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Fire and Ice : The Winter War of Finland and Russia ;2006

You can also narrow down your search after viewing the results. Solid young adult author most reviews give the age ranges for his books as upper elementary through middle school William Durbin is reliable for historically grounded fiction of major world events. The invasion of Finland by Stalin on the eve of World War II is not often chosen for a subject, but it provides thrills as well as chills the Finns triumph in pushing back the Soviets was in good measure due to their ability to handle winter warfare and is a saga worthy of fictional treatment.

Young Marko is proud to be a watcher for air raids, especially so since he has one weak leg from polio. When the planes start their raids, he quickly finds an opportunity to serve as a courier, and throughout the war he skis his way through plenty of action. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Winter War , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Aug 20, Cindy rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 17, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: On November 30, when Russian bombers attack his village, his best friend is killed, and his younger sister and brother must evacuate to Sweden. A chance encounter with a former teacher, now an army lieutenant, propels Marko, who still limps as a result of a bout with polio, to the front lines.

His familiarity with the area around Savolahti and his orienteering skills make him an ideal clandestine m Gr In Finland, Marko serves proudly as a sky watcher, a junior member of the Civil Guard. His familiarity with the area around Savolahti and his orienteering skills make him an ideal clandestine messenger, carrying information back and forth between the small companies of soldiers hidden in the hills. The Winter War, a little-known campaign of World War II, comes to life as Marko relates his experiences during the bone-chilling months of and Durbin's graphic depictions of the realities of war are not for the faint of heart, and he does not soften his message regarding the lack of support that America and the world showed Finland during this time.

More than a war story, though, this is a tale of resilience and self-discovery: Marko finds unsuspected reservoirs of strength within himself. The endings for him and his friends are a little too pat, but an afterword and sources for further study will satisfy readers who want to learn more. An engaging novel for adventure lovers and fans of historical fiction alike.

May 13, M. Interesting book, and especially interesting in its descriptions of how the Finns deal with very cold and snowy winters. As someone in Finland once told me, "We're the only country in the world that has fought 40 wars with Russian and lost all of them and we keep fighting. May 12, Nick rated it it was amazing. The Winter War is a historical fiction book about boy trying to help out his homeland during wartime.

The main characters are Marko and Karl. The setting is Finland during the Winter War. One day, Marko and his best friend, Johan, are keeping watch from a look out tower when they spot a Soviet airplane. They try to alert the Finnish troops and in the process Johan gets hit with one of the bombs and dies. Next, Lieutenant Juhola The Winter War is a historical fiction book about boy trying to help out his homeland during wartime. Next, Lieutenant Juhola his teacher who is in the hospital, advises Marko to join the Finnish army as a messenger boy.

Marko is able to do this even though he has a brace on his leg from his bout with polio. He teams up with Karl the other messenger boy to help out the Finnish troops. Will Marko survive the dangerous war and overcome the many setbacks such as the harsh conditions and his crippled leg?

The conflict is internal. Should Marko keep fighting or go home since it is very dangerous on the battlefield? William Durbin is an extraordinary writer. He describes battlefield scenes and the setting in Finland well.

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Also he uses understandable language necessary to the meaning of the book such as words about war. The plot was interesting and believable because this war did really happen. I chose this book because the cover grabbed my attention.

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I liked this book because it communicated a great message to have determination even though the odds are against you and to always help out a friend in need. I would recommend this to people that like historical fiction books about war. Oct 25, Connor Mcfarland rated it really liked it. Its takes place in Finland in the years , so when the Soviet Union was starting to invade territories. The main character Marko is caught during the first bombing and loses his best friend Johan. So he decides to join the the Finnish army called the Civil Guard to be a messenger, but he has polio so people will think it takes a toll on his skills but does it?

I think the book was very historical on the sense of the realistic battles that they actually fought in during World War 2. What i liked most about the book is how its about a real event that happened but it has a main story plot to it. I though that the writing style was good it incorporated the war with its own different little story and it is defiantly is a good read. There was only one thing i didn't like about this story. Its the fact every two or three pages there would b a flashback to where Marko would be doing something with Johan. As in you would finish reading a flash back and then 5 pages later there would be another one.

