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I will never understand how everyone in your family is so thin. When Ryan was finished with her snack, she went into the bath to get ready for bed.

Jamie followed close behind, and by Ryan cocked her head, giving her partner an amused look. Why do you ask? Grinning widely, Jamie agreed. Jamie scampered out of bed and started hastily tossing garments from her suitcase. Despite the clothing, and the vigorous rubbing from her partner, the smaller woman was still decidedly cold. Jamie woke when the sun peeked through the window, and when she went to the bathroom she tucked the curtains closed so they would not be disturbed. Few things gave her more pleasure than cuddling with Ryan in the morning, and since they had time, she knew their cuddling would soon be very, very fulfilling.

It was just 6: Smiling broadly at her partner, Jamie snuck back into bed and wrapped her arms around the sleeping woman. The shrill ringing of the phone ripped Ryan from a delightful dream. She fumbled for the receiver and croaked out, "Yeah? Lynette," she said, brusquely. Did you forget about it?

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Jamie saw her shoving her bare feet into her high-tops, and rushed to lend a hand. She ran into the bathroom and handed Ryan a brush, but the irritated woman just stormed into the bath, grabbed a covered band from the counter and tied it haphazardly around a ponytail. Her Cal baseball cap was shoved onto her head, and she jogged for the door, mumbling profanities to herself the entire time.

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Ryan was in the middle of a full-scale rant, and Jamie sat on the bed and let her vent -- knowing that she had to blow off some steam. I look like a loser for breaking practically every rule on my first road trip! Is this a basketball team, or boot camp? Just try to learn the rules and go along with the flow. Just being able to sleep with you is enough for me.

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When they got to the bus, Lynette was standing by the door, and she motioned Ryan aside. She looked embarrassed to have to deliver this news but Ryan quickly reassured her. You can meet Jamie back at the hotel. Ryan looked at her carefully to make sure she was serious, but the grim set to her mouth clearly said that she was.

After making sure Jamie could find a cab, she ran back and hopped on the bus, receiving a narrowed look from Coach Hayes.

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Jamie went down to the lobby to inquire about local restaurants, and some time later her partner joined her. She smiled when she saw her, decked out in a marine blue, wool cable-knit sweater, an ecru colored turtleneck and a pair of winter-white wide-wale corduroys. Everything looked greasy and cold. They were shown to a table, and after they scanned the menu, Jamie said, "I thought you were going to see if anyone wanted to join us. She has to eat the damned buffet.

One of them made eye contact with Jamie, and even though they did an immediate about-face, Ryan saw them and raised an eyebrow at her partner. We were such a tight group that it made even the practices fun. Once again, Jamie shot her a worried glance that Ryan caught. It was just after seven when they finished dinner, but neither was ready to go up to their room. They intentionally put you next to the freeway. One more example of treating us like kids. Maybe we can pick up some women and have a party," Ryan grinned as she waggled an eyebrow.

Ryan pursed her lips and thought for a minute. Jami Vitale rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Latosha Austin rated it it was amazing Aug 09, Scr33ch rated it really liked it Jan 10, Amber Johns rated it it was amazing Aug 01, Tavore rated it it was amazing Mar 20, Unnamedgamerz rated it it was amazing Aug 01, Tania rated it it was amazing Mar 22, Samantha Browne Browne rated it it was amazing May 28, Matthew rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Toni rated it liked it Jun 24, Tippi rated it really liked it Feb 15, Tracy Hall rated it really liked it Oct 29, Kristina rated it it was amazing Sep 11, Michelle Holmes rated it liked it Aug 28, Marty rated it really liked it Mar 19, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

She attended college in Chicago and started her working career there. She and her partner moved to the Los Angeles area in the late 80's. It was there that she started to write. She has published thirteen books in the series and has gone on to write many individual books as well. She has partnered with other authors on two short story books and has written many stories that have been published in other mainstream anthologies.

Susan is active in the lesbian author community and loves to attend Women's week at Provincetown and the GCLS annual conventions. Her stories revolve around the relationships that two women can build when given a chance and how those relationships can strengthen the individual and the partnership. She is the recipient of the Alice B. Medal for her body of work. From the author's website: I live in New York with my spouse, Carrie.

I love to discuss my work and fiction in general. My goal in writing is to explore feelings. I want to entertain, but I also want to make people think.

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I've heard that life is all about finding out who we are. To me, life if about finding out who other people are. I'm interested in the small details of life, that's how a story about two young women in college is slowly becoming a 26 book series. The joke in Seinfield was that it was about nothing. I feel the same about most of my books. They are about the many things that happen when nothing is happening. The small joys and sorrows of everyday life can be fascinating, especially if you care about the people involved. I try to create characters that will make a reader care deeply. I'm always interested in hearing how close I am to that goal.

So please drop me a line whenever you have a comment or a question about a story.