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Dine in with this brand new adventure! Cherry and Atticus Meet Underdog reviews Thor stops by to bring the others to come visit a city with him and his little sister to meet a superhero known as Underdog as he must go up against his arch enemy: Meanwhile, Krypto the Superdog is asked by the Dog Stars to find Underdog and recruit him to join their patrol as a fellow canine superhero and maybe even become new friends.

Gotham by Gaslight reviews In the Victorian Era, there is a serial killer on the loose known as Jack the Ripper, and the only hope for everyone in the town of Gotham is a mysterious man dressed like a bat. While that is going on, Selina Kyle is raising her orphaned niece who seems to come off as a snob due to her rich upbringing, but a street urchin is determined to become her first ever friend.

Akito and Estelle's Adventures of How the Grinch Stole Christmas reviews Akito, Estelle, Vincent, LJ and Zofia are sent into the magical world of Whoville where they find out that the Whos love to celebrate Christmas, but the one known as The Grinch doesn't enjoy it himself, but no one knows why, so they must help Cindy Lou Who as she seems to have a new distaste for the family winter holiday.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Rated: They soon get involved as she has a hard time singing in public when her dance class is putting on a production for Cinderella and she has to compete for the lead role with her rival, Priscilla Pinkpaws. Angelina Ballerina - Rated: Everything seems to go well until they are suddenly snowed in and stuck for a while, and it seems to be worse with Donald Duck acting like a Grinch around the merry holiday season, so everyone tries to cheer him and a homesick Patch up for a happy holiday for everyone. House of Mouse - Rated: Draculaura, Clawdeen, Cleo, and Frankie, come to visit Dracula's castle where the boys come over since Drak is the nephew of Dracula and the cousin of Draculaura, and they join each other in misadventures against the evil Dr.

The Fudo cousins are visiting New York City to spend Thanksgiving this year with Jenny and her parents, but not just her, also her Aunt Holly who loves animals as much as she loves her niece and her friends. Holly also gives Jenny a special book which sends them all on a brand new adventure involving friendly dinosaurs. A Dinosaur's Story - Rated: All seems to be going well, until something strange happens to Susan which turns her into a 50 foot tall monster woman and is taken away by the government where she meets some new friends as they must face against an alien overlord named Gallaxhar.

Atticus, Cherry, Lionel, and Mo reunite together after their last meeting together in fifth grade, but lots of changes are in store for them, and it's not just the new school year. They are hit by white rays which transform them into superheroes with three girls named Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup, and they must protect their home from evil. Powerpuff Girls Z - Rated: The Good, The Bad, and the Hounds In a story during the 's during the infamous Gold Rush, Huckleberry Hound and his niece and nephew are looking for a new home to start a new life for their family. The town is counting on one person to save them who disappeared roughly a year ago: Cherry and Katie's Undertale Adventure reviews Cherry, Katie, and Katie's little cousin Frisk are off to a hike for Mount Ebott with a legend of those who fall will never return.

They find this out the hard way as they accidentally trip and end up in another world against humans known as Undertale as they meet many strange characters and encounter strange places and experiences. Will they ever get back home? Cherry and Atticus Meet Paul Bunyan reviews While digging for a campsite, Cherry and Atticus find a journal which belongs to the one named Joe Muffaw who cheated in a competition against the legendary Paul Bunyan who turns out to be more than just a legend.

This was written a long time ago. Rodan and the Masters of the Universe reviews As a reward, Cherry, Atticus, Mo, and Patch watch an adventure with an orphaned boy named Rodan who wishes for a brand new home and a warm and loving family, but his wish comes true and he ends up in the world of Ethernia, and is adopted by King Randor and Queen Marlena, along with their family of The Heroic Warriors, but he must avoid Skeletor and the other villains or else.

Akito's Adventures of Big Hero 6 reviews Akito feels bored at home, so he finds a way to send him and the others into the town known as San Fransokyo where they meet their new friends, Hiro and Tadashi Hamada, who are more than they appear to be, especially when it comes to robotics. It becomes a new adventure after a disaster strikes, and they must team up with a robot known as Baymax. How soon can I retire from these?

Big Hero 6 - Rated: Yumi's Dad Dates a Mortal Yumi is wondering about her long-lost disappeared dad, and when she is told that he is alive, she decides to go with Ami, Marshall Lee, and Marceline to find him and reunite with him, but will it be worth it? Only this time, it's a monster that terrorizes the town. Estelle and the Pink Shoes reviews Madame Natasha is the headmistress of a prestigious dance academy and witnesses Estelle's unique talents in dancing like a prima ballerina.

Estelle then enrolls into her dance school as a new student and makes many new friends and has new adventures which involves a magical pair of ballet slippers. To make sure no magical emergencies happen, Patch brings along Salem for help. Justice League vs Teen Titans reviews Bat-Mite, an imp from the 5th dimension is exiled from his home and ends up in a whole new world.

They also must work together with a pain in the neck known as Damian Wayne. Felicity vs The Rise of Darkrai reviews Felicity has a series of nightmares about a terrifying looking Pokemon who everyone later finds out is Darkrai as they visit Alamos Town and run into an old friend on the way while also making friends with Ash, Emi, and Brock's new travel companion named Dawn. Tales from the Crib reviews Sinead is the baby sister of Angelica Pickles, and she joins her big sister and their baby friends in many misadventures as Rugrats, along with her best friend Phoebe who is a new baby in town.

Based on an RP with one of my best friends. We only own our OCs and everyone else so far belongs to Klasky-Csupo. Hope you enjoy it! Dragon and Werewolf Transfer reviews Every years, a dragon and a werewolf have an interesting meeting with each other to face a threat that could doom both the magical and the human world.

This comes into piece when Mike has to become a transfer student to Disneyville and the person she exchanges with is known as Jake Long who is also known as The American Dragon. Crossover - American Dragon: Welcome to the Loud House reviews The Weather family moves into the neighborhood and they meet their eccentric new neighbors of one boy and ten girls. Follow Zoe and Hercules as they have crazy misadventures with their new friends and neighbors who become like a family to them as Hercules teaches Lincoln how to deal with ten sisters while Zoe gets to have the joy of what it's like to have sisters.

Jolly Holidays with Mary Poppins reviews The Banks children are without a nanny and they decide that they want the perfect nanny to look after them while their parents are off at work at most of the time, and they receive none other than Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins - Rated: Boo York, Boo York Cleo de Nile invites Mike along with some of her own friends to come over to Boo York City as her father allows it for a special treat, but little does anyone know, there's a comet that comes every years that could strike the city during their vacation, including a pop star who is a werecat by the name of Catty Noir.

Not only does Lil come along, but also so do Lu and Og. However, it becomes a new adventure when they're suddenly sent into a new world that involves The Bat Villains and Batman being hunted as the bad guy. Return of the Loonatics reviews On a surprise lazy weekend, Akito, Estelle, Felicity, and Vincent are called to visit the Loonatics' Tower to help them out as they are in need of a new member, and they also bring along the Clark siblings: Lee, Marc, Megan, and Tony.

However, that's not all, they also make a new unique and special little friend. Patch and the Halloween Tree reviews It's time for Halloween, and Cathleen wants to spend it with Cherry and Atticus this year and have adventures with them since she never got to before. Not only that, but Robyn has also made five new friends named Tom, Ralph, Wally, Pip, and Jenny and they are going to have the best Halloween ever altogether, but something strange happens that seems to change their plans.

Cherry and Jack in The Boss reviews Cherry is suffering from chronic writer's block, so she decides to take her mind off the pain by watching her favorite YouTube Let's Player: However, something strange happens to both of them and they wake up together in a different world far from their own, and must go on an adventure to save everyone and the future state of humanity. I only own my OCs. Web Shows - Rated: World's Finest Adventure reviews Akito and Tony are having an infamous argument about who is better: They decide to go to Atticus and he soon tells them a story about how he and Superman met Batman and find out that Cherry is the goddaughter of The Dark Knight.

Venture, and even including two special surprise guests, but of course, there's a mystery to be solved which involves a curse from the late Cleopatra. It seems to be a very happy and adventurous birthday so far, but there's a secret that no one, not even Phoebe, knows that Skyla has when they must face against Sky Clone who is back for them.

Sky Dancers - Rated: Chicken and the Loch Ness Monster reviews Cow and Chicken's Aunt Isla and Uncle Snail come over with Snail Boy to take them to visit Scotland to have some adventure and find out more about their mother's side of the family. However, while there, Mystery Inc is visiting for The Highland Games and to see Daphne's cousin Shannon, but of course, there's a mystery and monster involved that changes plans quickly.

Atticus Goes Up, Up, and Away reviews Superman comes to visit the Fudo household when some strange things are going on in the neighborhood after a group called The Earth Protectors visit the school with their new computer program as homework assignments for the unsuspecting students. Atticus is also chosen to help out the powerless son of superhero couple: Warrior Woman and The Bronze Eagle.

Yuki and the Mighty Ducks reviews After the Comic Convention, Atticus's winning mail comes in from the sweepstakes and he had won them and they have front row seats to the Mighty Ducks hockey game and they are even given special passes which will allow them to meet the manager of the Mighty Ducks called Phil Palmfeather who decides to hang out with the group and tells them all about The Mighty Ducks' secret origin.

Mighty Ducks - Rated: Atticus and the Samurai Sword reviews When school is out of session for a break, Atticus and Cherry and their friends are off on an adventure in Japan for the martial arts tournament in Miss Mirimoto's Academy, but they have to help solve the mystery involving The Black Samurai who is in search of The Destiny Scroll and The Sword of Doom. Wakko's Wish reviews Cherry, Atticus, and Patch live in Acme Falls with Yakko, Wakko, and Dot where their home is filled with depression and despair living under the rule of King Salazar, but Wakko, Atticus, and Patch are determined to make everybody's wishes and dreams come true for a better future.

Cindy and her friends then form their own band together through the power of music and friendship, especially when Brianna's old rival, Shelly Tanner is also going to compete, which is challenging enough. Cartoon X-overs - Rated: Felicity and the Return to Auradon Prep reviews Felicity sends out a group invitation to her cousins to invite them to her school's Royal Cotillion.

It becomes an exciting time of the school year when Mal is trying to adjust to her new life with being the girlfriend of Prince Ben and Carlos de Vil is struggling to tell Jane how he feels about her, but that's not all that's in store for the Disney descendants. Descendants, - Rated: Cherry and Katie's Gotham Visit reviews Cherry is invited to visit Gotham City with a guest of her choice, so she decides to bring Katie along to meet Bruce Wayne himself in his mansion and the dark city of the night.

