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Who is this source, Mike Rinder?

Dirty desperate lies about Prop. C | 48 hills

The former spokesperson had long before been removed from his position of authority and inexplicably walked away from his religion, his job, his wife and his children in Rinder, Rathbun and two minions showed up at the Clearwater religious retreat of the Church of Scientology with tape recorders and cameras rolling. Rinder demanded to see his son—the son he had completely ignored while the young man battled and survived a rare and highly aggressive malignant cancer.

The son sent an unmistakable message that he had no desire to see the man who was attacking the religion of the entire Rinder family. But when Rinder saw his family approaching, he barked that he was on the phone with John Sweeney, talking about them. Then, in a stunning display of violence against the family he had deserted three years earlier, Rinder turned the well-intentioned family intervention into injury for his former wife. He left the Church suddenly in , but not before he left his own explanation as to why: Though not known to the Church until years later, Rathbun is a suborner of perjury one who convinces others to lie under oath , a liar, and best remembered for violently attacking none other than Mike Rinder.

Apparently Rinder and Rathbun are willing to put past grudges aside to take revenge against the Church. So there is the Sweeney Sweepstakes , disgracing even tabloid TV with his phony "reporting" and falsities.

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BBC Guidelines, Section 3: Ofcom Broadcasting Code, Section 5. Ofcom Broadcasting Code, Section 7: The Church, interested only in fair and accurate reporting and willing to cooperate at every turn—as long as Sweeney, who clearly disqualified himself due to his past and present chicanery, was removed from the project—went to great lengths to provide a wide range of factual information to Panorama and BBC executives.

More than 50 letters were sent to the BBC providing information about the Church of Scientology and its activities and expansion, as well as detailing infractions by the Sweeney travelling circus.

Must Watch: 9News Calls Out Stapleton SuperPAC for “Pathetic and Desperate” Lies

All letters were disregarded. Requests to meet with Church representatives were repeatedly refused.

Sweeney was not removed from the programme. Statement of the Church of Scientology International. Unparalleled Growth Since Related Links What Is Scientology?

Rage heart - desperate lies

Church of Scientology flips the switch on ,square-foot Dissemination and Distribution Center. How Not to Report the News.

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  • In the interest of fair reporting, the entire statement, unabridged and unedited, exactly as it was provided to the BBC is available here. The Posse of Lunatics: A Perjurer is a Criminal. Some Canadian medical marijuana producers want in prior to expected legalization. Health Canada says that as of Aug. While this article points out that Lewiston's push to legalize recreational use of marijuana would have " more political significance than practical effect, since local police say they would still enforce state laws against marijuana possession," this move would still set a major precedent for other cities aiming to further the cause of legalization.

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    The City Council puts the proposal on the Nov. The council had the option of approving the proposed ordinance change, but decided to send the question directly to voters. Lewiston is the second city to schedule a vote on marijuana legalization for November, along with South Portland.