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Drake is a witch that faces the war in front of them. Can they learn to protect each other? Or will the war cause problems? Kindle Edition , 74 pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Spell Cast , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Leigh rated it it was ok Dec 06, Melhar rated it did not like it Mar 08, Julie Norris rated it liked it Aug 27, Jeff Labbie rated it really liked it Nov 24, Wysteria Wilde rated it really liked it Jul 17, Tj marked it as to-read Aug 13, Jonathan Penn added it Oct 28, Neko added it Jan 08, Racheal Celatka yunk is currently reading it Aug 04, Rylee marked it as to-read Nov 05, This book was not funny, not engaging, and ultimately did not improve as the story went on.

Hopefully I can explain in more objective terms what went wrong in my full review. I've had a night to sleep on my reactions to Nikki Jefford's first book in her Spellbound series, "Entangled," so while the tone of this review probably would've been heated if I'd written this right on the heels of finishing it, I'm a little more in tune to try to point out exactly what went wrong here, but that's not to say I'm not still very upset at this book, and I'm surprised in the measure that no one else picked up on its many respective problems. For as many titles as I've read in the YA paranormal romance department this year, the premise to this excited me initially.

I'm definitely not knocking the premise because first off: Second, I get a little thrill whenever I read about twins in a work because I'm a fraternal twin myself. If you include twins in a work, chances are I'm likely to read it.

Spell Cast

Personal quirk, sure, but I regret nothing. Third, the premise of having a young woman die mysteriously and end up stuck in the body of her twin, with that twin possibly having something to do with the situation is really Having the main character try to figure out how she died and got stuck in her sister's body provides an interesting mystery to try to unravel the layers, giving an unspoken promise that this story would actually be different from the massive influx of other stories in the same genre.

I've always personally liked the name Raj as well. I was all ready to jump into all the intrigue that this had to offer. For all its promises, "Entangled" was a complete and utter, even quite offensive, mess. I can only think of a few times that I've actually been uber upset after reading a book this year and this was one of them, and it's not just for the lack of delivery compared to the promise of the storyline.

Oh no, no, no. If it were just that, I'd say so and just say it didn't live up to its potential which might've merited me rating this at a 1-star or 2-star level depending on how I thought about it. But this work is quite a bit more problematic than that, and I'm appalled that Jefford wasn't aware enough to pick up on the way this came across in spurts. One of the things I want you guys to keep in mind as I'm presenting this review: No matter their size or scope, details can provide a level of intimacy to a story that gives it more meaning in the experience of those that are reading it.

Details are important in establishing character, place, attitudes, events, cultures, so many different elements that make a story well rounded. If you're not aware of how those details come across, it can be the difference between a reader immersing themselves in the work, being thrown from it, or some measure between.

Now sometimes a reader can enjoy a story and not be too bothered by how some of those details come across, but when they call attention to themselves and aren't expounded upon or put into context - it's much more difficult to swallow. Simply stated, and I'll come back to that more than a few times in this review. Here are just a few of the problems I found in "Entangled": Some of you are probably thinking "Are you serious, where is all this?!

So where do I begin? Well, for starters, this story doesn't quite start off on the foot of the premise, actually begins a bit before. That's fine because at the very least, it allows us to get to know Graylee Perez, her sister Charlene, and her mother. The fact that Charlene renames the character she wants to kill "Stacey Whorehouse" as opposed to her real name Morehouse really doesn't leave much to the imagination, now does it? I was able to swallow the banter between Graylee and Charlene, but truth be told, I never really came to know who these girls were, and they irritated me more often than not.

Charlene turns out to be an "evil" twin of sorts when something major's revealed about her relation to Graylee's slow development of her powers, and it causes a really sharp divide between them. I could understand Graylee's hurt from the betrayal, but It didn't feel connected enough to have an impact on me. I started raging a bit inside when Raj came into the picture, because for all intents and purposes, Raj is a jerk. I did NOT like him. He starts insta-crushing on Graylee by the third chapter and this comes after she liked to have choked him with a shoelace after sneaking into his car, payback for humiliating her.

Among his many acts of meanness had to do with using his powers to burst open his female teacher's shirt, revealing her bra and sending the poor woman running out the classroom. Yeah, I wasn't happy about that, understatement. Graylee wasn't either, to her credit, but it still didn't wash the foul taste in my mouth after that whole event. And when Raj makes a comment shortly after that event to Graylee that he "won't be needing magic to get [her] shirt off" - I was creeped out.

