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However, the potato famine of , which coincided with a number of external and domestic crises that appeared to threaten the stability of Great Britain, led a large portion of the British public to question the optimistic liberal attitude toward the Irish. Rhetoric concerning the relationship between the two peoples would change dramatically as a result.

Biblical Reflections on the National Symposium on the Church and Human Rights

Prior to the famine, the perceived need to maintain the Anglo-Irish union, and the subservience of the Irish, was resolved by resort to a gendered rhetoric of marriage. Many British writers accordingly portrayed the union as a natural, necessary and complementary bond between male and female, maintaining the appearance if not the substance of a partnership of equals. The human rights we are referring to are those developed and propagated by the United Nations through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When one looks at the list of those human rights, they are aimed at protecting individuals from danger, harm or abuse by others and ensuring that individuals enjoyed certain freedoms and liberties all across the world at all times.

To be universal, it means that these rights ought to be respected all across the world and member states of the United Nations sign treaties and protocols to ensure compliance with these rights. The problem of xenophobia in Africa and everywhere else in the world is an unacceptable behaviour reflecting various forms of injustice, discrimination and hatred against people of other nationalities. The result of xenophobia has been injuries, damage to property, death and displacement of people perpetrated by the locals who negatively perceive foreigners as being responsible for their social and economic predicaments such as unemployment, poverty, homelessness, illiteracy, etc.

The locals tend to regard the foreigners to have taken away their privileges for social services in their country although this may often not be true in many circumstances.

The Great Irish Famine in History & Memory - Dr. James Murphy

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