It included contributions from 35 artists, who each hand-made their contribution in a limited edition of copies, which are each signed and numbered by the artist. It is the sub-prefecture of the South-Sarthe, the chief district and the chief city of a canton, and the second most populous city of the department.

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