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Why do all these YA paranormal romance LIs have to be jerks? There are ways to write bad boys who are likable See Tom MacKee in Melina Marchetta's "The Piper's Son" as per example - which I was glad to be reading that alongside this book to help me contain my upset and have them as LIs without making them desirable for their obvious offending qualities. The one good thing, I guess, is that Raj was able to remove a tumor from a woman's brain and that was a display of his power for good, but even that wasn't enough to offset the rage I had regarding him on other matters through the work.

Raj's mother is Indian and his father's American never specified his background. Kaj has a pranic healing ability that was taught to him by his mother, which is kind of touched upon here, but never delved into. I remember learning about pranic healing briefly through my Medical Anthropology classes, when we were discussing medicine as applied to chakara and qi or chi and the body's natural energies and how it's perceived in Eastern practices. It's really a fascinating subject to look into.

Jefford touches on it, but she doesn't do a good job explaining it, and even then it's kind of dropped before there's really a chance to really know what it means. So it was an opportunity to worldbuild wasted, to be frank. I really had a problem with such stereotypical passages as this when it came to the presentation of Kaj's background: And he had no desire to become some spiritual woo-woo witch doctor who most likely meditated eight hours a day. Sense this does not make.

What's meant by "friendly American smile" here? Because the way I read it, and I sincerely hope that I'm wrong, it's a bit of a backhanded comment. Just because she's not blond, the girl next door, or have the so called "American smile" doesn't make her any less beautiful or American. Matter in point, I don't see how any of that relates here to warrant that description. Those were just a few examples of the depictions of POCs in this work that bothered me, though there were more than a few that were awkward in portrayal and wording that just came across as awkward and quick to assumption.

That distracted me in several notes as far as the narrative was concerned. Other issues in the execution of the story include the employment of humor, which, for the most part in this book - falls completely flat. Neither was using one's warlock powers to shrink someone's penis which was a joke here that went on longer than it should've, tbh. I think for the most part, it came across like the humor was too forced and awkward for the setting. There wasn't a natural flow to it and the fact that it was difficult to connect to any specific character here made it that much more difficult to digest.

It may seem like I'm nitpicking on some details that were included or not included, but were essential pieces in this work, but again - details matter. By following the familiar and neglecting key pieces of the narrative, it not only misrepresents what the author chooses to showcase, it also sells the overarching story short. I've digressed a little so I'll steer the focus to the unraveling of the plot, which is so derivative and unimaginative that it's hard to put a single point on what's wrong with it.

My answer would be that there are many things, but I'll try to sum it up as best I can. Graylee suddenly wakes up to discover it's two months later and that she's dead and buried. All the while, she's inhabiting her sister's body in a sort of wonky "Groundhog's Day" scenario this is the comparison given in the book, not mine. Graylee inhabits Charlene's body and Charlene proceeds to dictate to her sister what she should do to act as "normal" while sharing the same body. This led to many irritating exchanges which included Graylee slut shaming her own sister for choices of clothes, for Graylee getting groped by Charlene's current boyfriend Graylee actually didn't have a significant cause to her death it was a sudden death syndrome, so basically she died because she Yet, Raj discovers that Graylee's back and tries to help her unravel the mystery as to what exactly happened, and why another young woman who just so happens to be Charlene's enemy from before: Stacey Morehouse lies in a coma.

For all the explanations given of which there were some, but none that made any kind of sense , Graylee believes it's her sister's doing and declares battle lines. In the meantime, Raj and Graylee team up to try to bring Graylee back to some kind of form, and end up falling in love. Mostly their sentiments were told rather than shown, although the physical dimensions of their intimacy were described in detail. It didn't make sense to me. If this is intended to be a start of a series, it did nothing to make me want to read on to see what happens to the characters and what's in store for them.

I did try to care for some of the secondary characters i. Raj's little sister , but they're either only a small piece of the story or underdeveloped that it's difficult to care. I wouldn't recommend this, unfortunately. I also purchased a copy of this from Amazon. View all 16 comments. May 11, Kat Kennedy rated it it was ok Shelves: The concept is pretty cool. One twin dies and then her mother performs illicit black magic to bring her back. I think this is a great credit to her. But my problem with the book came from the inexplicable actions of the characters.

