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My heart no longer beats, and I just feel so cold. But when he touches me, he is warm. He is so warm, and I can feel blood flowing through my veins. Hostage by AddriannaDestiny reviews He took her as hostage because he needed leverage over her best friend, but nothing ever goes as planned when the baby vampire is everything but predictable and afraid of him. It's a road trip that Klaus will never forget. Stefan was born looking human and he was to one day be the king, Damon was born with demonic traits and out of shame his mother threw him from the cliffs.

He was supposed to die, but he didn't.

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Instead he met a human girl, Bonnie Bennett, who saved him, and he fell in love with her. The Heart's Captivation by Xenahime92 reviews What happens when Bonnie becomes haunted by someone whom comes alive from the depths of her dream? Who will save her from Silas - as well as from herself whilst she continues down a dangerous path - when everyone is fighting for the cure? Enter Kol, the mischiveous Original with an appreciation for witches whom offers out a helping hand - all she has to do?

And the original vampire sleeping by your side, he's the one who's existence should be meaningless. But, all you do is find yourself constantly drawn to him; as if you are a helpless moth and he is and ever burning inferno. A Friend in the Dark Dimension by S. Arke reviews Kol has been trotting around the Dark Dimension for a while, and frankly, he hates it.

It isn't until a certain little dead witch shows up that things get more interesting around this place. K - English - Friendship - Chapters: Alive by bestfriendswithfangirling reviews Set after season 4, Bonnie is on the other side with only her Grams and Kol to keep her company. With his constant flirting and antagonism, Will she ever develop feelings for him? Especially since there is no one to stand in her way?

I barely even knew him and he me. Or else you know consequences can be severe. How does one reply to that? Incognito by magwitch reviews Starts from Dangerous Liaisons, 3x Bonnie attends the ball, after all, and collides with one of the Originals with some messy consequences. T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: Including Grams and Kol Mikaelson.

Rated M for later chapters. As she fights her attraction to the persistant Kol Mikaelson, she learns maybe she doesn't have eveything she wants. Dedicated to Miss Terie! Vows of discretion by conchepcion reviews Molly is engaged to Michael. Unfortunately according to the papers she's married to a Mr Sherlock Holmes. The same Sherlock who refuses to sign the divorce papers and wants her to prove why Michael is worthy the part. We Are by Beremy-was-here reviews Jeremy can't stay away from Bonnie. She's everything he ever wanted but she also happens to be the Notorious Kol Mikaelsons girlfriend, how far will Jeremy go to keep Bonnie all to himself?

Dangers at Midnight by Rachele 20 reviews In 4x23 Kol and Bonnie find themselves working together to close the veil and come back to land of the living. They have to rely on each other to survive. And Elena is in need of comfort but also Silas is messing with her. Elijah seems to be her only comfort. Will they all survive? And will things change from enemies to more? Behind the veil of desire by Lovely Vero reviews Kol is now trapped in a parallel world between the after life and the land of the living.

His main goal is to make Bonnie pay for her betrayal. Will he succeed to make her cross into his world? When both Edward and Emmett show up in Bella's class, what will happen? Series of gym-related drabbles. Strumpet and Divorce by nofertiti reviews pure fiction with hints of greek mythology spiked with TVD characters.

Story explains how the expression 'divorce' got invented Vampire Diaries - Rated: What do you mean, you have a Prom Date? I been a Kennett shipper from the beginning and even though Nate and Kat support big time and the show refused to give us Kennett, at least we have FF. Bonnie Bennet has a bit of a problem taking care of people in her life. Rebekah has a problem with thinking she knows what is best for everyone. And both girls might have a rude awakening.

Stebekah, Kennett Vampire Diaries - Rated: Bamon at the Witches House by Gallee reviews This is a story about Bonnie and Damon it's when she has to stay at the witch house but instead of Jeremy it's Damon. The first bit isn't my best but as it goes on it get's better. Please read and review, I'm unsure about whether I should continue this or not. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. T - English - Chapters: The Mikaelsons own New Orleans, and Bonnie will stop at nothing to bring them down. Sly Smile by Tachi8 reviews Caroline is a sassy little thief who's been on the run for a great amount of time now.

Klaus is an awarded cop that likes to take the most difficult jobs. Will her sly smile melt him? After all nobody runs forever. Coin Laundry by Crazychicke reviews Bonnie Bennett intends to get her laundry done before her tute, but Kol Mikaelson's visit to the Laundromat messes up her plans for the night. They both have secrets that run deep in their family history. Will they be able to get past their differences? It just might pull you down with it. Not Letting Go by Rosel reviews Bonnie just wants to take what she can get and haunt Jeremy in peace, but Kol has other plans.

