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It passes through a grove of cattails before it flows under the bridge. The water first rolls over a 3-foot retaining wall, then over a concrete floor under the bridge. The path begins on the south side and quickly slopes down several feet past the fallen half of a willow tree. Someone has tossed three old tires over the side. They've become half buried in the mud, wrapped in dried grass. The culvert sits low enough that even with a house only two-tenths of a mile along the road to the west, a car could stop there and not be seen.

Back up on the road, in the row of items placed there, you could overlook some smaller things. A gift for a child. People have lingered there at this new roadside stop.

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You can tell by all the cigarette butts pressed into the road pebbles. Mourners gathered in front of the home of Lucas Hernandez in Wichita late Thursday night. Police have found a body that is believed to be that of missing 5-year-old Wichita boy Lucas Hernandez in southeast Harvey County Thursday evening.

Hundreds of items wedged along a rural bridge form a foot-long memorial to 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez. Tim Potter The Wichita Eagle. By Tim Potter tpotter wichitaeagle. You would never know the bridge is there. Be the first to know. Sedgwick County deputy killed during suspicious character call, sheriff says. Wichita police give more details in fatal Sunday stabbing; two arrested. Wellington woman jailed in fatal stabbing. True story of strong character, honesty and persistence.

Belle and Pearl Starr. Life Along an Ozark River. Vivid journal entries of a leading riverboat family. The second in the Steamboat Legacy Trilogy. As intriguing as the first. Third part due out soon. For 33 years, he walked St. Louis streets as a postman. Curiosity led him to write history of the city's streets.

Now, revised and expanded. Entertaining, fascinating documents, shows frustrations of power, written at white heat. Samuel, Huber and Ogden. Photos by Frank Oberle. Useful for beginners and experts. Identifies over flowers and grasses. A good novel by Shepherd of the Hills author.

Artist, Writer, and Intellectual. Kansas City and the Pendergast Legend. History, scenic sites and the many recreational opportunities available. The best useable guide to the trail by far. History, sites and many rec. The Diary of Eben A. The Current and the Jacks Fork. Dramatic pictures and descriptions. A Personal Guide to Missouri Wilderness. Captures essence of Mo. A Middle-Class Church at Midcentury. Field Guide to the St. Describes availability and sources of groundwater and surface water.

Discusses use, problems, and supply development. The Story of the Orphan Trains. Patrick, Sheets and Trickel. One of our most popular titles ever. Gorgeous, historic coffee table book.

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Comprehensive and easy to use. Man and Wildlife on the Ozarks Frontier. Identify, gather and prepare. His sketches bring to life Missouri wildlife like no other. More than of Schwartz's best drawings in pencil and ink. Covers a wide range of Missouri animals. Artist commentary accompanies drawings. Caves of the Ozark Plateau. Resolution, Defiance, Magnanimity, Good Will. The Wisdom and Wit of a Woman Wrestler.

Wisdom on life, happiness, faith and perserverance, despite tragedy, turmoil and violence. The Life of Franz Sigel. University of Arkansas Press. One of the most misunderstood figures of the Civil War.

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Massacre by Springfield in The Jewish Community of St. Historical and geographic information. Locates parks, monuments, historical sites and U. A great teaching aid with historical and geographic information. Soar with geese, leap with deer and journey with otters. Celebrate the return of 7 animals. Attract birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles. Veteran angler shows how to make a simple fly that attracts almost any Missouri fish. Learn more, see more. Basics of what to look for when trying to identify birds, including behavior, color, shape and sound. Restoration of wildlife species is an important goal of the MDOC.

The rabbit is a link in nature's web of life--prey for almost every meat eater. Camera follows a rabbit family, and other creatures, that share its range through the seasons. Follow two white-tailed deer hunters to learn tips on courtesy, safety and outdoor ethics that form the basis of a quality hunting experience. Through the eyes of a canoeist, discover many of the clear, swift streams of the Ozarks and what we may lose if they are destroyed through misuse.

Discover scenic lands and recreational opportunities. Great places to fish, hunt, hike observe nature and more. Plus, learn what to bring. Adult, , 26 min. Spring to winter habits. Fishing and floating a Missouri stream. Tips on planning your float, where to fish and the basics about some of the fish you might catch. Explore pleasures of fishing Missouri. Underwater scenes add exciting dimension to fun of fishing our streams, rivers, ponds and reservoirs. Forests provide many riches: Shows how Missouri forests managed for many uses and conserved. Some are rarely seen.

Junior High-Adult , 19 min. In the late s, the Ozarks had to the largest sawmill in the U. The people who worked it, how they lived, what was left behind. Introduces "citizens" of this unique world and how they live and die in a small community. Create habitats for use in the classroom. Emphasis on good sportsmanship. Superb wildlife photography is hallmark of this show. Underwater lives of rainbow darter, water penny, horny head chub and others. Join kids as they explore the world of insects, experience a retriever hunt, go canoeing, discover fishing Learn important features to I.

