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Sydney and Ridge spend time together and connect over music. She is a muse to Ridge, inspires him to play and helps him with lyrics. They work well together. Some refer to them as soul mates. Some refer to it as true love. I say unusual, because you LOVE all three people in it. Who do you root for? There were parts that broke my heart. I will never ever leave her. How much he fought his feelings for Sydney Despite how hard we tried to fight it, all those things happened between us because our feelings for each other are becoming so much stronger than our desire.

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Desire is easy to fight. Especially when the only weapon desire possesses is attraction. Sydney liked and respected Maggie and never wanted to go there. She also never pushed Ridge to break up with her. But by the end, I was left in happy tears. Ridge was sweet, sexy, devoted and kind. Sydney was fun, strong and incredibly patient and understanding.

Then there was Warren. There were times he pretty much stole the book. He was hilarious, but he had other sides. I hate cock blockers, and I refuse to be one. But if anyone makes you uncomfortable, just look at me and give me a signal so I can swoop in and pull you out of the situation. He was just too funny! I also want to comment on the music. I loved how much the story centered on the music and the connection these two character shared through it. Her words just have this flow. Her writing is just flawless. Heartwarming, heartbreaking, powerful and moving.

I fell in love with this book. I loved how unpredictable it was. And I'm not sure how it's possible, but she delivered the perfect ending. View all 88 comments. Nov 25, Angela rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read a full review and others here: Everything has been so good! Second I've been on a total Colleen Hoover kick. Third I think going into a book completely blank and with the smallest amount of information about the novel is the way to go. I picked up Maybe Someday only knowing that it was a story about a girl Read a full review and others here: I picked up Maybe Someday only knowing that it was a story about a girl who falls in love with her musician neighbors and I assumed they hit it off.

This book was so surprising. The story and the characters were SO far off from what I thought. All were such a pleasant surprise. I'm going to give NO hint too what it is regarding because not knowing. This book seriously starts off with face punch. Sydney catches her boyfriend of two years cheating on her. When her neighbor broke the news to her about her friends romance she ends up staying with him and hes roommates.

The two bond over music and instantly become very close. She becomes a muse to Ridge, and helps break his writers block. From there a friendship starts to become more than that. They however try so hard to keep it platonic, because Sydney clearly just got out of a tough relationship, and because Ridge has been in one of his own for years.

This is the thing about Maybe Someday that I loved. It was all about building a friendship then turning into a relationship. It's so hard to say it wasn't a typical relationship because it's not but at the same time it is. The characters are both so well written. Neither of them are these things and I thought I was going to hate that They are nice, compassionate, natural people. Colleen Hoover is the Queen Bee of building up stories, sprinkling it with little surprises, then when she thinks you're not looking she reaches into your chest cavity and pulls out your heart.

Really enjoyed this one, as I do with every Hoover book. View all 4 comments. Me when finding out about Colleen Hoover's new book: This is now me waiting for the book to come out: View all 10 comments. Sep 07, Ana rated it it was ok Shelves: There's only so much I can take. Felt like I was in a bad episode of Beverly Hills, This is basically how things went down.

Ridge is so cute. But he has a girlfiend. I really wish he could be my life partner. He has a g There's only so much I can take. He has a girlfriend. Shame on my thoughts, how they stray from me! I am so attracted to Ridge. Ugh no, he has a girlfriend. Sydney is so incredible. I have a girlfriend and I love her. Sydney makes me feel things I've never felt before.

It's not you, it's me. I loved Finding Cinderella. Way too sappy for me. View all 58 comments. Re-read but this time I'm listening to it. This time I was able to relax more while listening to it since I knew the final outcome. Hearing Zachary Webber voice bring to life the story was an audible pleasure. Maybe Someday is an amazing standalone. There are some moments that will make you gasp and others that will make you hold your breath. Experience all Re-read but this time I'm listening to it. Experience all the feels with this book.

When your book is so highlighted that it glows in the dark you know you have a winner! So much to say and yet not wanting to reveal any plot twist I'll re-frame from divulging into the plot line. With every heartbeat you feel like you're there experiencing the story. My arc copy did not include the music links to feel the songs. I've heard rumors about a love triangle with this book. If you want to know if the rumors are true or not click the first spoiler. There are no bad guys in this love triangle.

I liked all the characters. I'll answer that in spoiler in case you would rather not know. View all 75 comments. He is in a five year relationship with Maggie, a gorgeous and wonderful girl. A connection across a courtyard that progresses through the music that sweeps the apartment complex has Sydney under his spell. Anyone who watches how passionately this guy plays would crush on his talent.

