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I cannot think of a third one.

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Oh yes -- I cannot get pregnant. But I can still blog and even write books done. I can start a business done. I can sleep late in the mornings if I feel like it doing it. I can listen to Barry White without being embarrassed okay, I am a little embarrassed but most importantly I can still dream. My period has stopped and I cannot get pregnant.

This one is so obvious it needs no further elaboration. I read from somewhere that the secret of happy old age is to adopt the role of an old wise person in your community. I immediately decided I wanted to become a wise old woman. There seems to be a demand for someone like that among the younger generation.


I am happy I can be of service and share what I have learned. Trust me, the older you get, the more attention the youngsters pay to what you say. Especially if instead of talking to people, you blog what you want to say.

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I don't have to live up to anyone's expectations because I don't think anyone expects anything much of me anymore. I can do whatever I want and whatever I do, people seem to be surprised that I still got it done. Julianne Moore is only two years younger than me and she looks stunning. Jane Fonda is 20 years older than me and she looks stunning.

I just listened to the year-old Aretha Franklin singing "Natural Woman. So, as far as stunningness goes, there is nothing in my age that prevents me from achieving it. Age tells very little about a person. I find it odd that we spend so much time in thinking about age. Also, when we think about our age, what is it we really think about? The time we have spent on this planet?

What We Are Last

The time we still have on this planet? Our age-related health issues? Whatever it is, you probably should not be thinking about it. You are you , whatever your age. Getting older does not only bring losses, it brings gains, too.

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At this point of my life I have said many goodbyes but I also keep getting increasing chances to say hellos. New people come to my life, I experience new things and life gets more interesting by the day. In obituaries of long-lived public figures there is often, she notices, an ominous gap towards the end. After all the achievements, the marriages, the medals and the anecdotes there may be a decade or more unaccounted for before the date of death.

Speculating on what might have filled it Miller lists the terrors of old age, the modern four last things that have replaced death, judgment, heaven and hell: Miller writes as one of the many who are left, in increasing numbers, to stare into a void which neither the certainties of religion nor an everyday familiarity with the facts of age and death can illuminate. She speaks for those who have come unprepared, blessedly so in many ways, to age. Her gently discursive account, part essay and part memoir, has a modestly pioneering air, as if old age were a country in which she has recently and unexpectedly come to live and with whose curious and variously appealing customs she is gradually and ambivalently getting to grips.

This air of mild astonishment lends freshness to the personal passages in the book, though it also leads to some large and questionable generalisations.

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