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Do you have a tree of this variety in your garden or orchard? If so please register the details here and contribute to our international register of fruit trees. The following Red Jonathan trees have been registered - click the name to view more details of each tree. You can also view these trees on a map.

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Last updated 06 Jun Rate this variety for flavor Current rating: A more deeply colored sport of the original Jonathan, with similar good flavor and keeping qualities. Textured puree Growing Flowering period: Mid season Flowering group: Fruit tree register Do you have a tree of this variety in your garden or orchard?

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Short shelf life, but best flavor. I just came back from Niles, Michigan, and bought a peck of jonathan apples from Shelton Farms Market. I had bought them in Louisiana once, but they were not fresh. I'm so glad I looked for them in Michigan, where they are more often grown.

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They are as good as I remembered! My family grew up driving to Michigan to buy apples every fall for canning. Back in the 70's and 80's, the Jonathons we got around here Colorado came in right after Labor Day and were small, tart and delicious. Now they don't show up until October and are large, mushy and not very tart. My theory is that the breeders have ruined them in the quest for ever larger fruit.

Occasionally you can find some organic Jonathons similar to the old fashioned ones.

I really miss them. This apple was renamed "Kougyoku" when introduced into Japan. It was a standard here for a long time, until the bland and insipid Fuji came along. Thousands of acres of Kougyoku were ripped up and the orchards replanted with Fuji. However, it looks as though the Kougyoku is staging a comeback. Many older customers are now searching for this variety as, in agreement with the other comments above, they recall it as having had a superior flavour both as an eater and as a cooker.

Many orchards are starting to restock and M9, virus-free seedlings are now widely available.

Red Jonathan Apple

And yes, it's a rollicking good apple! Just had my first taste of one from the E. I agree with this person. Jonathan apples were,are the best! But where do you buy them? Where can I buy them from a packer? In the '40s and '50s, Mom used to buy Jonathan apples for us, even 'way down here on the Texas Gulf Coast, south of Houston. They were our favorites. But I haven't seen them in the stores for years.

They're still my favorites. Jonagold and Honeycrisp are good, but not nearly as good as Jonathan. I know I'd eat a lot more apples if Jonathans were available at the local markets. If you can get to Langhorne Pa. They allow you to 'pick your own' and that includes Jonathan apples.

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The family sold out the store a few years back, and you must drive behind the store to get to the pick your own spot. Well worth the trip. We are growing one of these on our property. It has a grafted branch of granny smith apples and a local expert tells us this is required for the Jonathon to be more productive. The Jonathan is my favorite apple for baking. In my opinion it makes the most flavorful and delicious apple pie possible. Sadly, in recent years it has become harder and harder to find around here. It only seems to be available for a short time in the fall and even then is hard to find.

This is probably my favorite eating apple, but I have only had it a very few times. It is the only apple I know of whose flavor immediately reminds me of apple cider. To me when I bite into one it is as if I am biting into apple cider, a fascinating experience considering apple cider is a liquid! A precocious and productive tree in US apple-growing regions. Espopus Spitzenberg seedling Originates from: White to Cream, pale yellow Flesh colour: White to Greenish to Greenish Yellow Fruit size: Oblong Shape features vertical view: Lop-sided, unequal sides, irregular Shape features vertical view: Uniform, in size and shape Bultitude apple group: Gray to Brown Russet Basin russet: Little, light russet Basin russet: Usually Russet free Using Uses: Textured puree Flavour quality: Very good Flavour style: Late season Growing Cropping: Mid season Flowering group: Average growth Fruit bearing: Spur-bearer Period of origin: Fruit tree register Do you have a tree of this variety in your garden or orchard?

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