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Every month, the monks would share a schedule of their meditation classes on their website for those interested in applying, al-Duhaim explained. Given her bedouin background, al-Duhaim managed to surprise other volunteers at the temple who wondered how her parents allowed her to travel in the first place.

I went on this trip to give myself a vacation after being pressured with my studies and work," al-Duhaim said. She said one day an American Jewish volunteer came up to her after dinner to introduce himself. Revealing that food was only challenging she faced whilst on her meditation trip as there were no grocery stores in the vicinity and al-Duhaim did not carry any snacks with her.

I managed to adapt to what was available, but as soon as I departed the place, I headed for a meal of 'Kabsa'," she said.

The Best Way to Start Meditating as a Beginner - wikiHow

But to maintain the tranquility at the temple, there are certain rules the volunteers need to follow like smoking or bringing musical instruments along is prohibited. However, music lovers who wish to carry their own music instruments should do so away from the temple, she noted.

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Saudi Female Student Joins New York Buddhist Temple for Meditation

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Click here to add Twitter as an alert. It often feels like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Our stress and tiredness make us unhappy, impatient and frustrated.

It can even affect our health. We are often so busy we feel there is no time to stop and meditate!

How to Meditate

But meditation actually gives you more time by making your mind calmer and more focused. A simple ten or fifteen minute breathing meditation as explained below can help you to overcome your stress and find some inner peace and balance. Meditation can also help us to understand our own mind.