And so does Damon. This story takes you through their meetings, their growing friendship, and their inevitable love for one another. Please enjoy and review. Prisoner by legilimen reviews Bonnie was Kol's prisoner, after planning to kill him; he made an oath to watch her every move. Secret Harmony by nofertiti reviews How Kol and Bonnie would have met.

Set in Geek mythological background. Partners in Crime, Death, and the General Afterlife by Rosellyia reviews "We'll be like Bonnie and Clyde," he said, "…except not actually, because 'Bonnie and Kol' just doesn't have that same ring to it. She sighed and shook her head. Kol is vengeful, irritating, persistent—and most of all, bored. If life was hard, death just might be hell. Catch 22 by reddiablo reviews "The cruelest turns and the biggest changes often come in pairs. When caught in it's wake can only be on one end of the spectrum or the other.

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If you are lucky you can find the sunshine before the darkness comes over. A reunion of friends turns sour as a secret deal is made that would requires a death. Behind The Veil by prettylittlemills reviews They kiss under the stars. Little Thieves by witchdeveraux reviews [Human AU] A foreign exchange brings two slightly damaged teens' lives, one reckless and one not so much, together. When her father tries to kill her, she is rescued by a werewolf mercenary named Klaus, who has his own agenda with her father's enemies.

Klaus swore never to be weakened by love, but can not explain why he rescued the new vampire. Klaroline, Kennett Vampire Diaries - Rated: Babysitting with an Original by witchdeveraux reviews Bonnie's job is interrupted by the Original pain in the ass. He's your typical arrogant, entitled male who believes he's the best thing on earth. Damon's also a reputed Casanova and boozer with a penchant for skipping out on his royal duties. And the best part about him? That is, he's married to me, Bonnie Bennett.

Saviour of the Damaged by creativemss reviews Damon is kindapped by Vaughan, and who comes to his rescuse? A very surprised Bennett witch. Bonnie had already pushed herself with Expression, so what happens when she snaps and takes it out on a hunter, a human no less? Everyone has theirs limits by vilis91 reviews 'Always and Forever. After a thousand years he finally snapped. House at Pooh Corner by abbyli reviews It's bedtime and Kol sings his daughter her favorite lullaby. And the gang have realised that Shane has been compelled to forget his entire life and only Kol himself can stop the compulsion.

Bonnie has followed him down to hell to try and lead his soul back to another body, temporarily. But will Bonnie find an unlikely soul mate? In hell no less! Oh what would Grams say? Klaus comes back to Chicago after 10 years away to carry on with the Family business and finds out that a lot has changed in 10 years.

King Thrushbeard Retellings

Starting with the girl he left behind. Hats by Failing To Fall reviews Rory finally succumbs to his curiosity. I posted a new chapter! It's really short, and there's going to be a third one. Doctor Who - Rated: Gravity 2 by AddriannaDestiny reviews A dark, mysterious and surprising new evil threatens to take its toll on the surviving Original family and the newly weds Mr and Mrs Mikaelson. While Rebekah tries to mend a broken heart, Kol has to overcome his biggest fear.

But it is Klaus who finds himself in danger of losing it all to an enemy he can't fight without facing his darkest, most painful secrets. Good witch, Bad Witch by swampmilk reviews Bonnie left Mystic Falls four years ago and she's not planning on returning so soon but recklessness and bad decisions cost her freedom and now she's stuck with Kol and the Mikaelsons.

He Chose Bonnie by TracyCook reviews Elena notices that Damon is looking at Bonnie differently and that their relationship seems to be a bit more than friendly. She can tell that he has feelings for her and he doesn't even really understand them. On their search for the cure, he acts on them. This is just a short Bamon one shot! I hope y'all will enjoy! But this time, Bella is going to be a victim. Rated M for language, themes, and lemons. Will the past be enough to change their view of them in the future? She gets a different person instead.

The Mikaelson Project by Hawthornes reviews Four Originals stuck in one house with the six people they hate the most, a white oak stake, and enough hatred to fuel a forest fire is guaranteed to be explosive. Caught in Transition by wearenotgods reviews A vampire-witch hybrid with a grudge starts hunting down female Bennetts.