Ridge shares his apartment with Warren, Bridgette and now Sydney.

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Maggie visits regularly, Sydney and Ridge struggle with their building connection and feelings for one another they create the most beautiful songs together , Warren and Bridgette get it on and then all of sudden BAM things get crazy. Of course there is a lot in between. Without spoiling anything, let me say I loved all the characters and disliked them at one point or another.

This story has a big with the ending which I loved, but my feelings are still a bit all over the place. I have conflicting feelings about how Ridge handled himself and his heart once he realizes it has been split in two. The storyline was indeed unique and the characters truly tried to do the right thing. Ridge truly was in a battle with his heart.

This is a story to be experienced and discussed with friends. I will definitely be swooning and ranting once this book is released with all of you! Just read the epilogue on the author's page Colleen Hoover, This story was painful and beautiful and unforgettable. How can two people who both have such good intentions end up with feelings, derived from all the goodness, that are so incredibly bad? I thought is book was really sweet. I mean there were a lot of things that got on my nerves but it all worked out in the end.

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She sits on hers and he sits on his across the way. Ridge has been having trouble writing his lyrics for the band and he sees Sydney sin How can two people who both have such good intentions end up with feelings, derived from all the goodness, that are so incredibly bad?

Ridge has been having trouble writing his lyrics for the band and he sees Sydney singing to his music and thus it begins. On Sydney's birthday she finds out from Ridge that her boyfriend of two years, Hunter, has been having a relationship with her roommate, Tori. He really didn't want to tell her but he couldn't put it off any longer.

Ridge had seen them on the balcony. They say it was just sex and meant nothing, they had been having sex for years before they knew Syd. Anyway, Syd moves in with Ridge and his roommates, Bridgette and Warren. They are a hoot let me tell you. Syd finds out Ridge is deaf but he can still play guitar and writes music for the band his brother formed.

They are a big hit. Ridge won't play with them though because of his nerves and something else, but I won't tell you what that something else is, just something that is holding him back. So Ridge and Syd communicate through text messages and the laptop. And they make music together. Syd writes the lyrics and Ridge plays, at least until he gets his muse back, which is through Sydney. Then, Syd finds out Ridge has a girlfriend. Hello, you could have mentioned that from the beginning before I started falling for you.

Maggie and Ridge have been together for 5 years and it's not all what it seems either. You know how you get comfortable with someone and they have other problems and you feel you can't leave them. But it all works out in the end for everyone. I loved being able to read a nice fluffy book. Sometimes I just need to do that, although I don't need to explain myself to you. I enjoyed this book, but like I said I wanted to scream through some of it. I loved the characters and they all seemed to just get one another.

Melissa Martin's Reading List View all 24 comments. There is no doubt that Colleen Hoover can write any amazing novel. The development and interaction between Sydney and Ridge was pure magic. Their method of communicating with each other felt like a language meant only for Sydney and Ridge and I felt like a fly on the wall playing witness to their romance.

One of elements of this novel that I appreciated was the lyrics. I usually cringe when I read lyrics in books because they come off so cheesy and unrealistic but not with Maybe Someday. This book is a must read! Fall in love 3. Have a new book boyfriend Get ready mystery man, we are coming for you! Was not too keen on Slammed. Yeah, saw all the rave reviews for this one and thought to myself will I? Still had a bit on the Amazon gift voucher…. You UK buyers are getting it for a bargain at your price. And a pleasant one.

It was very emotional. I really did not know which way it was going…. He is 24 and she is But it did not read like an NA book. It was just a good book. But I can tell by how disappointed I feel that I do care. Ok now don't get me wrong this book was written great and I still love me some CoHo, but this was not by any means my favorite CoHo book Maybe its my fault for not reading the blurb bc I didn't care since it was a new CoHo book but I actually considered DNF because I saw where this book was headed and its one of my pet peeves.

I don't care what the circumstances are, the hero needed to man the eff up. They only get to choose who they stay in love with. My heart broke for Maggie. Maggie was a great person. Ridge can go Also, view spoiler [ I feel like he was with Sydney by default. Like if everything wouldn't have gone down with Maggie he would have stayed with her. View all 38 comments. Saying I was excited to read Maybe Someday would be quite the understatement. I basically counted down the days until it was released and no one would ever understand how ecstatic I was when I found out it had been already available at my local bookstore.

I was not only thrilled that it was a Colleen Hoover book, but also that it had aspects I was interested in, like music and romance. The book focuses respectively on Sydney and Ridge, the female and male lead, who both have their own POVs. Sometimes in life, we need a few bad days in order to keep the good ones in perspective.

