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Get your group together and explain the cost of negativity and complaining; in other words, raise awareness of your complaint culture. Discuss the difference between mindless and mindful complaining; mindless complaining focuses on problems, whereas justified complaining focuses on solutions.

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Listen to complaints and solutions and give all of them their air time. Not all solutions will be used, but let your team know that they will be heard and considered. Celebrate successes of people who turned their complaints into solutions and innovations that benefited the organization. Make creating a positive culture a priority amongst managers and leaders in your organization.

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You will find that the energy previously being spent on complaining will now be freed up for creating solutions and ultimately , increasing productivity! Are you able to inspire your co-workers and subordinates to get involved and contribute to the solution, or do you dive in and take over?

If you feel you are the only one left at the helm during these times, then you may be taking on heroic responsibility. At first nod, this sounds like a positive trait, but read on to find out how it detracts from your own results and alienates those around you. History is full of heroic responsibility. When leaders take on heroic responsibility for critical choices facing their organizations, it is often the beginning of a mass team exodus. The choice to go it alone tends to set into motion a cycle in which team players are frozen out of sharing the burden of the solution. Hijacking the situation is not going to engage the people around you.

This could be detrimental for everyone. Do you want to be left holding the bag when all of your support has fled the situation? Members feel further marginalized, encouraging even more of a retreat.

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What are your goals when transitioning careers? How much time do you expect to need to meet your goals? Write down each goal, focusing on the primary ones. For each step, devise tasks to accomplish daily or weekly.

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This will help you get started, stay productive, while giving you the motivation you need to accomplish more. Your personal and professional brand shifts with each career transition. As you progress and evolve, so does your personal and professional brand. Adjust your resume and social media profiles especially your LinkedIn profile to reflect your evolving professional brand.

Do not be afraid to show up as you are! Transitioning to the career you want is a process.

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It involves some ups and downs, as well as times when you may be accomplishing more than at others. Track your progress, and learn from the process. Keep a running list of tasks and deliverables associated with your transition. Assign yourself some deadlines and milestones to meet, and track your progress against these. Last but not least, any type of career change or transition requires you to have the support you need to help you through it.

7 Steps To Transition to the Career You Want

Take a break every now and then, and grab a drink with your favorite girlfriends. In the same way, expand your professional network to include potential mentors and colleagues who can help you through your transition. Get out of your shell, and let others help and support you!

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From Our Blog 5. Establish post-uniform priorities Transitioning military personnel should identify which kinds of jobs are right for their interests and skills. A civilian job doing what was done while in uniform A civilian job totally unlike what was done in the military Completing additional training and education before pursuing employment 2. Identify marketable skills Service members should pinpoint which skills they can immediately offer employers, which skills they need to further develop, and which skills are most in-demand in the occupations that interest them.

Translate skills for civilian employers Service members often struggle to make connections between their military skills and civilian skills. Craft a flexible resume and cover letter There are a multitude of resources available to assist in formatting a resume, developing resume content, and writing effective cover letters. Find and apply for worthy jobs The job search process is a lot of work.

Nail the interview Be prepared!