However, like anytime Cherry goes anywhere, it turns into an adventure, especially when two certain villains seem interested in both Cherry and Katie for some reason. Read and find out! Atlas and the Time Detective reviews Atlas starts a new job as a teaching assistant for Ms. Iknow's class along with a new student named Ophelia as they go on a field trip to a digging site. There, they meet Sara and Tony Goodman, the twin niece and nephew of Dr.

Bernie Goodman and they discover a strange being named Flint who is from prehistoric times who now lives with them in the 25th century. The Time Detective - Rated: Equestrian School Daze reviews School is in session when Twilight decides that she and the others should open up a School of Friendship. However, it won't be just for ponies, but just about every creature in the other kingdoms of the land such as Changelings, Hippogriffs, yaks, griffins, dragons, and even timberwolves.

However, it doesn't go as well as planned. Atticus's Adventures of Fusion Reborn reviews When Atticus gets killed after saving Cherry's life, he's sent to something called The Other World Tournament where he must compete with Goku to test whether he can go into Heaven or spend eternity of his afterlife in Hell, but it becomes a quick turn for the worst when a demon named Janemba starts challenging them. Dragon Ball Z - Rated: Akito and Estelle's Adventures of Stitch reviews Atticus is called away to go live in Okinawa, Japan for a year, and he is allowed to bring along his family for the journey to a new country.

On the way, the kids meet a ten-year-old girl named Yuna Kamihara who has just moved into town to live with her older cousin, Tigerlily, and she even has a familiar blue pet who Cherry and Atticus had not seen in many years. Cherry Rides the Rollercoaster of Friendship reviews Cherry is having a dilemma in her love life when she feels like she's in love with the nephew of Drell, but doesn't want to admit it to anybody. The others then decide to take her to Equestria Land: Tammy and Tommy's Rainbow Magic Adventure reviews The kids are visiting Tammy and Tommy, the twin children of Timmy and Annabelle, but it's actually a very important visit between the adults when Tammy finds a book called The Ultimate Book of Fairies.

She and the others are then told about the evil Jack Frost along with the good Rainbow Fairies as they must help save Rainspell Island from Jack before it's too late. Rainbow Magic - Rated: Cherry and Atticus's Adventures of Bunnicula reviews Cherry reads a new book about a vampire bunny rabbit named Bunnicula who lives with a mortal girl named Mina and has adventures with him and her other pets, Harold and Chester. However, Cherry and the others are called to see Mina in person to protect her from an evil prince named Damien who wants to make her into his bride.

Bunnicula series - Rated: It sounds like fun, but it's not like in the old days because the Muppets are broken up and separated. The group then finds out that an oil baron is looking to turn the studio into a museum for 10,, Will they be able to have dreams come true again?

Muppet Show - Rated: The Guardians of Cartoon Network City reviews When Sammy reads comic books about Supergirl and Superman forming their own hero teams to patrol their hometowns with, she gets inspired enough to make her very own with Junior, Sky, Alexandra, Jayna, Justine, Ellody, and Katrina. However, all is not well, when are things ever well when it comes to Mystery Inc anyway? There are rumors of something called The Crimson Witch who is out to destroy the rock and roll fun for everyone, but especially the famous rock band. Summer Belongs To You reviews Atticus and Patch take Cherry to Danville to visit Phineas and Ferb who plan to go on an around the world trip for the longest day of summer vacation known as the summer solstice.

Phineas and Ferb - Rated: Cherry and Atticus Return to the Sea reviews The Fudo and the Forte families are invited to the kingdom to visit Ariel and Eric, but especially Melody who is the birthday girl, but it is an unhappy one when she dreams about living life in the water compared to her mother's wishes to live on land. She gets her wish when a woman named Morgana decides to help her with her visiting cousins, and finds a new adventure under the sea Little Mermaid - Rated: Mo and the Treasure of Turtle Lake reviews Elizabeth and Jim are going out on a second honeymoon, and Junior feels lonesome without his parents around.

Mo, Gloriosa, and Timber then keep him company, and Cherry, Atticus, and Patch even come over as they read another Franklin story and get sent to an adventure involving the Turtle family that is darker than even expected. Within the school, everyone is quite excited about it, though Sky is nervous about going with Sky since they're not as open about their relationship, and meanwhile when Paulina comes to town, she brings her new friend from Alfea, Flora: The Fairy of Nature.

Cherry's Adventures of Beauty and the Beast reviews Cherry finds a book in the library called Beauty and the Beast which is her all-time favorite fairy tale, ever since she was a little girl. However, when she visits the library to read it, she finds herself in an adventure with the characters, especially with Belle who she becomes friends with and she helps him find something in a beast something she's never seen before. Boy Genius becomes a problem when a family from another dimension ends up in a strange adventure to get back home in one piece as they seem to get lost in all kinds of different worlds with very strange and unusual characters.

Will they ever get back home and will that invention even work properly again? A Cartoon Network fan fic. Cherry and Atticus's DuckTales reviews Based on the spin-off, in an alternate universe, Cherry and Atticus live with Donald Duck and his triplet nephews: Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They are then sent to live with the richest duck in DuckBurg named Scrooge McDuck who also happens to be the granduncle of the triplets, and they solve mysteries and rewrite history while discovering new adventures and their pasts.

While there, everything seems to be a holly and jolly holiday, except for Estelle, who is a bit of a Grinch this year, but why is this? While there, they move into the farm known as Sweet Apple Acres as Clark can help them harvest apples in time for the winter seasons and help out around the farm, as Clark decides to retire as a hero.

Cherry and Atticus Meet Cinderella reviews Cherry is on an adventure with her new friend Atticus as they are orphans in this story and befriend a nice young woman named Cinderella. They accompany her in many adventures to make all of their dreams come true such as going to the ball to dance with the prince.

Read and review, no flames. Cherry and the Chronicles of Narnia reviews During a heat wave, our favorite group of adventurers are sent to the 's where they meet four siblings named Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy who are forced away from their home and end up in a winter wonderland hidden in a mysterious wardrobe known as Narnia, leading into a big, epic adventure for everyone. Chronicles of Narnia - Rated: Melody and the Temple of the Sea reviews During a boring day at Melody's home, everyone decides to go for a swim, and they end up meeting their very good group of friends, who are unfortunately lost on a very hot and scalding day.

While adventuring, they meet a girl named Lizabeth and her family who are a traveling circus group, and they are told of a Pokemon named Manaphy and a legendary temple of the sea. Cherry and Atticus vs Monsters Unleashed reviews Cherry, Atticus, Mo, and Patch are invited to check out the Criminology Institute of the bad guys they had stopped with Mystery Inc, but unfortunately, their reputation is slowly ruined little-by-little after an accident caused by Shaggy and Scooby who decide to become more serious and no longer cowardly or goofy, but it becomes worse when the wax monsters come to life.

Scooby Doo - Rated: Cherry's Adventures of Rainbow Rocks reviews Atticus, Mo, Patch, and Cherry are called back to Canterlot High School to help out as three new students who go by a name of The Dazzlings who seem to be responsible for strange behavior such as making students hate each other's guts, but why is this? Find out as we join them in a musical adventure in time for the school's Battle of the Bands as Sunset Shimmer tries to be a friend My Little Pony - Rated: Justice League Dark Supergirl, Wonder Girl, and Shadow Wolf are helping out Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman respectively, until a strange dark case fills the cities that they protect from injustice and must band together to find out what is causing the problem in Metropolis, Washington DC, and Gotham City.

Constantine, Jo - Complete. Cherry's Adventures of Mulan Part 2 reviews Cherry is given a telegram from Mulan and Shang as they decide to live happily ever after as husband and wife. However, Patch overhears that a certain dragon will lose his job for the Fa family ancestors if the two get married, so they must plot a way to compromise for everything after Mulan is a well-known warrior in China.

Sucky summary, but better story inside.

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Atticus and Spyro's Dragon Adventure reviews Atticus buys a dragon statue from Cherry which has a special writing on it back in the time of The Vikings, and suddenly, is sent back in time to that era with Spyro and his father, and they are in The Isle of the Berk where vikings are all determined to hunt and kill dragons, but Atticus and his new friend Hiccup meet a special dragon and realize that dragons aren't the bad guys. How to Train Your Dragon - Rated: We Wish You a Merry Nickmas reviews Mike invites certain friends to come to Nicktropolis for the holiday break from school in a Nicktoons version of Christmas which the Nicktoons fondly refer to as 'Nickmas'.

Courtney Gripling is having a big party for anyone who wants to come, but will it be a Merry Nickmas for everybody? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my watchers. On the way, Mystery Inc comes along with other friends, only to find out Shaggy is feared, but it turns out he is the descendant of a violent gunslinger known as Dapper Jack Rogers whose ghost haunts the town. Cherry Goes to the Underworld reviews Cherry comes over to see her friend Cathleen, and the two hear about a strange woman from Cathleen's father known as Selene. Both are very curious, and decide to do some research and end up going back in time to see said woman who is apart of a war between vampires and Lycans for centuries despite both being friends as Cathleen is a werewolf and Cherry is a vampire.

Magical Exploring in Howl's Moving Castle reviews Two sisters named Gwendolyn and Sophie happen to meet and get into a magical adventure with the wizard known as Howl and visit his mysterious castle after being cast under a terrible and dreadful spell from The Witch of the Waste. Howl's Moving Castle - Rated: Cherry and Atticus in Good Wilt Hunting reviews Every five years, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends has a reunion for imaginary friends to reunite with their old creators.

However, Wilt seems to be left out from the celebration which makes everyone wonder who his creator is, but Wilt then decides to go to his old home on a mysterious adventure which leads everyone into looking for him on an adventurous road trip. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - Rated: Estelle Meets the Hunchback of Notre Dame reviews The family decides to go on vacation when Estelle is feeling the sad blues of a lonely and broken heart, so they visit Notre Dame to reunite with Quasimodo, Esmeralda, and Phoebus in time for the celebration known as The Festival of Love. Quasimodo is feeling the same pain as Estelle is as they both wonder about true love and wonder if it could happen for them.

Sidekicks for a Weekend reviews Cartoon Network City announces a contest for three lucky winners to become sidekicks for the legendary Cartoon Girls: Meanwhile, Kevin and Hermione Cuzzlewitz are determined to expose Action Girl's secret identity to the whole world, but it becomes a disaster for everyone when a certain villain comes to the city for world domination.

Estelle and the Floating Palace reviews The kids are a little bored at home and decide they would like to take a vacation. When they come to visit Enchancia, they find out that the royal family is planning a vacation of their own along a location called Merroway Cove. While there, Sofia meets a girl named Oona who happens to be a mermaid and they form a friendship together under the sea. Sofia the First - Rated: Casper's Adventures of Quints reviews Drell wants to test Casper's friendship and adventurous abilities by sending him to help out a classmate of his, a girl named Jamie Grover who soon grows sick of her parents' constant attention on her and wishes not to be an only child anymore, but the plan works a little too well when her mother is suddenly pregnant with quintuplets.