The novel starts with Sydney, who just turned twenty-two and was having the suckiest day of her life. Betrayed by her best friend and boyfriend, Sydney was angry, depressed, and was left with nowhere to go. From the very first line of the book, I knew Sydney was going to be a very readable character for me.

If there was one thing I loved about her the most, it was that she kept things real. Her dialogues with the people around her were fun, her internal conflicts were so relatable and honest and she was a really good heroine in general. He took me completely by surprise. Aside from that, I loved his personality in general, how he is passionate and caring and also how he loves pranks! The heart does whatever the hell it wants to do. The only thing we can control is whether we give our lives and our minds the chance to catch up to our hearts.

Ridge has been having a block when it came to writing lyrics so he collaborates with Sydney, who is utterly passionate about songs and music. The two grow attracted to each other but they establish a deeper connection more than just a physical one. She was actually really wonderful and nice and you can see why Ridge loves her very much.

I came to adore him during the entirety of the book, not only because he was pretty hilarious, but also because he was so frank and honest. After all, the story revolves around a relationship that is wrong in the context of the situation but nonetheless feels so right, which I must say is totally confusing and frustrating, not just for the characters, but also for the reader in this case: I loved how the two were both so mature, how they really tried so hard to fight their hearts and it tore me apart, seeing them struggle with their feelings so much.

Not only was this book heart wrenching, it was also fascinating, what with the aspect of music and lyrics bringing Sydney and Ridge together. I have to say: Every word was just so perfect for every scene, every emotion, and I just loved it beyond everything else. A gorgeous soundtrack accompanies Maybe Someday and it contains the songs Sydney and Ridge wrote for and about each other. Listening to the soundtrack album while reading the respective scenes was the best thing ever!

All in all, I really loved Maybe Someday. It was poignant and thought provoking, not to mention a breath of fresh air compared to most of the books in this genre. Sure to impress its readers, Maybe Someday brims with heart and hope. Password is the last word of the last chapter of the book. Whenever I see a Colleen Hoover book, I know to brace myself for a story that builds up in intensity and showcases unique plot twists. Her stories are alwa Go get it!! Her stories are always so well-written at least for me and she knows how to make the little things count.

Sydney Blake has the perfect life: From the blurb I expected Sydney to be connecting with Ridge on a musical level after she finds out about Hunter and Tori, but she actually knows and chats with him beforehand. Not a bad thing, but the way it was introduced into the story i. Is it just them falling in love over making music?

But for those that just need a little more to go off of, this next section is for you. It was how they felt and their natural response to these feelings.

Maybe Someday

For me, reading this book was like opening a Pandora box full of emotions and letting those emotions smack me in the face over and over again. I had originally planned on giving this book 3. ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 84 comments. Jun 08, Samantha rated it it was amazing Shelves: I inhale read this in one sitting.

I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack along with the book. This is for fans of the slow-burn, angst-filled romance. This book deals with a delicate situation in a realistic and complex way. Mar 26, Sana rated it did not like it Shelves: View all 56 comments. Sydney finds out that her boyfriend of two years is a cheater so she accepts help from her neighbor, Ridge.

Ridge and Sydney connect trough music and soon very strong feelings starts to develop between them. Let me just start by saying that I love Colleen Hoover. This, however, was my least favorite of them all. She is THAT good. Traditional NA with a lot of drama in the middle. Some broken moments, some achingly beautiful and some heartbreaking ones. Basically, the cherry on the top of the big cake that is the New Adult world.

First person, dual POV. Flawless, musical and completely addictive. Exactly how Colleen got us used to. And even in this crazy book where everything could go wrong, she turned it in a way that will make us end this reading with happy tears flooding from our eyes. Sydney is pretty good and I love how respectful she is to the other parts in all this messed up situation. Ridge is an amazing guy and I loved his position through the entire book.

View all 45 comments. Sydney is forced to leave the apartment she shares with her friend Tori upon discovering that she occasionally hits up her boyfriend, Hunter, for meaningless sex. Penniless, purseless and jobless, she finds herself squatting with Ridge, the cute musician from the apartment across who has convinced her to write lyrics for him as rent after he sees her singing along his impromptu balcony concerts. Basically, Maybe Someday is a kindle pages guide on how to rationalize infidelity. A lengthy introspection on love and hearts within hearts, and hearts being halved and a valiant attempt at trying to portray the concept of loving more than one person in a mature and dignified manner.

