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Courtney Skelton — one disturbed young lady… her father bought a big ranch north of town, and wants to attract polo playing families and the like. Tory wanting his own money, to buy his own things. And Tory helping to guide an autistic child in the brushing down of the horse. Mar 31, Bookaholics rated it really liked it. Cowboy Fever by Joanne Kennedy Contemporary Western —April 1st, 4 stars Western romances are not my favorite genre to read but I was surprised how quickly and easily I become immersed in this bright and original story.

The best thing about this book is the depth in each of the main characters and how genuine their love felt. Cowboy Fever is the story about Jodi Brand. Jodi used to be a tomboy but gave it up to pursue a brighter future. She changes her image and transformed herself into the home town beauty queen. Then used her money to move to the big city and get an education. However, life in the city has changed her. As the local beauty queen she was judged on her looks.

At college she was admired for her brains and she liked that feeling. When her father dies, Jody returns to help her mother and take care of their old place. She wants to use her degree in special education to help challenged youngsters while riding horses. However, there is one person who likes the old tomboy Jody. Teague Treadwell knew Jodi when she was a tomboy and they were young playmates and friends. And he misses that Jody. Now that she has come back he is determined to pursue her. Jody always cared for Teague and was very attracted to him but as the local bad boy she had to cut him from her life if she wanted to get the scholarship that came with the beauty queen title.

But now that she is back the old flames return between them. But can she forgive him their last parting? This a fresh and entertaining read. She wants to be herself and not the made up beauty queen. This book really brings up issues about people who are challenged but in a sympathetic not preachy way that made me admire Teague and Jody. My only quibble is that there is also a subplot concerning a girl who wants Teague but I found it distracted me from the two main characters.

But the rest of the book is a pure joy to read. Teague has loved Jody from childhood. I particularly enjoyed reading how much Teague cares for Jody and wants her to care for him just a much. He never had real stability or much affection in his life and this made their relationship very touching.

Especially since Teague was poor and came from an abusive family. In many ways Teague it less sure of himself than Jody and reading their insecurities and eventual love was very poignant. What I liked best about this story is that the main characters felt like real people who had a past and were meant to be together. This western is rare find, with two main characters that will quickly charm you. Feb 05, Laura Summers rated it liked it Shelves: Girl next door and former tomboy Jodie shed her image years ago, leaving the small town she grew up in to become a rodeo queen.

But things change and Jodie has returned home, glad to leave the make up and glitz behind she has a vision to transform her deceased father's ranch into a riding centre for people with disabilities. In all the years she's been away she has never forgotten bad boy next do Reviewed for www. In all the years she's been away she has never forgotten bad boy next door Teague. Teague has always been a little bit in love with Jodie, but things have changed.

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He's cleaned up his image and become a successful businessman and ranch owner in the years since she's been away. Yet, despite everything a part of him still doesn't think he's good enough for her. There were some things that really worked in this story and some other bits not so. Teague cares for his older brother with Downs Syndrome, which gives him the complex role of brother, parent and carer.

This part of the story was well written, interesting and added a rich layer to Teague's characterisation. Jodie has trouble shedding her glitzy, rodeo queen image and reinvent herself and get her new career taken seriously. As a consequence, she shows grit and determination as well as compassion. Then there's the not so good. There is an odd sub plot about Courtney a wealthy, young woman who for some inexplicable reason desperately wants to be with Teague and won't leave him alone. It gets complicated with the role of her rich, magnate father, some polo players and a nasty arson plot which all got a little bit strange to be honest.

I actually think the story might have been better without it included. While this was an enjoyable story, it missed the spark of a brilliant story. The plot was a little muddled at times and distracted from the central love story, which meant I didn't always fully engage with the main characters. I did however, very much enjoy the background of Teague's Downs Syndrome brother and Jodie's role setting up her ranch as a disabled riding centre, and when the love story worked it was both sexy and tender.

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Aug 24, Ruth Hill rated it liked it Shelves: In most ways, this book definitely delivers what is promises. This is a hot and heavy cowboy romance--my first ever. I loved the main characters, Teague and Jodi, and I appreciated the way the author dealt with Teague's brother, Troy, who has Down's Syndrome. In addition to this, the author throws in a little mystery and a lot of steamy sex scenes. For the majority of romance readers, this is a feast for the eyes and the imagination.

For the first half of the book, I was pretty impressed. There w In most ways, this book definitely delivers what is promises. There was very little detail in the bedroom scenes, and the language used in the book was fairly mild. The author had an easy-to-read style, and I genuinely cared about what happened to the characters. Jodi seemed to want to please everyone else rather than living her life, and I was glad to see how the author showed the true growth and maturity in the character.