I bet no one saw this story coming. Cherry and Atticus at the Big Top reviews Atlas comes to visit Cherry and Atticus after Atticus has a series of strange dreams about werewolves robbing jewelry stores and tells them that he was sent by Drell as they need to go with Mystery Inc to find out about a mystery in the circus fairgrounds. Justin, Alex, and Max. The Russo family then take their new guests on vacation with them and Alex makes a very regretful wish and must set things right and they even need the help of their old friend, Robyn Starling, who is half-wizard.

Wizards of Waverly Place - Rated: Akito and Estelle Visit Jurassic World reviews Cherry and Atticus are requested by a man named Owen Grady to come visit a new theme park by the name of Jurassic World which, of course, brings back painful memories from early childhood. They decide to go for it though to see how much has changed from Jurassic Park about 20 years ago, and this time, they bring their kids along for the nightmarish ride. Jurassic Park - Rated: School's Out reviews It's time for summer vacation in Disneyville and everyone is quite excited.

However, summer seems to become a bummer when all of TJ's friends are headed for summer camp, leaving him all alone. His cousin Brianna also comes to visit with her boyfriend and they decide to hang out with him, but something strange is going on at school which could end the future of summer for everyone.

However, it becomes a big adventure when he and the others must protect the actress from certain doom which includes evil ninjas, one of which being an old foe of Kakashi's. While they are gone, the boys have an adventure of their own. While there, they find out that the new home is an apartment above the pet shop known as Littlest Pet Shop, but unfortunately, the pet shop is in danger of being shut down, so the girls must work together to keep it intact or else it's bye-bye for the pets!

Littlest Pet Shop - Rated: Darla Discovers a Bug's Life reviews When Darla disrespects bugs, Atticus decides that she should find out how tough it is to live a bug's life. Darla, Atticus, Amber, and Cherry then become ants and go to a place called Ant Island to find out just how hard it is to be a bug. A Bugs Life - Rated: Cherry's Adventures of Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior Yuki, one of Lilo and Darla's best friends, is told by her parents that she has to help a girl named Wendy Wu face of an ancient spirit of their people and Wendy is the next warrior in line to be trained along with Yuki up against the spirit, but at the same time, she has to struggle with the life of a high school student.

Homecoming Warrior - Rated: Elena hears about having an older brother who no one seems to want to talk to her about because of a certain dangerous adventure the former pizza boy once had before being locked up in The Arctic Circle Asylum. Patch's Adventures of Fox and the Hound reviews Patch and Colette recall the times of when Danielle experiencing her first crush that is Copper the Hound Dog, and back in the times when Copper's best friend was a fox kit named Tod who was adopted by a lonely human woman. This is the story of two animal best friends who come from two different worlds where Patch and the others try to help out.

Fox and the Hound - Rated: When they seem to be fed up by their next birthdays, they are invited to Hogwarts School of Wizardry where an old friend proclaims them of wizard and witch status. They then leave the home they have known and go to the school to learn about magic, fit in for a change, and go on various adventures with friends! Harry Potter - Rated: Nikki and the Poltergeist Report reviews When Duncan and Abby receive a distress call from Japan, they must head down there when Yusuke tells them that there is a problem in The Spirit World that has harmed Botan. Read more to find out what happens!

Meanwhile, the Professor gets to see his old college friend. I don't own any characters it belongs to their respective owners. While there, Tony feels like he doesn't fit in with anyone anymore, so he decides to run away with Banjo to a place called Salt Lake City, only to run into worse trouble, especially when they are thrown out for being homeless and poor until they meet someone to help them. New Hosts in Ouran High School An American girl named Alice Creed is going to be a new teaching assistant for Ouran High School just as a new student named Haruhi Fujioka is going to join the school due to being a high-achieved scholar, and even becomes a new member of the Ouran High School Host Club due to an accident involving an expensive price.

Sy Barry

Based on an RP and we only own our OCs. Penny and the Gargoyles reviews Atticus's little cousin does something very strange one night in her new home in New York City where there is just as strange behavior going on in the magical world when the magic students learn about the creatures known as gargoyles. It will surely be a magical learning experience for everyone as the Manhattan Clan awakens once more after years since the vikings. However, Dexter, Og, and Mary Test find out that Alexandra has gamma radiation in her blood which makes her revealed to be the daughter of the lawyer Jennifer Walters also known as The She-Hulk.

Contains secrets, surprises, romance, and a whole lot more! There, Estelle meets her destiny to meet Ahiru, also known as Princess Tutu, and they both engage in adventures together as young ballerinas with elements of fantasy and magic. Princess Tutu - Rated: It sounds easy to win with the team, but not so easy once they face The Savage Coyotes who might actually win this match. Cherry and Katie visit the fair and get their fortune told, however, it leads to an adventure in 's London and must help a little girl named Olivia Flaversham be reunited with her kidnapped father from the evil Professor Ratigan.

Great Mouse Detective - Rated: Restaurant Takeover reviews It's a typical day at the Krusty Krab until suddenly, Squilliam comes over to buy The Krusty Krab and causes drastic changes and actions to the Krusty Krew, and Finn, SpongeBob, and Squidward must band together to get the old Krusty Krab back before things get much, much worse for their futures as employees.

However, when another familiar group we all know and love also goes there, they are warned about Charlotte and Herbert Milton who are the ancestors of Dakota who are said to haunt the hotel and are on a bloodthirsty vengeance towards any guests who get in their way. X who is interested in having them work for him in order to get revenge against Justin and Justine, and the others for what they had done with them and even equips them with the powers of Pele's evil sister, Namakaokahai.

When Cherry and the ghouls then go off to Spring Break to meet Lagoona's family, they end up going to a place called Skull Shores where Frankie is worshiped almost like royalty. Monster High - Rated: Stupid Dog Show reviews Cleo is suddenly sick, so Jo has to take her to the vet, and meanwhile, leaves Steve in the car of Cindy just as there is an upcoming Dog Show, but Arnold senses there could be danger for the dogs involved in the show. What is wrong with Cleo? Will Steve win and participate in the dog show?

And why is this story just now being published and why are you not reading it? Darla's Adventures of Xena: When Drell agrees to let them go, Atticus is in competition when Cassandra's parents come to visit her, especially her father who was once the strongest warlock in the world, even stronger than Drell, a bigger challenge even comes when against Xena Warrior Princess vs Hercules. Warrior Princess - Rated: Protecting the Gecko reviews Jo, Justine, Sky, Brianna, Trent, and Cindy are out having a drive together, but then they spot an infamous gecko by the name of Martin who is trying to save the government with a blue gem that contains special powers that can make anyone a master of their abilities.

However, the yearbook will surely be a thing to remember for all, especially when a student nobody notices or pays attention to known as Wallflower Blush is off to corrupt everyone's memories of each other. Akito and Estelle in Codename: Kids Next Door reviews Akito, Estelle, and Vincent are playing a video game one night until they get an invitation to join a secret organization known as the Kids Next Door. While there, they help the leader of Sector V known as Numbuh 1 as he tries to look for a long-lost book about the fabled operative: Numbuh 0 against a dark force called Grandfather.

Kids Next Door - Rated: When Justin and Jayna win the leading roles, they are told about a legend that the actual Phantom of the Opera comes by once every years to kidnap the leading lady of the school play to make into his bride. Creep TV reviews Cassius and Dawn are dogsitting Courage, but they must find clues in order to help the cowardly dog free Eustace and Muriel from their haunted TV, and also, Cassius must be brave in the adventure and also to tell Dawn how he really feels about her.

Josie and the Haunted Showboat reviews The Tom Sawyer festival is this weekend, and the one and only band known as Josie and the Pussycats are preforming when Fred invites Brianna to visit with the rest of Mystery Inc, so she accepts as well as some other friends. Meanwhile, Eddy's girlfriend, Frida Suarez, is looking for a keyboard artist for her own band: Cherry and Atticus Meet Spider-Man reviews Cherry and Atticus end up on a high school field trip to a university which happens to be studying spiders.

They also meet Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson and must help them when Peter gets bitten by a radioactive spider and will then become the legendary Amazing Spider-Man. However, it becomes all of that when the friends meet a giant girl named Roselle who is with Wendy and Little Debbie after popular TV Commercial mascots are missing and have been taken away, and they must save the day!

The Phantom of the Opera reviews Claudine is the younger sister of Christine who joins on her adventure for their Angel of Music who gives them singing and voice lessons when Christine's childhood sweetheart Raoul is back in town in time for the newest show in Paris. However, the Angel of Music is very mysterious and has his heart set on a certain Daae sister. Phantom of the Opera - Rated: Cherry and Atticus's Adventures of Zoom reviews Cherry and Atticus hear a lot about the hero called Captain Zoom, and to their surprise, he is currently holding try-outs to be in his next Zenith Team after decades of fading into the background, and he needs their help to stop a nefarious foe known as Concussion, who is actually the evil brother of Captain Zoom.

Giselle and the Mystery of Mew reviews Giselle and Eloise are very excited to be apart of a festival in Cameran Palace with their Pokemon where they hear the legend of Sir Aaron, who has a history with a Pokemon named Lucario who had been asleep for nearly 1, years. They decide to help him, especially once Ash has been named the new Aura Guardian, and there is a mysterious Pokemon known as Mew is being hunted.

Legend of the Seven Seas reviews There is a new adventure, but surprisingly, Cherry, Atticus, Mo, and Patch won't be apart of it, instead, they get to watch it like a movie, as Sabrina's best friend Maritza is suddenly sent to meet Sinbad Jr and his trusty parrot companion, Salty, as they must go back in time to save Sinbad Jr's father in order to fix the time stream in Syracuse with the Book of Peace.

Legend of the Seven Seas - Rated: All is well so far, until, that is, Maleficent interrupts the party and puts a curse on one baby girl while she takes the other one to raise as her own daughter of evil until their sixteenth birthday where one will be cursed to die and the other one will raise against her. Sleeping Beauty - Rated: Big Boogey Adventure reviews When the Boogey Man causes Grim to lose his powers, rank, and title in the Underworld Court for misusing his powers, he plots to seek out Horror's Hand and take over the world.

The Rise of Carrie White reviews It's a normal day in Cartoon Network School, until there are strange supernatural signs going on throughout the school, and it reveals to involve the thought to be fictional character created by Stephen King, Carrie White, who is vowing revenge on someone she used to go to school with during the events of The Black Prom. Cherry and Atticus's Tales from Canterlot High reviews Mo tells the kids stories about her, Cherry, Atticus, and Patch's adventures in Canterlot High which involve all sorts of different kinds of magic, even from Equestria itself as they try to raise money to save Camp Everfree from their adventure in the forest last time, and even compete against Crystal Prep Academy for a music video competition.