This would be a good book for people who like fast reads because its only or so pages so its defiantly a fast read for some people. I would also recommend it the the people that like history because while your reading and interesting story line you can have some good back round information about whats happening in the war at the time. Mar 25, Regan Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Winter War by: William Durbin was an intense, wonderful book.

It takes place in the late s and the s during the Winter War against the Soviet Union and Finland. It makes you think what it was like for the people who had to live in Finland close-ish to the boarder of Russia.

The Winter War

Marko's life was pretty ordinary except for his polio that messed up his left leg. He had a wonderful farm, a wonderful family, and a wonderful best friend Johan. When the Russians did bomb Virtalinna the air raid alarm didn't go off and tragedy happens. Their grandma and Marko's little siblings go to Sweden to be safe.

The Winter War by Philip Teir, review: 'an intelligent debut'

Marko stayed to help his mother tend the wounded. Marko was asked to join the army as a messenger boy. Skiing from camp to camp delivering messages. Karl, a fellow messenger and Marko soon become friends. The lieutenant says that the cold was on their side because the Finnish knew how to handle Finland's harsh winter and the Russians did not. Marko and Karl go on exiting and scary missions and secrets are shared. The Russians are getting stronger and the Finnish are loosing more and more men.

Will they survive and will Karl's secret ruin his dream? I definitely think you should read this book. I recommend this book for historical fiction books about world war 2.

The Winter War by Philip Teir, review: 'an intelligent debut' - Telegraph

Feb 16, Gwen rated it really liked it. Good story about a young Finnish boy during the Finnish war against Russia in A must read about a war that gets little attention outside of Finland! Oct 27, Margo R rated it liked it Shelves: I've discovered that my tolerance for violence has been getting lower and lower. Which made reading The Winter War a struggle, not because Durbin includes vivid descriptions of carnage, but because his brief, blunt descriptions are the kind of thing that stick with you. The Winter War between Finland and Russia in is not a topic often taught in schools.

It is a complex one -- on the one hand, approximately k Finnish soldiers managed to hold off a Russian force 3 times theirs that possess I've discovered that my tolerance for violence has been getting lower and lower. It is a complex one -- on the one hand, approximately k Finnish soldiers managed to hold off a Russian force 3 times theirs that possessed better weaponry and technology thanks in part to the good old US of A. On the other hand, despite "winning" the war does this count as spoilers? It's history, you can google it Finland ends up having to cede over a great deal of land to the USSR.

On the whole, this book would be a great book for young readers.

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Besides learning about a part of history they're not likely to encounter in class, they get to read about young Marko's musings on the inhumanity of war. But a tank is no help in the snowy forest--a boy on skis is. And the Russians don't know winter the way the Finns do, or what tough guerrilla warriors the Finns are. Marko teams up with another messenger, Karl.

Gradually Marko learns that Karl's whole family was killed by the Russians. And Karl has a secret--he's really Kaari, a girl who joined up to get revenge for her family's deaths. He taught English for many years, and now writes full-time. When Russia invades Finland in , Marco's younger brothers and sisters are evacuated. Although he has one crippled leg, Marco still wants to defend his country. His high-school teacher enlists him in the Junior Civil Guard, where he plays an essential role in the guerilla resistance running messages, shoveling snow, digging trenches, making Molotov cocktails, helping the medics, and, finally, rescuing his wounded friend, Karl.

The details are grim about the three-month struggle in one of the coldest winters in history: Karl comes home to find his family butchered, and Marco sees another friend blown up. Packed with action, this is history seldom told, and World War II buffs will be drawn by the role of the boy on the battlefront who witnesses the reality so different from patriotic talk of a field of glory. Durbin's extensive research is documented in a long historical note; he also appends a bibliography of films, books, and Web sites.