It was also nice to see Teague beat the odds. And as for Troy, I am always glad to see people with disabilities accomplishing so much. I decided to give this book three stars for two reasons. First of all, while I can't fault the story too much, it is just a basic romance. The addition of suspense and mystery probably would bump the rating up to a 3. Secondly, as I approached the second half, I found myself skimming the rather descriptive bedroom scenes. I do not mind some description, and thankfully the author did not go into the kind of detail that usually causes me to put it down, but I wish that the characters had not gotten so hot and heavy over and over again with no thought of marriage in sight.

But that is just me. I was glad that some foul language was avoided, but the increasing use of the "s" word amongst others got old pretty fast. I also did not find the character of Courtney very believable. While this book may not have been high in my list, I still appreciated the author's style, and the story never failed to hold my interest. So depending on your individual tastes, this book may or may not be for you. I might hesitate to read another book by the author due to the issues I raised, but I cannot say I would refuse with certainty. Apr 28, April rated it really liked it Shelves: An ex-Rodeo Queen,and a bad boy cowboy.

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She comes home to leave her Rodeo Queen status behind and start a therapy riding program and make a difference in a child's life and maybe find her bad boy cowboy, Teague less attractive than before she left. But when Jody and Teague meet again sparks still fly. Teague,has made something of himself and took care of his older brother after their parents deaths.

Their father was an alcoholic,abusive and their mother the town loose woman. With a new rancher in town and his beautiful,sexy,maybe a little of a stalker daughter. Teague will find that getting Jody out of his system is a little harder than he thought. Jody will find she is just a attracted to Teague as before. She surely loves his older brother,Troy and will do anything for me. Together,Jody and Teague will get Jody's therapy riding program going,help find a killer,face danger together and find the love they truly where not looking for.

This is a fast paced,page turning story of romance, sweet sensuality,danger,love,forgiveness, a community coming together, abusive relationships,a long ago love that would not die with time. If you enjoy a sweet,story with a little wit,the relationship of an younger brother looking after his older brother,therapy riding program,danger,misunderstandings,deception and a sweet romance than I would highly recommend this story.

It will leave you wanting more and feeling good about the characters. Cowboy Fever is a must read story for the summer. This book was received for the purpose of review from the publisher and details can be found at Sourcebooks and My Book Addiction and More. Mar 10, Blodeuedd Finland rated it liked it Shelves: I liked this one, it was sweet, it had a cowboy and a also a crazy westernbarbie cowboy lover to stir up trouble.

Lol, I will tell you all about it. Jodie was a normal tomboy who loved riding, but then she put on makeup, fancy clothes and became Miss Rodeo and did some modeling before going away to school. She left behind the town's bad boy, Teague. They had been friends since they were little but there had also always been something between them.

So while she has been away he has tri My thoughts: So while she has been away he has tried to shed his bad boy persona and making some money, while she has cast of her Rodeo Queen ways. But when she comes back he still thinks she is too good for him. I liked Jodie, she was so down to earth and all she wanted was to help kids with disabilities.

She never saw herself as better than Teague who had been poor and lived in a trailer when young. Teague then, oh, hunky cowboy alert! All he wants is to take care of his brother, who has Down syndrome, and to build something and not end up like his dad, the wifebeater. And he has also always been in love with Jodie.

All I ever wanted while reading was for these two to get that HEA.

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So I mentioned a Barbie, oh yes, the annoying rich girl who dresses more like Western Hooker Barbie, and who is constantly following Teague around cos he is a cowboy and badboy. Her I just wanted to push into a ditch. So let's call her the bad guy of the story, the one that will cause drama. There is romance, some hot passion, an annoying woman who does not understand the word no, and friendship. Later things will turn bad and we get a bit of suspense. I liked it, I read it just like that because it was all sweet and quick to read.

A good western with a likeable couple. I would recommend it, and I would read more westerns by this author. Oh and did I mention the hunky cowboy ; Rating: Apr 30, Hannah M. Last year, I discovered Joanne Kennedy and she quickly became a favorite author. At least for the first half. Letting herself be ifluenced by this made me dislike Jodi for a while, but like I said, things pick up after a while. Her mother admits she was wrong to make Jodi promise to stay away from someone.

The two are great together. He is definitely my favorite character from the book, especially with his love for ACDC. Bottom line, Cowboy Fever has some down points, but is full of great characters that make the book worth reading. Jan 19, Jennifer Estep rated it liked it Shelves: Cowboy Fever by Joanne Kennedy is a contemporary western romance.

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Jodi Brand has come back to her small Wyoming hometown to start a therapy riding clinic. And who does she run into but Teague Treadwell, a guy that she was once friends with before their relationship ended on a bad note. Now, Teague is all grown up and looking better than ever, and he's become a successful rancher in the meantime. Jodi and Teague never really got over each other, and they soon resume their relationship. But things Cowboy Fever by Joanne Kennedy is a contemporary western romance.