They acted outside the realm where you would think sense and reason exist. Their response to stress and stimuli were just foreign and completely alien to me. There was this great divide between the events of the novel, and the response of the characters. Like just straight up murder her. There is an amazing lack of response to this from either of them. Just stop imagine if your sibling or child was honestly someone you believe would murder another girl over something as stupid as a highschool boyfriend.

Just look at whatever family member is closest to you and wonder what your reaction would be if you genuinely thought they could just murder the hell out of someone. Just the nonplussed reaction by either of them to this fact is one of many baffling character decisions in this book. Raj is another one. Why does he suddenly like Graylee? Why is Graylee terrified of him?

Why is she very suddenly not terrified of him? I found everyone in this book almost completely lacking reasonable motivation. They just seemed really cardboard and did things without genuine incentive. The plot was, similarly, overwrought with ridiculousness. I personally need a stronger, tighter storyline, plot and characters. Charlene was definitely the weirdest instance. Ya think Charlene had anything to do with that? Hey, check out this sweater!

Your daughter is a psychopath! And the way Graylee died? Totally reasonable and not at all insane. No, actually, that is completely insane and there is no justification given for this by the way. Whatever shall Graylee do? Why not just go use that body? Cause even though the body already had a soul, all it needed was a shot of vitamin Gray!

Graylee is back in the form or Stacey! Look, the fix to a coma is not to insert a different soul! It was all just so crazily dumb that I struggled not to whack myself in the head. So I guess the word of the review was inexplicable. Inexplicably irrational, dull and boring. But at least the review was cathartic to write. View all 6 comments. Feb 24, Giselle rated it really liked it Shelves: Freaky Friday gone wrong anybody?

Imagine living only every other day. This is what Graylee has to deal with after she dies, only to wake up in her sister's body - except, her sister still uses it too. Doesn't this sound horrifying? It's also wildly entertaining. I'm guilty - again - at having completely forgotten what this book was about when I got around to reading it. I knew it related to witches which is enough for me but that is all I could recall. As soon as I was introduced Freaky Friday gone wrong anybody? As soon as I was introduced to the witch lore, though, I knew I would really enjoy it: It's the fun kind, the kind that can be employed at the snap of a finger - like in Charmed.

I mean, who hasn't wished they could change their outfit, get a glass of water, turn off the lights, all with a simple thought… yeah these examples are totally lame and just plain lazy-making, but you get what I'm saying! Just imagine the possibilities! D While my curiosity was piqued, I did find the first quarter of the book to be a bit insipid. The pacing was slow, leaving me unsure of where it was getting at.

But once Graylee dies, the actual plot makes a sudden appearance and it does not disappoint. It's a fascinating concept, only getting to live every two days. Even moreso when the person whose body you're sharing has become vengeful. It's a thrilling and creative plot-line with quite a bit of clever humor added in which I especially enjoyed. The story is told from a dual perspective between Graylee and Raj. Graylee is sweet and down-to-earth, but forced to act like her stuck up bitch of a sister.

Then on her "off" days, we get to experience what's happening in this shared life through someone else's eyes. This someone being Raj. Raj is our resident bad boy who comes off as a nuisance with dark secrets, and also, he happens to be a wizard. Despite our first impression, Nikki does a wonderful job at making him extremely likeable when we glimpse at his actual personality. He's got the bad-boy vibe that we all secretly adore, but it comes with loyalty and a tenderness that will make you go weak in the knees. This, of course, leads us to a romance that, even though may play only a small role in the book, is solid with a ton of chemistry.

The plot is stimulating, the characters are convincing, but what really gives heart to this story are the various relationship dynamics that you will find scattered in it from page one. From the sisterly rivalry, to the mother's unconditional love, to the peculiar friendships that can be perceived as either real or pretenses; Nikki delivers them all exquisitely. Alongside this, we've got betrayal, jealousy, magic, friendship, death - all powerful themes visited throughout this novel. Although, surprisingly, I'd still consider it an overall light, easy read.