Scooby Doo and Batman: Brave and the Bold reviews Batman teams up with the Scooby-Doo gang when villains from both of their worlds unite to wreak havoc on the city. Pure Blood in the Cross Academy reviews Yukiko is a new girl in the Cross Academy who is revealed to be the headmaster's biological daughter.

She is also due to marry Kaname after an arranged deal from their births, and they have many misadventures with fellow Night Students, and certain Day Students in their school in a story that you simply must sink your teeth into. Based on an RP, we only own our OC's. Vampire Knight - Rated: Akito and Estelle Meet the Incredibles reviews High school is a challenge enough, but after a case of superheroes being excluded from the world fifteen years ago, Atticus has been suffering from work related stress and depression which makes Akito want to help his father.

The two then meet their neighbor, Bob Parr, formerly known as Mr. Incredible, and find a way to fight crime as superheroes to regain their happiness. Tony's Adventures of Cardfight Vanguard reviews Tony is given a package in the mail which gives him a collection of cards known as Cardfight Vanguard. This then sends him and his friends and siblings into Japan where they meet Aichi Sendou, and they both must save The Planet Cray from falling into the an abyss as they help in with the search of the Neon Messiah as told by Blaster Blade. Saving the Kingdom reviews Princess Clara is rather down in the dumps as she thinks about her home kingdom, so she decides that she, Mike, and the rest of the Howling Wolves need to go down to the kingdom and save it after the throne has been ruled by Clara's evil Uncle Simon.

Cherry and Atticus Revisit Shrek reviews Sometime after Shrek and Fiona's wedding, Darla decides to have her friends over for a slumber party to watch Shrek 2 on DVD and along the way, they see Cherry and Atticus's old friend, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother who decides to go with them as she warns them about her opposite sister who has plans with her arrogant son, Prince Charming. Sammy and the Alien Invaders reviews The League jet breaks down and Mike, Lu, Cindy, Sammy, Manny, Frida, and Eddy end up meeting with Mystery Inc as they also break down in the desert and end up in a town where there is believed to be other visitors from another planet.

Patch's Adventures of Mighty Mouse reviews Muscles Mouse gets a letter from his old friend Mike who in actuality is Mighty Mouse the famed superhero from Mouseville, and Muscles invites his cousin Jerry and their good friend Patch to come to town with them to meet him and his girlfriend, Pearl Pureheart, as well as Mike's new adoptive son who was a big fan of Mighty Mouse, named Scrappy and they have a big adventure. Mighty Mouse - Rated: Satan announces that he will spend another 10, years ruling over Hell, which of course outrages Nicky's older brothers, Adrian and Cassius who then go to Earth to rule the mortal world as their own, so Nicky must go to Earth to stop his brothers.

A celebration milestone of stories on this site! Xandir and the Cyber Chase Jamie gets an email from his old friend in college, Eric Staufer, to come visit the State University to try out his new video game he created featuring Mystery Inc, so Jamie brings Mike along and she invites her video game friend Xandir, but they are all in for an adventure when they end up inside of the game and must go up against The Phantom Virus.

Mask of the Blue Falcon reviews Comic Con comes to town and no one is more excited than Shaggy and Scooby because it means they can meet their favorite superheroes known as The Blue Falcon and Dynomutt. However, things begin to change when the marketing demands a hipper and newer edge, especially a surprise appearance from not an actor, but the actual Action Guy who is the childhood idol of Mike Mazinsky. Akito and Estelle Meet Clifford the Big Red Dog reviews Georgette and Tito's puppies are finally born and they keep one to raise as she is the runt of the litter and is named Kiki.

Georgette then grows to miss her long-lost sister who lives in a place called Birdwell Island. When they all finally visit each other, they discover an odd sight: Clifford the Big Red Dog - Rated: Darla's Adventures of Lilo and Stitch reviews Cherry, Atticus, Mo, Patch, and Darla are on their way to helping collecting the remaining experiments which are Stitch's cousins with him and Lilo. It will be a rather long journey as they catch the experiment, turn them from bad to good, and find them their one true place where they truly belong.

Timmy and Annabelle's Adventures of Channel Chasers reviews When Timmy gets in big trouble with his parents, he decides that he wants to run away into the world of television where he can live any lifestyle that he wants, but little do he and his friends know, that a magical TV remote he wishes up causes trouble for the distant future where a visitor from there comes to take back the remote and stop Vicky the Babysitter.

Tom and Jerry join Robyn and her father to their family tradition of watching the Nutcracker Suite ballet, but Jonny Quest is also there and becomes Robyn's date for the evening, but they soon have a new adventure in a musical and land of the dance that is The Nutcracker Prince. Return to Moonscar Island reviews Justine has an idea to go back to Moonscar Island and gathers everyone together so they can go back for a visit, much to almost everybody else's dismay after she hears from Lena that the house that Simone owned with her had been sold.

Akito and Emi's Adventures of Neopets reviews In the distant future, Akito is hoping to propose to the girl of his dreams: However, at the same time, Drell has plans for them to go on a mission in a fantastical world known as Neopia where they meet a lupe who aspires to become a knight of Meridell Acres named Tor and an arcara girl named Roberta and must face against The Darkest Fairy.

There, they meet Dipper and Mabel who are also spending the summer to meet their great-uncle and they all go on all sorts of strange and unusual adventures that are beyond average. Gravity Falls - Rated: Spyro Goes to the Dragon Games reviews Atticus raises a newly hatched dragon egg named Spyro until he is old enough to participate in the Dragon Games which are hosted in Ever After High.

When the time comes, Spyro is excited to meet other dragons and begin his own adventure with fellow dragons of the fairy tale of a school as Raven and Crow are having mommy issues with Evil Queen who is eager to leave the Mirror Realm. Selene, Nicky, and Mrs Doubtfire reviews Selene is a very good friend of Daniel Hillard's who is helping him out through tough times during his bitter divorce with his now ex-wife Miranda, and it gets worse when he can only see their children one day a week, and he is desperate to spend more time with them again.

Paws' puppies known as the Santa Pups: Hope, Charity, Jingle, and Noble. Search for Santa Paws - Rated: Mike then decides he needs a good scare to put him in the happy holiday spirit, so she contacts her Aunt Penelope from the Ghost Zone for help along with Lu and Og. Mike Gets Drawn Together reviews Foxxy Love is asked to stay in a house with other people she doesn't know, but feels empty along the way, she decides to adopt a child named Mike Mavinsky on the way and raise her in the house as her child and to take on anything they both can being in the world's first animated reality show.

New Allies and a Princess The Crystal Gems find out that Jasper is loose somewhere in Cartoon Network City, and they must go after her, but of course, they're going to need the help of a certain group of teenagers selected by Princess Myra who had chosen them as the Protectors of Earth ages and ages ago back in Camp Wawanakwa.

Neverland Chronicles A girl named Chris is curious of other worlds based on her father's thoughts and memories from a childhood experience no one would dare possible of when he visited Neverland and Chris is determined to find the second star to the right and run away from home when her parents hire an au pair for her. Peter Pan - Rated: Island of Adventures reviews Kahila is visiting Hawaii to meet her cousins and their new precious pet adopted into the family, but the family soon finds out that the pet is actually an alien from outer-space.

Werewolves at the Big Top Mike, Jo, Sky, Cindy, and Maxwell plan on going to Atlantic City with Mystery Inc along with their guests from Nicktropolis, of course with Phil, Lil, Arnold, and even Reggie, but Otto, Sam, and Twister sneak aboard to find out what the big secret is as they leave town after a series of werewolves robbing jewelry stores for an unknown purpose and must blend in with the circus.

Megan and the Secret Saturdays reviews Megan is beginning to feel like something is missing in her life as her brothers and neighbors go on a W. H agent mission to find a missing relic known as The Kur Stone which was hidden by The Secret Scientists nearly ten years ago, but they also run into a special family who are in search of the same artifact known as The Saturday family who are a group of cryptidzoologists. Secret Saturdays - Rated: Evaine and Kayley's Quest for Camelot reviews After the death of Sir Lionel and the reign of Sir Ruber, Lionel's older daughter Kayley must go on a quest to Camelot to save their home and family along with her young friend Evaine who craves her own adventure while Guinevere is made to stay behind as Kayley's younger sister and is also promised from birth to marry King Arthur.

Quest for Camelot - Rated: Cherry and Atticus in the Return of Jafar reviews Some time has passed since the first adventure in Agrabah, so Casper awaits the next adventure as soon as Doc Croc and Yoyo come to see him and the others and they reunite with Aladdin, Abu, and even Princess Jasmine, but they must handle the return of Jafar and a strange new friendship with Iago?

Gloriosa and Timber are too worried about leaving their nieces and nephews alone on a journey far from home and decide to meet Pokemon up close for the first time while the gang visits LaRousse City to a Pokemon Battle Tower. Hybrid Girl reviews Hannah feels like she isn't special because she hasn't achieved anything like her fellow Nicktoons have done, so she decides to create a superhero identity for herself known as Hybrid Girl as Nicktropolis becomes very dangerous to live in with villains wrecking havoc without a superhero to take care of things for the citizens.

Dee Dee and the Nutcracker When it's almost Christmas, the gang goes over to celebrate the holidays with Dee Dee who is hosting a special holiday party with her family and she is brought into her own adventure when her Magic Uncle Fergle O'Reilly comes to visit with a present for his favorite niece which is a familiar looking nutcracker doll and she dreams of being a Sugarplum Princess.

Darla's Adventures of Jungle Book reviews Darla accompanies Cherry, Atticus, Mo, and Patch to revisit a certain jungle where they met the one called Mowgli The Man Cub after he starts living in the jungle with other humans in order to fit in and start a new life, but he's anything but happy as he misses the life he once had in the jungle and to make matters worse, Shere Khan is revealed to be coming back soon for revenge.

Jungle Book - Rated: Cherry and Atticus in Mortal Kombat Cherry is tired of being pushed away in the sidelines since Atticus is as strong as a god, so she attempts to be in Mortal Kombat fighting simulations, and her wicked dreams soon come true when she and Atticus are invited to the International Mortal Kombat Competition to meet the fighters up close and in person so they can become professional and independent fighters.

Mortal Kombat - Rated: Hallie, Annie, and the Loch Ness Monster reviews Hallie and Annie find out that their late grandmother was originally from Scotland and decide to go for a visit to find out more about her while Darla is joining Atticus as he participates in the Highland Games for a Scottish vacation with friends and family. Meanwhile, Patch is wondering whatever became of his other nephew, Little Dipper. Adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom reviews Dinky is a lost little girl in the Mushroom Kingdom who comes to Mario and Luigi for help as they are assigned by Princess Peach to work with the visiting princess from the Metalite Kingdom to become allies against Bowser and his family from future kidnapping to Princess Peach.

