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A jarring, jackhammer sound gargles out of the back of your mouth.

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You push with all your might, but you can't get the word out. The judging eyes stare back at you.

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These are the wounding and humiliating trials that 60 million stutterers worldwide endure each and everyday - and Scott Damian was one of them. As a child, Scott longed to be heard.

As hard as he tried, Scott couldn't enunciate that first word, that first letter, even that first sound. Labeled as "different" by schoolmates, family and teachers alike, Scott lived a lonely childhood and adolescence. For this kid growing up the suburbs of New Orleans, there was no hope, no future, and no salvation.

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Convinced that he would be a stutterer forever, all Scott could rely on was his silence Fast-forward years later, Scott is a stutter-free adult. Your mouth shudders as your teeth grit together. You push, trying to Iget the word out. A jarring, jackhammer sound gurgles out of your mouth.

Your face contorts and your body shakes as judging eyes stare at you.

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A shameful feeling washes over you. Your soul is forever crushed.

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