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A friend and former colleague, Jaleh Bisharat, said it best: So how can you best help yourself to develop and grow?

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The result is not only increased job satisfaction but also a more competitive skill set, both of which will help you advance on your career. By garyeswart on February 20, Do you love your job? Go beyond your comfort zone. Stretching yourself beyond your current capabilities can only stimulate personal growth. Take on more responsibility than you think you can handle, or tackle a tough problem you doubt you can solve. Or better yet, do both: Surround yourself with people you can learn from. For example, when I was new to selling technical products, I started by taking an engineer or product manager to lunch so I could learn about their work and the product first-hand.

This helped me to quickly come up to speed on a topic I knew relatively little about.

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This is also good practice to develop your listening skills along the way showing in others and talking less. Read as much as you can. So in essence, EQ is all the internal, individual work we do on developing our own self-awareness and then how we use that information outwards determines our SQ. How we relate with others, what we are experiencing internally and how we are allowing the other person or situation to impact us, in other words how we are reacting in that moment.

Personal development is key and should be an ongoing focus as every situation we find ourselves in is an opportunity to learn, grow and develop.


It helps us self-regulate our own emotional state and reactivity. It helps us understand our own emotions and emotional triggers.

This helps us manage various situations such as conflict, working with and leading others. There are various ways you can advance your self-development such as reading, working with a professional such as a coach, having mentors or role-models you can tap into, formal studies and a range of assessments e.

How do you know which individuals to identify for succession planning and talent retention?

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How can you as a leader understand your employees core competencies and development areas? Sounds crazy right but when you think about robotics and how science and technology are improving each day, it won't be long before amputees walking around with robotic limbs will be the norm. Scientists are also predicting that by the year we could be living up to yrs of age! If personal development is something you are interested in for yourself in your personal capacity or from a career perspective, the Personal Development Assessment PDA is an ideal option for individuals or teams and provides insights into your core behaviour competencies and development areas.

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  5. It is a quick online assessment that provides you with a wealth of insights you can utilise for developing yourself, your teams and your organization as a whole. This is because we tend to measure skills on qualifications, years of experience, achievements and organisations worked at. Just because one person thrived in a role does not mean they will thrive in a new role as the environment and team dynamics will contribute to the way someone behaves.

    As a leader, how do you know you are hiring the right person for the job?

    How does development raise my profile in my organisation?

    Did you know that a Body Parts Maker is one of the top predicted jobs of ? Are you ready for the jobs of the future? Do you know what skills you will need?