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The hall of mirrors guerantees loads of fun and is an attraction in which evenryone will surely lose their bearings. Open 7 days a week; April and September; monday, tuesday, thursday; From may untill september 7 days a week Running is absolutely forbidden!

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The Mirror Maze

No food and drinks are allowed in the mirror maze. Home Disclaimer Links Sitemap English. Designed by Teqa Webdiensten. There were 5 of us and we stayed and played for about an half hour. We had a group of 10 and this was great for all of us from ages !!

We had 4 adults taking 7 kids ranging in ages from 10 months to 5. Everybody had a blast! We definitely loved it! You can stay in as long as you want and its stroller friendly. The experience was pretty neat! The small kids had fun. It could have been a little bigger because it took us a very short time to get through.

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The combo deal was definately worth the price! My kids loved going to this. Was our first visit and we will make it a must see again.

AMazing mirror maze! Don't miss it!

I purchased discounted tickets before our trip based upon overall price and prior reviews. Purchasing the e-tickets was simple and quick. The kids loved the Amazing Mirror Maze and went through it numerous times. This is a quick maze, but the black light effects made it fun to go through repeatedly. Plastic gloves are worn by all participants to keep hand-prints and smudges off the glass.

The inside was very clean and the receptionist was friendly and appreciative of the fact that I had identification ready when I presented my e-tickets. Plan for the children to want to go through more than once. This was no big deal as there are benches right in front of the attraction to sit on. All ages will love. The Mirror maze was ok, not quite what we expected.


I think it would be alot better with younger children. Nothing extra special about the attraction. It was included with another attraction visited. I wouldn't go out of the way to go to the attraction. Took the kids and they had a blast! They thought it was fun.

AMazing mirror maze! Don't miss it!

It is a smaller maze but the kids love it and that it all that mattered. Be a kid again and enjoy the mirror maze and circus golf. Make sure to do both with 3D glasses. Dance and have fun! Fun and entertaining place to go with family!

AMazing mirror maze! Don't miss it!

You only pay once, and they'll let you go as many times as you want until close that day. Save on your entire order by bundling your tickets with any hotel. After you add your tickets to your cart, continue the Bundle it! Head to checkout to complete your purchase and see the extra savings!