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The family tension mounts when James runs away after getting into an argument with Albert. The abandoned house that Albert and James find in the storm is the same house that Laura and Almanzo later own in Season 9. The same sets were used for both instances. Charles makes an inconsistent comment to Albert when he expresses resentment toward James: The first names of Dr. Ledoux and his wife are Caleb and Mattie. If you watch closely, at one point you will notice that Doc Baker picks up his phone to speak and yet the base is not wired to the wall.

The only wire is between the base and the earpiece.

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In this episode, prior to meeting Dr. Ledoux, Harriet Oleson ignorantly assumes that they are French. At the invitation of Eliza Jane. Laura attends a writing seminar in Arizona, but the experience is marred by a rude professor who cuts her down at every turn. When Laura pushes Mrs.

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Pierce, she lands in a pail of water, and her hair remains dry. Two shots later we see Mrs. Pierce still sitting in the bucket, only now her hair is soaked. Since she landed on her behind, her hair should not have gotten wet, and there was no time for anyone to have poured water over her head, realistically. Aging circus daredevil Gambini the Great has a hypnotic effect on the children of Walnut Grove, especially Albert and Willie.

When Gambini escapes from being tied up in the creek and is underwater for over a minute, he finally breaks the surface and walks up to the praise of the on-lookers. Actress Martha Nix plays a sweet, quiet new student named Amy in this episode. Now in this episode it is Albert who really likes her, but though she is nice to him, she is not lovestruck. Stephen Manley, who portrays Marco here, went on to play a teenaged Mr.

A pair of bumbling crooks kidnaps Nels and holds him for ransom. In the process, nearly everyone in Walnut Grove finds themselves on the wrong side of the criminals. Harriet has a record of four fainting spells in this episode, and Nancy has one, her first and only one, in the whole series. When Charles puts a lock on the door, Caroline says they never had to do that before. Charles travels to Chicago to comfort a deeply grieving Mr.

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Edwards, whose son John Jr. But that grief soon gives way to rage when it becomes apparent John Jr. Outside, it is still there as he chats to Charles and Mr. Charles tells Laura that he will take her and John Jr. John also prefers spending time with Mary. A young, overweight boy named Elmer Miles is mercilessly teased at school. However, Nancy — of all people — goes easy on him because she actually seems to like him. After hearing something like that from a student, a teacher should have at least called out to him or run after him.

Nels Oleson is usually the voice of reason throughout the series, especially in contrast to his wife. In the scene after Elmer quits school, he is having dinner with his family. However, in the next scene, when Elmer and his father are outside and the school children come to talk to Elmer, it is full daylight. These two scenes were obviously filmed at very different times. In this episode, Charles strategically makes his dinners taste horrible so the kids will complain and he can force them to cook the next night, but the plan backfires. Additionally, it is unlikely that either Caroline or Hester-Sue would have consented to work on Sundays.

It was only totaled after she had left. An unrelenting blizzard on Christmas Eve leaves friends and family snowbound at the Ingalls homestead. Caroline, Laura, and Hester Sue share memories of Christmases past. In , Santa was still referred to as Saint Nicholas.

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The last scene belongs to Charles and Caroline alone. James reaches out and befriends him, but their budding friendship stands to be destroyed when James makes a foolish mistake right in front of Gideon. Now, Charles and James seem to get to and from Minneapolis — almost double the distance to Mankato — with just one overnight stop each way. Gideon has been missing for days, yet when Caroline finds him, his clothes are spotless and his hair is neatly combed. It is hard to believe that a child would stay that clean for that long while sleeping in the woods.

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An expecting Laura has a tough time caring for the Wilder farm when Almanzo and Charles are away on a trip to Arizona. Laura has a heart-to-heart talk with Willie about responsibility and being a role model. The camera cuts to Laura for a moment, then switches back to Willie, whose skin is suddenly completely dry. Charles tells Almanzo that they will be making their delivery to Northern Arizona. The real-life Laura Ingalls was 45 years old by that time.

Why would Caroline need to hire a farmhand while Charles is away when her son Albert is nearing young adulthood and pre-teen James is living at home? Charles and Caroline are about to adopt James and Cassandra, but their Uncle Jed comes forward demanding custody of the Cooper children. Early in the episode, Jed talks about how he struck it rich, panning for gold.

For an 8-year-old, her writing is well beyond her years, much better than many older students are able to produce. In this episode, Cassandra Melissa Francis becomes the only Ingalls child other than Mary to win a prestigious award at school in Walnut Grove. Sam appears to be reformed and Hester Sue believes him enough to agree to re-marry him. Not so Fun Fact!

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Gladys loved to cook and cater for large groups, she managed the local curling rink kitchen for a few years. Gladys liked to curl, play ball, and horseshoes — becoming an avid spectator when she was no longer able to participate. She was an active member of the Morse Seniors Club, where she enjoyed many hours of games with her friends.

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On the warm sunny days in spring and summer, Gladys could often be found out in the backyard gardening, raking leaves, or sitting by the fire pit. She loved the backyard. To honor what Gladys loved to do, we will be having a celebration of her life at their farm. A future date will be announced this summer. Many years ago, mom asked me to share this when her life was done. Push button for menu Push button for menu.