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Valerious The Elder then sought forgivness from God and made his own vow for future generations to have Dracula slain so they may enter heaven. The descendants of Valerious The Elder were unsuccessful for centuries however because Dracula resisted every known form of vampiric weaknesses and escaped death, but they learned that Dracula had a werewolf cure for unknown reasons.

Dracula recommended to Dr. Frankenstein to make a creature that could show that God wasn't the only one who could make life, in an attempt to bring his children to life.

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After the creature was created, Dr. Frankenstein refused to give it away for such a malevolent use against God's will.

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Dracula murdered the Dr. While the creature escaped with Dr. After the creature escaped, Dracula began looking for a new way of bringing his children to life.

He was awoken from his icy sleep when his bride Marishka died, shouting her name in grief. He also felt the presence of Van Helsing, like someone familiar to him but he couldn't understand why. He planned to awaken his children again, but his brides told him not to, as another loss would be too much pain to hold.

He screamed to them in a vampiric way, making his brides frightened, but he pleaded with them not to fear him and said that everybody feared him, but his brides did not, whereupon they sprang at him and nuzzled and caressed him.

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Before leaving with his brides, he ordered Igor a former assistant of Dr. Frankenstein's and the Dwergi to move to Frankenstein's lab, where they will try to bring the children back to life.

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After Velkan Valerious Anna's brother who had been bitten by a werewolf went to Frankenstein's lab, Dracula told him about Velkan's father who had disappeared a year ago. Velkan's father was used as a power source to bring Dracula's children to life. When the name Dracula is spoken, what image comes into your mind? Or, do you think of a legendary fifteenth century hero of Romania who risked his life and fought courageously to take on the Ottoman empire to protect his land, his people, all of Europe, and all of Christianity?

Since the age of 13, Amelia Justine Kari had a quest.

Count Dracula

Her quest was to one day take a trip to the beautiful lands of Romania, in search of the truth behind the mystery's of the real Prince Dracula. Once on Romanian soil, Amelia would find other forces already at work in search of her. Did I mention that it was you who murdered me? It must be such a burden.

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All I want is life, Gabriel. The continuation of my kind. And perhaps the return of my ring. Don't be afraid, Gabriel.

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I shall give you back your life, your memory. Videogame appearance Dracula also appeared in the videogame adaption of Van Helsing as the game's main antagonist and final boss. Dracula biting Victor in the throat.

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