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Presenting alternative methods of conflict resolution, this examination of the philosophy of peace presents nonlethal weaponry as a solution to the destructiveness of war.

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Conventional lethal weapons and weapons of mass destruction evolved into an unprecedented billion dollar a year defense industry. This industry and its war makers have taken the lives of an estimated million human beings in this century. A new approach appropriate to the new world order must be found. This study provides a historical analysis of weapons and forces in this century and traces the development of nonlethal technologies and weapons.


It is the first work to present nonlethal weaponry in the framework of recognizable scenarios based on current world events that show the applicability of current available nonlethal weapons and technology to serve as a force to be reckoned with in a highly politicized world. Morehouse argues that nonlethal weapons and technology could and should become forces for peace in the 21st century.

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The money will be used to solve a confounding problem. Not only must nonlethals work as weapons, they must do their job gently enough to avoid what is sometimes called the CNN effect: The CNN effect is one of the primary, but rarely mentioned, motivations for producing tools of warfare that don't result in loss of life. As unrealistic as it may seem, "there's hope that there is a way to solve problems without hurting anyone," says Harvey Sapolsky, director of the Security Studies Program at MIT.

Weapons that cause only disabilities may nevertheless be considered unacceptable if they lead to what Sapolsky calls "worse than lethal outcomes. Still, the image of the perfect nonlethal weapon--a Star Trek-style phaser set on stun--is so powerful that no one has given up on the idea. This year the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is collaborating with the National Institute of Justice to develop a more sophisticated laser weapon than the one tested in Somalia. The idea is to create a "laser dazzler" that diffuses a beam just enough to avoid permanent eye damage.


War Without Death

Not surprisingly, police forces are as interested in its development as the military is. Versions of the sticky foam tested in Somalia are also alive. At Sandia National Laboratories, smaller, convenient pressurized backpacks pump out refined goo, though Swett now rejects it as too tough to control. Similar problems plague sonic weapons, which blast high-intensity sound waves to make internal organs mighty uncomfortable. Unfortunately the line between nausea and death can be rather thin.

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Then there are the twin troubles that face these sonic devices: In the realm of the really scary is a microwave gun under study at Oak Ridge National Laboratory that raises body temperature, provoking a debilitating fever. Just testing such a weapon raises safety issues, so team leader Clay Easterly has created a virtual-human computer model to "minimize the need for actual human subjects.

The idea is to create unbearable stink bombs. Alexander thinks a smell assault, for example, might have worked well against the pharmaceutical plant in Sudan that was attacked by U. A stink bomb that leaves behind the smell of a ripe corpse would have allowed the salvage of some equipment from the facility but would have insured that the location remained unusable for some time. No one really knows, of course, if any of these ideas will eventually prove effective.

But he suspects they will ultimately be more helpful to police forces than to military commanders.

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