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Currently, approximately , physician-reported cases of Lyme disease are reported annually in the United States. It may be even higher than the 10 fold estimates from the CDC due to the lack of physician reporting and the lack of physician testing. If you check the medical manuals for disease treatment, many illnesses have very specific standards of care.

Penicillin is recommended for strep throat, Insulin is recommended for Type 1 diabetes, and thyroid replacement improves hypothyroid low thyroid symptoms.

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Standard medical care has many algorithms which can be easily researched through google and other medical and non-medical search engines. Who is an algorithm though? The main reason is that the intensity of the debate around Persistent Lyme disease has intimidated many physicians to not even test for Lyme and influenced many physicians to believe that Persistent Lyme does not even exist.

This leads to a delay or a complete lack of testing in those with symptoms suggestive of Lyme that leads to a delay in diagnosis and delay in treatment. At their annual conference in Boston that I attended this past fall, some of the new evidence-based treatment considerations for Lyme included:. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Lyme patients have historically felt so overwhelmed and even defeated. There is no algorithm that can define the diagnosis and the treatment of Lyme disease.

Medical providers can feel just as frustrated when they research treatment options. Without an algorithm, multiple choices for a debilitating disease can be seen as a confusion or a roadblock all together, rather than as realistic flexible solutions for a complex immune dysfunction that can result from Lyme. A new study proposed 4 possible explanations for the decrease in standard antibiotic treatment success:. This new study also highlights the complexity of Lyme disease and how algorithms are essentially useless in the face of this complexity.

Just like many other patients, I tried the traditional medical approaches. You may know them well. The first step was an oral antibiotic. However, my diagnosis of Lyme was delayed, and due to this time delay from the initial infection to my diagnosis, the antibiotic therapy did not provide any relief from my symptoms. Next, steroid therapy was added to reduce inflammation and joint pain my primary symptom. Any of this sound familiar? Perhaps it was the weariness and the toll this disease was taking on me, but the steroid therapy definitely exacerbated my sense of depression.

Therapy is not beneficial if the side effects are worse then the benefit. I decided to take my treatment into my own hands. As I studied, read, and researched Lyme, I began to understand that the contributing factors to my misery included infection, inflammation, and a compromised immune system. I needed to tackle all three simultaneously in an on-going strategy. Simple elimination of the infection would not be enough. A reduction in the systemic inflammation and support to a damaged immune system would be required.

Recent research points to the challenges associated with the treatment of delayed Lyme diagnosis. Through my research, I developed a multi-system approach to treat the infection, reduce the inflammation, and to support my compromised immune system. For the past 5 months, the cornerstone of my personal treatment plan has been the utilization of specific herbs to attack the Lyme, to reduce the systemic inflammation, and to support my compromised immune system.

The first day was completely devoted to the medicinal use of herbal therapies for a wide variety of diseases, including Lyme. I was amazed at the science behind such versatile plants! My specific combination of herbal therapies helps to eradicate the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria while breaking open cysts and removing biofilm that can contribute to treatment resistance.

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These herbal therapies also decrease inflammation, build up my immune system, and improve my overall mental and physical well-being. A complete wellness restoration plan does not simply include a diagnosis and treatment plan for Lyme disease alone. In addition to my positive Lyme test, my previous testing also was positive for significant gut inflammation, my Cortisol levels were surging dangerously high, my immune system was depleted, and my Arsenic load was at toxic levels.

Some of these results were because of the Lyme and maybe even increased my susceptibility to Lyme, and others were just coexisting health problems.

As is my case and as is the case for others with Lyme, the journey to a treatment and a cure is not going to be a sprint but rather a marathon. Likewise, it is not a simple narrow focus of Borrelia infection, but a wider focus cast to eliminate infection, reduce inflammation, support the immune system all to restore optimal health and wellness potential. I have many other tools that are critical to my treatment strategy. First and foremost are the weekly Vitamin C IV therapies.

Touched by Lyme

The medical research on this vital therapy is astounding. The high dose Vitamin C addresses all three areas of concern: In addition, at night, I use low-dose hemp oil to sleep and to boost my immune system. Tap water, rice, and chicken are three of the more common sources which I have always avoided unless the rice is certified organic. All of us are exposed continuously to metals and toxins in our environment — the key to prevention is the ability to detox efficiently when exposed!

A new wellness tool at Seasons is the use of Epigenetics and Genetics to customize therapy for each individual. What makes us unique is our unique genetic code. I have completed this test and am anxious to see the results. Homeopathy was the only modality that was effective in reducing Romy's agonizing pain.

Romy healed from chronic lyme disease | Documenting Hope

After the microbial numbers were reduced to a more manageable level, herbs began to work. Romy utilized an important herbal protocol on top of antibiotics. After that, her family focused more on rebuilding and repair with supplements and other therapies. Romy was on long term antibiotics along with comprehensive herbal and homeopathy protocols as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle approach. After years of tutor support and struggling academically including doing homework with blurry vision, profound fatigue, headaches and brain fog Romy is symptom-free and takes accelerated classes as a sophomore in high school.

Romy makes her diet and a healthy life-style top priority.

She enjoys dance classes, kick boxing, rigorous workouts at the gym, and long walks on the weekend with her dog. She loves to cook with her dad and is a master at making green smoothies. Her family grows vegetables and cooks almost every night. Modern living demands that we partake and manage our own health. Every day there are hundreds of articles published on diseases. No way our practitioners can be experts on everything like in the old days.

As a result, we must take ownership of our health and research and read every day. We must bring our knowledge to the table. She has always been that way, so disarming. Even at her sickest, she could eek out a sweet smile, or weakly laugh at something funny. Read more of Romy's story here. Romy was a precocious child and easygoing until 2nd grade.

That's when flu-like symptoms began. She became anxious, irrational, panicky, and OCD. She had facial tics and profound fatigue and fire-like pain all over her body that prevented her from walking and sitting in a chair. Romy's vision was impaired and most school work was too challenging. She was allergic to pretty much anything she was exposed to or consumed. Romy had a close call with a seizure on New Years Eve.

Today Romy is living a happy life as a sophomore in high school taking advanced classes. Romy was a competitive dancer when she was younger. Diagnosed at 7 yrs old, Romy has healed from Chronic Lyme Disease. She pretty much lives a typical teenage life. Amazing from where she started.