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Draw diagonal going lines down the fruit. Make them evenly spaced apart. Draw diagonal going lines criss-crossing the other lines on the fruit.

Still life

This should make little diamond shapes. Add small dots to the center of each diamond to represent the spikes on the fruit. Shade the edges and slightly blur any background. Also, when you color, try to do ombre. Not Helpful 7 Helpful You draw inside of the first layer of leaves you drew to make it more realistic.

Drawing Proportions Correctly

Not Helpful 15 Helpful You can get a plain phone case and paint the image onto the case directly, or you could order a pre-made pineapple phone case. There's an article for that! Check out How to Eat a Pineapple. Not Helpful 13 Helpful You will have to make an account.

How to Paint a Simple Still Life with Pastels

Not Helpful 5 Helpful 8. Not Helpful 32 Helpful I would suggest the following as a basic set for the beginning student: You can always expand out from these. You should also get some compressed charcoal which gives the richest dark blacks , vine charcoal softer and more easily erased , and white charcoal for drawing on toned paper, to be explained further.

A variety of smooth and textured papers is nice, but you can begin with a newsprint pad and Bristol paper or even bond or computer paper while you are learning basic skills.

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Creating a value drawing of a simple sphere is a good exercise for the beginning artist, as it is a very direct way to learn how light shifts as it falls upon and bounces off of a form. You should ideally have ONE primary light source. Ambient light in addition to a spotlight will be a good set-up for this purpose. Before you begin the sphere exercise, you should create a scale of 10 values.

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It will be helpful though not essential to use a commercial value scale or value finder to compare your handmade one to, matching each shade as closely as possible. After creating your value scale, create a tonal drawing of your sphere attempting to use all 10 values. Pay close attention to observing and recording the highlight, mid-tone, core shadow, reflected light, and cast shadow.

A Theory of Light and Shade. In real life, there are few perfectly geometric shapes or spotlighted situations in which to study light.

I personally prefer to draw natural objects which provide a variety of interesting forms and textures to study. As you refine your drawing skills, you will find yourself attracted to various objects that you see through the course of your daily life.

How to draw FRUITS - easy step by step drawing tips for kids

If you have sufficient interest, you will overcome the challenges of a complex subject. One of the most successful ways to simplify a complex subject is to zoom in on a smaller detail and crop to it. To do this, it is helpful to have a small mat-board frame to help you visualize a smaller cropping an empty slide frame is very effective for this purpose too. You will find it is less overwhelming to zoom in than trying to tackle the whole subject, and it often also makes for more interesting compositions.

All of the sample croppings above were created from full drawings made by botanical artist, Susannah Blaxill.

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This sometimes gives the paintings a slightly quirky feel, but I enjoy that. I usually paint in quite a fine and detailed style, so I take care at the early stages to make sure I am happy with the colours and composition. If you can refrain from blazing ahead too soon, it will usually help the painting in the long run. Project by Lucy McKie — www. With the arrangement in place, I made a simple pencil sketch to establish that I had the correct proportions and composition.

Seeing Proportions

Once I was happy with the balance, I transferred the sketch to my canvas. I introduced a dash of Titanium White for opacity so I could build up solid colour later. I softened the edges and sketched lines before leaving this layer to dry.