Bonnie goes to Klaus for help. Of Hellions and Rebellions by bonneibennett reviews Bonnie Bennett's world began its collapse long ago, but now she knows she is at the end of her rope. As the only remaining pillar of stability in her life crumbles before her eyes, what is left for her? Saving grace can come from the least expected of places. This is my revamp of episode 4x12, A View to a Kill. Rated M for language. The Bawdy Proposal by puppyangel7 reviews Kol presents Bonnie with a proposal that can help Elena, but Damon does not think that she should agree.

Bonnie doesn't think Damon should care, but will she accept if it means that Elena does not have to be a vampire anymore? Unmade Boundaries by unlockmysoul reviews He had thought of her as a soft-spoken, obedient little girl willing to do precisely as she was told. He had never been so wrong. M - English - Mystery - Chapters: A Bamon and Kennett Fic: Dormiente by Swamy reviews Post 3x18 She suppressed many emotions in order to be strong, until the sight of a tortured Damon awakens them.

Bury the Hate by puppyangel7 reviews Damon and Bonnie are trapped in a coffin! Can they work out their differences in order to get out? From there they never seem to be able to have a few minutes to simply stop and talk. Once Donna's mind is wiped will Jack still try to pursue her?

Begins slow but will become rapid within the next few chapters. Rated T in case of future chapters. Dinner by loveniklaus reviews Caroline and Klaus celebrate their 1 year of marriage with a celebratory dinner with friends, causing things to heat up between Bonnie and Kol. D Vampire Diaries - Rated: Wicked Little Witch by Wowzersduh reviews Set duh duh dun 3x15 lol.

Sometimes a witch just snaps. Bonnie's made up her mind; she's done with everything Salvatore. So when a new witch blows thru Mystic Falls she thinks she has a confidante.. When Jake's real motive comes out will she be able to handle the betrayal? Sex reviews An unexpected visit changes Molly Hooper's life once again.

Set after the fall. M for later Possibly Sherlock - Rated: The Salvatores and Kol are the popular guys. Meredith and Tyler manage the Freaks. Elena and Bonnie do anything to fit in. Rebekah and Katherine are the popular girls. Alaric, Jenna, Elijah, and Mr. Douche are the only teachers. To complete the entire situation, they're all stuck in high school, doing the weirdest things imaginable. M - English - Humor - Chapters: Bloodstone by voilawriter reviews Ignorance is bliss, or at least that's what people say.

Bonnie attempts to go back in time and prevent herself from ever finding out about vampires and witches.

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But she goes back much too far, like too far. And the return trip? On his first trip back to Earth, the Doctor is shocked to find that Donna has fought her way back to him. She has something to say - something she waited much too long for - and she's running out of time. Expendable You by Islee reviews Bonnie was tired of the Originals but when a new enemy arrives, she is forced to work with the Klaus.

Questions arise whether she is actually working with Klaus or working on her own agenda. However she questions her own judgement after getting to know Kol. But both Bonnie and Kol know how expendable they are to each other and to others. This is as clear as usual when she runs into Eleven and Ponds. Kill to Possess her by Kricketts reviews Edward will do anything to cause his twin brother Ethan pain. When Ethan falls in love with a human, Edward gets the opportunity for ultimate revenge! Pls read complete summary inside, much better description! Mature themes, Dark Edward Twilight - Rated: Neglected Space by unifilar reviews In order to reach her full potential as a witch, Bonnie made a deal with Damon to let her practice her craft at the historic Salvatore mansion.

But she was not exactly prepared for the consequences. Turns out, neither can the Doctor. Ten x Donna friendship. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Bonnie just wants to live. A cataclysmic collision occurs, affecting everyone in Mystic Falls. Spoilers from S4 through S6, as well as some rumored spoilers from S7. T - English - Family - Chapters: Takes place during the season finale. A follow-up to L'enfant terrible. Bonnie tries to fix it. Originals swapping bodies until her eyes go crossed. Klonnie but with hints of Kennett and Bonlijah. A hopefully humorous bit of fluff. Until what he asked for next.

Everything's going to be okay by It's Tonnie reviews Rebekah does not give up on Bonnie when everyone else does. Slight Kennett Vampire Diaries - Rated: Cat and Mouse by xWorldOfChancesx reviews This cat and mouse game has gone on long enough, though try as they might, neither can walk away. Gravity by AddriannaDestiny reviews The more they fought to stay away from each other the more they seemed unable to be apart.

