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Including The Dragonman Trilogy. Funnybone By Ted Lazaris http: It has everything you could wish for in an adventure story. Our hero, Luke Starr longs to be an average guy, and to a large degree he is.

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He runs a private investigation agency with his two adoring sisters who just adore giving him a hard time. He has a devoted girlfriend, lots of great friends, and in his spare time, he morphs into the most fearsome dragon the world has ever seen, in a fight to the death to save the world from utter catastrophe. An atmospheric holocaust strikes the earth and blankets the world with darkness. Or could it be that mankind as we know it is the remnant of a past civilization who once lived on another planet — or even deep below the surface of our own?

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This was a bit of a rough listen for me. I didn't care for the dialogue between characters, everything seemed padded to add more time to the book. It seems like a small complaint but it got so bad I had to take a break from the book.

DragonMan: Descendants of Man

So it just seemed to drag on. Low marks on the audio because the recording has some cell phone notification sounds that didn't get taken out, that's just sloppy work: The narrator sounded decent, but to not proof listen to the work I was given this audiobook in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. First off the narrator was awful. Second, the dialog between characters is shallow, even for a YA audience. There is little character development created from the dialog and it didn't feel conversational, The story itself is decent and has promise, but between the narrator and dialog, it made finishing this book impossible, which is highly unusual for me.

Dragonman: Face Of The Unknown

I am considering finishing the book on Kindle, which speaks to how I felt about the story. I think I could get past the weakness in the dialog if I did not have to listen to the narrator. I was given this free review copy audio book at my request and have voluntarily left this review. So, I'll start by disclosing that I have begun this series with this book.

What I do not understand about this series is the order they have been released.

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Book 1 just came out. Book 2 is not available on Audible.

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Book 3 came out in Then book 5 and now book 4 this book. The synopsis for this book is rather convoluted and strange. The main character is supposed to be an American, and the setting is America ish but the narrator is either Austrailian or a New Zealander. This was an odd choice. It isn't that he does a terrible job on the narration, but it just caused me to feel sort of disconnected to the story. I get the feeling that each book may be a standalone and "DragonMan" is just the universe these stories are set in, but I'm honestly not sure. All in all, I felt a bit apathetic towards this book.

I'm interested enough that I will try another book in the series, but that is about it. I think there are good ideas.

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But the execution, story and dialogue need work. I think theres a good book in here somewhere. Not a fan of a British narrator on this one though.