One that is highly entertaining and easily enchanting. Being a big fan of witch stories, Entangled quickly topped the chart in my list of favourites, therefore I highly recommend it to young adult paranormal fan, but if you love witches you simply can not pass it up! View all 19 comments. For Graylee is a witch just like her mother and her sister; and they belong to a coven. She awakes and begins her day like she does any other. She finds it weird that she was in her sister bed and in her teddy night gown.

She gets dressed goes to school and is slammed with a realization. Everyone thinks she is Charlene. And everyone says that Graylee is dead. Rules have been broken in order to get Gray back and someone must pay, but who? After being told that she was found dead in bed two months prior; Graylee races to correct the mistake of a spell that has her now switching place with Charlene every 24hours.

Living life every other day and having to be Charlene is not at all what Gray desires.. For one thing Charlene is not helpful. In fact she is down right bossy. Insisting that Gray wears what she sets out for her. Then she leaves a note telling Gray to keep up appearances with her douche of a boyfriend Blake. And on top of that she gives her a list of what she can and cannot do. Including what to eat.

Graylee and Charlene attend a normal high school with humans but other witches and warlocks go to McKinley high as well.

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And one warlock in particular believes that Graylee is back from the grave. At first she does not know it but it soon becomes very clear.. Graylee is in for the fight of her life as jealousy and betrayal fuel a fight to get rid of her soul forever. Questions arise and the answers will be shocking. How did Gray die? What happened to Stacie Moorehouse? Will Gray ever admit her feelings for Raj? Can Gray free herself and finally be Entangled from Charlene??? My Thoughts I feel like this story had so much potential.

And while it was not bad I feel as though with 50 or 60 more pages it could have been exceptional.

Spell's Bells (Spellbound #3) by Annabel Chase

The Plot in my humble opinion was good, very good actually. It was the writing I had some issues with I felt as though the characters lacked depth. And in turn I failed to connect with them. Readers quickly see that Charlene was setup to be the more vapid and extremely self absorbed twin. But we do not get to understand her or her reasoning behind some actions. Then we have Gray she is more out going some where along the lines of a free spirit and the total opposite of Charlene. Gray's story is the main focus of the book yet I did not feel as though I got to know her either nor her reasoning behind her actions.

I never ask for more monologue driven narratives but in this case I would. In my opinion it was not needed and necessary to expand on certain story-lines between the characters. Dear readers, I think this book is good for teens ages years of age. I think I personally would have judged this book totally different if I was.. As a reader over 20 who enjoys an occasional YA read I found this book to be good with the potential to be great. However this rating and conclusion comes mainly due to the fact that I look for and desire certain things out of the books I read.

This book did not fill that desire for me. With that said, I recommend this book to teens looking for a good YA PNR with a nice dose of action, mystery, drama and romance. I recommend it to teens!! Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads! For more reviews go to http: Copy kindly provided by the publisher for an honest review via NetGalley View all 13 comments. Sep 12, archdandy rated it did not like it Shelves: First off I have to say that the cover for this book is absolutely lovely. The colors make it really stand out.

I went into Entangled with the expectation of reading a decent book. The premise goes like this: Graylee Perez is a witch, and two months after her death she wakes up in her twin sisters body. Now they have to figure out the mystery of Graylee's death and how she ended up resurrected before she disappears for good. Unfortunatley it only took me about 15 minutes of r First off I have to say that the cover for this book is absolutely lovely. Unfortunatley it only took me about 15 minutes of reading to realize that this was going to be a DNF for me.

The timeline in the writing is really choppy. A character will be one place doing one thing and then in the next paragraph it will be half way through the next day and the same character is now sitting in class. You don't have to write about every insignificant detail that happens on a day to day basis but a single sentence would be nice to signal that a new day has begun or a day has ended. Something along the lines of "I left Shay's place and headed home to sleep". That's not too complicated and it doesn't leave the reader feeling like they were just time warped.

Graylee and Raj's relationship just didn't feel real to me. I was kinda getting the psycho vibe from him. Although Graylee isn't much better. In retaliation to Raj using magic on her she sneaks into his car, chokes him with a shoe lace and threatens his life. I appreciate the author giving me a copy of this book to read but unfortunatley I have a huge stack of other books in my to read pile and I didn't feel like going through the process of finishing Entangled when I knew I was just going to be headdesking the whole time.

