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This specification applies to the corresponding package body as well. This clause creates an invoker-rights package. External names in all other statements resolve in the schema in which the package resides. Specify DEFINER to indicate that the package executes with the privileges of the owner of the schema in which the package resides and that external names resolve in the schema where the package resides.

This is the default and creates a definer-rights package. To merge the configurations, use the mergeConfigFrom method within your service provider's register method:.

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If your users partially define a multi-dimensional configuration array, the missing options will not be merged. If your package contains routes, you may load them using the loadRoutesFrom method. This method will automatically determine if the application's routes are cached and will not load your routes file if the routes have already been cached:. If your package contains database migrations , you may use the loadMigrationsFrom method to inform Laravel how to load them. The loadMigrationsFrom method accepts the path to your package's migrations as its only argument:.

Once your package's migrations have been registered, they will automatically be run when the php artisan migrate command is executed.

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If your package contains translation files , you may use the loadTranslationsFrom method to inform Laravel how to load them. For example, if your package is named courier , you should add the following to your service provider's boot method:.

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Package translations are referenced using the package:: So, you may load the courier package's welcome line from the messages file like so:. The publishes method accepts an array of package paths and their desired publish locations. For example, to publish the translation files for the courier package, you may do the following:.

To register your package's views with Laravel, you need to tell Laravel where the views are located. You may do this using the service provider's loadViewsFrom method. The loadViewsFrom method accepts two arguments: For example, if your package's name is courier , you would add the following to your service provider's boot method:. Package views are referenced using the package:: So, once your view path is registered in a service provider, you may load the admin view from the courier package like so:.

When you use the loadViewsFrom method, Laravel actually registers two locations for your views: Then, if the view has not been customized, Laravel will search the package view directory you specified in your call to loadViewsFrom. The publishes method accepts an array of package view paths and their desired publish locations:. To register your package's Artisan commands with Laravel, you may use the commands method. This method expects an array of command class names.

In Android Studio, you can do this:

Once the commands have been registered, you may execute them using the Artisan CLI:. To publish these assets to the application's public directory, use the service provider's publishes method. In this example, we will also add a public asset group tag, which may be used to publish groups of related assets:. Now, when your package's users execute the vendor: Since you will typically need to overwrite the assets every time the package is updated, you may use the --force flag:.

Right click on java and add a new package and set the desired package name Step 3: Enter you new packagename Step 4: Copy all the files from your old package and paste in the new package Step 5: Rename the package name in manifest file Step 6: Rename the package name in build. Then right click the old package and delete it with all its data, and delete that directory as well Step 8: Then Rebuild your project Step 9: Then a popup appears like below and select All files option from it Step Mehroz Munir 1, 10 Also make sure to update your gradle files. Did not get any errors with old package name.

So, didn't have to do anything after step 9. Execution failed for task ': Right-click on the package at the Project Panel. Burak Tokak 1, 12 I did this way but Now it says class not exist at launch time. How did you renamed it? I have used the "Refactor" main menu and click on "Rename".

Enter your new name and select Refactor. Note since my cursor is on "something" only something is renamed. Prince Jayakumar 1 11 Thanks working on Android Studio 1. Prince Jayakumar, your 'don't select it just place it' statement is confusing. Easiest way to change package name!

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I tried doing this and I hit a snag. I'm trying to change the com. I can change 'example' and 'package', but I can't change the 'com'. It also doesn't rename any directories. RobertRose, I have a solution for your issue. Are you still working on it? I put it aside and just went ahead and left it.

For future reference, what did you come up with? ChrisNevill and how did u delete those empty packages please? I think I just selected them and pressed delete. I can't reproduce the issue at the moment so can't remember it exactly. Should be included in all the sub-standard answers I've seen regarding this topic. Doesn't work, changed my package from "com.

This method doesn't allow to change the last component of the name and I tried several times. Now select the folder, click right button to open the contextual menu, select Refactor and then Rename You will be advised to refactor the package: Then a window will show the coincidences inside the proyect, select "Do Refactor": You can achieve this by first add two files to package com. Here are the steps to follow: Sebastian Breit 5, 1 27 Please try the following steps: Now Change the domain extension and App folder name according to your requirement Now open build.

Here change the application id and click Sync Now. Stepan Novikov 1, 6 Joseph Mathew 8 I tried the two top-voted solutions but found some issues even though both work to some extent. The new package-drag-drop method leaves some unchanged and creates some undesired effects List item: The rename package only changes the last part of package name After some experiments I found the following method works well for me. If you just need to change the last part of package name, use the method outlined by GreyBeardedGeek, namely Right-click on the package in the Project pane.

Right-click on the package in the Project pane. You can also press F6. Shivanand T 1 1 This is what i did: After you've done that push Replace All to replace your old package name with your new one. Change the name of the folders to your new package name, like this: I've found this to be the easiest one and the one that covers all areas like generated files.

Kevin van Mierlo 7, 4 31 Ajay Keshri 29 6. Deselect Compact Empty Middle Packages. DSlomer64 2, 2 24 The nerve of some shortsighted, trigger-happy people.

Would LOVE to see reason for downvote. Have no doubt I won't see it.