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Be sure to prepare for metamorphosis. It occurs quicker than one might expect, so put an object such as a plant or rock in the water for the baby frogs to climb up on or they will drown. Don't worry if it the tadpoles are not moving. They stay still a lot of the time. Don't put more than one male frog in the same tank. You can consider buying algae wafers at your pet store, as tadpoles love it. Warnings Don't overfeed tadpoles. Doing so can lead to clouded water which can, in turn, suffocate the little babies. It will also dirty the water-leading to highly possible water infection.

Be careful not to get sunscreen, soap, lotion, or other things of that nature in the water as it will kill the tadpoles. At all costs, never allow pesticides to get into the water. If you are raising your frogs outside, you might end up with a permanent frog breeding society. In this case, make sure they are native to the area.

Check the law in your area before you catch wild tadpoles or release the frogs, especially if you use commercially prepared fish flakes. By tank raising tadpoles they become adapted to another environment that has different diseases that could wreak havoc with local wildlife. Avoid putting the tadpoles in direct sun, but the indirect sun is alright as it won't overheat the tadpoles; always provide three-quarters shade.

If you are in an area where mosquito-borne diseases are a problem, make sure that your outdoor enclosure does not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Things You'll Need Suitable container fish bowl, aquarium, large canning jars with no lids, etc. Food for the tadpoles Romaine lettuce, spinach, flake fish food, etc. You can also buy premade tadpole food at your pet store.

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How to Raise Tadpoles

RB Rhonda Brodie Jul This info helped me tremendously. I hope I'm successful in raising these tadpoles. KL Kim Lightsey Jul 5. We left a small kiddie pool filled in the front yard and came back to, you guessed it, tadpoles! We had to care for them, and would not have been able to without your help.

KM Karen Menke Jul 2. How did that female frog get up so high? The article was helpful in knowing what to feed them and to provide shade. MB Mo Busby May AM Arielle Mayer May CK Chris Killey May 9. RT Rhea Trusk May 6. BH Bradley Howard May 5. I didn't know, so this helped us know how to prepare!

A Anonymous Apr I'm doing a science project on water quality in my area, and frogs are an indicator species an animal or plant that tells the condition of an environment. Now I know the proper care for my tadpoles. RP Ron Peace Apr 9.

Tadpole Care Quick Phillip Purser

EH Elizabeth Hammill Apr 8, At the moment I have lots of them swimming around in a container with some pond water and weed. I was anxious to know what to feed them on and will now try them with boiled lettuce and later on perhaps flaked fish food. When we raised them many years ago, I am sure we put raw meat in the tank and managed to get them into froglets. I do hope I have better luck this year, as I love watching them. RC Rabeca Claim May 31, Read some other articles before this but they weren't any help.

This taught me that they eat their tail and mine had already done so. Was still wandering what to feed it and this said to keep feeding it what I was. Now I'm not worried that I would starve him because he is eating my fish food. Also going to try some of these ideas. AR Audrey Rogers May 29, One day my mom came home from work with a lot of them. They were really cute and fun to watch, but we didn't know how to take care of them. When they started to grow their back legs we moved them to a bigger, better tank.

Three weeks after, my mom asked me to look up about the tadpoles, so I found this article. It really helps me and my family take care of the tadpoles. KB Kitana Berkheimer Aug 13, I looked in the puddles of the boat and saw a few tadpoles and I'm like "Huh maybe I can have some baby frogs". So I took them and put them in a water bottle, and then came inside to see what to do because I had never raised frogs before. That's when I found this article.

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JR Jill Reed Jun 23, More than ten weeks now since they hatched. I have to get some way of getting a muddy area they can climb into. Some tadpoles are tiny, others are big, and how much food to put in is a problem. I found they could eat some tiny larvae I see in the water, I also observe they eat the slugs that fall in. IC Isabelle Christian Mar 2.

How to care for tadpoles

Stage One Food is designed so that only the portion which dissolves is actually 'eaten' by your tadpole. The color of the water in your tadpole's habitat is approximately the color of lake water. Most of the time it stays a light brown color. Any greenish growth comes from algae, which is a plant and therefore needs light to grow. If your tadpole's habitat receives some ambient light it will turn a bit more greenish. Add a little water - daily if necessary. You might be 'surprised' at how much water evaporates daily. Adding water will refresh the ecosystem and keep your tadpole morphing as it will continue to sense the 'rainy season.