May 22, Tanecia rated it it was amazing. They are Identical twins who share the same face but are totally different in every way. Except the fact that both twins are witches and are always trying to be a step ahead of each other. Then we have Charlene -the Popular,outgoing,mean twin who always gets her way. Nikki Jefford has created a fun and witty story about two sisters who are twins and happen to be witches. When you read the first page you are halted by Graylee's sister saying "I'm going to do it ,Lee.

After I read that sentence I knew I would love this book! If an author can peak my interest on the first page I then know its a winner! Another thing I liked about this read was how up to date the content was with sister on sister rivalry,family loss,peer pressure,cliques,and finding your purpose through all these experiences.

I happen to know because I'm a twin myself and we were always and still are at each others throats not literally lol. The back in forth commentary between the two was hilarious and it was fun to keep reading about the two! Why should you read this you say? Everyone should pick up this book because it has Kick-ass Twitches,Bad-ass warlocks,A surprising yet sweet romance, revenge,and Good VS. This story is Magical and hip and you will not want to put it down and when you do it will be to read the next installment!

View all 5 comments. Aug 02, Crystal Starr Light rated it it was ok Shelves: Graylee "Gray" and her twin sister, Charlene, don't quite get along. They are both witches, but Gray's power is less than her sister's - until she finds out Charlene was shielding Gray's power and holding her back. One day, Gray wakes up in Charlene's bed wearing Charlene's clothes. Worse, everyone is talking about her being dead! Turns out, Gray is dead and must live every other day in Charlene's body.

Will Gray ever return to her body or must she live out the rest of her existence in her sister Graylee "Gray" and her twin sister, Charlene, don't quite get along. Will Gray ever return to her body or must she live out the rest of her existence in her sister's body? And who killed her? The girl was bucktoothed and frizzy haired. I had already had problems with it, but this single quote was what convinced me that I couldn't bother with this book anymore. If your main character is portrayed as a goody-goody, yet goes around insulting other girls about their physical features, you've lost me.

But honestly, the novel had many other problems that probably would have made me quit anyway. I'll get into these, after I spend a little time talking about what I did like. One of the things I did like about this book was that Gray and Charlene already knew about their witchcraft powers and were pretty adept in them though Gray has to learn a wee bit because she's been shielded. Too often, stories are hampered with characters learning they are Super Speshul Awesomesauce, and while those stories can be interesting, they do tend to be boring and fall into cliche traps.

I also liked how Gray was proud of her ability to perform invisibility, a skill no one else had. Off the top of my head, I can't really think of anyone. The third nice thing about this book was that, for once, there is a non-white major character, Rag. Of course, this has it's negative aspects For those that are tired of all the romance that is tossed higgledy-piggledy into novels these days, this was a refreshing read.

Sure, Gray makes eyes at a guy, but it's kept very much in the backseat or at least in the portion that I read. And lastly, the book has a nice light-hearted tone, which I really appreciated. I get tired of all these mopey, depressing, emo books where everything is melodramatic and life-threatening and blah blah blah. Sometimes you just want to have a little fun , no? And really, folks, that's it. I had a tough time coming up with good stuff about this book, because there was quite a bit I found questionable. Plus, a good author could have you figure out how a character was, using his or her thoughts and flashbacks, after the death had already occurred.

That's not to say there is no place for it, but I had to remind myself constantly that these people were witches. A serious crime for a paranormal book.

Spell's Bells

No, I don't have to love a character in order to relate to them, but Gray wasn't compelling. I didn't like how she called HER OWN SISTER a slut on numerous occasions or implied Charlene was a slut, based on the clothes ; I didn't like how she looked down on everyone who was not like she was because they were "sellouts" or "popular" or wore different clothing than she did. Petty, immature, and self-righteous. What a shame that one of the few Young Adult novels to have a non-white character is also one that makes that character into just a creep!

The way Raj looks at Gray, how he intimidates her, how he stalks her, how he thinks about her is just wrong and abusive. And yet, somehow I get the impression he is supposed to be a viable Love Interest. To her credit, Gray doesn't swoon at his feet, but honestly, she ought to be telling her counselor or mother about his creepy actions, and yet it's as if he's a mildly annoying guy that stole her pencil. Neither Gray nor her mother bat an eye. And the strange thing about this is that they are dead serious. And yet, some of the events such as Raj's horrible, stalkeryness are definitely NOT things I would want a young teen to read!

