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This readers group guide for The Sugarhouse Blues includes an introduction, discussion questions, and ideas for enhancing your book club. The suggested questions are intended to help your reading group find new and interesting angles and topics for your discussion. We hope that these ideas will enrich your conversation and increase your enjoyment of the book. As the Hudson sisters spend more time in their hometown, they must try to come to terms with the father they only thought they knew and find a way to welcome new friends and embrace the truth of sisterhood.

Topics and Questions for Discussion 1. Discuss the title The Sugarhouse Blues.

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Why do you think Mariah Stewart selected this title, which follows the first book in the series, The Last Chance Matinee? The book follows the sisters through the next stage of the restoration.

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Consider where the three women stand in light of the unexpected delays in repairs due to new water damage to the roof and other surprise expenses. Which, if any, of the sisters seems most comfortable with the idea of staying in Hidden Falls longer? Do you expect any of them to remain in the town after the restoration is complete? Why or why not? Allie tries her best to hide her drinking from her family members. What would you do in this situation if she were a friend or family member?

Des views the time spent on the restoration in Hidden Falls as an opportunity for her to reconnect with her sisters. Discuss the different distances between Des and her sisters. Does she foster a sisterlike relationship with Cara? Discuss your own family relationships. Are there any wounds in your own families that need to be healed? Maybe if we could get her to change her surroundings a little, we could help her to move on in other ways.

Which characters need to move on, physically or mentally, from their pasts? Do you think any of the characters seem to be stuck in old routines or in the past?

The Sugarhouse by Donald O'Donovan

Cara finally shares with her sisters the box of letters that she found in The Last Chance Matinee. How do Allie, Cara, and Des differ in their reactions to the letters?

Can you relate to one of the sisters more than another in this moment? In Chapter 8, Des and Allie have a very tense moment discussing their experiences as actresses on the same television show. Given the recent headlines and current events between men and women in Hollywood, are you surprised Des kept so many secrets from her family for this long? Do you think she should have intervened then? As a group, discuss how you might handle being in a similar position. How do you lend support when a friend or family member has such a traumatic ordeal?

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In what ways do you react? There are a lot of secrets in the family that resurface in this series. Discuss what sort of secrets you may have found out about later within your own families. Do you have any long-lost family members or interesting family histories, like a great-great-grandfather who built a historic theater, by any chance? What family history has been shared with you and what will you share with your children? The topic of childhood labor, including that of child actors, is oftentimes a difficult one for people to discuss.

How is this sort of work different from what some children may experience working in factories? Would you ever consider bringing your child in for a casting call? Were you or any of your family members made to work, either in the family business or otherwise, at a young age? As a single mother, Allie admits that most of her time spent with Nikki was just the two of them.

Now the Blessed Lands are ruled by pure faith, while in the Republic, reason is the guiding light—two different realms, kept apart and at peace by a treaty and an ocean. Children of the Republic, Helena and Jason were inseparable in their youth, until fate sent them down different paths. But is the mysterious child simply a troubled little girl longing to return home?

Or is she a powerful prophet sent to unravel the fabric of a godless Republic, as the outlaw leader of an illegal religious sect would have them believe? Whatever the answer, it will change them all forever… and perhaps their world as well. Protecting Portia by Pavarti K. This is the second of the erotic romance series of Sugar House Novellas. Jackson Grady met the love of his life. Unfortunately, he was running drugs for a pimp named Sasha at the time, who asked him to keep an eye on their new acquisition from Russia, the bedraggled beauty named Portia.

He continuously looks out for her, and longs for her with his every breath, but knows he is unworthy of such an angel. What will Portia do to win not only the heart, but also the body, of the man she loves? Welcome to the world of The Sugar House, and the men and women who will fulfill your every fantasy.

But can they find a way to fulfill their own? Tyler has dropped by to talk a little bit about her writing of Protecting Portia. This is the second in the steamy, romantic, erotic Sugar House Novellas series. I wrote it three times before I finally got it right on the fourth pass. The story of Jackson and Portia just had so much going on, so much depth, so much hotness, and so much for the characters to exorcise, I just had to get it right. Why was it so important? Well, because I tackled some big issues in this one: So I could totally pull from first hand experience on that… or not!

As an author, we pull in our own assumptions as we write, thoughts and feelings for our characters, but the further one digs into the reality of that world, the less we begin to matter. Jackson became very real to me. I could hear him speaking to me, his self doubt and desperation, but also the sweetness buried deep within him and his complete, undying adoration of the woman he loved. Ultimately, it was Portia who had to convince him. Of course it was. She was the one who really understood him, and the only one he really trusted.

Protecting Portia was hard fought, but I believe completely worth the effort.

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