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Black in Latin America.

A journey through America that introduces our list of the best-loved books. Use one of the services below to sign in to PBS: Creating an account is free and gets you: Access to High-Definition streaming A personal area on the site where you can access: Discrimination and Segregation in Cuba under U.


Black in Latin America

Independent Party of Color Clip: Black in Latin America Preview: Providing Support for PBS. S1 6m 40s checkmark Add to Watchlist. You Might Also Like Left. So, in one sense, the major "African American Experience," as it were, unfolded not in the United States, as those of us caught in the embrace of what we might think of as"African American Exceptionalism," but throughout the Caribbean and South America, if we are thinking of this phenomenon in terms of sheer numbers alone.

Black In Latin America (Episode 1) Haiti and The Dominican Republic- The Roots of Division

About a decade ago, I decided that I would try to make a documentary series about these Afro-descendants, a four hour series about race and black culture in the western hemisphere outside of the United States and Canada. And I filmed this series this past summer, focusing on six countries, including Brazil, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, and Peru, choosing each country as representative of a larger phenomenon.

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This series is the third in a trilogy that began with Wonders of the African World , a six-part series that aired in This was followed by America Behind the Color Line, a four-part series that aired in In a sense, I wanted to replicate the points in Robert Farris Thompson's "Tri-Continental" approach to what some scholars called African retentions; another way to think of it is that I wanted to replicate the points of the Atlantic triangular trade among Africa, the European colonies of the Caribbean and South America, and Black America. Black in Latin America , another four hour series, is the third part of this trilogy, and this book expands considerably upon what I was able to include in that series.

You might say that I have been fortunate enough to find myself over the past decade in a most curious position: In what contexts does the same word have a pejorative connotation, justifying the translation of 'nigger,' and in another context connote affection, such as the word 'negrito?

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You can read an excerpt from Black In Latin America here. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The most important question that this book attempts to explore is this: Who is considered "black," and under what circumstances, and by whom in these societies, the answers to which vary widely across Latin America in ways that will surprise most people in the United States.

As my former colleague, the Duke anthropologist Randy Matory, recently put this to me: Henry Louis Gates, Jr.