So those are my reasons I gave up on this one. Maybe it gets better; maybe Gray learns not to be such a stuck-up snob to other girls that aren't in her clique. Maybe Raj gets his comeuppance for being a stalkery guy. Maybe there is a lot more exploration of the powers of these witches and such. But I have no interest in seeing how it ends, and given how short life is and how many books I have to read, this book and I are parting ways.

I recommend checking out samples before purchasing this, see if it is something you like. Mar 03, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm surprised at how much I disliked this book. I went into this book expecting a really great read. The cover is really pretty and the premise seemed really interesting. However, this book was nothing like I expected. My first issue is that the characters are all horrendous. I disliked all of them. Each one is more self-absorbed than the last and not in a cute way. In a truly odious way. Greylee and Charlene are identical twins that also happen to be witches.

They have some magical skills, which they use randomly, but is is mostly to sneak into class or change their clothes. Like I said, boring. Then Graylee one day dies and wakes up in her sister's body. She finds out that they have to share one body while trying to figure out why and how Graylee died. What makes this book a DNF for me was that the writing was very bad.

The writing is all over the place, and the characters and the world-building were so underdeveloped it wasn't even funny. It was difficult to sod through this mess. Sep 12, Teno Q. Entangled is a book perfect for inciting WTF reactions from normal people who have common sense. I outline here some of the completely nonsensical reactions and decisions from some characters, along with other idiocy: Firstly, a half-Indian boy who also happens to be a warlock with an infatuation - oops, sorry, I meant he's in tru wuv with the main character, a girl by the unusual name of Graylee, and gets away with doing mildly perverted things to her thanks to his magic.

She doesn't return h Entangled is a book perfect for inciting WTF reactions from normal people who have common sense. She doesn't return his feelings and uses death threats to make a point of telling him that she never, ever will.

Later, he becomes her love interest and they proceed to have wild makeout sessions. Graylee dies randomly of what she's told is "SUDS," a. So, apparently, she died of an illness called Which really means that there's nothing unusual or puzzling about her death at all, because I know for a fact that millions of people die from death every year.

Later, it turns out that she was really killed by some sweets she'd eaten earlier. Graylee, m'dear, welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department. Graylee and her twin sister seem to get along fine, but then we find out that her sister has been blocking Gray's powers for several years, making her the laughing stock of every able witch and warlock that side of town. She tries to kill Gray a few times. She also talks to her mother about killing her ex's new girlfriend.

She basically says, "Oh, that's nice, dear. There's nothing wrong with wanting to kill someone. Would you like some more gravy? The magic in this book is performed but never explained or elaborated on. Apparently, in this particular magical system, all that is needed to turn oneself invisible is to visualize it and believe it will happen, and it will. What, then, prevents little kids who are playing pretend from accidentally becoming invisible?

Oh, wait, they're not "witches. The majority of this book is about the day-to-day struggle of the girls to live their lives and find a spell that will let them live in separate bodies. It was rather amusing watching two people inhabiting the same body having a war with each other, but that was probably the only enjoyment I got out of it. Also, what is up with the cover? I suppose the word "Entangled" is a vague reference to the huge conundrum the two sisters in this book get into, but what does the snow and frost have to do with this novel?

The cover's pretty and all, but it has nothing to do with the contents of the actual book. I received a copy of this book as an ARC from Netgalley. So thanks, I think. Feb 29, Shera Book Whispers rated it it was amazing Shelves: Good YA books about witches are the white whales of the genre. When Charlene jumps instead of a gruesome death she simply floats to the ground below.

See a Problem?

The teen drama in this book is tons of fun with twins Graylee—or just Gray—and Charlene. Just as Gray finds out her sister has been blocking her powers to undermine her confidence Gray wakes up the next morning to find out she died and woke up in her sister's body. While I thought the mystery behind how Gray died was glaringly obvious, that's not the good stuff. The good stuff is watching Gray come into her magic and find out who her true friends are. Sure that sounds cheesy, but sometimes that is the hardest lesson in life. This book is about character growth and strength, a true treat for any reader.

Besides being an amazing new take on teen witches the romance is just refreshing. Awkward girl meets boy from the wrong side of the tracks, has always been a favorite ploy for romances.