Only OC's are owned while everyone else belongs to Nintendo. Mike and Lil's Drawn Together Adventure reviews Mike and Lil have been together for a long time now and decide to announce their love to the closest thing Mike has ever had as a family, The Drawn Together crew. However, the gang finds out that their show has been cancelled and Mike and Lil have to help them as a robot is planning on erasing them all from existence. Felicity and the Descendants reviews Akito, Estelle, and Vincent accompany Felicity on a trip to her new school which is called Auradon Prep.

However, along the way, Felicity learns that the students are divided by heroes and villains and she must learn to accept who she truly is because of how her father formerly was. Atticus and Patch's Adventures of Cats and Dogs reviews Atticus and Patch haven't been able to spend much time together lately due to having busy work away from each other.

Feeling bad about this, Skippy turns Atticus into a dog in order to spend more time with Patch as they are both given a special mission from The Pound Puppies to help stop the evil plans from a cat named Mr. Tinkles who hates dogs and wants to destroy them all. Hybrid Transfer Student reviews At Nicktropolis High and Cartoon Network School, there is a student transfer program in which one student from each school will transfer to the other for a whole week.

How will they survive? Hell Girls in School reviews In a sequel to Hex-Change Students, Brad and Shawn bet their counterparts from The Shadow Universe, Beverly and Bianca, that they can't go to school and fit in like they were able to win a bet against their girlfriends and attend the school, pretending to be Brad and Shawn's twin sisters as new transfer students in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving school play.

  • Using Intensive Interaction and Sensory Integration: A Handbook for Those who Support People with Severe Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Stop Pink Eye.
  • Make No Mistake.

Daisy Babysits Bebe's Kids reviews One day, Buddy's sister Bebe calls and says that she's bringing her three kids into town and they need looking after. Cindy is of course terrified of her troublesome cousins and her parents are busy, so Buddy has Daisy babysit the kids to keep them in line, especially after their adventure at an amusement park with their babysitter's new boyfriend. Akito and Estelle vs the Forces of Evil reviews Akito, Estelle, Vincent, Felicity, Lee, Marc, Tony, and Megan's school is getting a new foreign exchange student, but not just any exchange student, the student is Star Butterfly who is the princess of another dimension known as Mewni.

The Forces of Evil - Rated: A Tattletail Christmas reviews Charlie and Emmy are very anxiously awaiting Christmas Day so they can play with their new toys which they find out one night are Tattletails, the hottest new toys of the 90's. Camp Scare Fred is wanting to take the gang over to his childhood summer camp known as Camp Little Moose and Mike finds this as a perfect opportunity to show her island friends Lu and Og all about summer camp like when she used to be an exchange student with them.

However, the camp is rumored to be haunted and it's more than just a campfire story. Smile for the Ed reviews It's Picture Day in Cartoon Network School, and Eddy is excited to have the perfect school photo because if he does, he will be able to move into his older brother's bedroom, but all is not well when not surprisingly, Kevin ruins it. Cherry's Adventures of Justice League War reviews In an alternate universe, Atticus is an orphan who is undercover as the superhero known as Sayia Man. One night, a strange force from something or someone known as Darksied invades the city and involves superheroes known as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, and even Batman.

Cherry decides to help her friend as Lady Gothika, and they all form an alliance together. Justice League - Rated: Cherry and Atticus are in for the adventure of a lifetime when they get to meet WordGirl and Captain Huggyface. However, things are going hard for the young heroine lately as supervillains seem to ruin her schedule whether as a superhero or as her ordinary alter ego until they meet a new force named Miss Power and her sidekick, Colonel Gigglecheeks.

Cherry and Atticus vs The Storm King reviews Twilight is planning a Festival of Friendship as she is beginning to doubt herself as the Princess of Friendship, but her friends come to help her as they go on a very epic adventure when two evil forces called Tempest Shadow and her right hand stallion Thunder Cloud come to rain on the Equestrian parade, the others must seek the help from Queen Nova, Queen of the Hippogriffs. Darla's Adventures of Hannah Montana reviews Darla, Amber, Annabelle, and Maisy are bored at home, so they listen to their favorite pop star.

Coincidentally, an old friend of Patrick's comes to the door and invites them to a very same concert of that subject and takes them to meet the one and only Hannah Montana! Hannah Montana - Rated: Mo's Adventures of Captain Planet reviews The week that Mo is allowed to spend in Hope Island finally arrives as she is going to meet Captain Planet of course, along with Gaia, and the Planeteers up close.

However, it becomes a nightmare when the Eco-Villains sense a powerful energy inside of Mo and decide to use it against Captain Planet and his helpers by giving all of the energy to the evil Zarm to defeat them. Captain Planet - Rated: Cherry and Atticus's Adventures of Popeye reviews Aunt Delilah invites Cherry, Atticus, Mo, and Patch to join her to meet her dear old friends known as Popeye and his wife, Olive Oyl as well as their son, Junior, in Sunny Haven who would rather eat hamburgers than his father's old love for a vegetable known as spinach.

The White Lioness reviews Meg is having a hard time as she wishes to become a superhero. After an accident of her getting hit by a truck with toxic waste that explodes on her, she soon gets her wish as she is given special abilities that of a superhero and even has the natural abilities that of a white lion such as the famed cub known as Kimba from the manga series.

Cherry's Adventures of Chicken Little reviews Cherry, Atticus, Patch, Tod, and Copper have an adventure from the Pound Puppies with a surprise for Tod that takes them into the world of a town known as Oakey Oaks where the town fool known as young Chicken Little is seen as strange and a laughing stock by the other people due to his belief of the sky falling and they try to help him out in many painful misfortunes.

Chicken Little - Rated: Akito and Estelle Meet the Care Bears reviews In the second week of summer camp, Akito and Estelle are faced with meeting special creatures known as The Care Bears who visit the camp when their new friends are beginning to doubt themselves to become Camp Champs due to the bullies bringing them down, but they must help them out when a great enemy appears known as Dark Heart. Care Bears - Rated: Mike Mazinsky and the Wolf Children reviews It's a normal time in Cartoon Network City until Jamie receives a mysterious letter from a woman named Hana who he then reveals to Mike is an old friend of the family's.

Her late husband Ookami was a good friend of their mother's and she invites them to come see her in Tokyo, Japan as she struggles to raise her wolf hybrid children named Yuki and Ame. Will they be up for the task? Sleepover at the Jetsons reviews As a reward for her good grades, George and Jane allow Judy to have a slumber party and invite anyone she wishes. All is well until Zelda Spacely and Marcia van Marsdale and Zelda Spacely plot against Judy and the others to ruin the slumber party and Cameron and DJ even try to infiltrate the party disguised as girls.

Denny Lien writes, " Wellington and his dog Boot plot elements often revolved around them being out of food and hungry, requiring schemes to scrape up a few pence to buy sausages and then having disagreements about how to divide same , so it's probably only to be expected that Boot wound up eating him. Cole Odell wonders if this is a reference to Belle et Sebastian. The picture is of three of the Seven Stars in happier times: Captain Universe, an invisible Mina wearing the hat of Vull , and Marsman.

He treats himself electronically and thereafter, whenever he shouts the word ' Galap ', electronic impulses from outer space vibrate through him, endowing him with superhuman powers. He becomes Captain Universe, the Super Marvel! He was a thief who used a technologically-advanced helmet to turn invisible.

Just as Norton talks about events in our world which are baffling to the League, and seems to be following their adventures in the comics. So KG could indeed refer to Crowley's real-life disciples. The build and hairstyle of the of the 'What Now? The male figure in the painting could be Haddo.

It does seem to be painted as shadowy or a ghostly apparition which Haddo is in The events of Century: What happened to Carnacki? David Knight writes, "I think Haddo is lying to wind up Mina and goad her into attacking him, thus injuring or killing Allan. His diet towards the end of his days in Hastings was apparently just this, though. Rekow writes, " See Page 24, Panel 1, right-bottom corner, on the tray. On the left, the eight advertisements for prostitutes are references to British comics. The titular character is actually a boy, Bob Dewar.

Bessie is mentioned on page 86, panel 7 of Black Dossier. The titular character is a blonde schoolgirl. The magazines we can see in the shop window are: So, the title should be a bit more evident. The series is about a battery-operated boy doll and his adventures in his rocket ship. Joe McNally notes that ""Fluck" was the original surname of British actress Diana Dors, something of a sex-symbol in Britain in the fifties and sixties.

Andy Capp is a working-class British drunk. His visiting a tawdry porn shop is entirely in keeping with his character. On the cover of the magazine Lonely has dropped we do actually see a bare bottom and a slipper. The slipper was a common sight in UK comics of that period, as the naughty children in these — of which there were many — usually got their comeuppance in the form of a spanking with a slipper, usually by their fathers. Jay Eales writes, "Just a little clarification on the above.

The reason why Lonely breaks off mid-sentence is because he's associated with David Callan, and not Jack Carter, so as Moore has conflated the two, he can't finish the sentence without naming him. Lonely always calls him "Mister Callan". Just a nice coincidence that both characters' names start with "Ca". Damian Gordon writes, "Callan was also constantly criticizing Lonely about his malodorous nature. The top one shows Minnie the Minx, who is still appearing in The Beano and is wearing her trademark black beret with red bobble.

The cover underneath shows Beryl the Peril, easily identifiable by the red ribbons in her hair. In a confined space? Steve Flanagan writes, "Lonely's nickname was derived from the fact that he rarely bathed. Markus Pederson writes, " The girl in the foreground on p 18, p 7, could be a grown up Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgrens heroine from three children books written in the mid to late forties.

All the features fits: Her muscular physique gives away the characters super strength. One of Pippis belongings was a bag full of money; my guess is that that is the very same bag she's carrying here, but that she's run out of gold coins and has been forced to pursue a new, ahem, career This also fits with a recurring theme that runs through the series where characters from childrens literature are put in more sordid situations. Schexnayder also noted this. I suspect the woman with the cork-dangling-hat is a reference to Mavis Bramston, the star of the Australian sketch comedy tv series The Mavis Bramston Show Bramston was often seen wearing a similar hat without the corks , and hats with corks dangling from them are a trademark of the Australian Ocker character.

David Ritchie writes, "Originally the character was Melbourne housewife Mrs. He imbibes no small amount of alcohol and has a fair number of "chunders" as documented in this frame , a term popularised by the original comic strip written by Humphries. There were two subsequent films, too. Is the man at the right of the frame Barry Humphries himself, I wonder? Joe McNally writes, "the man on the right of the frame is likely to be yet another Humphries creation, Sir Les Patterson. At the end of the episode Gallion dies. Since next door to the Basement is a restaurant, this could be what he did before opening his hotel?

