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It was established in with a long term objective to maximise returns without taking excessive risk, with performance to be assessed over the long term.

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This long term approach shapes everything we do — including how we incorporate environmental, social and governance considerations into our investment decision making process. The mandate does not provide specific direction about how to approach these ESG issues. We live in an era where trust in institutions has diminished profoundly, and the companies that we invest in are consequently under more scrutiny than ever before. We invest for the long term — and in undertaking our investment activities, we incorporate ESG issues into our consideration of all new investment proposals and investment manager appointments.

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For us, ESG issues do not sit separately from our investment function but are integrated into it. Considering these issues is a key risk mitigation tool in an era where volatility is on the rise and regulatory and policy risks are elevated. As long term investors, we seek to assess what price we should pay for a series of future cashflows when we make new investments or allocate capital. Where there is uncertainty over future cashflows — whether due to ESG risks or any other risks — or where there is risk that future cashflows might be impaired, we are inclined to pay less.

We include analysis around ESG risks as a core part of our investment process because we believe that the effective management of material financial and reputation risks and opportunities related to ESG factors will lead to the maximisation of returns over the long term. Incorporating these considerations into our decision making enables us to better understand the full spectrum of future risks and opportunities to which investments are exposed.

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And we communicate our expectations to the companies and assets we invest in, and the managers we invest through. We believe limiting our investment universe is inconsistent with the mandate given to us by Government to maximise risk adjusted returns. Having said this, a small number of exclusions apply to activities that contravene an international treaty that Australia is a party to — in practice this means companies involved in cluster munitions and landmines.

Furthermore, the Board has made a decision to exclude companies directly involved in the manufacture of complete tobacco products. Where an ESG issue is identified, we prefer to work with companies to improve their performance. And, to be clear, while the question of what an institution excludes is often of significant public focus, the question of how to integrate ESG into investment decision-making — or put another way, how to make investments that fully and thoughtfully account for the ESG risks and opportunities that exist — is our key focus.

It means we have around fifty investment professionals who take responsibility for incorporating consideration of responsible investment matters into the assessment of new opportunities and the management of the existing portfolio. These investors are supported by two dedicated ESG professionals in my team who act as knowledge champions. The decision to appoint new managers includes consideration of environmental, social and governance issues. Inputs from our ESG team help define the due diligence to be undertaken for each opportunity — and we have rejected investment opportunities on ESG and reputational grounds.

In undertaking this work, our activities include assessing all new proposed investments and managers against an ESG framework — for example, consideration of Board diversity. To give you an indication of this work program, over the last two years we have assessed 38 of our investment managers on their environmental, social and governance approach. This included the assessment of new managers and refreshing work on existing managers.

This process involves face to face meetings or phone contact, and is not just an exercise in filling in questionnaires.


For instance, in the case of an infrastructure manager, it might involve discussing with them how they incorporate thinking around carbon risk and the future path of energy prices into their assessment of investments. Or in the case of a distressed debt investment manager, it might involve a discussion around how they would behave if a mining company they lent to went into administration and the approach they would take to voting our interests to ensure that the company meets any environmental clean-up and site remediation obligations.

This work is delivering results. For instance, we identified that one of our managers was lagging in their approach to managing ESG issues. We worked with them, and following proactive engagement from us they now more fully incorporate ESG considerations into their investment process. Indeed, they are proudly highlighting their new skills in their market with other investors.


Public markets activity is one sub-set of our broader responsible investing work program. We believe governance matters. And we believe that well governed enterprises will outperform less well run companies over the long term. We promote better governance through voting our shares consistent with our publicly available set of governance principles.

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We focus our efforts on our home market of Australia where we have the most economic leverage through our ownership. In exercising our ownership rights we develop our own views. In doing so, we are informed by our investment managers and we also selectively take advice from proxy advisers. In voting our shares, we hold companies to account. We complement our voting activity with direct engagement with company boards where we believe this to be warranted to better communicate our expectations and concerns. We have an active engagement program with large ASX listed entities in our portfolio — and we have directly engaged with 15 of the ASX 20 companies on governance issues over the last two years.

Australia is a global leader in this respect — and in our experience we have found ASX listed companies as a whole to be open and willing to constructively engage with us. Publications Pages Publications Pages.

Investment Risk Management

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