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The financial sector across Africa is also booming. Financial institutions are on the rise—again thanks to innovation. The most recent is Fintech a fancy name indeed. Fintech firms are companies that focus on subsectors such as micro-lending and payments. What about banking in Africa? A close look at the top banks in Africa shows that there is a bit of money making rounds in the continent. Whether this money is strategically and equitably invested is another question. Just for illustration look at a few of those banks and their total assets: The challenge facing Africa just like other parts of the world, is unequal distribution of resources.

The percentage of the population across Africa that has bank accounts is estimated at 30 percent on average. If this is the case, then most probably the money in the above banks is owned by about 20 percent of the population. When addressing development challenges in Africa, it is important to squarely look at the income inequality issue.

An integrated and coherent approach to sustainable and inclusive development. Challenges of global poverty, insecurity, climate change, limited access to healthcare and unequal development, have forced the international community to rethink development and policy frameworks. Fortunately, all governments and policy makers are now in agreement that there is need for a paradigm shift in how the above challenges are to be tackled.

These can be considered global goods that even God would be very happy to see achieved. Were there resources to achieve these MDGs? Then why were they not all met? It is lack of political commitment. A look at MDG 2: Achieving universal primary education, where tremendous achievement has been made in most African countries illustrates how concerted efforts and serious commitment can go a long way in bringing about positive change in social conditions of people. How was success achieved in this area? The following strategic measures brought about the desired success for those countries that have met MDG 2: Some of the policy imperatives for meeting MDGs do not require too much extra funding but rather education policy reform as the following reforms indicate:.

Recently some African governments have introduced taxes on social media, thus making it more difficult for ordinary people to access this cheap means of communication. Some of these governments are afraid that the unemployed youth will use the affordable social media for agitate for political change. High cost of Internet use is a major challenge—for instance the price of kilobytes per second in Africa is the highest in the world. One crucial recommendation in achieving universal primary education that deserves special mention is improving the provision of textbooks and other learning materials.

Three key recommendations that stand out are: The burden of poverty, hunger and disease coincides with acute deterioration of services such as supply of fresh water and availability of natural resources. Target indicators for this MDG 7 are worth looking at: This is a case of one step forward and two backwards. Credit should be given where it is due. The first category of SDGs cover social and economic development or social and economic rights: SDG 1—end poverty in all its forms everywhere by ; SDG 2—end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture by ; SDG 3—ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages by ; SDG 4—ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all by ; SDG 5—achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls; SDG 6—ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by ; SDG 7—ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by ; SDG 8—promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

The second category falls into goals that are linked to infrastructure, industrialisation, equality, urbanisation and climate change: The third category of SDGs deal with peace, justice, accountability and implementation: SDG 16—promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels; SDG 17—strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the Global Partnership for Sustainable development. Notice how SDG 16 brings new issues that were not covered in MDGs, namely governance, rule of law, violence, corruption and bribery, participation of developing countries in global governance, peace and security.

Instead of coming up with complex lists of development goals a shorter list of global public goods would include: The means to attain these would include: Why this plethora cocktail of SDGs? Some of them are mere expansion from the MDGs with slight modification and some details on targets and indicators. At least we have something with which to hold the UN and our respective countries accountable. What we need next is the rethinking of the dominant economic theory that has led to the current development impasse. Some of the leading world economists like Jeffrey Sachs and Joseph Stiglitz have raised alarm about the global economic inequality and have made calls to deaf ears about the need for development and aid assistance to distressed economies.

But they have not yet challenged the economic theories that gave rise to the current global inequality—these are theories upon which they were nurtured and raised, and a bit shy to demolish them. We cannot rely on the same old economic theories and expect different results. Incidentally the World Bank has an indigenous knowledge system repository, but little effort has been made to distil the underlying theories that guide all indigenous knowledge systems in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

It would help if the respective heads of state would take stalk and revisit the dominant economic paradigm of scarce resources and get real. The world leaders need to start by taking leadership in envisioning a new political economic theory of global public goods. They should come clear and affirm that environmental sustainability is the cornerstone of sustainable development and poverty eradication. The UN has no luxury to keep shifting from one priority to another—shifting goal posts and explanations when polices fail. There are enough resources in the world today to benefit all seven billion people on the planet earth if we shared these resources equitably.

Development agendas such as SDGs and Agenda need to be approached in an integrated way. One cannot mitigate climate change without food security, employment and good governance. One cannot have security without sustainable development and gender equality. And none of these will happen if there is no inclusive industrial development incorporating indigenous knowledge systems. The Africa We Want: Towards an integrated and coherent approach to sustainable development in Africa Addis Ababa: Nigeria will be the first point of arrival of Prince Charles in his planned visit to three African countries starting on October Sonniger Baugrund am Stadtrand von Altheim.

Nigerian troops have repelled an attack on a military base by Boko Haram jihadists in the country's northeast, the army and security sources said on Thursday. The attack, in the town of Gashigar, in the Mobbar district of Borno state, is believed to have been carried out by a Boko Haram faction backed by the Islamic State group. It was the latest in a series of strikes against military bases that have raised questions about the group's strength, despite repeated official claims they were on the verge of defeat. Nur etwa 8 min. Es ist effizienter und erfordert weniger Montage- und Wartungsaufwand als Systeme mit Pneumatik- oder Kurvenscheibenantrieb.

The post Nbn debt: Oil marketers urge FG to hasten payment, salvage oil, gas sector appeared first on Newsverge.

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This is even as passenger train services provided [ The post Strike action grounds ports, rail operations appeared first on Tribune. Ehimuan-Chiazor in a statement in Lagos said that apart from Google Search being a way of finding information, it had proven invaluable in helping people find jobs, start businesses, and even save money. The post Google celebrates two decades of Search — Official appeared first on Newsverge. Task ahead for the Telecoms Industry. The AGM was themed: The leadership of labour movement in Anambra has directed workers to comply totally with the directive of the national leadership to embark on industrial actions due to commence on Wednesday midnight.

The post NLC strike: Labour in Anambra directs total compliance appeared first on Newsverge. David Umahi of Ebonyi on Wednesday, said that he was not perturbed by the industrial action threat by workers in the state, especially such from staff of the state-owned higher institutions. Umahi disclosed this during a meeting with the leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress NLC , its affiliate unions and managements of the state-owned […].

It was a get-together to give gratitude to the Almighty for helping both parties in discharging their responsibilities to the pilgrims and to give praises to The Creator for a Hajj without disasters. According to Chinese Consul General in Lagos, Ambassador, Chao Xiaoliang, China enjoys bright bilateral relationship with Nigeria, following the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

Continue reading China enjoys brighter relations with Nigeria- Amb. Xiaoliang at Vanguard News. Olusegun Mimiko, a presidential candidate in the Labour Party and immediate past governor of Ondo State, to "step away from the on-going unproductive drama" in the Labour Party and lead the movement towards victory in the General elections. The IRC is committed to bold leadership, innovation and creative partnerships.

Active in public health, education, livelihoods, women's empowerment, youth development, and protection and promotion of rights, IRC assists people from harm to home. IRC entered Nigeria in October in response to a widespread flood disaster. Since then, the IRC has expanded its scope and size of the programs as new areas became accessible after prolonged conflict and insecurity, in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States.

The plan has Health, Education and Economic Wellbeing as high priority program areas. These are Integrity, Service, and Accountability. The security situation in the North-East Nigeria continues to be volatile in with the security level at 3 orange. The candidate should be prepared to implement programming in insecure environments.

This is a non-accompanied position. The Senior Program Coordinator will live in shared housing. Veteran Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele, has issued some really candid words to her fans on social media. According to her, everyone should be true to themselves. It is no longer news that on […]. Nigerian-American rapper, Princess Vitarah, who recently turned 21 took to her IG page to flaunt her cleavage posing in a s3xy two-piece bikini.

Without wasting no time after the release of the audio, Afro Fusion star Burna Boy drops the visuals to Gbona.. However, while recent efforts seem promising to deliver the elusive database, there are still a lot of loopholes yet uncovered. The post National ID: Will Nigeria get it right this time? They said his utterances against the party was aimed at tarnishing and undermining the leadership of the Labour Party and asked him to stop attacking the party. The post Stop meddling in our affairs: United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, yesterday said his country would want an election in Nigeria that is devoid of vote-buying and which process would be peaceful.

Speaking about the Osun State governorship election, the ambassador called on all parties to accept the outcome of the election. The ambassador was speaking at the opening […]. Looking for another alternative to your power supply, and one which you can get at a cheaper rate without spending much? Then getting a power inverter is something you might want to look into. An inverter can be used to power some of your workstation, household, and offices appliances. The post Top 5 Best 1. Cause my parents always told me to follow my [ Things are changing, and African women are getting bolder.

Modern women have one thing in common — independence. This disposition has caused a paradigm shift with the way they address issues of infidelity from their nonchalant partners Men are considered more prone to infidelity or maybe they are just easier to catch in the act [ Sie wollen selber Webinare geben oder sind bereits als Webinar-Trainer unterwegs, aber Sie bekommen zu wenig Teilnehmer? Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig. Diese dann noch zu vermarkten, ist ein riesiger Erfolgsfaktor auf dem heutigen Markt. Und was sollte in dem Digitalen Zeitalter moderner sein, als das Internet dazu zu nutzen.