But things quickly take a turn for the worse when there's a fire on another ranch and Teague's brother becomes a suspect. When other strange things start happening, it looks like someone doesn't want Jodi and Teague to be together I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm a sucker for westerns. I liked a lot of things about this book, including the setting and the descriptions of the animals and ranch life. It was nice learning about how riding clinics like the one that Jodi starts can help folks. I also enjoyed Jodi and Teague's romance and how Teague is the one who's really unsure of himself, due to his abusive family history.

However, I didn't think that the suspense subplot of the fire really added all that much to the story. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like most of the contemporary western romances that I've read lately have had some sort of suspense plot in them. I wonder if it's a genre trend? Plus, there's a secondary character who is just not sympathetic at all.

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I know that this character isn't supposed to be sympathetic, but she came off as really grating and distracting. Overall, though, if you're looking for westerns to read, consider giving this book a try. Jan 20, Tasha rated it liked it Shelves: Jodi has returned home to Wyoming and to bad boy Teague Treadwell. And I myself tend to like that. After that, these two were dancing around each other a good portion of the book. It was obvious that they truly cared about each other, but outside factors kept them apart.

For Jodi, one of those factors was a promise she made to her mother that she Jodi has returned home to Wyoming and to bad boy Teague Treadwell. For Jodi, one of those factors was a promise she made to her mother that she would stay away from Teague. For Teague, he never thought he was good enough for Jodi. You could see her struggle to do right by her mother or follow her heart to Teague. Teague too was a likeable character. Although at times I felt he was a little clueless when it came to Courtney, his shadow who believed herself in love with Teague. Courtney turned out to be a nice surprise.

Cowboy Fever had a great plot, although it was a little predictable in places. The whole situation with the arson, I seen who they would try to pin that on coming a mile away. Overall I enjoyed Cowboy Fever. It offered a nice romance between the town sweetheart and resident bad boy. The entire town of Purvis was filled with well-written, likeable characters. Apr 24, BecksBookPicks rated it it was amazing. Once you start it, you can't put it down. Joanne Kennedy writes a very fun and catchy story that as a reader you easily get swept into. She plants seeds in your head in the beginning of the book and you could not wait to see how it plays out.

Yes, she makes you wait until the last chapter to see how that seed she plants plays out. There were so interesting characters in this book. This is just an all around great book. The romance is very clean in this book, she is a shut the door kind of author Once you start it, you can't put it down. The romance is very clean in this book, she is a shut the door kind of author.

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Onto the two main characters in this book, Jodi and Teague. I always enjoy a story where it is two old flames from years ago who can not get past one another and end up in one another's life again. Teague is an all out cowboy and is still very interested in Jodi from the moment she comes back in town. Jodi is unsure, but finds that she is not able to fight what her heart truly wants. Of coarse, there is Courtney who likes to get in between them, since she wants Teague to be her boyfriend. I think almost anyone who likes romance is going to like this book.

As much as I read, it really takes a lot for a novel now to completely sweep me away and this one did so I strongly recommend this book. If anyone has been curious about the western romance genre, I think this book is excellent to get yourself started. Apr 10, Cheryl rated it liked it. Jody Bryce has returned home. She has not been back since; she left to become Miss Rodeo Wyoming. Though Jody wants to put her Miss Rodeo Wyoming days behind her and have a fresh start. Her main focus now is trying to get people to help her with her therapy riding horse clinic for children.

Teague Treadwell can remember the day that Jody left. Now here she is all grown up. Teague has noticed a change in Jody. She is no longer about looking beautiful all the time.

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Teague still has Jody Bryce has returned home. Teague still has feelings for Jody but will he make the first move? While I am a sucker for a good cowboy book, I thought that this book was alright. I just thought this book was more on the sweeter side and I was looking for a little more.

The romance between Jody and Teague was drawn throughout the story until the last half of the book. Of course, this had something to do with Courtney draping herself all over Teague. I wanted Teague to have a bigger back bone and tell Courtney off sooner. I have read her prior novels and enjoyed them. Cowboy Fever did make my temperature rise! Mar 09, Kimberly Lewis rated it it was amazing Shelves: I absolutely adored this novel!

It had such a satisfying love story, lovable characters, some unexpected mystery and suspense, and some pretty steamy love scenes. Jodi is a former rodeo queen and has recently moved back to her hometown where she plans to start her own therapeutic clinic for the sick and disabled. On her first day back in town she runs into Teague, the town bad boy who has turned into a responsible, successful businessman and who is also her old flame.

The feelings these two have I absolutely adored this novel! The feelings these two have for each other are undeniable and I loved how no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn't stay away from each other. All orders are shipped the next working day, depending on the time of day the order was placed and stock availability. Orders placed on Fridays will be shipped the following Monday.

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