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But my brothers used to scare me with shark stories. Bethany Hamilton has changed my perspective of the world. I am now surfing year round with my brothers living my life to the fullest. Thank you for showing me you can do what ever your heart tells you to. You are by far my biggest role model! But her story really said to just keep going no matter what happens. She not only got back on the surf board, she rides the waves like nothing ever happened. That is why she is so amazing.

Moon rising on Bethany Beach - Picture of Addy Sea, Bethany Beach - TripAdvisor

I love her determination. It inspired me to surf!

Bethany Dingus - the sun is rising

This story is so inspirational, it makes me want to go out and do something wonderful. I can't even begin to explain how amazed I was after I read this article. It is amazing and this girl is truly dedicated. Increase your power Lord. I really admire you! I will never stop trying!

It takes a lot to get back out there after you get hurt like that. I think its really cool that she did it! It shows me that even though bad things happen and there are obstacles, you can still do what you love and be good at it. It also shows me you can find the good side of things out of the bad. And I hope you are OK!

I'm 16 years old. I read this article and it had an effect on me. I see the perseverance and charisma of this girl and it makes me want to use those things to get me further in life and not dwell on the past. I haven't had the easiest life but I keep pushing to get further and go somewhere! Everyone needs to get back on the surfboard after a wipe out!

Her book is totally awesome!

Moon rising on Bethany Beach - Picture of Addy Sea, Bethany Beach

It is so inspiring! I am her 1 fan! She is a great surfer! Your site is totally radical! I was just trying to research some stuff for my 6th grade biography project. It will be so awesome doing a whole project board over you! I can not wait! You really are courageous you know! I wish I were like you! I myself am a strong believer of always looking at the positive side that this site superbly demonstrates and encourages. Good luck to all its visitors. I think she is amazing and a great role model. As one who isn't very athletic, I often wished to just leave Gym class permanently.

However, looking at this smiling surfer without an arm every day for three years inspired me to go beyond what I saw as my limits and to never stop striving for excellence. Bethany is an amazing teen and an inspiration to everyone. Thank you for sharing such an important message. Bethany, your smile is inspiring! I collect women's sports memorabilia. Definitely nice and neat site you got here. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well! Truly a role model. She sets an example to everyone out there to keep on keepin' on and follow through with your dreams, even if it means you have to face your fears.

She is so beautiful and strong, and I'm thankful to be reminded that one can overcome anything they put their mind to!

Lazarus of Bethany

Thank you for inspiring millions! An encouragement to all. For Wright, who's won three of four events this season, it was just the second time in her career that she's lost as early as Round Two. Hamilton pulled the feat off with a solid display of tube riding at Cloudbreak, backed by a flurry of ferocious carves. And she was just getting started. With waves and wind building, the trio got busy in a hurry, trading blows in what became the biggest slugfest of the day.

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All three looked sharp, too, but Hamilton's combination of frontside lip bashes and heel-side hooks kept Stephanie and Johanne at bay. She led almost the entire way and advanced directly to the quarterfinals with another stunning win.

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Bethany Hamilton is surfing with one arm. Paddling through waves, to waves, and into waves is supposed to be impossible with a disadvantage like that. And pushing to your feet while dropping into hollow reef waves? It's really not possible. She just refuses to believe it. And her storybook determination makes her the embodiment of the world's best motivational speech.

The only person who may have been happier than Hamilton was Tyler Wright. The two have traveled together as Rip Curl teammates and have become close friends. Hamilton, for her part, feels the same way about Wright. Wright took her early loss in stride. She's very comfortable with where she is, and where she's going.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Gilmore, who suffered a Round Four loss to Nikki Van Dijk, seems more confused than ever by her inability to find some traction this year. In a fictional story about one of the Bible's most recognizable characters, Kent Weatherby introduces the man who was the miracle.

The name Lazarus stirs emotion in both Christians and non-Christians. He was a man of God, a man who cared Tate Publishing Bolero Ozon. The Story of Lazarus.