Beide Seiten profitieren ungemein. Der Kostenaufwand verringert sich, da der Webinar-Trainer weniger Kosten hat. Wir helfen Webinar-Trainern Ihre Webinare noch effektiver zu gestalten, neue Teilnehmer zu gewinnen und Unternehmen neue Kundengewinnungsprozesse zu etablieren. Wir nehmen kein Konzept von der Stange. Es wird auf jedem Kunden individuell eine Kampagne erstellt. Sobald wir damit fertig sind, stelle ich Ihnen die fertige Kampagne vor. Unklarheiten versuchen wir mit allen Mitteln zu vermeiden. Vereinbaren Sie einfach einen individuellen Termin mit mir: Its release has attracted mixed reviews.

Die zweite Phase dient zur Schaffung von Synergieeffekten, u. In der dritten Phase dient das Medieneigentum zur Diversifizierung des eigenen Finanzportfolios. Beispiele davon finden wir an allen Ecken der Welt. Staatliche Werbung ist das zweite Beispiel von Vereinnahmung. Staatliche Beihilfen sind das dritte Instrument, das eine wichtige Rolle bei der Vereinnahmung der Medien spielen kann. Ein weiteres Beispiel stammt wiederum aus Russland. Dahinter lag die Absicht, die Rundfunk- und Fernsehanstalten des Landes zu regulieren. Im weiteren richtete die Regierung den Nationalen Medienrat ein, der von Mitgliedern der Regierungspartei dominiert wird.

Medien sind dann zusehends weniger geneigt, sich mit einem Fehlverhalten des Staates auseinanderzusetzen. Erschienen in Green European Journal, April 17, However, the album tracklist keeps on extending as Lazer keeps adding new music to the album. The slow-paced track [ The post APC Primary: Ambode campaign team trains 1, agents appeared first on Premium Times Nigeria. The union regrets that only seventh per cent of the total budget was allocated to the education sector. While many of the aspirants were cleared, some like communications minister, Adebayo Shittu, and women affairs minister, Aisha Al-hassan, were disqualified.

The organised labour commenced a seven-day warning strike on Thursday over a new national minimum wage. The zonal chapters say Tanko Yunusa's resignation will ensure fairness during NEC meetings and primaries. Find Out What Happened Next! Die Welt endet nicht mit einem Knall, sondern mit Gewimmer. Das Paradoxon der Macht liegt darin, dass ihr Ende bereits eingetreten ist, wenn es in Sicht ist.

Aber wer hat dazu schon die Kraft? Das Zentrum der Macht darf nicht leer sein. Im daraus entstehenden Sog geht die alte Ordnung unter und es bildet sich eine neue. Das ist ihre schwerste Niederlage. Schlimmer als der Verlust eines Bundeslandes. Aber nicht gegen die eigenen Abgeordneten. Eine solche Abnutzung hat auch die CDU erfasst. Und Abschiebungen sind leichter zu fordern als zu vollziehen. Anerkenntnis der Wirklichkeit ist nicht jedes Journalisten Sache. Merkel hat darauf keine Antwort.

Sie gibt keine Sicherheit. Brinkhaus ist ein Wirtschafts- und Finanzpolitiker vom alten Schrot und Korn. Wir schaffen nachhaltig keinen einzigen Arbeitsplatz.

Dieser Arbeitsplatz wird von den Unternehmen geschaffen. Sie hat mit vormals linken Ingredienzien eine neue politische Mitte definiert. Nach allem, was man jetzt sieht, ist es das, was von Angela Merkel bleiben wird. Lesen Sie mehr in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Freitag.

Was wir aber zuerst wissen sollten: Der erste Vortragende des Tages, Dr. Jetzt geht es Schlag auf Schlag. Bei Lindners prominent gewordenen Start-ups, die er um die Jahrtausendwende stolz gegen die Wand fuhr — Stichwort: Jetzt reicht es auch mal! Ist ja allerhand, wie schlimm es um Deutschland steht, denke ich. Jeder findet irgendwann das zu ihm passende Zertifikat. Die Romantik ist einfach nicht totzukriegen. Schon seit Jahrzehnten wird derjenige, der Visionen hat, zum Arzt geschickt. Wir alle wollen doch eine Revolution, oder? Mit einigen versteht man sich sehr gut, mit anderen viel weniger.

Seit einigen Jahren erscheinen in Paris radikale politische Manifeste anonymer Kollektive.

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Statt aufzustehen, kann man auch einfach mal Damit gibt es immer auch Darstellungen von Darstellungen, die dann selber auch wieder in dem einen oder anderen Sinne dargestellt werden. Wenn es zu politischen Entscheidungen kommen soll, ist es letztendlich entscheidend, welche Darstellung der Sachverhalte sich durchsetzen kann. Man stellt den Anderen auch auf eine bestimmte Weise dar. Sobald Kunst Darstellungen produziert, wirkt sie in die Gesellschaft. Insofern ist Kunst immer politisch, was immer auch dargestellt wird.

Damit betritt die Kunst den Raum der Politik, die als Darstellungskampf der Raum der konfliktreichen Begegnung von unterschiedlichen Darstellungen ist. Jeder Kunstraum ist ein Raum in diesem Raum, der die Politik ist. Voraussetzung ist, dass die entscheidende Gewalt der Rituale akzeptiert wird. Der herrschenden Politik geht es darum, die Gesellschaft so darzustellen, dass sie auch regiert werden kann. Sie liefert auch eine Artikulation der Komposition der politischen Gesellschaft.

Diese Artikulation bestimmt, wer eingeschlossen und wer ausgeschlossen wird. In diesem Kontext ist ein kleiner Kunstraum ein Produktionsapparat von kontrahegemonialen Darstellungen. Najbolji izlasci nedjeljom su u paru pa zato imamo neodoljivu ponudu. Par, nepar, bim, bam, bus… da vidimo koliko ste brzi i okretni! Take the case of Leah Sharibu. Leah is a 15 year-old Nigerian, a Christian, who was taken from her family by Boko Haram thugs eight months ago. Yet recently, matters took another turn. According to Open Doors , an organization dedicated to helping persecuted Christians, Boko Haram is now threatening to murder Leah unless the demands that it has issued to the Nigerian government are met.

The message is simple: Leah was kidnapped on February 13 of this year when Boko Haram attacked her school and carried off girls. Every other girl had been released since then. Leah is the only one who remains in captivity because, remarkably, she refused to renounce Christ. Kindly help me out of my predicament. I am begging you to treat me with compassion. I am calling on the government, particularly the President, to pity me and get me out of this serious situation.

Emanuel Egebe, a Nigerian activist based in the United States, notes that in murdering an aide worker—and an Islamic worker at that—Boko Haram has changed strategies and upped the ante. Egebe, though, is as much in the dark as anyone else as to what exactly it is Boko Haram is demanding from the Nigerian government. In the meantime, the fate of this young Christian woman, Leah Sharibu, and two other female aid workers hangs in the balance. Hunderttausende Menschen in Deutschland sind auf Grundsicherung angewiesen, obwohl sie arbeiten. Don Miguelo — Baygon. El Mayor Clasico Ft.

Don Miguelo — Baygon Dr. Caiiro — African Guitar Mp3 Download. Stream and download below. Caiiro — African Guitar Aiden Noah. Mampintsha ft Campmasters — Phakamisa Oge Blessing. Touchline — The Procedure Mp3 Download. Touchline — The Procedure Aiden Noah. We are looking for experienced individuals to be engaged for the completion of its projects in the capacity below: AbujaQualifications and Experience Candidates should have B. Eng in Civil Engineering. Dilconsulting Limited — Our client, a foremost and reputable Printing Press in Abuja, requires suitably qualified candidates to fill the position below: Between 35years Experiences: In reply to Move over Atkins, there's a new diet in town.

Bush the baby-killer has not once used Abu Nidal's name; he painted a link between Hussein and Bin Laden. Do you deny that? And if Hussein had Abu Nidal executed, it was because he saw Abu Nidal as a competitor to the throne. Nothing else matters for people like that. He'd do the same thing to Bin Laden in a heart beat. This is a man who executed his sons-in-law for defecting and then returning to Iraq when they fell for his blandishments.

He murdered a government official who disagreed with him by having a helicopter rigged so that it would fail in flight; a chopper he was supposed to be on, but he took another one on that trip. Sure didn't bother him to kill the flight crew, either, I'm sure. Kay said he believes that Saddam, supplied with enriched unranium or plutonium, could have made a nuclear bomb in less than a year. The invasion of Iraq was not founded on what might have been, it was founded on Bush's assertions that Hussein could launch an NBC strike against the U. Do you deny that the Bush Administration committed a felony by revealing the name of a covert CIA operative, and that it did so to punish her husband for daring to utter the truth that Hussein had not tried to get fissionables from Nigeria?

And tell me, how many terrorist attacks by foreign enemies did you have in the U. You seem to be assuming that such attacks will happen once a week and twice on Sundays. What was the average period between attacks on U. All of the problems the world is having today with the entire region of the Middle East could probably be traced back to the meddling by your imperealist running dogs when they removed the popular, progressive, and legally elected president of Iran to install the Shah.

