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If you like my pieces, I'd be thrilled if you joined the fb community-- the page is Dr. It's interesting that people who don't have a mate, and who want to find one, don't have a problem letting people know. But people feel ashamed if they have no friends, and would never dream of letting their co-workers, acquaintances, family etc know that they are looking for friends.

There are a million dating websites but barely a handful of friendship sites, and those tend to play up the "common interest" theme rather than actual friends. People say things like they're new in town and don't know anyone, or lead a very busy lifestyle, rather than admit they're lonely and stay at home all the time because they don't have anyone to hang out with.

It's a real shame.

ARE YOU AN INTROVERT? Signs and Traits of Introversion and How To Be Better Socially

I think you're spot-on. And that ashamed feeling really becomes a vicious cycle. It's a big problem! Does any of this actually work? I go to meetups, take classes, have moved to a different city where "everyone" is into the same things as me. My therapist swears that I'm good at conversation, but I can't even get one started when I go out.

Has anybody actually done this and had it work? I can understand your frustration and am sorry to hear how challenging this is for you! Without knowing the specifics of your situation, it is hard to say exactly what's going on-- including whether it's simply a case of terrible luck. I would continue to try and keep working at it, day after day-- all it takes is one connection for a good friendship to form.

I've had the same experiences. Many people on the net are all complaining about how friendships don't form anymore. Therapists tell them they are doing something wrong, or acting needy, but they are protecting their antiquated view of social interaction. People have barriers of steel now.

Simple talking or sharing an experience will not develop into friendship. Try orchestrating drinks or joining an event that involves light drinking. The alcohol shuts down these barriers enough for people to bond. After that, proceed like you used to. I've been testing this in my life, and so far, friendships are starting to form. If you don't drink, fake it. They do t need to be drunk. In fact that is an impediment. Just having the alcohol in their system allows the bond to set.

It sucks, it's stupid, but it's working. I certainly think there's something to be sad for alcohol's social lubrication, and how light drinking can get people to feel less socially anxious and be more responsive and outgoing in social situations. I'd say the main concern would be for those who start to rely on it and can't socialize without it, or those who get sucked into friendships this way where drinking is a main event or a focus.

But from a light drinking standpoint, you raise a good point! How do you do this with inlaws. I recently let them back into our lives after 3 years of peace. I am constantly verbally beat up by these people and tried to work it out with my father inlaw and got the boot. He's firm that no one has ever done anything "intentionally" unkind, and is still angry because I finally stood up to them. How do you survive a poisonous situation, when it is hurting you're husband to keep your distance, but makes you feel like dirt any time your around them.

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10 Ways to Make (and Keep) Friendships as an Adult | Psychology Today

I know I need to just brush it off, but how do you just brush it off? I don't necessarily think you need to brush it off, because it sounds like they are potentially toxic people that maybe indeed don't belong in your life. I am curious how your partner handles this. I'd also encourage you to potentially write to my Washington Post column Baggage Check anonymous of course so that I can have the space and resources to give this a longer answer.

All my best to you.

Making Friends as an Introvert

I've found it very hard to make adult friends mostly because I'm a one-on-one gal and most females are group creatures. Plus I do not have kids and the life that goes with it and kids and families are what most people are occupied with and form friendships around. I've had to learn to hang out in groups and occasionally I'm lucky enough to find someone interested in going out just us two and having a more substantial conversation. But hope never dies and I keep trying. I'm a bit of an introvert but still, I very much enjoy being around people, in fact am very socially stimulated. Friendships revolve around common interests and I don't share a lot of typical female interests.

I used to enjoy the company of men and enjoyed their conversation much more but eventually I felt it wise to learn to make friends with woman. I keep trying all the time but also enjoy my own company. And I never put all my eggs in one basket; I have more than one iron in the fire. I am the Same way. I rather sit in a small group setting or one-on-one and talk. I tried to go out with a friend for my bday recently and had an awful time because she was all over the place talking to everyone and I just sat there alone.

I didn't want to be rude, make it personal or start any drama so I just said I missed my dogs and left. If you're in the northern fl area I'd be happy to talk. But are unhealthy friendships still better than no friendships? Building lists of the people you follow keeps you up to date on the most important people to you without wading through the mire of it all. Recently I was at a local startup event with my friend Jay and was asked by someone how I know Jay.

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When I told him it was from Twitter, I was met with interest and intrigue. Who meets people on Twitter and then becomes friends in real life? And you now too. Take it one step further and find a Twitter chat you can connect with and start engaging there on a regular basis. The cool thing about Twitter chats is that there are real regulars.

Like the neighborhood bar without the crappy lighting, Twitter chats are a way to see the same folks over and over and occasionally some new people show up. The bartender, er, host of the chat posts questions typically is a Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. Participating in Twitter chats on your phone is tough — get on the computer and use something like TweetChat.

Now hear me out: Skype or Zoom or Google Hangouts or whatever video conferencing platform you choose is going to be your new favorite thing. You can stay in your safe and warm home office and have coffee with new friends all over the world.

2. Forget quantity. Focus on quality.

Skype dates are the best way to go from mutually following each other online to actual friends with a little face time. So much can be conveyed in a single face to face conversation that would otherwise take months or even years to cultivate in writing online. So take a shower, put on some lipstick, and setup a Skype date. Last year I met another version of myself: Well, Claire hired me last year to help her with her client onboarding and strategizing her launch.

Bring a little bit of your SELF to the conversation and see if anything blossoms from there. Know someone who knows someone you kinda want to meet?

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Ask for the intro! I find new friends, new partners for projects, new referrals, and even a renewed fondness of myself. When someone I know and trust introduces me to someone else, they always accompany it with some kind of love and that little bit often helps push me forward in a whole new way. After doing my fair share of online friend making, I was ready to take things up a notch and meet these friends in person. She was at a bar fairly nearby, so I stopped in.

The girl I had texted was at a long table of people. All of those people were on a social sports team together from their law school. They were in their casual clothing. I was still in my khakis and button down and carrying a backpack from work. I sat down at the loud table of people who were bonded over their common education and social sports team.

Sheepishly, I tried to talk to the one person I knew, but she was surrounded by a strong network of people. Realizing my mistake, I made an excuse to leave the bar. Walking home quickly in an agitated state, I realized I had forgotten my bag. I raced back to get it. Did he even know anyone here? My takeaway from that night was that there was something wrong with me. But what I realized years later was that there was nothing wrong with me — though there was certainly something wrong with my scattershot approach.

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While I had gone to school with that girl, she had formed relationships through her own Social Collision since college. The fact that we went to the same college was not a common enough bond for me to just insert myself into her social group. So What Exactly is Social Collision? Social Collision is the most powerful concept I have encountered when it comes to meeting people naturally. It is perfect for introverted personalities and takes the pressure off of us in the first few encounters with new people. As I said above, you have likely engaged in Social Collision already, but the results suck because Social Collision is happening to you rather than you intentionally using it.

If you have kids, who are you friends with? The same goes for work colleagues. They all become friends because of Social Collision. Further, what if we were fired? All of our relationships would be sourced from one area beyond our control. We need to diversify. But the reason you default into these relationships is that they are easy and natural. I run into this mom at swim practice five times a week. My kid plays with her smelly kid for some reason. And off we go.

This is Social Collision used ineffectively and passively. Okay, so no more of that BS. We need to be intentional about it.

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For example, I used to take my dog to the same dog park every day at about 6 PM. The people there sucked! And so did their dogs! They were tired and stressed out from the day, and their dogs were wild from being cooped up all day. So I changed it up.