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We are here dealing with two giants and prolific players in the history of football. The moment we judge, we become short sighted. Remember that none of these two players has been on top indefinitely, so please save your energy. If you were to judge one over the other, the next moment, you will be mistaken.

Likewise, I can also throw my weight behind one of the two, but I prefer not to do it lest it hurts some obsessed and devoted fanatics a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal. Thus, I enjoy watching them both.

Lionel Messi returns to form on world stage with Champions League hat-trick

What color do you choose for your car? For sure, Blue will do for one, perhaps Red for the other.

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It all depends on your color preference. So, inasmuch as people can't agree on who's the best, let's enjoy the beautiful game. Moreover, after watching Messi scoring three goals last night, we wonder what CR7' s reaction will be? At least, we have two of the best players of our time in CR7 and Messi.

PtWalekhosi Sep 19, Until he leaves Barca and still perform on a different terrain, this man remains just a Barca player and a failure at international level.

Fantasy Football: Hat-trick hero Messi leads Goal Champions League Team of the Week

He will always be nothing without Barca team mates. That's just part of being a GOAT So goals are important, like with Ronaldo or Raul or Ibrahimovic It's an insult to look at Messi only against goals, hattricks or any such nonsense Messi is not about goals, he's Pele, Maradona, Cruyff and Zidane in one.

He does absolutely everything on that pitch. Ricworld Sep 19, Mentashe Sep 19, Amir optimistic for another hat trick in PSL.

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Islamabad, June 11 ANI: Former Pakistan fast bowler and one of the country's well-known coaches Jalaluddin, has said it felt great to take the first ever hat trick in one-day cricket. Champions Fazakerley come from behind to defeat Alder; amateur football. Hat Trick Beverages has identified a suitable merger candidate, the company announced today 23 May.

Nomads' ambition given lift. It was special to get my first hat trick in senior football and to get all the goals in such a good away win," he said.

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  7. Oakes recorded a hat trick , all in the second half, in her final home game to lead the host Conquistadores to a victory over fourth-seed Hamilton , lifting ECR to its seventh consecutive City final.