As the American puppet, he installed a police state, and then Khomenie simply co-opted the whole thing when he took power. Bin Laden and Hussein were both American puppets until they cut the strings and walked away like Pinochio. Argentina, the Honduras, San Salvador.

The question isn't where do we start with American perfidy; the question is where does it end? Burna Boy — Gbona appeared first on Codedwap. Sometimes the streets end up with [ Afronerd ft Lizwi — Melodies Oge Blessing. The declaration was made in a statement issued by the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, on Thursday in Abuja. A Nigerian lady simply identified as Olotu Mira has taken to a popular Facebook group to narrate her dilemma. Read her post below; Hunty susu please post […]. A lady has some words of advice for spinsters above 35 years.

Sylvia Ekpedeme Umoh shared a post on a Facebook group in which she said it was a shame for a single woman above 35 to celebrate her birthday and post photoshopped images on Facebook with funny styles. Read her post below;. The Afro-Urban Trap artiste used this medium to give a hint on how complicating it can be living in the world […]. Dabei gibt es kein Richtig oder Falsch.

Haben Sie ein Tageslichtbad? Die ideale Beleuchtung im Badezimmer besteht aus einem funktionalen, aber dynamischen Licht. Wir empfehlen Ihnen einen Schutz ab IP Das ist ein enormer Pluspunkt beim Rasieren oder Schminken. September sind bis auf wenige Ausnahmen Halogenlampen verboten , da sie eine sehr schlechte Energiebilanz haben. Ed and Bachelor of Arts B.

Candidates are advised to check their names on the Polytechnic Portal. Visit the Offa poly Admission […]. Ksu Post Utme Result Released. After you have logged in, you will see […]. The Osun State governorship election rerun looks like something out of the elections. Free and fair is some distant idea, foreign and unreasonable. There have been reports of security agencies keeping voters out of polling units. Gunshots also have been reported. There has been news of political thugs collecting, at gunpoint, the Permanent Voters […]. The British Council is the world's leading cultural relations organization and creates opportunities for people in the UK and worldwide to understand each other, to work together and learn from one another.

We see this as crucial to building secure, more prosperous and sustainable futures for us all. We build trust and understanding between different countries and cultures and develop strong international links that are of benefit to people in Britain and the rest of the world. Project Manager at DO. II Designs Limited focuses on furniture manufacture, interior design, space planning and turn-key remodeling projects for the high-end residential, property development, hospitality and corporate market.

We are recruiting to fill the position below: Project Manager Job Location: Interior Creative Designer Job Location: Sunray Ventures currently works in three different verticals. We are currently recruiting suitably qualified candidates to fill the position below: Lagos, Nigeria Job Dimensions. Business Development Engineer Job Location: We believe in the power and potential of every child.

But this is often suppressed by poverty, violence, exclusion and discrimination. And its girls who are most affected. In , it was renamed as Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria. Finally, Act No 58 of chartered the Institute. We are recruiting to fill the position below for a client in the Fashion Industry: We at Cheki also offer a one-stop destination for all buyers of Japanese import cars to Nigeria, by centrally hosting all the cars of many leading Japanese car dealers and importers to Nigeria.

Julius Berger specializes in executing complex works that require the highest level of technical expertise and Nigeria-specific know how. We appreciate your interest in our company. Our success largely depends on the passion, precision and competence of our employees from. With more than 10 million customer accounts, FirstBank has over branches providing a comprehensive range of retail and corporate financial services. We provide practical results-oriented consulting and training that translate into immediate economic, social and environmental bottom line earnings for our clients.

The company was incorporated in , starting as a staffing agency based in Port Harcourt. Currently we have offices in 4 countries with our head office in Lagos. First established in the UK in , separate national organizations have been set up in more than twenty-eight countries, sharing the aim of improving the lives of children through education, health care and economic opportunities, as well as emergency aid in cases of natural disasters, war and conflict.

In Nigeria, Save the Children has been working since Nach der Sommerpause wird wieder mit deutlich sinkenden Arbeitslosenzahlen gerechnet. Experten sprechen vom Herbstaufschwung auf dem Arbeitsmarkt. Der Beitrag Poetryslam Landesmeister treffen sich zum verbalen Schlagabtausch bei kabelmetal stammt von Windeck Babeeboi — Odoyewu appeared first on Nobs.

The post Babeeboi — Odoyewu appeared first on Jukebox Music. Nel sud del paese, tra dune che da secoli segnano le carovane del deserto ed oasi disperse verso i confini con Niger ed Algeria, il […]. After two summers of Issa Vibe the wait is finally over! Geko appeared first on tooXclusive. TayDeux a Nigerian artist, who is keen on taking the Afrobeats sound, further with this international collaboration featuring American singer-songwriter The post TayDeux — Chasing You f. To achieve what you want for your organization, you will.. This course is designed to enable those involved with grant management to become efficient and effective in the acquisition an..

We thought this day may never come. Coaching can be a game changer for employee retention, productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, as well as for preparing mid.. Stream and download […]. This program relies on data on the production and distribution profile of players in the Nigerian oil and gas industry to discuss how these affect entrep.. Enhanced performance in an organization is dependent on result-oriented values, target setting, use of appropriate techniques.. The Census and Survey Processing System CSPro is a tool for entering, editing, tabulating and disseminating data from surveys and censuses.

Lil Wayne — Tha Carter V. Participants will be exposed to proven efficient approaches that improve the performance and delivery of government services,.. Kevin Gates — Luca Brasi 3 m4a Tracklist: This workshop is designed to provide participants comprehensive knowledge needed to ensure that all financial transactions are..

Denn er schrieb im Anschluss einen Reisebericht, der The Zeitz MOCAA has been a hit with visitors to the city's upmarket waterfront, but its first year has not been without controversy in the leadership ranks. Robert Mugabe is sitting at a long table covered with opulent food and wine, surrounded by world leaders including the Queen, the pope and Barack Obama. In front of him is a whole chicken, its feet pointing haphazardly towards the ceiling and its head hanging off the table. The former president of Zimbabwe's arms are spread wide, palms facing upwards. There are 12 people at the table - just like at The Last Supper.

The exhibition's name refers to the average cost of minibus fare in Zimbabwe and, more broadly, questions about the future of the nation. Opened on September 22, , the museum is the first in Africa to focus exclusively on contemporary African art. Through exhibitions like "Five Bhobh," which focuses on art dealing with the changes in Zimbabwe since the downfall of Mugabe in , the Zeitz MOCAA aims to offer a unique platform for African artists. The museum is named after German businessman Jochen Zeitz, former CEO of sports brand Puma, whose private collection forms a large part of its permanent offering.

The first year has been "a gigantic success," the year-old says. It was not only a museum that was born - but also, a few days earlier, his son Jesse. Zeitz's partner, Kate Garwood, was pregnant when she travelled from Germany to Capetown to attend the museum opening - and then the baby came unexpectedly, two months premature. In its first year, the museum launched many projects.

There were 17 solo and group exhibitions featuring more than 60 artists, as well as regular tours, concerts, lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, performances and workshops for schoolchildren. This was all part of the museum's goal of providing contemporary African artists with a platform on the continent and helping to create an image of African art that is not dominated by Western perceptions, Zeitz says. And it is not just art that has drawn the visitors. The building, a former grain silo that was restored by British star architect Thomas Heatherwick, has received many awards since its opening.

It was included in Time magazine's list of the World's Greatest Places and was also named as cult magazine Wallpaper's best new public building of , and as Building of the Year by ArchDaily in the category of "cultural architecture. A scandal cast a shadow over the museum when chief curator Mark Coetzee was suspended for "professional misconduct. The highly esteemed art expert, who had worked for Zeitz at Puma, resigned soon afterwards. Brooke Minto of the US was made chief of institutional advancement, while South African Michael Farquhar was made director of operations.

The "Five Bhobh" exhibition is an example of the museum's desire to give a voice within Africa to artists whose work offers an important perspective on historical events in the continent. All the artworks to be displayed were created specially for the exhibition. In addition, during the jubilee month, there will be a series of ceremonies, lectures and performances, including a Museum Night, puppet show workshops for children and the start of a regular series of fashion films.

Ich, Herr Merl, habe auch keine Angst, sondern Entschlossenheit und auch ein wenig Zorn und stelle mich dem Status quo entschlossen entgegen. Ich zitiere Sie hier mal in Bezug auf die Sicherheit in unserem Land. Sie gehen auf einen scheinbaren Widerspruch gegen sich selbst ein und weiter gehts: Ja, freilich, wenn man seinen Glauben nur auf Wunder ausrichten will.

Die Reden Jesu sind dann eben weniger interessant, viel zu theologisch Sollen wir das tun bis zu seiner Wiederkunft? Das Kreuz hat in ihrem Gottesbild keinen Rang. Aber gerade in der charismatischen Szene fehlt die Bescheidenheit auffallend. Hier wird Gott und die eigenen verliehenen Gaben gepriesen. Die Deutsche Bank profiliert sich nun als eine Stimme der Vernunft. President Hilda Heine of the Marshall Islands, a low-lying Pacific atoll nation little more than one metre above sea level, which is threatened with annihilation by rising oceans, called for urgent implementation of the Paris accord.

We are joined not only by other small island developing States , but many other countries who face serious challenges posed by climate impacts. Speaking from the opposite spectrum of low-lying island States, President Sooronbay Jeenbekov of the high mountain Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan, warned that climate change is having an increasing impact on the glaciers and water resources in his country, contributing to the growth of natural disasters.