Pure gravity seemed to always pull them back together. And this would forever be their greatest weakness. Something Like That by ultravioletrai reviews "Don't knock such possibilities before even giving me the benefit of the doubt. Sleeping with me would be a magical experience…for your benefit of course. M - English - Supernatural - Chapters: The Volturi know that Bella knows about vampires.

They demand that she be changed immediately or die. But what if she doesn't want to be changed anymore? Can Edward convince her otherwise? And will love prevail? Midnight Plane to Anywhere by kinolex reviews Months after Edward left, Bella regains control of her life and decides to travel abroad to other countries. But what happens when she finds that Edward is following her? Will she let him catch her? And furthermore, is there more danger lurking near? And It Stoned Me by kinolex reviews It's Bella and Edward are best friends.

The Spanish Influenza suddenly hits and Bella is left all alone. Things get strange when a few depresseing months later, Edward shows up again. Only this time, he has a secret: An Abundance of Hats by Schrodingers-Cat-Paradox reviews Donna Noble can never remember her best friend, the Doctor, but the Doctor has one final trick up his sleeve to make sure she never really forgets - and of course it's in a way only he could come up with - by secretly giving her hats.

Set a short time after Donna loses her memory, after the Doctor's regeneration. Just a fluffy little Donna fic. Slippery Slope by rugrat0ne reviews When a newly chipped Spike decides to use a newly-dumped Willow to get revenge on the Scoobies, they both end up with more than they bargained for. The Vampire Slayer - Rated: Thin Mints by acrowthatlaughs reviews "Don't get your hopes up!

Might be a girl scout. What would Bonnie and Damon do? Bit of a crackfic. Takes place during 3x L'enfant terrible by emily. But he spurns a witch instead. Sometime Around Midnight by irishcookie reviews Post S3 finale: Damon knows that Bonnie is playing with dark magic - and that just won't do! Spitfire by FindGallifrey reviews After a creepy Original continues to stare at Bonnie, she confronts him and ends up having to speak to him for the rest of the night. Now she has to deal with Kol and his never ending attempts to woe her. And is being held captive until he gets the coffins of his family members back and revenge on Stefan.

Yet Caroline begins to feel sympathy towards the lonely hybrid. When you're drunk by EllaChocolate reviews Taking place in the beginning of season 3 - Bamon! Can't Be Tamed by UConfuseMe reviews In a world where vampires own witches as their slaves, one witch refuses to give into the stereotype giving one Damon Salvatore a run for his reputation of destruction. Slight hints of Bamon and Daroline. Klaus kidnaps Caroline to lure Bonnie out, and he has a reason for wanting him with him.

Invasion by Hawthornes reviews Damon has found a way to jump into her dreams, and she hates it, but what will happen to them if they get stuck in a world that they do not belong to? Can Bonnie set her anger aside so they can find a way out? What the hell is going to happen now? T for language and possible adult situations The Fight by FutureFamous reviews It's senior year, the gang has gone through a lot together Bonnie and Damon are closer than ever; what will happen when someone gets jealous?

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All she needs is evidence. She enlists the help of Dick Grayson to track him down. Young Justice - Rated: Polyester Striptease by Cinders and Brimstone reviews Klaus is the resident villain. Bonnie undergoes a shady tutelage in order to level up. The master plan involves resurrecting a demon slayer. Stefan, Alaric and cameos by all our favorites. Half horror, half comedy! Bella's dad has just died and now she has to live with her stepmother Victoria and her daughters Rosalie and Alice.

She is abused and is forced to be a slave. Will she get her story book ending? No Light by unifilar reviews It's a long road back to Bonnie's good graces, and Damon takes the first step. Set as the aftermath to 3x There are no survivors…except a witch and an Original. Bonnie Bennett is unfortunately stuck with Kol as she heads towards another city. But what's stopping her from running away from him?

Because if you don't dance with me to this tasteless and drab Top 40 song, I'm going to have to compel the bartender into taking the night off to keep me company," he drawls. Complete Vampire Diaries - Rated: My Guardian Demon by SmileyOriginalsXD reviews Bonnie finds out that her old guardian angel who protected her when she was younger is actually a little vampire that we all know and love: Is he really her guardian angel, or is he actually the devil? Her days of being passive aggressive were over. The Salvatore's would know what happens when you screw over a Bennett. Dark Bonnie Vampire Diaries - Rated: Racing against Fate, the Deadly Predator can think of only 1 competent ally: Now, if only he'd do it to her face.

