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The team was actually together for only a short time.

- Oh! Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean. | Levy Music Collection

In reality, Gallagher and Shean were apart far more than they were together. Abraham Alreser Schoenberg Al Shean, b.

After a few years of this, he found some legit work. His next show The County Fair gave him a run of three years. The team was big time and toured the country, but Shean left to from a partnership with Charles L. Warner , with whom he performed through Ed Gallagher was primarily a straight man known as one of the best in the business , and worked in sketch comedy with a man named Joe Barret for 15 years. Gallagher and Shean first worked together in the operetta The Rose Maid in They then teamed up and worked together until , when they split up the first time. They did not speak to each other for six years.

No one knows why.


They debuted their hit song soon thereafter and rode it to great fame, but only for four years. The team broke up a second time in while touring with The Greenwich Village Follies. Al Shean had a long solo career in vaudeville and movies through the 30s and 40s, and passed way in The song that they made famous continues to live and breath, and often pops up with entirely new lyrics in entirely new contexts.

“Positively, Mr Gallagher?" & "Absolutely, Mr Shean!" Ed Gallagher & Al Shean on Victor 18941

A relatively recent example can be found in the Tom Stoppard play Travesties. But scratchy old recordings of the real McCoy can still be heard today. Just take a look on Youtube!

She was in […]. But the most extreme and tragic illustration of this […]. Inspired by his uncle Al Shean, the successful vaudevillian, Julius thought he would like to go into show […]. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Gallagher Hello, what's on your mind this morning, Mr. Shean Everybody's making fun of the way our country's run All the papers say we'll soon live European Gallagher Why, Mr.

On the day they took away our old canteen Cost of living went so high That it's cheaper now to die Shean Oh, that's silly Mr. If you're a friend of mine you'll lend me a couple of bucks! I'm so broke and badly bent I haven't got a cent I'm so clean you'd think that I was washed in Lux!

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Do you mean to say you haven't got a bean? Mark my word as I'm alive I intended touching you for five! Shean Oh I thank you Mr. Gallagher You are welcome, Mr. Once I think I saw you save a lady's life!

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In a rowboat out to sea You were a hero then to me And I thought perhaps you'd make this girl your wife Gallagher Oh, Mr. As she sunk I dove down like a submarine! Dragged her up upon the shore Now she's mine for evermore Shean Who, the lady Mr. What's the name of the game they play upon the links? With a stick they knock the ball Where you can't find it at all? And the caddie walks around and thinks and thinks?

Gallagher and Shean

You don't even know a hazard from a green It's become a popular game And you don't even know it's name Shean Sure 'tis croquet, Mr. I was wondering why did you come here alone? You must have something on your mind to leave your wife so far behind she can't even reach you on the telephone Gallagher Mr.