Many leaders recounted the problems and achievements of their own countries. He also underlined the importance of adopting the he Global Compact for Migration. Its capability and credibility are questioned. We can no longer take the rules-based order for granted. It is our common responsibility to actively defend and develop it. Many speakers declared their support for the Global Compact on Migration. But standards that do not apply to everyone equally are not universal. Addressing this imbalance in the very foundation of our system is what will give shape to a revival of multilateral cooperation, and renew the legitimacy of the international institutions, that are so crucial to our planet's future.

There are no small nations here. There are only nations in the United Nations. Climate change and multilateralism figure high on first day of UN General Assembly debate. For best of us, the abandoned names heralding from the tiny Baltic accompaniment are Pixelmator, a able angel editor, which in was appear as the best iPad app of the year, and GetJar, the better absolute cross-platform adaptable app store.

Some of them accept already got huge traction, accustomed record-big investments and got noticed on a apple scale. For the others, aggregate is still ahead. We absitively to booty a attending at some of the companies punching way aloft their weight in the tech space, and those attractive to accomplish a big appulse in Eylean Board on angel.

Launched in January , TrackDuck now has added than 12, users in countries. Though they are attractive advanced to accession berry circuit this year. Mobile Worker is a B2B SaaS startup accouterment belvedere for acreage account and adaptable workforce management. In alone, Adaptable Worker accomplished 15, Android App downloads in countries. It helps online retailers admission their acquirement through newsletters. Launched in February , Soundest now serves added than online food from countries and is the No. Among Lithuanian exchange startups, you can acquisition one of the arch all-around marketplaces for buzz clothes, Vinted.

It has been one of the better circuit anytime in the Baltic States. VC and is now attractive for a new advance of hundreds of millions. In CGTrader grew four times faster than the antecedent year and now unites , able 3D designers globally, alms , different 3D models for sale. One stop shop for current and future Startups in Lithuania — planner 5d for android planner 5d for android ReHobby on angel. In aloof 13 weeks, they accept managed to hit 2,users. In the ball field, one of the best arresting Lithuanian startups is Yplan, a going-out app that lets you to ascertain and book the best contest about you.

Yet by the alpha of YPlan is planning to accession a annular decidedly beyond than the antecedent ones. Focus bazaar is Southeast Asia. Talking of Lithuanian fintech startups one should analysis two capital players here: From till they grew their alive user abject by 24 percent month-on-month and become the arch all-embracing money alteration account for the CEE migrants. They advice banks and added adaptable wallets accredit alien adaptable acquittal methods as able-bodied as accumulate admission to new markets and merchants. Place I Alive on angel. Bliu Bliu on angel.

And after this, this is the 1st graphic: We do hope you enjoy staying right here. For some upgrades and recent news about 26 Doubts About Planner 26d For Android You Should Clarify planner 26d for android pics, please kindly follow us on twitter, path, Instagram and google plus, or you mark this page on bookmark section, We try to offer you up grade regularly with all new and fresh pictures, like your surfing, and find the ideal for you.

At this time we are pleased to announce we have discovered an extremelyinteresting contentto be reviewed, namely 26 Doubts About Planner 26d For Android You Should Clarify planner 26d for android Some people looking for details about 26 Doubts About Planner 26d For Android You Should Clarify planner 26d for android and of course one of these is you, is not it? En Mauritania o Nigeria conlleva la pena de muerte. Con estos mimbres, tenemos que hacer el cesto.

Es por ello que ni queremos ni podemos normalizar el embrutecimiento del lenguaje. Estamos hartos de agachar la cabeza en reuniones y sobremesas ante comentarios despectivos. Afortunadamente, las personas LGTBI disponemos de una herramienta poderosa en materia de derechos humanos: Originalmente eran 29 principios, aunque recientemente han sido revisados y ampliados. Los Principios de Yogyakarta son nuestra herramienta. Conocer los Principios de Yogyakarta es un paso fundamental para defender nuestros derechos de un modo global y sin ambages.

O de una ministra. The gubernatorial ambition of Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, might have been scuttled. This became evident Thursday night after his name was dropped from the full list of aspirants cleared to contest in 26 states [ This he made at a meeting with the National working Committee [ Buhari made this known in an interactive session with the Nigerian community [ The State Returning Officer of the contest, Prof.

The post Osun rerun: Die nette Liegenschaft befindet sich im Mariazellerland Richtung Wildalpen in ruhiger und sonniger Landschaft. Vorraum, Tankraum, Heizraum u. Thu 27 Sep Introduction I recently had an animated conversation with a junior economics research fellow on whether the concept of God has any place in the field of economics. Pan-African vitalistic cosmopolis African philosophy contends that all reality is comprised of forces that are hierarchically organised. Political economy of a global public good: Resources like energy are neither created nor destroyed One of the fascinating laws in physics is the law of the conservation of energy, which states that: What are the figures in Africa?

An integrated and coherent approach to sustainable and inclusive development Challenges of global poverty, insecurity, climate change, limited access to healthcare and unequal development, have forced the international community to rethink development and policy frameworks. Article Image Caption Source: Forbes The first round went to Chelsea. On Wednesday, Chelsea handed Liverpool its first loss of the season and knocked the Reds out of the Carabao Cup with a victory at Anfield.

The sides were well-matched, holding roughly an equivalent amount of Recently, the Humans of New York, an online platform known for sharing inspiring posts, caught up with him and he shared his own story. He revealed that he was once a prisoner who was sent to prison by a wicked boss.

Read his touching story below,. I was supposed to receive a payment at the end of my term. But I was warned by the other employees that the owner would find a reason not to pay me. So I made the decision to quit. But when I told him, he dragged me to the police. He told them lies about me. And they tortured me. They tied my hands and legs and they hung me from the ceiling. I went deaf from all the slaps. For ten days I was given no food. My fellow prisoners would share little bits of their meals when they were finished.

But some days I saw nothing. Honestly I was about to die. And I started to pray to God. And on the tenth day, the guards decided that it would cause too much trouble to let me die. They told my employer: After what we did to him, he must be innocent. They released me into the world like a madman. I promised myself that if I ever found someone in a similar situation, I would help. So when I learned that prisoners pass down this road, I chose to hawk in this location. I waited until I finally saw the truck, and I pushed all my food through the bars.

They asked me who would pay me for the food. I did it because of what God did for me. Ibere hopes to enter the seminary one day. In the meantime he wants to open his own shop selling foodstuffs. See the photos below:. Care to explain Abu Nidal's residence and subsequent murder in Iraq? Better yet Fang, why not share your plan for national security? Remove head from ass. Stop the indiscriminate slaughter of Iraqi innocents won't help that much but could keep the situation from deteriorating even further. Correct the problems with legislation such as USAPA so that the liberties of the people are strengthened instead of weakened.

Scrap your blood-soaked foreign policy. Tell Sharon that if Israel doesn't stop murdering innocent Palestinians you'll cut him off without a nickel and make it stick. Get a grip on profit-mongering transnational corporations whose corporate policies and practices are analogous to your blood-soaked foreign policies. Instead of barging into sovereign states like a clumsy ox of a liberator, OFFER to help and then let the people do the work themselves; otherwise stay the freakin' Hell out of their lives!

Learn the lessons of history! Das Wichtigste auf einen Blick: A 5 Jahre Garantie Jetzt kaufen. Diese wunderschne Wohnung verfgt ber eine grosse, moderne Wohnkche mit einem hellen Essbereich und Terrasse. Stellplatz vorhanden, Anzahl der Badezimmer: Innerhalb nur weniger hundert Meter A woman has some words of advice for spinsters above 35 years. Sylvia Ekpedeme Umoh shared her advice on a Facebook group in which she said it is a shame for a single woman above 35 to celebrate her birthday and post photoshopped images on Facebook with funny styles. Idris gave this commitment on Thursday while speaking to newsmen at the Treasury House in Abuja.

He, however, said that the payment of salaries cannot be achieved in an atmosphere where the critical stakeholders are not allowed access to their offices. The independent electoral commision has recieved a backlash from Nigerians after widespread allegations of compromise in the osun state elections. According to a twitter poll,majority of Nigerians voted against the electoral umpire come elections! She sent him an apology cake written;. His mother, who shared the picture of the cake on her social media page, wrote alongside,. Aber zu Fragen der deutschen Sprache, der Grammatik und Rechtschreibung gibt es andere Foren, die eher darauf spezialisiert sind und die besseren Ansprechpartner haben.

Die Bundespolizei gab aber am Mittwoch kurz darauf via Twitter Entwarnung: On 22 September, voters in the southwestern Nigerian state of Osun cast ballots for governor. Due to the impact of long-ago court decisions, the two southwestern states of Ekiti and Osun now conduct r Comment on Osun rerun: Only God can save Nigeria now, as everything is going.

Laut einer Untersuchung des Era stato rinchiuso nel carcere di Marino del Tronto il 18 febbraio scorso, proveniente da quello di Montacuto ad Ancona. Ad Ascoli avrebbe rivelato nuovi particolari di quanto accadde a fine gennaio nel suo appartamento di Macerata dove la 18enne romana fu uccisa ad un collaboratore di giustizia che li ha riferiti agli inquirenti. Parole che per la procura di Macerata equivalgono ad una confessione dell'omicidio. Oseghale, interrogato il 18 settembre in carcere dal procuratore Giovanni Giorgio che in quella sede ha dichiarato chiuse le indagini, continua ad ammettere solo di aver sezionato il cadavere e di avere avuto con Pamela un rapporto consensuale.