A bitter and alone Bonnie talks to Damon. Will the advice he recieves be coming from somebody who sees him as just a friend, or much more? Set after season 5 finale. Short oneshot with pure Fresley fluff. First Angel based fanfic so please be kind. Liv reviews After the Cullen's left, Bella's life changed.

Years later, Bella's headed back to Forks with a new family and a burning hate towards the Cullen's. Meeting them by chance, again, and learning of the newest addition just might result in destruction. Error by unifilar reviews Damon and Bonnie bond like any other people in a budding relationship- while digging up graves. The Awakening by Honeeym reviews "Now that it's over and done, she doesn't understand it more than he does.

And it was good and pure despite all the dirty things they did and said and thought. Will the night go differently as planned when she and Damon learn more about each other? Bamon Vampire Diaries - Rated: Like the sacrificial little lamb you are by irishcookie reviews In which Klaus and Bonnie are truly stuck and their solution presents itself in the most base of actions. A take on the whole 'have sex or die' theme in fiction!

Read and reply if you like. Gifts from the Soulless by unifilar reviews Caroline organizes a Secret Santa, and Damon has to find the perfect present for a certain witch. Mistakes on a Friday Night by belleamor reviews Bonnie makes an awful mistake one Friday night. She regrets it and doesn't know what to do. I suck at summaries, but please read! Future fic , set three years after homecoming. It was going to be an amazing Christmas Do not read if you're an Elena fan Normative by unifilar reviews It is not a school dance in Mystic Falls unless vampires show up, apparently.

T - English - Drama - Chapters: Games by xWorldOfChancesx reviews He'd always loved games. She's determined to not let him win this one. Who Do the Dead Envy? James isn't as harmless as we thought. Hostage by Desire Doll reviews A normal night at the mall turns into the most terrifying of her life. After finding her friend dead, Bella Swan is kidnapped by four murderers. One seems to particularly hate her. Flowers, Bonnie finds a book with a spell that she can barely make sense of.

And when she finally gets it She had summoned Shinichi. And he's even more powerful Impasse by unifilar reviews Bonnie asks Damon to train her. Hidden truths and sexual tension ensue. Sink by unifilar reviews The one time she goes skinny dipping, and HE shows up. Bonnie truly has the worst luck. Impersonal by unifilar reviews Early on, Damon and Bonnie exchanged numbers for emergency situations. But now, Damon finds better reasons for contacting her, much to her dismay. Whispers of the Heart by Lula reviews It is a journey to save or sacrifice You have to discover the rest.

It is set after Shadow Souls. Please give it a chance, I'm not really good at summaries. Morning Tea by irishcookie reviews Damon is hung over and about to get a call from the morality police - Bamon snark ensues. You Left Us, Remember? She returns five years later and sees her friends lives have changed. Now one of them is missing and Bonnie tries to help find them before something terrible happens. Witchapalooza by Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands reviews One-shot. Duping dopplegangers at the Interdimensional Witchapalooza leave Bonnie and Willow in a sticky situation in Salem, Beautifully Broken by irishcookie reviews In the aftermath of Stefan's return, Damon is consumed by guilt and seeks Bonnie out to save her from herself.

Atmosfear by Rath reviews With her life a disaster, Bella tries to end it, only for Rosalie to intervene. With a vengence in her heart Bella seeks justice, only to be delayed. A lot of Love A lot of Blood by BlackDove13 reviews Secrets come to life as Bonnie discovers the truth about moonstone and her witch's blood. Grams lost her life helping the Salvatore's and she knows her fate will be the same unless she increases her powers. But can she pay the cost? You always think that Bella and Edward live happily ever after right. Liberation by MrsTater reviews X-Men: History, and loving two men, shape the girl Raven into the woman Mystique.

The Movie - Rated: Unforgiving by midnightquiver reviews It's been two years and she still hates him for what he did Either way she isn't giving in this time, not even when he threatens what she holds dear. She hangs out with the wrong crowd and is always in trouble. But one night she takes it too far and her punishment is to ride-a-long with a cop for 2 weeks, the cop being the one and only, Edward Twilight - Rated: Bleed by etgoddess reviews If they continue to fight, they will both bleed to death.

Is he there to support or ruin the wedding. Future fic inspired by Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' and a little scene from one of my other favorite shows. Who would be in your top five? Rewrite with jimi18's permission Vampire Diaries - Rated: In Search of Grace by Jacal Ste.