Steve Flanagan writes, "The beret and red-and-black striped jersey suggest that the woman of the left is a grown-up version of "Minnie the Minx", created by Leo Baxendale for "The Beano" in the s a grown-up version of "Roger the Dodger" appears later. Titled Mogul during its first season, The Troubleshooters is about a corrupt international oil company. Thanks to David Allen Jones for the correction here. The black-haired gentleman in the bowtie on the far left of this panel is of course the second Doctor Who, played by Patrick Troughton from Alternatively, this is the Doctor and Jamie in the middle period of Season 6b , having just blown up an alien base in London for the CIA Celestial Intervention Agency , and he is now being followed by the minions of the Terrible Zodin.

That or minions of the Rani the woman on the corner looks like the Rani's disguise in Mark of the Rani. Department store Pinters , Ltd. Josh Reno writes, " it is also the location of 'Gosh! London' which is a famous comic book store where Moore and O'Neill have appeared before to sign new issues of the League. Graham Tugwell writes, "Note in the the top left corner Thunderbird 2 flying, possibly towards the flames and smoke in the distance. Google for an image of him and you'll see what I mean: A few of these superhero comics were seen in the newsstand in Black Dossier on Page 93, Panel 1.

Moving counterclockwise from the lower left: Dean was a comic artist and Shirley MacLaine was his model! Kevin was misremembering the name. BTW, this was a few years before Batwoman even appeared in the comics. In the course of fighting a world-conquest-driven computer the Second Doctor and his companions Zoe and Jamie encounter a superhero, the Karkus , who appeared in the Hourly Telepress in the year Greg Daly writes, "The Karkus isn't just a reference to Doctor Who, but a particularly apt one, in that he appeared in a story featuring the Second Doctor It was planned as a vehicle for Frank Hampson, who was to be tempted away from Eagle which had just changed hands to far less sympathetic publishers to effectively animate the title as arival to Eagle.

With Hampson at a stage where he wanted to direct and inspire series rather than actually draw them, no deal could be struck and Bulldog never appeared. In the episode the CSI characters are called in to investigate a murder committed at a convention celebrating a s Star Trek -like science fiction show called Astro Quest. The costume the character wears on the cover of Astro Quest here is much like the ones seen in the flashbacks in CSI. Heisenberg is after all the man after whom the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is named. He name drops and references physicists and scientists, particularly those in quantum physics.

Perhaps Mithras is the League version of Christ? So Orlando, having constantly referenced his place in the Roman military would not only be familiar with mithraic worship, but also want to rub in in people's faces. He appeared, much younger, in Black Dossier on Page 20, Panels The Birthday Party and Ban the Bomb. Two sinister strangers, Goldberg and McCann, who arrive supposedly on his birthday and who appear to have come looking for him, turn Stanley's apparently innocuous birthday party organized by Meg into a nightmare. Both events are contemporaneous with Black Dossier, the main body of which is set in Peace and love depresses me.

In A Cure for Cancer , the second Jerry Cornelius novel, Cornelius is a photonegative from his original appearance: Or it may be a reference to something else entirely. Some installments were scripted by Mike [Moorcock], others by M. Some of the strips later appeared in The Nature of the Catastrophe and the whole lot appeared in the initial Millennium issues of The New Nature of the Catastrophe.

This started in IT 58 in June , and appeared in a few subsequent issues, on no regular schedule. Scans of the original pages can be found here. Zack Smith has this from Moore himself: With a lovely cover by genius artist John Picacio. Cornelius hints here that Andrew Norton is a part of this as well. Tim Chapman points out that Moorcock specifically modeled Taffy Sinclair on Sinclair, which further fleshes out the reference in this panel. Greg Daly writes, "I'm pretty sure the gentleman with the cucumber and the blonde lady are meant to be a young Arthur and Pauline Fowler from BBC's Eastenders , which didn't begin broadcasting till Pauline's family, the Beales, had owned for decades market stall, and the two characters do resemble Bill Treacher and Wendy Richard.

Peter Craven in the hat, Duffy in the sheep-skin coat, and blonde Sharon. Sam Johnson writes, " I wish to offer you a suggestion to your annotation of the current issue of The League. I believe I have some insight pertaining to the scene on page 21, panel 5, of a man offering a woman a cucumber. One of the sketches is entitled Confessions of a Cucumber Salesman and follows the bawdy adventures of a sexually active cucumber salesman.

This sketch is set in the late sixties, and so would fit with The Leagues setting. This shows that Moore has prior knowledge of this programme. This makes sense, if that's indeed, as I think it is, an aerial train flying by! For what it's worth, just before the roundel was introduced, the London General Omnibus Company had a similar emblem, with a winged wheel and a bar across it.

In , the Greater London Council put forward serious plans to build an electric monorail system in central London - there's a contemporary mock-up of what it would have looked like in Regent Street here. Jeremy Martin writes, "My guess is that this is just a twist on Green Shield stamps. I Scoop the most base and yellow of yellow journalist papers is the Daily Brute.

I think it's somebody emulating him, though; the emblem he's wearing, curiously, isn't Hynkel's double-cross, and is instead seems to be a red Cross of Lorraine on a black background; this is the Norsefire emblem from the 'V for Vendetta' film, which is a bit odd, given that Moore says he's no fan of it. The film was based loosely on the novel of the same name by Terry Southern, and the scene in question does not occur in the book.

A trade unionist with Stalinist sympathies, ten years on I suspect the pair of men in middle-left panel are Steptoe and Son. It grants its wearer invincibility. I wondered if there might be anyone else that the initials might fit, in the real world. Jules Fattorini notes, "The Altantis Bookshop is used as the model for the bookshop depicted here. Gallion died, and Mr. Somewhat incongruously there's a bust of AD 's Nemesis the Warlock, which only began in the early s. Kev O'Neill designed the character and drew the story in its early years, but this doesn't really explain what the Nemesis bust is doing here.

Having said that, Nemesis certainly could travel in time; one photo-comic in a special featured him visiting London's Forbidden Planet comic shop in the late s, and volumes seven and nine of the regular strip were set in fifteenth-century Spain and s London respectively. There's a useful history of Nemesis here. In real life, there is no 81 Powis Square , the house used is actually 25 Powis Square. Very into old Mr. Robby Karol writes, " re: I wondered if it also could simultaneously be a reference to the song by Arthur Lee's band Love, "She Comes in Colors".

Beausoleil also ended up recording a soundtrack for Anger's Crowley-inspired "Lucifer Rising", which Anger had collaborated on with Mick Jagger. Finally, Beausoleil had also been in a band called the Orkustra after leaving the Grass Roots. This is mostly taken from Bill Landis' Kenneth Anger biography. The item with John P.

Jon- on it seems to be a record sleeve, rather than a book, and I think you can see a bit of the record peeping out from the top of it. Freshly plucked from her Wikipedia entry: Adam Bezecny writes, "During the flashback to the death of Haddo, after the transference ritual, Gallion says, "I'm perplexed", which is supposedly what Frieda Harris said upon hearing that Crowley was dead.

However, later on, we see this house referred to as Netherworld. Bill Thomson writes, "I think the illustration of Netherwo It's presented from a similar angle and the sign-off line after thair adventures was always " I knew when I heard that thunderclap It was the gods, welcoming him. Patricia MacAlphine , the mother of Crowley's son Aleister Ataturk, said that on the day Crowley died the weather was very calm, but at the moment of his death a gust of wind caught the curtains in his room and a peal of thunder was heard as if "It was the gods greeting him.

A jongleur , yeah? He lured rocket scientists into his cult, then sold their secrets abroad. British intelligence investigated, Kosmo had a heart-attack and died, apparently. You can see it here. Diabolik is a ruthless Fantomas -like master thief who has appeared in Italian comics since This particular reference might be to the events of the Mario Bava film Danger: They rival the Rutles! Jeremy Briggs adds, "The spaceship on it, which looks like a s circular space station, is the Elekton spaceship which crashed on Earth and which contained the records of the Trigan civilisation.


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Also as seen in Black Dossier , an abandoned Martian tripod was turned into a playground. The woman is carrying a Fenner bag—see Page 20 Panel 1 above. According to the synopsis of the movie at IMDB: Alan Alda plays a classical piano player on the rise who befriends a famous player himself who's at death's door. Unknown to Alda , the guy is a satanist , who arranges to have their souls switch places at his death, so that he can be young again and continue to play piano thus needing a skilled piano player like Alda to switch bodies with.

This would fit in very neatly with the body-swapping that Haddo has been doing. Wilson was born in and still lives there, in a cave on Amberfide Moor. But he has extraordinarily long life thanks to a diet of gruel, nuts, berries, and wild roots, and various special breathing exercises. They also enable him win every world track and running record, beginning by running a three-minute mile.

Wilson was mentioned on Page 9, Panel 3 of the Black Dossier. Flash, a former Mercurian space-policeman, had been depressed by his waning popularity. Flash is the son of a leading Mercurian scientist who crash-lands a ship in England and uses his powers to fight evil here on Earth. Mark Patterson writes, "It might also be worth explicitly noting that the reference to "three failed attempts to gas himself" is playing on the repetition of "it's a gas, gas gas" in the lyrics to the song.

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Geoffrey Tolle writes, "He tried to kill himself by hurling himself from a tower-block. This would re flect the Tower tarot card. Roger appears to have impregnated Kate For Max Foster, see Page 43, Panel 2. In the books Mike Thingmaster is a Connecticut woodworker and a revolutionary Communist who defeats a corrupt capitalist conspiracy and achieves a Communist utopia in the United States.

At least, I think he did. Eric Berlatsky author of the forthcoming Alan Moore: Conversations writes, "Vita Sackville-West and many of her Bloomsbury cohort have been accused of anti-semitism by a variety of later writers. Googling Vita Sackville-West and anti-semitism yields the usual accusations and evidence. In the novel, Bovex is the treat which oppresses the impoverished protagonist the most—he wants it and cannot afford it, and he hates it as well. The statue you can see in the background of a winged figure with a bow is the figure of Anteros - sometimes called The Angel of Christian Charity and popularly mistaken for Eros — which is to be found atop the Shaftesbury memorial fountain in Piccadilly Circus in London.

On the left-hand side we have two men who look to be Peter Bowles on the left, and Dick Emery on the right. In the Dick Emery Show, which ran from to , one of the characters Emery played was called Clarence, a flamboyant and pretty obviously gay man, played for laughs. You can see a picture of him to compare to the panel here: The brunette is very similar to Christine Noonan who played the unnamed woman who becomes romantically involved with Travis and is with him in the rooftop shootout although she wears a camoflage jacket in that scene.

