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While this vague objective thing tends to steer to the wrong direction in other novels, considering this novel's world's state, it's good to have a freedom to explore the different situations and outcomes this setting may proportionate. Sincerely, I don't want a charismatic villain i want a charismatic MC , I just don't want him to be an ultra-dumb arrogant brat. The worldbuilding aspect was pretty good at the beginning. He started small with just getting into the world building stuff and converting monkeys back to humans.

He becomes mayor then a feudal lord and finally a king of a country. This is wher most of the problems started. No country was further elaborated on. We get a brief mentioning of a country of "Regrets" essentially eternal slaves who never found a master , but we dont know anything about them except they want to trade with his country and they seem to have a queen.

For all we know these are the only 2 countries in this world because worldbuilding never went farther than that. Furthermore the story is extremely limited to the few towns he has and even then they also get no further build-up after they are built up heh. Also you notice in later chapters especially after he gets established as a king that the author just tries to wing it somehow and introduces random concepts and problems which should have either come up way earlier in the development of cities or are just plain out weird.

I mean there were like 4 chapters were he tried to find a reliable alcohol source for his cities. Things also just seem to pop up in this world like animals just randomly appearing in the forest or extra towns, specific monsterdrops or convenient people. A lot of concepts and ideas just seems to get started out of nowhere and then disappear again into it. For example in one chapter an eternal slave asks to be his 7th slave but gets interrupted by evil Seiya. That Slave Holkina I think was not mentioned again until the very last volume which seems like an addendum disconnected from the main story.

The worst example is definitely Lira a Lamia who he helped for one whole volume.

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This was totally plot irrevelant and I think she gets a single mention after that in the later chapters I dont conside the last volume part of the main story as its feels like a mishmash of some quick thoughts fromthe author where he tried to stuff in the things which he had forgotten. The story around Lira was also pretty meh.

Essentially he builds a safe dungeon for her so she can safely raise a new lamia colony there which also means she needs his help to reproduce. This seems fun and all until you reach the part where the author explains that lamias dont have snu-snu and only need to touch a man and absorb his life energy to reproduce.

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Also they will eat the man, when they dont have enough energy. Our lamia of course says that she would never eat him, which makes this piece of plot totally irrelevant. In chapter he does it with 50 women at the same time and also at a later point with all of his slaves. So to come back to the lamia story. It feels weirdly disconnected from the main plot. Also it seems that the author wanted to finish the story at chapter Atleast all the setup was there. It seems like he wanted to go for the slice-of-life route while also trying to maintain a big epic story about rescuing the world but by not focusing on either he then failed at both.

This novel is also one of the worst cases of disregard for Chekhov Gun imaginable. For anyone who does not know. Chekhov, master of the short story, once gave this advice: If it's not essential, don't include it in the story and damn when half of your "plot" devices have no plot behind them then you really should rethink your reason for actually including them.

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I didnt even mention character development yet. Most of it is for ass. Only Akito, Lisha, Yuria and Lisa seiyas slave get fleshed out in any way. Hell I couldnt even differentiate between mira 2nd slave Lilia 4th and Svetlana 6th and yes her name sounds like a cheap hooker.

Tons of characters get introduced and could be described with a single 5 word sentence. Worst of all are the kids which have mother-personalities-light. This novel just makes me mad because it had lots of potential but you really notice how the author is just bad. I give it a two star instead of one because I enjoyed the beginning and premise. Description Links are NOT allowed.

Format your description nicely so people can easily read them. Please use proper spacing and paragraphs. Write a Review Likes Date. A goddess summons two people to help restore her world. The personalities of the two that were summoned are opposite of each other obviously good and bad.

The Goddess gave them the same cheat, and summoned a slave for each of them. I repeat, the Goddess herself summoned a slave for them. The name of the race is Eternal Slave, the Godesss mentioned they live and die as slaves. Why would anyone want to restore this crappy world? With a crappy Godesss?

With A Smile

The evil God was the one to MC summoned, get slave. None of the actions are described very well at all. It feels a lot like a summary, bullet points turned into sentences by the barest of margins. While it is not exactly a paragon of its kind, up to this point, this novel has been quite different from your everyday 'transported person' novel. Here come the reasons: So I completely read the japanese version of this and I have to say this manga had a good start but quickly went downhill after that.

My review is essentially a big spoiler so be warned. I give it a two star instead of one because I enjoyed the beginning and premise [collapse]. The 'now' baren land saved by our hero, the demonlord. That is until the Evil Goddess summons two damned souls with twisted minds and grants them both an 'Eternal Slave' An Eternal Slave being one of the twisted existences belonging to this depraved world. So now with a newly gifted female white skinned blonde haired Elven slave girl each the antagonist of A little abuse and foot licking later he leaves as a very satisfied customer.

Our main character on the other hand takes it a step further but I won't go into much detail as I don't believe my six year old mind can handle such naughty content. I shall give a spoiler in the hidden text section to keep our younger readers safe from defilement. One of his perverse fetish being Spoiler. Other reviews by this user. You like world building? Calm and cool male protagonist? Then try read Release That Witch! LMAO, joke aside this wn is awful, from the first chapter it already made no sense, I totally agree with MondoX, I think they should just abandon this world or change the goddess, that bitch reek of BS, seriously it would be cool if the author go all out and make a twist, that the goddess of the world is evil and Evil God is actually good god that want to destroy the real evil Nothing that interesting actually happened and if you think the early chapter isnt that bad and hoping it get better you are in for a ride, ride to hell, things get worse as the author clearly forgot many things and is forced to cram most of em in late chapter, that is only one of the many other stupid thing that happened, this novel just makes me mad because it had lots of potential but the author suck, inexperienced, immature, lack consistency and just bad.

I give it a two star cuz I like the premise, and the beginning is not the worst thing ive read. Weak world building and forgettable secondary characters serious lack of description of the world, the surroundings, and the people. And of course, a bastard and the pretty and loyal slave needed to show how virtuous our MC is. The only thing this story has is the way to replenish mana. Pretty cheesy with the morals. You can probably tell with a title like "Charging magic with a smile", MC gets magic by stomping "evil" and making everyone in his kingdom smile in a feel good happy rainbow atmosphere.

That being said, the slaves' reactions are pretty nice to read if you are into that sort of thing. And the world is pretty interesting. MC is OP, and not afraid to kill. I didn't think much of it at the start, but it's getting strangely interesting. There is an existence known as "Eternal Slaves" that become your slave forever. By making his slave happy, the MC gains a certain charge of magical power which he can use to build anything.

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