Initially I was sold on the originality of choosing a deaf musician for a hero. I mean, who would rage on a guy who is simultaneously sweet, sensitive and hell bent on being faithful to his girlfriend? I was wary that his deafness opens an avenue ripe for emotional exploitation.

Well this kind of did and did not. So when the whole Maggie subplot was brought into the picture, it just got a little over the top, dramatic gimmickry for me. I did not get the Maggie love. But apart from Ridge, Warren and Sydney saying so, why again is she awesome? There was so much angst going on, the book somehow forgot to illustrate the happiness any of these characters derive from each other.

From where I stand, everyone would probably be better off single. It feels a bit strange complaining about that in a Colleen Hoover book. She has a knack for writing in charm in the banter between her leads and in her secondary characters that subtly compliments the heavy drama in her climactic scenes. Had it not been for Sydney. Do you sing in the shower? I shake my head, confirming my initial suspicion. It cheapens an already shallow character, one that fit so incongruously in a story that already struggles with keeping up the appearances of being a New Adult Contemporary Romance of depth.

I can see her evolution as a writer.

Or when we should get there. View all 49 comments. Well I guess I'm the odd duck here because I didn't like this. The only reason I'm rating it 2 stars and not 1 is because I did like how it ended, mostly. I completely lost respect for Ridge with his treatment of both women. View all 55 comments. Sep 22, Whitney Atkinson rated it it was ok Shelves: I don't understand the hype behind her whatsoever. The only good thing about this book was that it was fast-paced. That, and it had a cool twist that would be a spoiler to tell you, but if you've read it, you know what I mean and I really liked that aspect of it.

But this book was just entirely too angsty. If you cheat on your girlfriend, tell her and deal with the consequences and stop crying literally every 3 pages for half of this book. This book had no other plot other than a sob story about cheating and regret. Colleen Hoover loves including small phrases like "she hits like a girl" and "i need her to be vulnerable" actual lines pulled from Ridge's POV , which totally rubbed me the wrong way. I just hate how Colleen Hoover tackles these serious problems and over-dramatizes them.

By the end I was ready for this to be done so that there would stop being so much ridiculous angst. Additionally, I wasn't a fan of the soundtrack for this book. Colleen Hoover just blew my mind!!! Loved this book so much! Even though I was in conflict while I devoured this whole This story was amazing. Downloaded all the songs!!!! Favorite author ever Once again Favorite author everrrrrrr and the face of Holder with the voice of Ridge I heart you Colleen Hoover!!!! View all 8 comments.

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Nov 12, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it did not like it Shelves: Find all of my reviews at: Yeah, that sounds about par for the course on books I rate 1 Star. Now, before everyone goes all cuckoo crazy I need to ask a favor. Again, put the buckets of pig blood down. It just has to be done the right way for me. THIS might be and judging by the ratings obviously was the right way for most everyone else.

When Sydney discovers her live-in boyfriend has been banging her bestie on the side, she finds herself jobless and homeless. Left out in the rain with nowhere to go, neighbor Ridge saves the day. He feels sorry for her so he and his roommates offer Sydney a place to stay. But Ridge has a long-term girlfriend. Therein lies the rub. What exactly constitutes cheating? But enough about that. I thought maybe it was just a case of needing the music rather than just reading the words so I took a couple of minutes to You Tube the songs themselves and hear what they sounded like.

I can definitely live without any of those on my iTunes playlist. I should probably burn myself at the stake. When I hear that songs are supposed to make me feely, they need to be feeeely.

However, the feels I like to feel are things like anger: There won't be no next time! I apologize even though I know its lies I'm tired of the games I just want her back I know I'm a liar If she ever tries to fucking leave again Im'a tie her to the bed and set this house on fire. The video on the other hand.

I want to do the dirty to The Weekend. Well, at least I did until it nearly got ruined for me by having a track added to the 50 Shades soundtrack. Then much like with the "romance" in this book , my snatch was all like. Not every book works for every reader. Luckily at Goodreads you have the ability to read tons of different personal opinions NONE of which are wrong. This one was already on your TBR? Definitely still read it. Add it to the TBR. View all 40 comments.

Mar 06, Hailey HaileyinBookland rated it it was amazing Shelves: So beautiful and amazing. I was a little unsure through the middle but I honestly adored it. View all 3 comments. I loved it so much,I honestly couldn't stop reading it! Full Cast and Crew. Hal Donnelly, a hopeless something slacker, gets his life back on track with the help of a teenage girl claiming to be his daughter from the future. Most Memorable Emmys Moments. Misc Movies plan on seeing. Share this Rating Title: Maybe Someday 7.

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