The hairstyles of both seem very close to what the characters in "If The figure page 29, panel 7 doesn't seem to be wearing anything similar to what Travis wears in the film and the roses which are displayed prominently in this picture fit are not part of the film. There's is a pivotal scene involving caning - but it's clearly intended as a punishment not eroticism.

All this said, it would seem a bit strange for Travis to not appear in this issue since McDowell's performance was a breakthrough and paved the way for his appearance in other landmark British films of the era. At one point Williams proposed a marriage of convenience to Sims, but it never came to pass. Gay Paree is probably just another chance to reinforce the gay theme of the frame. Bona Fashions refers to the BBC comedy radio show Round the Horne - , and in particular to the two characters Julian and Sandy, played by Hugh Paddick and Kenneth Williams, who were very obviously camp homosexual men.

To quote from the Wikipedia article: As well as being highly amusing, Julian and Sandy were notable for being two camp homosexual characters in mass entertainment at a time when homosexuality was still illegal in the UK, and for the use of Polari in the sketches. The writers and cast thought the characters worked very well as they were not being held up to ridicule or simply there to be the target of a joke: Kenneth Horne would find these two characters usually by looking in a rather risque magazine which he would insist he bought for innocent reasons.

This would lead him, more often than not, to a business in Chelsea starting with the word "bona" Polari for "good". He would enter by saying, "Hello, anyone there? I'm Julian and this is my friend Sandy! Hence the name Bona Fashions, which I believe was used in one of the episodes. Polari or alternatively Parlare , Parlary , Palare , Palarie , Palari ; from Italian parlare , "to talk" is a form of cant slang used in Britain by actors, circus and fairground showmen, criminals, prostitutes, and by the gay subculture.

Joe McNally writes, " I think it's much more likely that the gent with the 'tache is Jason King, from Department S and the eponymous swinging sixties detective series, played by Peter Wyngarde. Similarly, from the gap in his front teeth, the flamboyant gent in pink is more likely to be Are You Being Served's Mr Humphries, played by John Inman. Wyngarde, Inman, Kenneth Williams and Jimmy Edwards were all secretly or at least not publicly gay at a time when this could easily finish an actor's career - which in fact happened to Wyngarde after he was discovered having sex with a lorry driver in a public toilet.

The woman looking on disapprovingly may be morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse, who began her anti-smut crusade in Bill Thomson writes, ": During his management of John's Children, he devised an extremely camp stage show which involved band members whipping each other with chains and tossing feathers into the audience. Hence the extravagant plume in his hat? Huw Price writes, "Same panel, I wondered if that might be Mary Whitehouse looking on disapprovingly in the middle rather than Joan Simms? It's just that Joan is seen earlier in the club and was still fairly young at this time.

In , she'd have just been in Carry On Camping as the romantic interest of Sid James; the woman here appears quite frumpy and somewhat older than Joan should be. Mrs Whitehouse would most definitely disapprove of everything going on in this frame. Doug Glassman writes, "On pages , the entire sequence of covering up the dead body is a reference to "Hole In The Ground" as sung by Bernard Cribbins. Here's a link for you: By the end of the song, the man with the bowler is dead in the hole. Humorously, the hole is square, while Cribbins was insistent on making it round Bonehead was the stupid one.

In Performance the voice of a black musician, Noel, is heard. Noel is voiced by Ian McShane. From left to right you have: The car, as you can see, is actually brown, but may have been red at the time. The character here is recognisably Roger Moore, who played Templar. The other character in the scene, the man with the unruly eyebrows, is Aloysius "Nosey" Parker, who was the butler and chauffeur of Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, who appeared in the TV series Thunderbirds, which ran on ATV from to Lady Penelope recruited him when she caught him breaking into the safe of an oil tycoon, so this may have been related to that.

Greg Daly writes, "It's nice to see Moore and O'Neill doing something here which just couldn't be done on the screen: Sean Levin provides a correction: Buckaroo's band in the film is called the Hong Kong Cavaliers. Perhaps this is it. Not at all fictional, but appropriately detailed. Here in France, the show got episodes, no less. Martin Crookall writes, "The character on the poster Stoned looks to me like ' Wack. Wack was a Liverpool term for addressing others which became popular after the Beatles broke big, hence the cash-in strip character. No idea why the reference Stoned: This is a scene from London, , as the Martians advance on London during the events of League v2.

Specifically, the space between issue 3 and 4; I would guess that the people seen here are running for the train which the Martian tripod destroys in the beginning of League v2n4. The figure on the far left is Andrew Norton. As we saw in Century: The man with the protruberant nose is Ally Sloper , a character in British comic strips from Sloper is a kind of roguish everyman. Sloper was seen in League v1n6 page 23 panel 1.

Steve Flanagan writes, "I think that he and the man in front and to the right of him may be the cartoon tramps " Weary Willie and Tired Tim ", created by Tom Browne. Note the girl fingering her father or grandfather on the right. Smith meets him in the Ministry of Love, where he is proud of having been betrayed by them. The man standing next to Parsons seems to have Peter Cushing's distinctive hair and angular features, so is presumably Winston Smith himself. Ah—now here is the Andy Capp appearance, along with his suffering wife Flo. She has a black eye here, courtesy of Andy, who is a wife-beater in the strips.

This panel takes place seconds after Century: One suggestion for the Century: As was pointed out in the Century: I have trouble picturing them in isolation, and this fellow has the long stern face of Frank Thornton. Although the show didn't start until , Peacock had worked there since the mids. Are You Being Served? Tom G also thinks it's Captain Peacock. It's a recording from in London with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and while I don't know what they wore to the show, they're in the same fancy antique costumes on the cover.

BUT the album itself is a recording of a strange play they did that night called "Progress" where the modern musicians rise up against the classically trained ones. Everyone had parts and characters and it was still a fiction, so that might excuse the use of a real person in LoEG - he's Zappa from the play Progress. Carl Vause writes, " One notable omission from this panel compared to its analogue is the figure in the black suit that Martin Crookall believed to be Toby Mears.

But the most compelling evidence for this idea is that Mears was played by Anthony Valentine in the TV series. O'Neill's illustration could easily be Valentine who also appeared in 'The Avengers','Department S' as well as 'Budgie' all connected to and also played Joey Maddocks in 'Performance'. Anthony Valentine is arguably TV's best known Raffles. Both of these characters, played by Valentine, are absent in Donald Cammell was the writer and co-director of Performance.

This is a quote from Performance. According to Pocket Movie Guide 6: Cammell knew something of ballistics. He certainly would have known that the surest way to kill himself would have been by directing the gun upwards through the mouth. But he directed the shot at the top of his head — the same shot that kills Turner in Performance. It allegedly took Donald Cammell some forty minutes to die. China subsequently told friends that in that time her husband appeared happy, almost euphoric.

He is said to have asked her to hold up a mirror, so that he could see his face. This is a reference to the most famous Vita, Vita Sackville-West , the author and poet. A Biography , which in turn is the source of some of the characterization and history of the Orlando of the world of League. Borges was the first to translate this novel to spanish, and he is mentioned in the previous panel of this page. Sackville-West and Woolf were part of the Bloomsbury Group of writers and intellectuals who met in Bloomsbury for much of the first half of the twentieth century.

Emanuel Litvinoff present is a British Jewish writer. Litvinoff is also well known for being one of the first to raise publicly the implications of T. Eliot's negative references to Jews in a number of poems, a controversy that continues, in his famous poem To T. This protest against T. Eliot on the subject of anti-Semitism took place at an inaugural poetry reading for the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Litvinoff , an admirer of Eliot, was appalled to find Eliot republishing lines he had written in the s about 'money in furs' and the ' protozoic slime' of Bleistein's " lustreless , protrusive eye" only a few years after the Holocaust, in his Selected Poems of Despite feeling "nervous", Litvinoff decided that "the poem was entitled to be read" and proceeded to recite it to the packed but silent room: So shall I say it is not eminence chills.

In the pandemonium after Litvinoff read the poem, T. Eliot reportedly stated, "It's a good poem, it's a very good poem. David Litvinoff is mentioned by Norton in Century: Litvinoff is credited as a consultant on Performance , although the superb film critic David Thomson gives Litvinoff more credit than that: David Litvinoff , the most brilliant nutter anyone had ever met.

He would talk a blue streak about the most amazing stuff, always jumping from this to that. When Performance came out, there were critics who said, "Aha! Note the leaping editorial style, the self-interruption, the cross-streaming of consciousness" - and before I'd sniffed the film, I said, "That is your David Litvinoff.

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And so David was the catalyst - he just brought the whole thing together. And that's why David gets a credit on the picture as dialogue coach and technical adviser. Anton La Vey at the Dakota. It has often been incorrectly claimed that noted Satanist Anton La Vey played Satan in the scene in which Rosemary is raped by Satan.

Chris Petit present is a British novelist and film maker whose novel Back From the Dead ends with a murder of a John Lennon-like musician. David Cairns adds that Petit is a collaborator with Sinclair. Andres Caicedo writes, "In page 34, panels 5, 6, I believe Moore is showing us first how Mirna and the League characters see Norton, immediately followed by how Norton sees them. Panel 6 looks strange specially Orlando and the smoke off Allan's mouth. I believe this is because we see a slice of a 4 dimensional reality, which is how Norton presumably perceives the world, compressed into 2 dimensions.

This is complemented by page 35, panel 2, where Norton, aware of the fictional nature of the story he finds himself in, seems to be looking at us. Presumably this is a reference to the distasteful Nicholas van Hoogstraten present , millionaire, bully, and felon. Adam Bezecny writes, "The grenade reference is one pointed at how van Hoogstraten ordered a local gang to toss a grenade through the window of one of his associates.

This led to a judge calling him an "emissary of Beelzebub", which may be why he seems to share a "stylist" with Jerry Cornelius, who is kind of a devilish figure. I do not know if Moore is aware of this, but Aleister Crowley faked his death right here in Portugal, circa apparently because he was trying to get rid of his Scarlet Woman of that time. Thanks to its Knights Templar tradition, Sintra is one of the most esoteric places in the whole of Europe, and a destination favoured by Crowley, Byron and William Beckford.

Ulmer was an Austrian-American film director who is best known for the Universal horror film The Black Cat and the classic noir film Detour Donald Cammell did in fact claim to be a godson of Aleister Crowley. Cammell Sr says very little about his own family in this book and makes no mention of asking Crowley to be godfather to his son born in and this seems rather unlikely, since he says he "detested" Crowley's views on religion and was so appalled by a particularly "blasphemous" passage in The Book of the Law that he burned the copy Crowley had presented to him.