Tuberculosis is a vicious epidemic that is drastically underfunded. That was the takeaway message from the first high-level meeting focused on the infectious disease at the U. General Assembly in New York. Last year, tuberculosis killed more people than any other communicable disease -- more than 1. Ondanks de toegenomen aandacht voor het milieu, is de portemonnee de grootste prikkel om zuinig met energie om te gaan. Dat blijkt na onderzoek van het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek.

Zo doen veel mensen als het koud is een trui aan, in plaats van dat ze de verwarming hoger zetten. Ongeveer 90 procent van de Nederlanders zegt kleine dingen als deze te doen om energie te besparen, maar vooral uit Hollandse zuinigheid dus. Ouderen doen dat vaker dan jongeren, blijkt uit het onderzoek. Maar valt er ook echt wat te winnen, als we het hebben over het simpel besparen van energiekosten in en om huis?

We zetten het voor je op een rij:. Opladers, je hebt er vast een heleboel rondslingeren in huis. Voor je telefoon, je laptop, je tablet, je fotocamera, je elektrische tandenborstel. Als je na het opladen je adapter in het stopcontact laat zitten blijft hij stroom verbruiken. Zo'n oplader zonder apparaat eraan verbruikt ongeveer 1 a 2 watt per uur. Laat je hem het hele jaar in het stopcontact zitten, kost dat je zo'n drie euro per oplader per jaar. Een relatief klein bedrag, maar als elke Nederlander opladers eruit zou halen, zou het al gauw miljoenen kilowattuur aan stroom schelen.

Wat als je morgen die ene trui aan wilt, maar hij ligt in de wasmand? Draai je dan een half wasje of wacht je tot je genoeg was hebt verzameld voor een volle lading en doe je een andere trui aan? Volgens Milieu Centraal kost het draaien van een wasje gemiddeld vier procent van wat een huishouden in totaal aan elektriciteit verbruikt.

Drop files to upload

Wanneer je twee keer per week een volle trommel wast in plaats van vier keer een halfvolle trommel, kun je tussen de tien en dertig euro per jaar besparen, berekende de Consumentenbond. Als alle huishoudens in Nederland dit zouden doen, zou het de jaaropbrengst van een windmolen schelen. Ook de temperatuur is van invloed. Hoe lager de temperatuur, hoe lager het energieverbruik van je wasmachine. Een wasje op zestig graden kost bijna twee keer zoveel als een wasje op veertig graden. Doe je altijd het licht uit als je een kamer verlaat of kom je dikwijls boven terwijl het slaapkamerlicht nog brandt?

Het is natuurlijk altijd zuiniger om de lampen uit te doen als je de kamer verlaat. Een gemiddelde gloei- of halogeenlamp elke dag 10 uur laten branden, kost namelijk al gauw zo'n 30 euro per jaar. Een lamp uitdoen als je de kamer verlaat, loont dus echt. Maar het meest valt te besparen door te kijken welke lampen je hebt. Volgens Milieu Centraal is een ledlamp 85 procent zuiniger dan een gloeilamp.

„Normalisierung nur bei Normalisierung in der Türkei“

Besparen kan dus door werkende gloeilampen te vervangen door een ledlamp. Volgens ReggeStroom, een corporatie gericht op duurzame stroom, kun je alleen al op de kerstverlichting flink besparen. Een maand lang een lichtslang in de tuin aanhebben kost vijftig euro, maar kies je voor een lichtslang met ledverlichting, dan ben je maar de helft kwijt. Doe je als je het koud hebt eerst een dikkere trui aan, pak je een dekentje of zet je meteen de verwarming aan?

Als je de verwarming structureel een graadje lager zet kun je zo'n vijftig euro per jaar besparen. Zet je de thermostaat een uur voor je gaat slapen al op 15 graden, dan bespaar je nog eens 40 euro per jaar. Ook kun je radiatorfolie achter de verwarming plaatsen zodat die de buitenmuur niet verwarmt, maar de warmte gebruikt om de kamer te verwarmen. In een huishouden met vaatwasser gaat ongeveer zeven procent van het stroomverbruik naar de afwasmachine. Een vaatwasser verbruikt per afwas gemiddeld twee keer meer energie dan een afwasbeurt met de hand. Je kunt dus beter zelf met een teiltje sop en een afwasborstel in de weer.

Heb je daar geen zin in? Zorg dan wel dat je de vaatwasser helemaal vult. Voorspoelen is niet nodig, je hoeft alleen de grote etensresten te verwijderen. Voor het energieverbruik is het beter om de eco-programma's te gebruiken zowel van je was- als je afwasmachine, al duren die programma's vaak wel een stuk langer. Heb je een energiecontract met dubbel tarief, dan betaal je 's nachts en in het weekend een lager stroomtarief dan in de piekuren. Het verspreiden van het gebruik van energie is ook beter voor het milieu.

Let er ook op dat apparaten die op standby staan ook stroom vragen. Dus je zou de stekkers van bijvoorbeeld de tv en de magnetron uit het stopcontact kunnen trekken als je ze niet gebruikt. Bij alleen de televisie kan dat volgens NUON al 35 euro per jaar schelen. Six episodes now streaming. Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It makes for a lovely cinematic vacation from the increasingly gray autumn days. Also on DVD and at Redbox. The modern urban musical comes direct to Netflix from its debut at London Film Festival.

The austere, dreamy drama from Aleksey German Jr. Arrives direct to Netflix from the film festival circuit. Amazon Prime has all 14 episodes of comedy series. Andrew Bujalski directs this easy-going, warm-hearted indie romantic comedy. The murder scene, shot in tight, discomforting close-up, is the highlight of the film and Hitchcock used the then-new 3D process to explore space rather than exploit it with gimmicky effects.

Robert Cummings and John Williams co-star. Streams on FilmStruck through Dec. Sean Axmaker is a Seattle film critic and writer. His reviews of streaming movies and TV can be found at http: Trailers for web version: Nigerian side Enyimba have crashed out of the Caf Confederations Cup after a loss to Raja Casablanca in a semi-final clash on Wednesday.

Seven-time Nigerian champions Rangers International did the unthinkable on Wednesday as they fought from down to emerge as champions of the Aiteo Federation Cup. The post Awcon Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has personally confirmed her relationship with Nigerian rapper, Iceberg Slim to be over. Newly appointed coach of Wikki Tourists, Aliyu Zubairu has said that his mission to Bauchi is to ensure that the club ranks among the best in the Nigeria Professional Football League.

This really amazing collection of bridal dresses by Crystal Design caught our attention for its trendy and yet stunning dresses. From the beauty of the satin elegant dresses to lace detailed ball dresses, the Paris Collection is one to pin for the big day. The design brand says: This Paris collection has a plethora of […]. The post BN Bridal: Mark helps host this episode as we speak with Karim Beguir and Muthoni Wanyoike about their company, Instadeep, the wonderful Indaba conference, and the growing AI community in Africa.

Instadeep helps large enterprises understand how AI can benefit them. Karim stresses that it is possible to build advanced AI and machine learning programs in Africa because of the growing community of passionate developers and mentors for the new generation. The group runs workshops and classes for AI developers and encourages volunteers to participate by sharing their knowledge and skills. Karim Beguir helps companies get a grip on the latest AI advancements and how to implement them. Karim is also the founder of the TensorFlow Tunis Meetup.

He regularly organises educational events and workshops to share his experience with the community. Karim is on a mission to democratize AI and make it accessible to a wide audience. Muthoni Wanyoike is the team lead at Instadeep in Kenya. The community enables learning, mentorship, networking, and job opportunities for people interested in working in AI. She is experienced in research, data analytics, community and project management, and community growth hacking. If I want to create a GKE cluster with a specific major kubernetes version or even just the latest using the command line tools, how do I do that?

Our guests will be at Indaba in Kenya. Mark will be at KubeCon in December. Starboy Wizkid has finally told Nigerians the status of his relationship with Tiwa Savage via his most recent Instagram post Que Beat appeared first on tooXclusive. Dieses trendige Eigenheim befindet sich in einem traditionellen Mehrfamilienhaus, welches derzeit in bester Sonnenlage, der Prama in Going, errichtet wird. Diese sehr gepflegte Tiroler Wohnung befindet sich in sonniger Lage von Brixen. Honor series is a budget brand under Huawei and it has been so except for some that goes ahead to occupy the top mid-range position.

The Huawei Honor 8C is a budget smartphone with just basic specs.. However, the smartphone has a nice build with the popular notch and a dual camera on the rear […]. Most of the features it shares […]. Nonetheless, the smartphone still appeals to a niche of users who prefer the multimedia advantage or the perks of a large screen. Also, the smartphone is compatible with gaming […]. This move is part of processes targeted at ensuring widespread inter-connectivity in the country and possibly draws it closer to achieving more in terms of broadband […].