Turn your backyard into a wildlife home. Adult , 13 min. MDOC supports diverse wildlife through tax support. Highlights the services and efforts through which we enjoy an ongoing abundance of fish, forests and wildlife. A farm as living landscape. Explore the delicate and hidden relationships of forest plants and animals both above and below ground. See the forest life cycle throughout the year. Hear from wildlife biologists, homeowners, an urban trapper and a veterinarian. How it can be useful and balance needs in a modern, natural world. Adult, , 19 min. The wildlife in Missouri today has adjusted to the changes brought about by man.

Shows 66 species of animals that have lived or still live in Missouri. Features Missouri's tall-grass prairies and highlights the lifestyle of the prairie chicken, which depends on the few remaining prairielands in the state. Three landowners describe their interest in quail and what they've done on their farms to improve habitat for these appealing upland game birds.

Adult, , 20 min. A successful game management story. The revival of these birds and reviews the many problems which beset turkeys and threaten their habitat. Snakes are in many tall tales, but truth is just as intriguing. How snakes mate, give birth, feed, protect themselves and how they sense the world. Intense manual labor, wagons, steam power and the creosote process. A unique look at manufacturing a railroad cross tie from when forests covered most of Missouri.

Solutions to stream problems. The Force of Life. A stream sustains, moves and gives life. See unusual animals and plants they support. Encounters with the Whitetail. How we affect deer today.

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See how teachers use the outdoors as classrooms in urban, suburban, and rural settings. It is a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching with nature. How to set up a stream table. Viewers also will see a working demonstration with step-by-step practical advice on how to use the table and invite participation. Adult, , 14 min. Learn about 17 native toads and frogs. Appearance, habitat, and their unusual sounds. A look at one of our oldest problems A study of predation--an essential way of living that all creatures take part in. Travel into the real world of nature, where living and dying is "A Way of Life.

The bald eagle's decline in Missouri and its incredible return. Study of motion and calls of Canada goose. Seen on wintering grounds in Missouri, as well as in it's migration to breeding grounds on the west coast of Hudson Bay. Fiddle tunes, old-time hymns, ballads and songs. Ballads from the Heartland. A Journey Through Shannon County. From the depths of its caves, to the sparkling Current and Jacks Fork rivers, author Joel Vance takes listeners on a spirited exploration of this Ozark county's rich culture, history and natural wonders.

It recounts changes brought by the logging days, the Depression, World War II and the county's bustling tourist trade with authentic Ozark folk music. A narrator introduces various amphibian sounds. Describes each toad or frog, natural history information and a short sample of breeding calls. A large poster with color photos of toads and frogs accompanies the tape. Identify insect species by their specific songs.

This tape and poster can help you identify 20 common species of Missouri's "singing insects. Match species to their habitats. Video and sound clips make animals come alive. In the longer game, conserve land near a city. Increase variety of life in each of six habitats. Learn about each animal or plant. CD works for Macs and PCs. Naturalist Jan Syrigos sings 9 original, environmentally friendly, toetapping tunes.

Includes complete lyrics and special sing-along tracks. Learn to identify birds by their calls. Arranged in 9 sections, you'll learn to discern nocturnal birds, birds of the grasslands, grainfields, towns and yards, shrubby fields, forest edges, interior, wooded streams, lakes and ponds. Below are three formats of the most durable and up-to-date Missouri map available.

Laminated on a spring roller for classrooms. Both maps on one roller. Bright, easy-to-read political coloring, with most recent political changes. Box 2, Rocheport, MO Join the Pebble Publishing mailing list Email: Return to Pebble Publishing Home. Pebble books are available in the regional interest section at bookstores throughout Missouri. Pebble books can also be ordered directly from the publisher: Order Pebble Publishing books We sell a wide variety of books: This only searches the Missouri book database in our online bookstore.

Additional information may be available on our site. Follow links for press release information and more. Visit our bookstore in Rocheport, Missouri. In the Heart of Katy Trail Country! Plan a Trip to Rocheport, Missouri! Directions to our bookstore: We are located near the Katy Trail, 15 minutes west of Columbia, just two miles north of Interstate Take I to the Rocheport Exit Exit Go north approximately 2 miles on Route BB. Go left at the "T. Our bookstore is on the left across the street from the Rocheport Post Office and Abigail's Restaurant.