Blake believed himself to be the living embodiment of the spirit of Milton and claimed to have been visited by Blake in visions many times. Helter Skelter and Holden Caufield. It doesn't seem to be available online, sadly. Since Norton is outside of time, his references to the future are flash-forwards, not flashbacks. Joe McNally writes, "the explosion to which Norton refers is probably just the bombings, rather than an incident at UFO - the juxtaposition would be typical of Nic Roeg's editing Perhaps this is what Norton was thinking of. Presumably Norton is referring to League v2.

Also, it makes sense that a time tripping character like Norton would appreciate a concise work of history. Jack McVitie , a. He was involved with the Krays. He was involved in the death of Jack the Hat, which he writes about in his autobiography Inside the Firm. Bubble is derived from Cockney rhyming slang: He mentions it in one of his spoken word performances, The Highbury Working: Eastend lad runs it, Freddie Bird.

The twins feel bad, an entertainer of that calibre. Underneath the dome he dreams a new millennium. It was the third of February , and Joe Meek was set up for a final mix. They were evidence, incriminating imagery. Joe McNally writes, ""Two boys dancing under coloured lights" was the scene that greeted Jack The Hat when he arrived at Blonde Carol's - Ronnie Kray was sitting on a sofa staring intently at two young boys slow-dancing.

This detail is mentioned in several books about the Krays, but somewhat bizarrely I heard it from Tony Lambrianou himself when I interviewed him some years ago. He also mentioned that the Krays' nightclub was often visited by monks, or at least men dressed in monks' robes; make of this what you will.

Harold Pinter was a British playwright whose works are known for their strong use of dialogue. Joel Brackenbury writes, " The man standing behind Norton with his tie blowing in the wind bears a strong resemblance to Kenneth Horne - on his way to one of Julian and Sandy's Bona businesses? Sidney Osinga writes, " the symbol on the shield looks like something we've seen before in the series.

Not only does it resemble the Hynkel double X also seen in the background as graffiti , but it is very similar to the Mason' s symbols of the compass and square, which we'ce seen in Vol. It's vaguely in the style of British comics legend Leo Baxendale, and I'm sure he has actually drawn this in one of his Willy The Kid strips. Of the demon on the right, Ross Byrne writes, "the painting of the demon to the right looks quite a lot like some of the demons Aleister Crowley painted, as seen in Kenneth Anger's documentary film The Man We Want to Hang.

Schexnayder writes, " the picture on the right has striking similarity to William's Blake's "Ghost of a Flea. Moore used this incident and the depiction of the spirit extensively in From Hell, he and Eddie Campbell's telling of the Jack the Ripper story. See Page 59, Panel 4 below. Schexnayder writes, " the woman here has a strong similarity to Maryanne Faithfull who was romantically linked to Jagger during the late s. Faithful is sometimes cited as introducing the band to the ideas of Satanism. At one point she was even condemned as a witch by the Vatican. Whether that is true or not, she is credited as introducing Jagger to the book "The Master and Margarita," by Mikhail Bulgakov which, in turn, influced "Sympathy for the Devil.

Ian Watson writes, "This is almost certainly a punning reference to the Phurbu - a Tibetan demon-killing dagger: It is utilized in magic rituals by high level tantric practitioners. The word phurpa is used primarily in Central Tibet, while the word phurbu is used more often in Kham, Amdo and Ladakh. The component phur in the word phurpa is a Tibetan rendering of the Sanskrit word kila, meaning peg or nail. Peter Slack writes, "'Furbur' is the German pronunciation of the Greek name Phoebe the character in 'Performance' was played by Anita Pallenberg, who has German ancestry.

According to Wikipedia, in Greek mythology: This is a reference to the horror film The Omen , about the birth and English childhood of the anti-Christ. Joe McNally corrects me: Traditionally has been described as the number of the beast and has been used as such in novels and films like The Omen. But the majority of the early uses of the Number of the Beast were , not Both parts were played by Arthur Lowe. If you look at the series of Norton timejumps, during the Big Brother years a policeman has the same "BB" on his cap, meaning Major Gowen was a member of Ingsoc and still professes loyalty.

Adamant is a swashbuckling Victorian gentleman adventurer, born in who, in , is lured into a trap by his arch-nemesis, the Face, where he is frozen in a block of ice. He is found in , when a building is demolished, and is revived. The symbol is a highly stylized version of the caduceus, which is originally two snakes wrapped around a stick.

It is not the symbol for double-sexed, but for a virgin female so Orlando really shouldn't be wearing it! The image on the cover of Hunchback is Nasty, the John Lennon-analogue in the Rutles , as rendered by Yellow Submarine -like animation. In the series he was pursued by Nemesis and earlier his son Thoth through various past life incarnations, each one being killed. Spurgeon is a lightlyl fictionalized version of Story himself.

Austin Osman Spare was a British artist known for his magical artistic techniques. The Atlantis Bookshop is at 49a Museum Street, where it has been since Crowley is said to have been a customer. Someone whose name I missed sorry! Presumably the two paintings behind Mina and the woman who as E. Rekow points out is Julia from the Avengers episode "The Warlock" are references.

Dunno what they are, though. The image of the bear with what I can only describe as a raging erection is probably meant to be from the issue 28 of the underground magazine OZ , which was known as Schoolkids OZ , and which became the subject of a high-profile obscenity case in Britain in According to the relevant Wikipedia entry,. It was the longest trial under the Obscene Publications Act. Of particular significance is the now-notorious Robert Crumb pastiche cartoon of Rupert Bear in an explicitly sexual situation. The picture in question was created by a fifteen-year-old schoolboy named Vivian Berger, who pasted the head of Rupert Bear onto a sexually explicit cartoon character drawn by Robert Crumb.

Of course, as we know that Rupert Bear, or an analogue thereof, actually exists in the League universe, this raises interesting questions about what he might have got up to in his later career…. Ardistan is a fictional middle eastern country though notionally on a different earth and sounds likely to be home to the "Ardistan Black" strain of marijuana.

Adam Bezecny also noted this. The house where Crowley died was called Netherwood. Presumably the picture or drawing here is a reference. Adam Bezecny writes, "This is the cover to Oz 28, referenced on the previous page. Ten of Coins, Wealth, symbolizing gain. Seven of words—in this version of the Tarot Deck, Ruin, symbolizing a rash and impulsive decision quite possibly ending in failure. The Tower, symbolizing downfall and the end of good fortune. Death, symbolizing great change.

Max Foster the pop singer. This one took me a long time, but I got it. A picture, in traditional League style, of the assembled Seven Stars. Thanks to Damian Gordon for correcting me here. The picture on the top right is of the Bat see Page 20, Panel 4 above. Blackshirt appeared in a story paper in Black Dossier , Page 93, Panel 1. When we first see her she is wearing a false moustache, which Chas later wears to have a false passport photo taken.

Family business, most likely. Thanks to Joe Street for correcting me here. Rodger Kibble writes, " "what are you anyway? In Performance, Chas tells Lucy a member of Turner's menage who has no analogue in this story that she's "like a boy", alluding to her figure. Rodger Kibble writes, " "You're just not the assassin Mr Terner's been expectin'" - that would be Chas, perhaps?

Rodger Kibble writes, ""degenerates" - Chas calls Pherber a "degenerate" in the movie, after she has tried to put him in touch with his feminine side, which he vehemently refuses to accept he might have. Kai Jansson writes, " I believe the long-haired man with the black star on his forehead is meant to be a variation of Ziggy Stardust from the early s.

He certainly looks like late-'60s-era David Bowie to me compare this star-man with Bowie in It's also significant that David Bowie and Mick Jagger upon whom Terner is based were very close in the s. Jeremy Holstein corrects me: It's Sexton Blake's Malibu Club. From what he says it sounds as if this was O'Neil's doing, not Moore. Moore seems to have picked this up and included it in the script.

This single was released in a wraparound artwork cover featuring prominently, among others, work by Kevin O'Neill. Perhaps it's a sly Hitchcockian reference to both of the League's main creators? Who Is The Headless Man? I do not know, however, of a Thunderbirds episode involving a headless man. Joe McNally writes, "the 'headless man' refers to a notorious high-society sex scandal centred on a photograph of Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, engaging in oral sex with an unknown man whose head was out of frame, hence the 'headless man'.

The identity of the gentleman in question was the subject of much speculation, but is now believed to have been either Douglas Fairbanks Jr or the then Defence Minister Duncan Sandys. Thoroughly Modern Millie is a film about a young flapper having wacky adventures. David Cairns writes, "Is the topless woman onstage at Hyde Park a ref to the statuesque woman who used to dance with Hawkwind? Working counterclockwise, beginning at the page fold on Page This blog has a Dakko-Chan postcard which resembles O'Neill's intepretation: It was a popular theory back in the day that "goo goo ga joob" were Humpty Dumpty's the Eggman final words before he fell off the wall which played into the whole 'Paul is Dead' conspiracy!

The orange object beside him with the horns is a Space Hopper toy. Linton Lewis writes, " In the two-page psychedelic spread with Mina, the naked Alice Liddell serves two purposes I think. One, to call back to Moore's work on Lost Girls which featured sexualized versions of children's characters, including Alice. And two, and more to the point, the Jefferson Airplane song "White Rabbit" presented an escalating drug trip infused with Lewis Carroll imagery.

In O'Neill's panel, Alice is just about to feed her head. Wasn't she based on "Cynthia Plaster-caster"? The guys sitting down seem American but neither looks particularly like a young Cameron Crowe. According to the novels themselves, Riddle never taught at Hogwarts—he applied for the role of teacher of Defence Against the Dark Arts twice but was denied both times. However, it is very much in character for Riddle to claim he is a Hogwarts teacher, as he does in Panel 2. Kevin Brettauer writes, "Mina briefly confusing Tom Riddle's name with "Tim" may be an in-joke for comic readers familiar with the similarity of Harry Potter and Tim Hunter.

Panel 6 and following. Here are the full lyrics to the song Terner sings here: Please pull up a chair. I had a spree in Gay Paree. Back when Robespierre was in town. And I subdued my hilarity when the heads came rolling down. I can recall watching Babel fall,. Saw Samson shorn in no time at all. My laughter grew with each child you slew. Come on and please me! Come on and take that chance! While Dachau choked and Nagasaki smoked,. Oh, how I joked! What fun I poked! And every cause and every fight,. Whether wrong or right, filled me with delight. From the Holy Roman See.

Imams and priests have been my visitors. The song, performed in it's entirety in the scene that doubles as a music video, finishes with "You gentlemen, why you all work for me? Just try to please me! Just try to take a chance! So where a tyrant learns humanity,. Or a victim learns to victimize.

In my most up-to-date disguise. So when you talk with me, speak courteously. No matter what my latest role. Oh yeah, you please me,. You join me in my dance! Please allow me to introduce myself. And I was round when Jesus Christ. Had his moment of doubt and pain. Made damn sure that Pilate. Washed his hands and sealed his fate.