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In , he abandoned his naval career and became consul of Portugal's first consulate for Kobe and Osaka , Japan.

Increasingly fascinated by Japan, he converted to Buddhism and married a former geisha named Fukumoto Yone in a Shinto ceremony. Grief-stricken after her death in , he resigned his position as consul, severed all relations with the Portuguese Navy and foreign ministry, and moved to Yone's home city of Tokushima, where he lived with her niece Koharu and visited her grave every day.

Moraes and his works remained largely unknown in Japan until the seventh-year Buddhist memorial service for him on 1 July , when Jiroh Yumoto, the local superintendent of schools from Nagano Prefecture , encouraged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education to publicize his work.


He is now remembered in a small museum atop Mount Bizan in Tokushima City. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This name uses Portuguese naming customs. The first or maternal family name is de Sousa and the second or paternal family name is de Moraes. Retrieved 11 August The presentation of these issues is the subject of this text.

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Although the number of works in recent years may be limited, this reduced corpus still has the capacity to add a significant dimension to discussions of interculturality and East- West dialogue. Although the Macao SAR and other ex-colonial spaces can continue to serve as important points of reference in this set of postcolonial interactions, any postcolonial viewpoint will have to integrate texts with a external relationship to the Portuguese colonial experience, as well as materials from other cultures that can serve as comparative bridges between the Lusophone world and Asia: Ultimately, only by taking these contacts between Lusophone and Luso-diasporic writers and other corners of the Asian continent will it be possible to arrive at a more comprehensive view of cultural exchanges that transcends the models of the previous colonial era.

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After receiving, of the hands of the Father Joaquim Guerra, his translation, and have had contact with others known translations and her day by day with Chinese art in the streets of the Bazaar and the Antique Art Museums, the author began to reimagine the book with its special spots, hunted, stories of migrations, warriors and emperors. The sun, the moon and the silk wire is a book, in the borders of the sinology that were developed in Macao, in the difficult ways of the art to translate an ideogramic language to a vernacular language, and beyond, the wonderings that this Chinese Classic has been inspiring time by time.

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This paper will try to identify the limits of this poetical transcreation, its sources and its main applied keys of translation. The Ingenious Translation of Joaquim Guerra: In this passage we may observe all the ingenuity and acuteness of the translation method of Joaquim Guerra. How Chinese romanised alphabet emerged?

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Who was responsible for its creation and use? Therefore, gathering and analysing historical data on the romanisation of Mandarin and translating texts specific texts it was possible to get information about how Western influenced Chinese transcriptions adopted by Modern China, revolving us to probable pioneers of a system whose benefit has been to provide the contact base of Chinese with Western languages and facilitate the study of Mandarin to westerners.

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Therefore, this research had contact with scholars Michele Ruggieri and Matteo Ricci who produced the first Portuguese-Chinese Dictionary with examples of what may have given rise to Hanyu pinyin. Macao, however, presents a linguistic-cultural profile different from other Asian countries and from any other port city of China. Various historians, cartographers and missionaries, leaving a solid track in the literature and the historiography, documented the Chinese territory and its culture.