Visit the Katy Trail online at www. About Mammals and How They Live. Across Our Wide Missouri, Vol. Across The Wide Missouri. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. All the News is Fit to Print: Architecture of the Private Streets in St. Artist in America, An. Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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Best of the Missouri Review: Butterflies and Moths of Missouri. Calling of Dan Matthews, The. Candle Within Her Soul, A: Cat Monsters and Head Pots: Charm of the Bear Claw Necklace, The. Christmas at the Mansion: Cities of the Mississippi: Civil War in St. Civil War in the Indian Territory. Civil War in the Ozarks.

Colored Aristocracy of St. Coming To Grips with Huckleberry Finn: Common Fossils of Missouri. Common Rocks and Minerals of Missouri. Complete Katy Trail Guidebook, The: Confederate Constitution of Connecticut Yankee in the Frontier Ozarks: Constitutional Government in Missouri. Creed for My Profession, A: Dictionary of Missouri Biography. Dred Scott Decision, The. Duke Paul of Wuerttemberg on the Missouri Frontier: Earthquake America Forgot, The. Earthquake That Never Went Away. Encyclopedia of Missouri Courthouses.

Exploring Missouri Wine Country: Eye of the Eagle. Eye of Thomas Jefferson, The. Federal Justice in Western Missouri: Field Guide to Missouri Ferns. First Ladies of Missouri. Fishes of Missouri, The. Forgotten Missourians Who Made History. From Mountain Man to Millionaire: From the Palaces to the Pike.

Gazette Girls of Grundy County, The: Geologic Story of the St. Geologic Wonders and Curiosities of Missouri. Ghost in the Little House: Grasses of Missouri, Revised Edition. Guide to the Architecture of St. The Hill Series by Letha Boyer: Home in the Hills. Of These Contented Hills. History of Missouri Capitols, The. History of Missouri, Volume IV, to History of Missouri, Volume V: If Walls Could Talk: Ikwa of the Mound-Builder Indians.

Images of Kansas City. Images of the Ozarks. Indians and Archaeology of Missouri, Revised Ed. Jack Stock and Mules in Missouri. Jesse and Frank James: Jim, The Wonder Dog. Johnny Rabbit's St. Journal of the Seasons on an Ozark Farm. Complete Set of Journals of Lewis and Clark listed above. Kansas City Investigation, The: Katy Railroad and the Last Frontier. Katy Trail Guidebook, The Complete: Katy Trail Nature Guide. Key to Missouri Trees in Winter, A: Kidding Around Kansas City. Legacies of the St. Lewis and Clark Expedition, The. Lewis and Clark in Missouri. Lift Every Voice and Sing: Lion of the Valley: Living History of the Ozarks, A.

Little Germany on the Missouri. Lost Caves of St. Many Faces of Jesse James, The. Many Hands of My Relations, The: Memoirs of a Nobody: Missouri America the Beautiful Series: Missouri Bird Breeding Atlas. Missouri Family Adventure Guide: Missouri Folk Heroes of the 19th Century. Missouri Government and Politics. German Settlement in Missouri: Jesse James and the Civil War in Missouri.

Orphan Trains to Missouri. Osage in Missouri, The. Paris, Tightwad, and Peculiar: Trail of Tears Across Missouri, The. Missouri History Activity Book. Missouri, Images of Nature. Missouri Nature Viewing Guide. Missouri Off the Beaten Path: Missouri Quick-Fact Book, The. Missouri, The State of: Essential 4 th Grade Textbook. Mules, Jackasses and Other Misconceptions. My Folks Back to the Basics. My Folks and the Civil War. My Folks and the Family Farm. My Folks and the Land of Opportunity. My Folks and the One-Room Schoolhouse. My Folks Came in the Covered Wagon.

My Folks Claimed the Plains. Nathan Boone and the American Frontier.

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Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: New Madrid Earthquakes, Revised Ed. Only the Rivers Are Peaceful. Our Storehouse of Missouri Place Names. Outlaws and Gunfighters of the Old West. Ozark Tales and Superstitions. Paintings of George Caleb Bingham: Paradigms of the Past: Pioneers of High, Water and Main: Popular Images of the Presidency: Return of the Eagle: Selling Black History for Carter G.

Shades of Blue and Gray: Shepherd of the Hills, The. Show Me Mountain Biking: Stratigraphic Succession in Missouri, The.

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  7. Strictly Personal and Confidential: Tales of the Mississippi. Trail of Tears, The. Traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail.

    An outpouring of love decorates rural bridge where Lucas' body was found | The Wichita Eagle

    Traveling the Oregon Trail. Truman in the White House: Truman Scandals and the Politics of Morality. Truth Need No Ally: Unsung Heart of Black America, The: Walk Softly Upon the Earth: Water Plants for Missouri Ponds. We are a Part of History: Westmoreland and Portland Places. White River Chronicles of S. Wild Edibles of Missouri. Wild Mammals of Missouri, Rev. Wolf Dog of the Woodland Indians. Zion in the Valley: Missouri, The Show Me State.