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It was a self-aware gesture, confirming her identity as an artist. Also on display in the Tate show: Henry Scott Tukes' "The Critics," one in a series of paintings by the artist in which persons are shown lying near water or sunning themselves.

German satire mag hits back with penis joke

This work was released two years before Tukes' death, at a time when nude bathing was just coming into fashion. For the paintings, he worked with models he met in Cornwall. The coast of Falmouth provided the backdrop. Men dressing up as female characters on stage was part of a long tradition in Great Britain, as up through , acting roles were only to be handed out to men.

This black- and-white image taken by photographer Paul Tanqueray shows comedian Douglas Byng, famed for roles in which he pantomimed women. His songs were filled with sexual innuendo and puns. John Craxton lived on Crete after and often found himself inspired by the Mediterranean.

He created portraits of men from around the islands, including this portrait of a tanned sailor of the Aegean done in Cubist style.

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The attractive presentation of men, including the fishermen and shepherds that served as models for Craxton, had homoerotic undertones. Author and storyteller Quentin Crisp wanted to appear like a female film star in this photo captured by Angus McBean. In the black-and-white image, you can see that the androgynous author has succeeded in doing so, exhibiting long eyelashes and a soft facial expression. The Bloomsbury Group ushered in a modern, unconventional era in art that was increasingly "queerer.

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Virginia Woolf was a member of the group, as was Hannah Gluckstein, aka Gluck. In this self-portrait, she showcases her short hair and preference for menswear. Influential artist David Hockney created this cover for the magazine "The Young Physique," which displayed attractive, young, muscular men in athletic poses. This painting was part of his thesis at the Royal College of Art, which positioned the male artist's objectification against the eye cast on female life models. The year-old Bieniek said that while she welcomed the subsequent media attention, she "regretted" that exhibit visitors could no longer "enjoy a perfect observation" of the original artwork.

Bieniek has repaired parts of the penis since the accident, but decided to leave a large crack open. The idea behind the work emerged from Bieniek's self-professed "anger" toward men. She said men are too often overpowered by their sexual urges. Does the penis ever get bored?

Dispatches from the German Penis Beat

Bieniek hopes the man's insurance will cover the damages. Each evening at UTC, DW's editors send out a selection of the day's hard news and quality feature journalism. You can sign up to receive it directly here. Three physicians have developed a simple test to find out whether a man's impotence is physical or psychological. British men typically have bigger penises than the French - but are less well endowed than German guys, new research claims.

The average British man's penis is apparently 5. And it towers over the average manhood in North and South Korea - the smallest in the study at a mere 3. But British men do not have a great deal to shout about in the trouser stakes - coming only 78th out of nationalities covered in the study.

Men with stressful jobs likely to be a flop in bed. GP forced me to have sex for a sick note, claims patient. In Europe, Icelanders are the best endowed at 6.

Dutch PENIS size!

Is it fair — to either of you — not to talk about your relationship? I think you should get your emotional health looked at: This will stop you feeling overwhelmed and despairing. In the UK, Samaritans can be contacted on In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is 13 11 Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders.

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