We are in an age where we basically live on the internet. Truthfully, most millennials are unaware of an existence before the digital age and what it was like not to have an email, a mobile phone, Instagram or Twitter. These days, the picture of a couple at a restaurant peeking into their phones rather [ Mietwohnung mit sonniger Loggia im kleinen Erlauftal! Vereinzelt sehen heute aber auch Amerikaner ein, dass weniger oft mehr ist. Airtel Nigeria Chief Executive, Segun Ogunsanya, said that the company had launched the 4G network in over 60 major cities across Nigeria since the pioneer roll out […].

Kaduna State Government has announced a relaxation of the hour curfew it imposed on Kaduna metropolis with effect from Thursday. Mr Samuel Aruwan, Senior Special Assistant to the state Governor on Media Publicity said in a statement on Wednesday that residents are now free to pursue their legitimate businesses from 6 am to 5 pm. The post Kaduna Govt relaxes curfew appeared first on Politics Nigeria.

The Government of Sierra Leone, in collaboration with the World Bank, has on Wednesday launched the second phase of a project to support the artisanal mining sector in the country. The Vice President, Prof. Ambode govt bows, restores waste evacuation by PSP operators. Their operation was stopped several months, a development that led to poor refuse collection in some areas. NAN reports that the government gave the directive during a meeting […].

JCvaxe Technology Concepts is a registered IT maintenance firm that renders computer Sale,repairs, networking and other IT solution for various organizations. Our services cover both software installation and hardware troubleshooting and repairs. We are recruiting to fill the position below: Lagos Requirements Degree in Computer Science or […]. Timaya reveals why he collected his car gift to Empress Njamah after they broke up.

Timaya reveals why he collected his car gift to Empress Njamah after they broke up Precious Chineye. Ivan Dorn Ray Oliver. Imo APC guber primary: Judge adjourns suit indefinitely, gives reasons. The presiding Judge, Justice Othman Musa announced the adjournment after reading a petition against his proceedings, signed by one Bisike Chinaka, Deputy Chairman of the party in the state. NAN reports that Musa made […]. Judge adjourns suit indefinitely, gives reasons News Agency of Nigeria.

Amosun under fire for attacking Tinubu, Osoba. A statement issued on Wednesday by the coordinator of the group, Hon. Kenyans are amongst the most savage people you can ever meet. When something happens they are the first to create memes out of the situations and even hold competitions on twitter.

The competitions are usually against neighbouring countries like Uganda , Tanzania and even west african countries like Nigeria. Here are a few memes that […]. See how Kenyans get creative with politicians pictures appeared first on Radio Jambo. Mohammed Bello Abubakar, who was also known as Baba Masaba, passed away on Saturday 28th January after a short illness. He was surrounded by friends and family at his home in central Niger State, while his funeral — held the following day — attracted a predictably large crowd.

An infamous Muslim preacher from Nigeria, […]. What would be the best way to keep them healthy until I can plant them in the spring? Photo by Flickr user Margrit. Highlights from show for January 4, When and how to plant your Christmas blue spruce Hank from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania just bought a potted baby blue spruce and would like to plant it on his property up in the Poconos. He explained that the tree was kept outside but then brought in for a few days to use as his Christmas tree. Mike explains that the tree needs to be taken back outside, but in stages to as to not shock the tree with the temperature difference.

And then in the springtime, … then take it up and plant it in its permanent location. Cecily from Centreville, Maryland called in to share her secret for gardening through the winter: You just need something like a cold frame or a little hoop house or these grow covers. And I think people would be shocked at how much they can extend the season.

Bean sprouts under a garden cover. Photo by Flickr user Smoobs. Using oak leaves in your compost pile Elle from Beaver Island, Michigan uses shredded leaves for her mulch and compost mixtures, but was advised that oak leaves should not be included in the mix because they are too acidic. She wants to know if she should follow this advice, or if the oak leaves are OK. After learning that her garden has been performing well, Mike says: He explains that the canal is feet deep and 8 feet wide and stays moist all summer, but will fill and overflow with water in the spring.

Mike recommends that Jerry investigate rain gardens to learn about plants that can survive dry times and also survive being completely submerged in water. He also advises Jerry to contact his local extension service to see what local species are recommended. Mike congratulates Jerry on doing his homework before jumping into this project and says: Rain garden of prairie flowers. The previous caller had been spending 2 to 3 hours a day removing ivy to prevent it from completely taking over her property. When Janet was listening, she said a light bulb went on over her head. Jean from Nashville, Tennessee has a chipmunk problem.

When she mentions that she also has squirrels attacking her birdfeeder, Mike zeroes in on the core issue: Photo by Flickr user SocketSeven. The investigation is not directed at Glencore's own activities or its senior executives, two sources told Reuters, giving no further detail about the type of information sought. The versatile act popularly known for his mixing skills as Mix Monster drops a new song to show his singing side.

Selebobo — Bola appeared first on Crystalgbedu Media. Que Beat appeared first on NGwide. Have you tried our new medical search engine? More powerful than before. Log on with your social media account. Osita Okechukwu, has accused members of the committees that oversaw the primaries of the All Progressive Congress, APC, of compromise and receiving bribe from aspirants on the platform of the party.

Okechukwu, whose aspiration to be the party candidate for Enugu West Senatorial candidate suffered defeat, laid […]. The Federal Government said a policy that would limit the number of children that a mother could have in Nigeria is on the way. Ahmed asserted that the biggest challenges facing the Economic Recovery and Growth […]. The post FG announce plan to limit number of children per mother appeared first on Orijo Reporter.

The rumours of a love affair between Nigerian singers Wizkid and Tiwa Savage continue to spread like wild fire as the singers also continue to do things which spark off debates that they could indeed be secretly dating. The two are back at it again and this time round, they got too cozy to an […]. Barring any last unforeseen circumstances the Federal Government is set to reduce the price of fuel to 95 Naira per litre. Our source in the presidency said president Buhari who oversees the Petroleum ministry is set to make the reduction which would take effect from the first week of November.

The cost reduction of […]. The post Congratulations Nigeria!!! Instead, we see the re-enactment […]. The post Nnamdi Kanu Re-appearance: We Will Catch Him,.. Reacting to the news, a former minister of aviation described him as a great man and a worthy son. May the soul of Chief […]. Dieser Gastbeitrag von Gregor scheint ja gut bei euch angekommen zu sein. Good morning Nigeria and welcome to the concise roundup of top 10 Nigerian newspapers headlines today, Thursday, October 25th.

Gunmen suspected to be hoodlums have kidnapped 10 boat passengers, including a community leader in Abonema waterways, Akuku-Toru local government area of Rivers State, southern Nigeria. Le mercredi 2 octobre sera un grand jour au Gujarat. Lectures will commence on Monday 5th, Nov All inconveniences this change may cause are regretted. Candidates can now check their admission status online.

Candidates are to visit the IMT admission status checking […]. Admitted candidates are to proceed for Admission clearance and […]. Sie stecken Ersparnisse am liebsten ins Sparschwein oder parken ihr Geld auf dem Girokonto. Continue reading SME financing: ABUJA— House of Representatives, yesterday, resolved to set up a special committee to revisit the probe of the N60 billion allegedly looted by some political office holders and civil servants in the defunct Nigeria Airways.

Continue reading N60bn Nigeria Airways fund: Teshome, 63, took office in and had often spoken for a more democratic and Ethiopia lawmakers to appoint new president: Ambassador Sahlework Zewde to become Ethiopia's president addisstandard. El valor de venta de esas bebidas es de 4. Zwei komplett sanierte Wohnebenen im Ober und Dachgeschoss sind hier gepaart mit modernster Sawatdii Kah, l iebe ReisefreundInnen!

Ein farbenfroher und abwechslungsreicher Reisetag steht uns bevor. Unser erster Halt fand neben einem Feld mit Ananaspflanzen statt. Hier sah ich erstmals eine. Dort vertraten wir uns ein wenig die Beine, sahen uns die. Aber keine Sorge, wir konnten uns die Leckerei. Diese haben wir allerdings nicht. Ja, ich gebe zu, davon. Erinnerungen und sabbere dabei auf meine Tastatur Der Begriff stammt aus dem Jahr Er geht zum einen.

Opium hat man uns hier allerdings keines angeboten. Stattdessen wurden wir eingeladen,. Auf ihm unternahmen wir eine Bootsfahrt nach Laos. So kamen wir also doch noch zu einem. Kobra-Schnaps zu sehen bekamen. Wenn ihr mal nach Laos kommt und gerne Bier trinkt: Manche meinen ja, dass er kitschig ist, aber uns gefiel er sehr gut - viele kunst- und liebevolle, verspielte Details, zarte Wandmalereien Insekten haben wir allerdings keine versucht. Und eine ganze Portion wollte ich dann lieber auch nicht haben Bis zum Abend des 1. Ich freu' mich drauf - und die Welt freut sich noch mehr! Herr und Frau Rostrose.

Thailand-Reisebericht - Teil 1 - Ankunft in Bangkok. Thailand-Reisebericht - Teil 4 - Ayutthaya - Phitsanulok. Yet he is more popular in Africa than in any other region, according Speaking at an event in Ghana, she said, I made it clear I was single. We broke up on a mutual term, Quote. Asked if she regrets the relationship, she said You are not supposed to regret anything in life.