Change a portion of the water. Your tadpole is a filter feeder and needs 'slightly cloudy' water to eat. A little cloudiness in the water is benficial and necessary for your tadpole to survive. Having said that, if there is lots of 'poop' on the bottom of the habitat go ahead and do a partial water change. If the habitat is especially dirty 'then pour out some more of the dirty water and refill again. Growafrog tadpoles have transparent or 'see-thru skin.

If you look very closely, you can actually see the blood being pumped thru the heart. Just pick up the tadpole's habitat and hold it above your eyes The easily seen large, silver colored structure is the gut. Look towards the mouth, and you will see a smaller, but still easily visible gold colored object - your tadpole's heart. You can see the blood being pumped through the heart with you naked eye Your Grow-a-Frog tadpole is quite unique.

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Ordinary tadpoles have gills. During the tadpole stage they 'breathe' like a fish, by passing oxygenated water through their gills and absorbing the oxygen. Frogs, of course, have lungs and breathe air Grow-a-Frog tadpoles, on the other hand, have both gills and lungs in the tadpole stage. This is why you see your tadpole come to the surface and 'take a gulp of air. Metamorphosis is a time of dramatic change. Tadpoles move around and 'swim' using their tail as a 'propeller.

Growafrog tadpoles have 'tentacles' that allow them to sense food, foreign objects and movements in the water.

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  6. Growafrog frogs have something called 'lateral lines' that accomplish much the same thing. They look a lot like 'stitching' in the back of your frog Growafrog Tadpoles breathe with gills and lungs. Growafrog Frogs do not have gills. They breathe air with their lungs Growafrog tadpoles are 'filter feeders. Growafrog frogs are 'meal time eaters. Grow-a-Frogs are not common frogs, so they do not behave in ordinary ways.

    Normally, metamorphosis is the time when frogs 'hop out of water and onto land. Grow-a-Frogs never leave the water, so they do not need to or 'want' to go on land. Indeed, if they do leave the water, they could not survive very long unless they remained very, very moist.

    Grow-a-Frogs should remain at the same temperature during metamorphosis as during other stages It is absolutely not necessary. Your tadpole will adjust to any fluctuations. Temperature tends to affect the rate of metamorphosis. Your tadpole will morph faster at 72 degrees. We highly recommend that you do NOT use 'aquarium heaters. This is harmful as your morphing tadpoles and post morph frog can burn themselves on the heater elements in much the same way that you could burn yourself on a stove.

    If you wish to 'speed up' the morph by increasing the temperature in winter Keep your tadpole's habitat within the normal range of a space heater , radiator or heat vent. The temperature will get far too hot. If the area of the heat source feels 'comfortable' to you then it is 'comfortable' for your tadpole and it will hasten metamorphosis. During metamorphosis there is a period of time when your Growafrog does not eat at all. All of it's nutritional requirements comes from the re-absorption of the tail, which provides the necessary nutrition for the morph.

    Stop feeding your tadpole Stage One Tadpole Food after the front arms emerge.

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    Continue to feed Stage Two Frog Food after the tail is completely gone. Partial water changes are very important. Like people, some Growafrogs grow faster than others. There are 'fast morph'ers' and 'slow morph'ers. It is not at all unusual for one to completely morph, and another to have hardly grown front limbs.

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    The average time that it takes to complete the morph is about four weeks. The morph begins when the back legs emerge, and ends when the tad becomes a frog. Many factors influence growth rate, but the major ones are temperature and genetics. At lower temperatures, below 68 degrees metamorphosis may take up to 2 months.

    There seem to be some tads that are 'genetically programmed' to morph fast. Some grow quickly at even lower temperatures. Your tadpole is undergoing dramatic changes during metamorphosis. Going into a totally new water environment can be a shock. Lisa Taron June 22, at My son and I are easing some tadpoles from eggs. They are about 6 days old now.

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