A Sleeping Beauty take to the Bamon relationship. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Bonnie is the only one that can see who Damon really is, he won't lose her. Bonnie agrees but developes feelings for the old Damon. The Lady and the Vamp by BilliMonroe reviews Set in s Mystic Falls, Damon was very powerful and often threw his money around as if it were his latest conquest's lingerie. Bonnie was a classy dame. Not like the scandalous broads that he was used to dealing with. No, she was magic personified. S truck brakes down.

But what if the help she finds,doesn't let her go? I think I should go! Repressed Emotions by RockerChick08 reviews Our favorite blue eyed vampire is having problems expressing himself!

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My illustration of Damon's reaction to Beremy! Bonnie made a quick scan of the Old Wood. Vengeful Bonnie by Infusion d'Iris reviews Bonnie's grandmother was murdered by a Council member and now she wants to take them down. But that's what you call a mission for two, and who better than Damon Salvatore? Equal Time by Kamiya-san reviews Working the late shift was never fun for Bonnie, but then Damon showed up. Now with the information revealed, a serious Vampire is on the lose.

Swimming by Danielle Salvatore reviews Damon teaches Bonnie how to swim Hallmark Rejects by irishcookie reviews A year's worth of holidays - Damon and Bonnie style. Part 2 of 2 uploaded. Without thinking she does a drastic spell that make it so that Elena was never in her life.

Now she has to go to a certain vampire for help and she hates it. That is until she has to marry player Edward Cullen. Edward is a handsome, rich, and he doesn't believe in relationships. What would happen if she falls in love? The Anatomist by rosa acicularis reviews "When they are children, Moriarty is a game.

A story they tell only to each other, in whispers. Turning Back by Danielle Salvatore reviews "She knew this was what Damon wanted, to be a powerful vampire again, but she hoped that he wouldn't forget, that he would remember everything that happened between them while he was human. Fallen Angel by stormracer48 reviews Bella is kidnapped and taken away to be sold to the highest bidder only to be bought into slavery.

Can Edward save her from her "Master" and is there anyway he can bring her back? All-human and somewhat dark. Infact the dark eyed vampire will do let alone anything to break the couple up, only making matt love Bonnie more, but what happens when Bonnie starts to grow feelings for Damon.. Unexpected Kiss by BamonTivaLove reviews Damon has just made one of the hardest decisions of his life and Bonnie is the only one who can help him.

Killing me Sweetly by H pylori reviews "You can either leave now or watch what I do. It doesn't bother me. Bonnie smiled one last time at him before he began to choke her. None of the characters are mine. Time travelling by naleysocute23 reviews "Damon this is a time travelling spell".

Would you miss me too much? So what does Damon see in the future? Slave for You by Danielle Salvatore reviews Bonnie is entering her senior year of high school and is determined to stop being compared to her best friend Elena. But when she is captured by vampires and sold as a slave to Damon Salvatore, her life takes an unexpected turn.

He's a Dream by KivaJayelle reviews Yet another thinly-contrived way to throw Bamon together and stir. Years later will Carlisle be able to help save his little girl from the monsters of her past? And what is going on with Edward? A Bonnie and Damon love story by Renina89 reviews This is my very first fanfic so please go easy. Masked by IsisIzabel reviews Some very mild spoilers for Episode 2. So here's what I think. Fragile Strength by TheButterflyx reviews Things are just beginning to go back to normal after the Shinichi attack, but as everyone knows things are never normal in Fell's Church for long.

But when Bonnie finds herself tangled in the events will she be able to save herself? He has the power to read minds and seduce ANY female,except Bella. He will stop at nothing to make Bella want him! What if he falls in love? This is the story of the puppet master and his finest puppet yet! While the parents are away, Edward decides he is going to hunt for humans,instead he ends up saving one from another vampire. My vampires have a few different quirks. And a diabolical plan of course! Bonnie's secret by Monty87 reviews What could have happened between Bonnie and Damon that night outside vickie's?

Rated M just in case. She hasn't seen him or any of the boys in 2 years. Paul imprinted on her best friend. Then you add yet another imprinting shape shifter into the mix. I suck at summarys so please read! War Tactics by irishcookie reviews Damon wants a truce with Bonnie - his methods to achieve this goal, however, are questionable. Intangible by Dance Elle Dance reviews "I'm not leaving you alone until you dance with me at least once, Bonnie Bennett. And she sure as hell isn't Caroline.