You are supposed to learn, take it as a lesson. Love the bold colors within your looks! View more looks below! Diese wunderschne Wohnung verfgt ber eine grosse, moderne Wohnkche mit einem hellen Essbereich und Terrasse. Muss ich mir was einfallen lassen. Ist ja aber auch eh immer so ein auf und ab, auch mit den Ideen, das wird auch wieder besser. Hier immerhin mal wieder zwei Bilder zur Auflockerung ;-. The woman sitting next to me in the waiting room is wearing a blue dashiki, a sterile paper face mask to protect her from infection, and a black leather Oakland Raiders baseball cap.

I look down at her brown, sandaled feet and see that her toenails are the color of green papaya, glossy and enameled. This room at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, is full of people of different ages, body types, skin colors, religious preferences, mother tongues, and cultural backgrounds. Nervously, he shifts from foot to foot, a Styrofoam cup of coffee in his hand. An elderly Chinese couple sit side by side, silently studying their phones. The husband is watching a video. The wife is the sick one, pale and gaunt.

Her head droops as if she is fighting sleep. An African American family occupies a corner. They are wearing church clothes; the older kids are supervising the younger ones while two grown women lean into their conversation and a man — fiftyish, in a gray sports coat — stares into space.

America, that old problem of yours? I have a cure for it: Take a walk down Leukemia Lane with a strange pain in your lower back and an uneasy sense of foreboding. Wonder what you are doing here among all these sick people: Frankly your immune system seems to be the problem. Installed by history and maintained by privilege, it is too robust, too entrenched to be undone by anything less than disaster. If you are white and doing well in America, a voice whispers to you incessantly, repeating that you deserve to be on top; that to profit is your just reward.

The first time you park your car in the vast, cold cavern of the underground garage and step onto the elevator, you may feel alien and forsaken. But there is good news, too. And it will dawn on you that most of these people have cancer. In fact, it seems as if the whole world has cancer. Everybody here has cancer. The withered old Jewish lefty newspaper editor. The Latino landscape contractor with the stone-roughened hands. The tough lesbian with the bleached-blond crew cut and the black leather jacket.

And you will be cushioned and bolstered by the sheer number and variety of your fellows. This strange country of cancer, it turns out, is the true democracy — one more real than the nation that lies outside these walls and more authentic than the lofty statements of politicians; a democracy more incontrovertible than platitudes or aspiration. In the country of cancer everyone is simultaneously a have and a have-not. In this land no citizens are protected by property, job description, prestige, and pretensions; they are not even protected by their prejudices.

Neither money nor education, greed nor ambition, can alter the facts. You are all simply cancer citizens, bargaining for more life. It is true that this is not a country you ever planned to visit, much less move to. It is true that you may not have previously considered these people your compatriots. But now you have more in common with them than with your oldest childhood friends. You live together in the community of cancer.

From this rocky promontory you can contemplate the long history of your choices, your mistakes, your good luck. You can think about race, too, because most of the people who care for you will be nonwhite, often from other countries. You may be too sick to talk, but you can watch them and learn. Your attention is made keen by need and by your intimate dependence upon these inexhaustibly kind strangers.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery followed by chemotherapy at MD Anderson. It was the start of my journey through this well-lit underworld. By now I have orbited many times around the honeycombed complex of registration desks, prep rooms, and staging areas, potted plants and bubbling aquariums. We are not tourists in this place; we live here now. He explained to me, with a strange enthusiasm, that his doctors had cut out and then reversed his rectum, and now they would not discharge him until he could pass gas for himself. As we stood there together on the wide, deserted walkway, it seemed as if cancer had erased our differences by bringing us into the intimacy of shared trouble.

Then, with a nod, he strode swiftly away on his muscular legs, at least four times as fit as I was. In the Republic of Cancer you might have your prejudices shattered. In the rooms of this great citadel, patients of one color are cared for by people of other colors. In elevators and operating theaters one accent meets another and — sometimes only after repetition — squeezes through the transom of comprehension.

This place bears a passing resemblance to those old photographs of Ellis Island — so many travelers come from afar, sitting with their papers and passports, hunched on wooden benches with luggage at their feet, waiting to find out if they will be admitted and advanced to the next stage in the process. Some of the travelers are dressed in pajamas and slippers; some have on shiny blue tracksuits and Nikes; and some wear suits and ties, as if being presentable will make a difference.

The shabby and the affluent, the stoical and the anxious, the scrawny and the stout, the young and the aged. If we are tense or pace restlessly, it is because we are aware that we may, on short notice, be swiftly deported. And because of this, perhaps, our hearts soften. I remember how he introduced himself, then reached out with his forefinger and thumb and gently plucked at my arm.

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Like a pleat in a piece of fabric, the skin stayed in a raised position. He must have done this thousands of times. But where others might have grown bored and careless at the repetition, he had perfected an elegance. This is the stupefying and ultimately transforming thing: I remember the middle-aged nurse from Alabama, his calm Southern twang and beer belly, who stood firm one night, utterly unperturbed while I vomited repeatedly, as if a demon had seized control of my insides.

With empathetic watchfulness, he administered the proper shot until I fell backward into a state of blessed relief. I remember the shift nurse with pale-olive skin and thick eyebrows who, in the middle of the night, brought me hot packs of damp folded towels heated in a microwave. She was from the Middle East, maybe Syria or Egypt. She was so kind and respectful to me that, after she departed, I abruptly burst into tears and blew her a kiss through the closed door. The historical record — for tolerance, for human learning — is not promising.

Yet I believe, more than ever, that at the bottom of each human being there is a reset button. Undeniably it is difficult to get to. To reach it seems to require that the ego be demolished by circumstance. But reach that button and press it, and the world might reshape itself. Unfortunately you must come here, America. You must lie on the gurney and be wheeled down miles of corridor under a sheet, staring up at the perforated-tile ceiling and the fluorescent lights, not knowing quite where you are.

You will look into faces lined with fatigue and pain and anxiety. Often a glance will pass between you: It is a strange communion, but that is what it is. So, America, I express this rather unconventional wish for you: I hope you get cancer. In order to change, you must cross this threshold, enter a condition of helplessness, and experience the mysterious intimacy between the sick and their caregivers, between yourself and every person who is equally laid low.

Come into the fields and meadows of the examination rooms, come to the clean beds, to the infernal beeping of the monitors, to the lobbies and alcoves of this labyrinth. Look at the faces of the ones who are attending to you. Witness those who are silently passing by on their pilgrimage to surgery or radiology. Let the workers be fairly paid and valued, for their skills draw us together like the edges of a wound. Listen to the music of the voices around you. As the machines tick, as the ventilators suck and heave and exhale, as the very ground beneath our feet starts to dissolve, we shall be changed.

Coming around, coming around, coming across, coming around. Essays on Poetry and Craft Saland ist ein tolles Dorf mit einer guten Infrastruktur. Denn der Seepark bringt Sonne, Wasser und Entspannung gleich nebenan Kaduna The Nigerian government has enacted a curfew in the state capital of Kaduna after religious based violence resulted in the deaths of dozens of people. The Police have been authorized to do everything possible to restore calm. A Special Intervention Force has been deployed to the flash-points, and the IG will provide regular updates.

Mit dem Lift erreichen Sie die Wohnung bequem aus der Tiefgarage. Eine Besichtigung sagt mehr als tausend Worte, Verkehrsmittel, ruhig, sonnig, U-Bahn Stichworte: Visited 1 times, 1 visits today. Mais les Casablancais ont vu Isiaka Oladuntoye marquer contre son camp. Die Polizei in New York nennt erste Details. Non si mai saputo, voluto sapere, chi il serial killer fosse. Anche oggi, specie da noi, sono pochi i colletti bianchi che finiscono davanti al giudice, e pochissimi che vadano dietro le sbarre. Figuriamoci, allora, i colletti di sangue blu.

La parte per il tutto: Quando si usa la parte per il tutto. Casa senza finestre e senza uscite. E nessuno avrebbe mai dovuto e potuto scoprire e punire lo squartatore. Jack non va in galera. E sulla Siria decidiamo noi. O con Jack, o squartati da Jack. Quanto poco gli importi di mettersi a tavola con Jack, pur di guadagnare punti nei confronti dei bari che fanno saltare consolidati accordi anti-olocausto nucleare quelli che noialtri, a costo di parecchi bozzi da manganello in testa per cacciare Cruise e Pershing da Comiso, contribuimmo a far concludere da Reagan e Gorbaciov , lo ha dimostrato ai suoi sostenitori anche Putin.

Quello venduto anche a turchi e indiani, ma negato ai siriani. E che nel mondo dei Jack, se non puoi stare a tavola con loro, conviene almeno star zitti su quanto sbranano e divorano. Ci trovate, tra grandi lotte di resistenza, anche la mia intervista alla grandissima Berta Cacares, trucidata dal regime. Dal mattatoio Honduras alla discarica di Tapachula. Potrebbe essere una bella sineddoche.

Ma non la vedo. Dei Jacks in gessato, whiskino a portata e porte girevoli sempre in funzione tra Bruxelles e Goldman Sachs e tutti i padroni - privati e paperoni! The institution s one of the top Polytechnics in Nigeria in terms of the number of candidates seeking for admission yearly. The Registrar is also the secretary to the followings organs of the Polytechnic: The school is coeducational and accepts both day students and boarders. SAP started in as a team of five colleagues with a desire to do something new. Together, they changed enterprise software and reinvented how business was done.

Today, as a market leader in enterprise application software, we remain true to our roots. Regular Full TimeJob Segment: Integrates all customer-facing functions to achieve tighter, more profitable business plans, more cohesive interaction with the customer and increased customer satisfaction. Trainee Engineer Automation Position Code: First Cardiology consultants FCC is a company created with a vision to be the avant-garde providers of cardiology and cardiovascular services of the highest quality in Nigeria. First Cardiology Consultants FCC is a company created with a vision to be the avant-garde providers of cardiology and cardiovascular services of the highest quality in Nigeria.

We are an organization with a focus on delivering excellent service to the customers and providing customer satisfaction through reliable power distributions. We are recruiting to fill the vacant position below: Lafenwa Osiberu has been in existence for forty-six year and we have carried out our professional practice without blemish, producing many Chartered Accountants and participating in the economic growth of our country, Nigeria.

Tax Associate Trainee Location: Audit Executive Trainee Location: Audit Executive Associate Trainee Location: Action Against Hunger works to save lives by combating hunger and diseases that threaten the lives of vulnerable communities, through nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health and advocacy. Receive all Nigerian mission visitors at the front desk, and ensure that the desk is covered at all times;Ensure smooth operations in the reception, conference room and waiting lobby, and ensure that bookings for meeting rooms are reserved as requested;Manage the reception and ensure lobby area is clean and presentable at all times through the office cleaner;Circulate all internal communication as assigned;Manage and oversee the day to day Action Against Hunger operations;On a daily basis, inspect and maintain the exterior premises grounds and office building ;Maintain an updated Nigeria Mission staff contact list;Receive the office newspapers and magazines.

Manage the stocking of stationery store in coordination with Logistics;Place appropriate order to re-stock supplies;Ensure sufficient supply of office cleaning supplies and materials and work with HR to replenish them on a monthly basis;Ensure sufficient supply of coffee, tea, sugar and milk and work with HR to replenish them on a monthly basis. Maintain the birthday calendar of all Abuja staff and facilitate monthly birthday celebrations;Liaise with HR and other departments to organize staff send-forth, meetings and workshops;Support HR Officer and Administration Assistant in the organization various staff welfare activities.

Exchange of information and collaboration;External Relationship: Exchange of information, collaboration and coordination. Reception, exchange of information. Fenix International is a next-generation energy company. We use real-time transaction data to create a unique credit score to finance power upgrades and other life-changing loans and open up a wider world of energy and financing for our customers.

Mid LevelJob DescriptionFenix is looking for a bright, highly motivated and disciplined Service Center Associate with a passion for entrepreneurship, renewable energy, and financial inclusion to join our team. Fenix prides itself on always putting the customer first; the Service Center Associate will be at the forefront of providing world-class customer service to our SmartLife customer across Nigeria.

As the main point of contact at the Service Center, the role will be to deal with and help resolve any customer complaints while giving the best possible customer experience as well as going beyond call of duty when required. Full TimeJob DescriptionFenix is looking for an experienced, highly motivated and disciplined technical support staff to join our team for our Network infrastructure and call center communications platform.

Key responsibilities will include improving the reliability, performance and availability of the existing systems Network and call center in a scalable and flexible manner, integrate and facilitate optimal network solutions using best practices and build effective solutions for our call centre demands. Full TimeJob DescriptionFenix is looking for dynamic, highly motivated and disciplined Customer Service Representatives with a passion for entrepreneurship, renewable energy, and financial inclusion to join our team.

A successful Customer Service Representative is a critical thinker, attentive to details and an excellent communicator. This position requires individuals to have a strong passion for listening and providing solutions to people. Key ResponsibilitiesEnsure an excellent experience to all customers, with each interactionHandle complaints, provide appropriate solutions and alternatives within the time limits and follow up to ensure resolutionVet and open customer accounts by recording account information.

Maintain customer records by updating account information of complaints, issues, resolutions, praises, e. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.

Individual service contractorContract duration: Ensure availability of quality, timely, and complete information that guides the surveillance and immunization programMonitor effective and systematic implementation of the program and individual performance through the established AFProvide evidences through the timely utilization of different data available and guide the program;Support the zonal coordinator in conducting review meetings and documentation.

Description of DutiesUnder the overall guidance of the WHO Country Representative, overall leadership of IVE Focal Point and direct supervision of the Zonal Coordinator, the incumbent coordinates all data management, monitoring and evaluation activities at the assigned Zone and field level and reports programme progress achieved to the Zonal coordinator and national level monitoring and evaluation coordinator.

Support the WHO-Nigeria Zonal office to prepare, implement, monitor and evaluate work-plans in line with national priorities, strategies and plans. Oversee the data management protocols in an aim to improve quality, accessibility, timeliness and relevance of technical dataPrepare quarterly programme status reports required for management, board, donors, budget reviews, programme analysis, annual reports, etcOversee the coordination and deliverables of the Zonal WHO data management systemSupport in the creation of a monitoring and evaluation system in the zone through systematic information exchange from the central level to the field regarding surveillance and immunization along the WHO system.

Assist in the implementation of WHO accountability framework and recommend mechanisms for effective implementation, compliance and documentation. Follow systematic information delivery on the selected deliverables in the accountability frame work for state coordinators, Cluster coordinators, LGA facilitators and Field officers. In addition support implementation of the same for all staff under the Zone. Conduct supportive supervision and verification on regular basis. Document and produce evidences for the resource utilization financial and Human in line with the program deliverables to make sure that implementation of results should be tied up with the resource deployed.

Include this as a critical deliverable in the quarterly report. Lai Mohammed to Nigerians: The Minister also said that the resurfacing […]. Some mischievous individuals are saying in jest that the Minister of Labour of Employment, Dr.

Gefahr: KUNSTSTOFF, PLASTIK - Gigantische Strudel in den Weltmeeren - WARUM Plastik schädlich ist

Chris Ngige, is pint-sized, and that he acts like Goofy, one of the dwarfs who took in Snow White, the princess who was set free by the kind huntsman after her stepmother, the Wicked Queen, had instructed that she be […]. The President, while also honouring the late CJN by authorizing his burial at the National Cemetery, Abuja, said the nation will not forget the hard work […].

The list, which contains about names, came months after the asset management company said it would need the support of other relevant agencies to ensure that obligors pay up their […]. Trump for President - in jedem Fall for 4 years Und noch ne "Kleinigkeit": Arbeitslosigkeit auf einem 49 Jahre tief! Optimismus kleiner Unternehmen auf 34 Jahre hoch! Besonders bei Informationen aus dem Ausland wovon sich unsere Hohepriester der Wahrheit Journalisten leiten lassen.

Amputee Football World Cup: Super Eagles captain John Obi Mikel is set to help Nigeria rsquo;s amputee team play at the upcoming World Cup by offering to ldquo;donate money and buy kits rdquo; to help the Special Eagles play at the tournament, having missed the previous three editions due to financial constraints.

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Are you kidding me??? No wonder I fear Nigerians so much! I know i'm wrong by generalising, BUT! Be sorry or even worse DEAD! You never hear ANY! Good things about them over hear in South Africa, other than "sex" of which is kind of played out if you ask me. Like my cousin, it pains me to share this but what the hell? When she was about 3 months pregnant, she tried leaving her Nigerian husband we were told by her drug using friends She was chopped and placed into a rubbish bag tucked in a sports bag!!! With a written NOTE! Written along these lines To make matters worst the gruesome bag was delivered at my late Grandmother's door step!!!

She suffered from a mild-stroke, that's what the doctors told us, and she never recovered since. To some this might sound fictional BUT! Sex tourism in Gambia Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery The Gambia is a source, transit, and destination country for children and women trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Within The Gambia, women and girls, and to a lesser extent boys, are trafficked for sexual exploitation, in particular to meet the demand for European sex tourism, and for domestic servitude.

Boys are trafficked within the country for forced begging by religious teachers and for street vending. Transnationally, women, girls and boys from neighboring countries are trafficked to The Gambia for the same purposes listed above. Trafficking of Gambian boys to Senegal for forced begging and Senegalese boys to The Gambia for the same purpose is particularly prevalent. Gambian women and girls are trafficked to Senegal for domestic servitude, and possibly for sexual exploitation. Gambian women and children may be trafficked to Europe through trafficking schemes disguised as migrant smuggling.

Reports in the last two years of Gambian, Senegalese, and nationals of other neighboring countries being transported from The Gambia to Spain by boat appear to be predominantly cases of smuggling rather than trafficking. I dont know about you but God has been kind and I discovered mine couple of days ago I heard from my Rohit last week and we got together the day before As a matter of fact he,s lying in bed totally pooped out from our encounter after lunch today and we,ve been at it all afternoon We lost touch with each other soon after school and then bumped into each other in HongKong much later on Nathan Road ,,while I was on a shopping spree with my wife and he with his.

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Please dont forget that we both are married people and such things are unheard of in India. I have no idea if I,m ill and I,m sure he is no different. But we both made love in good faith.. Our next encounter is scheduled for Dusseldorf in Germany where I,ve invited him to be my guest for 2 weeks and thereafter , if all goes well, I,ll visit him in Paris where he is working as a Marketing manager and living alone.